Professional Jewelry Making Kits


Professional jewelry making kits are collections of high-quality items designed to help the beginner or experienced jewelry maker create beautiful pieces easily and efficiently. The kits generally include tools such as pliers, a mandrel, doweling jig, drop dupper, a ruler, wire cutters and round nose pliers. Additionally, many kits are stocked with beads and findings in various sizes and colors to choose from. Also included might be colored thread for stringing beads and instructions for assembling various designs. All of these accessories make it possible for anyone to assemble custom designs of their own creation for a unique fashion item that stands out in any wardrobe.


Professional jewelry making kits are designed to provide everything needed for creating custom and beautiful pieces of jewelry. Typically, these kits come with a variety of metals, including sterling silver, copper, brass and gold-fill, along with tools such as hammers and jewelry tongs. Additional components that make up most professional jewelry making kits include:

• Beading wire: Used for adding detail to the jewelry pieces. Beading wire comes in a variety of gauges so it’s important to choose the right size for your project.

• Pliers and cutters: These tools allow you to shape and trim wires or jump rings before attaching them onto the main piece of jewelry. A selection of round-nose pliers is typically provided, each one having its own unique uses.

• Jewelry finishes: Supplied in an array of styles for protecting against rust and oxidation, jeweler’s finishes can help prevent tarnishing over time. Commonly provided finishes include paste wax, a clear guard coat to prevent scratches from appearing on metal alloy surfaces, or neoprene rubber to protect against oxidation on copper products.

• Saw frame: This tool is used for sawing metal into intricate designs with ease. Frequently included saw blades have small tooth sizes that can handle more precise cuts when combined with different sizes of saw frames.

• Mandrels & rounders: Mandrels are needed for forming metal into rounded shapes while rounders create smooth edges on metal components before polishing them off – both essential elements when creating custom made pieces of jewelry.


Professional jewelry making kits are a great way to get started in the world of jewellery making. There are many reasons why you should buy a professional jewelry making kit:

1. Durability: Professional kits are made of high-quality materials and will last for years, allowing you to hone your skills and create wonderful pieces as your experience grows.

2. Variety: You will find a large selection of components, tools, and equipment in a professional kit, giving you many options for customizing your pieces.

3. Ease of use: Since all the components are already included in the kit, there is no need to source them from various locations or assemble them yourself. This makes it much easier for beginner makers to jump right into creating their own jewellery without having to worry about finding all the necessary items separately.

4. Cost-effective: When starting out with jewellery making, buying more costly tools and supplies can be expensive; however, when bought together in a professional kit, they offer amazing value at an affordable cost which helps you get started on your creative journey without breaking the bank!

Popular Types of Jewellery Making Kits

Professional jewelry making kits are a great way to get started in the craft of jewelry making. These kits come with everything you need to jump start your designs and get creative! Many kits include the essential tools, beads, findings, and clasps required for creating jewelry. Some even come with instructional DVDs and books on jewelry making techniques.

Popular types of professional jewelry making kits include bead-making/stringing sets, wire working sets, metal smithing sets, enameling sets, stone setting/insetting sets, glassworking and fusing sets, soldering/torch working sets, casting sets and versatile starter kits for all sorts of projects. With bead-making/stringing setups users will be able to design their own necklaces and bracelets from a variety of styles such as beading over cord or memory wire. Wire-working kits feature various gauges of wires which can be used to twist into earrings or other intricate creations. Metal smithing kits are designed for more experienced makers who want to create fine pieces out of sterling silver or gold-filled metals. Sets currently available offer supplies for hammering shapes out of metal sheet as well as forming head accessories such as filigree pins or hinges. Enameling is the act of melting powdered enamel glass onto metal surfaces in amazing patterns and colors — an art that has been crafted by skilled jewelers for centuries now —and these professional enameling kits make it easier than ever before with complete instructions and equipment included! Stone setting/insetting enthusiasts will have the most luck finding diamond cutters that already have burrs attached as well as other tools specifically made for this process — such as setting punches. Glassworking combines fiery torches with colorful coated glass rods ready to melt down into vibrant stained glass designs; from cabochons to fused charms! Soldering/torch working heated up bits like wood engravings or buttons directly onto bronze surfaces is achieved with specialized electrolysis cleaners included within these specialty professional jewelry making kits. Lastly but certainly not least: casting techniques allow for unique 3D forms created out wax molds filled with a variety of molten materials which then become solidified figures after cooling down to room temperature: miniature busts or custom emblems anyone?

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For those interested in taking on multiple crafting processes at once there are comprehensive “starter” or “premium” workshop packages filled with all sorts of specialty items designed toward precision work like clockwork watches or any type of classic mechanical device that involves finely tuned accessories found specially packaged within these bundles – quite often from major players like “American Standard” brand name companies supplying only aftermarket grade quality product varieties people can rely on having consistently manufactured high grade skill based craftsmanship materials!

The Top Brands

Professional-grade jewelry making kits offer the most comprehensive range of materials and tools for the advanced jewelry maker. These kits include everything from precision tools to essential metals such as silver, gold, and titanium, allowing you to craft intricate and elaborate pieces with ease. You can also find tools like soldering irons, pliers, hammers and more within these kits so you can construct pieces of any level of complexity. Supplies for lost wax casting, engraving and enameling are also included in some professional jewelry making kits. There is a wide range of options available as professional-grade kits come in all shapes and sizes depending on what type of project you have in mind.

Most top brand names offer a great selection of quality jewelry making kits that are designed to accommodate your specific needs. For example, Rio Grande offers an extensive selection ranging from basic beginner sets to more advanced multi-media sets with more supplies than many small shops need. Similarly, Knotting Hill Crafts suppliers hundreds of kit combinations fit with premium find components perfect for achieving intricate designs. Other popular brands like Artistic Wire, Euro Tool and Metal Clay LTD also carry high-end luxury sets that feature everything needed for complex projects as well as some unique models tailored for specific processes such as enameling or knotting projects. With so many choices available it’s easy to find a professional-grade set that completely supports your creative ideas and allows your work to truly shine.

DIY Projects

1. Create beaded earrings – Use beads and findings of your choice to create unique, stunning earrings that can be worn to any occasion.

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2. Design a charm bracelet- Choose from jewelry kits with assorted charms, beads and other hardware for an attractive piece of jewelry that’s totally your own design.

3. Make a brooch – With the assistance of professional jewelry making kits, you can create a unique and eye-catching brooch with semi-precious stones or beads of your choice.

4. Construct a necklace – Have fun making personalized necklaces with different types of chain sizes and colors, as well as pendants and crimp beads that you select and fashion together into gorgeous statement jewelry pieces.

5. Braid friendship bracelets – Get creative crafting intricate patterns or simple weaves you can use to make many colorful friendship bracelets by working with various lengths of cord or hemp strands in your kit.

6. Assemble anklets – Customize stylish anklets made out of natural materials, like thin leather strips woven around stones or shells, using the high-quality supplies found in your professional jewelry making kit.

Other Resources

Online Resources:

There are a variety of online resources available that can help a jewelry maker expand their knowledge. YouTube is a great source of instructional videos on jewelry making techniques, materials, tools, and product reviews. There are also numerous websites dedicated to the craft of making jewelry where makers can find tips and tutorials from experienced jewelry makers and enthusiasts. Additionally, social media groups on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give makers the opportunity to collaborate with others in the same craft, share newfound knowledge, ask questions, and access feedback from experienced professionals in the field.

Offline Resources:
Jewelry making classes at both local community colleges and reputable jewelers provide an excellent way for developing jewelry makers to learn new techniques from established professionals in their industry. Furthermore, craft shows and conventions allow makers to explore new ideas while they get direct feedback from other vendors and potential buyers. Finally, libraries provide an excellent source of resources regarding every aspect of the jewelry making process such as design plans, material selection guidelines, safety protocols when using specific tools or chemicals, metalworking processes etc.


Professional jewelry making kits are great investments for both beginners and experienced artisans. For those starting out, these kits often contain necessary tools, materials and instructional guides to help them with the basics—allowing them to create beautiful pieces of jewelry quickly and conveniently. For those with more experience, jewelry making kits are a great way to upgrade their collections by introducing new techniques or materials, as well as to expand their inventories.

In addition to providing the essential tools for crafting amazing pieces of jewelry, professional jewelry making kits also offer tremendous cost savings over purchasing each item separately. This ensures that all budgets—even tight ones—can enjoy the joys of expressing their creativity with this timeless art form. Furthermore, these kits are often compact enough to be easily stored or even taken on the go when inspiration strikes.

Ultimately, professional jewelry making kits make it easy for anyone wanting to embark on a crafting journey adorned in beads and wirework alike. Their versatility and value make them an ideal choice for individuals who wish to find creative ways of expressing themselves through stunning one-of-a-kind handcrafted designs. With all these advantages, it’s no wonder why professional jewelry making kits continue to capture the attention and hearts of crafters across the world.

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