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Premier designs vintage jewelry is an American inspired, high quality jewelry line that has been in business since 1985. Founded by Jackie and Andy Hollstrom, the business has seen a remarkable success as itsjewelry redefines the way people think about homemade and contemporary style jewelry.

Premier Designs’ designs focus on adding nostalgia and romance to their accessories, taking inspiration from vintage heirlooms and old world materials to provide modern takes on classic pieces of jewelry. From gold-plated necklaces to crystal drop earrings, Premier Designs supplies a variety of timeless looks for any occasion.


Made with superior raw material and craftsmanship, each piece of premier designs vintage jewelry is made with attention to detailand beauty in mind. From simple chains to dangling pendants, all of their products are designed with intricate patterns and delicate motifs that make them stand out regardless of their aesthetic.

Whether you are looking for a timeless statement necklace or an everyday pair of earrings, there are endless options for you in the Premier Designs collection. Furthermore, because each piece is crafted with craftsmanship and durability in mind, customers can expect premium quality from Premier Designs Vintage Jewelry at reasonable prices.

Unique Style

Premier Designs Jewelry stands out due to its unique combination of styles from retro-inspired designs all the way through modern day minimalism. With each item created carefullywith precision detailing and expertly placed stones the brand’s rich selection will never go unnoticed; whether you’re looking for something small like a dainty ring or big showstoppers like dramatic chandelier earrings they’ve got it all.

The subtle use of elements like woodwork shields even further demonstrates how much care goes into every design meaning you can be sure it’s goingto stay as eye-catchingover time than when first purchased.


From classic hoop earrings to romantic charms bracelets , Premier Design Vintage Jewelry carries many different styles and designs which cater to various occasions no matter what your personal style may be. With over three decades’ worth of experience making beautiful antique inspired accessories , all understated yet intricate , they strive to offer timeless, unique pieces that anyone would love adding to their wardrobe.

Overview of the Different Collections Offered and How to Choose

Premier Designs is a jewelry company that creates stunning vintage-style pieces. From their signature line to an expansive selection of rings and earrings, Premier Designs offers both stunning fashion items as well as more classic accessory pieces.

For those who prefer a look that is timeless and traditional, the Premier Designs Vintage Jewelry collection features ornate designs from eras gone by. This selection has everything from long rhinestone necklaces to antique filigree brooches and heart-shaped earrings crafted in sterling silver or gold.

The company also offers trendy charms and charms pieces for creating a personalized look. This collection includes vintage style bracelets, necklaces, rings, brooches, and hoop earrings all crafted with beautiful stones such as garnet, amethyst, peridot, sapphire or diamond accents to choose from.

Premier Designs’ offers many different types of jewelry including charm bracelets and necklace chains made up of individual links designed with items such as hearts and animals. Furthermore they offer coordinating design ensembles focused on variety while being mindfully budget-friendly too.

Finally the silhouette collection is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their jewelry. Featuring bold styles featuring colorful cut stones set in channel settings that exude regal elegance both day and night.

Each piece is special edition so it will always be one of kind while its structural versatility makes it capable of adapting perfectly to any outfit or looks. Additionally there are some very intricate beading options with loose item choices ranging from freshwater pearls in unique shapes to geometric beads for creating your own unique style pieces too.

Benefits of Wearing Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry adds a unique and fashionable twist that takes your outfit to new heights. With Premier Designs vintage jewelry, one can expect unique pieces that are in line with current fashion trends. Every piece features bold designs and sophisticated color palettes, making it easy to match with any wardrobe custom or occasion.

The pieces from Premier Designs Vintage Jewelry are not only fashionable but also timeless; as decades go by, these precious beauties never seem to go out of date, so you’re wearing something truly timeless no matter the setting. And since these pieces were made using the highest quality materials like sterling silver and Swarovski crystals, you know you’re investing in a piece of jewelry that will last for years to come.

An additional benefit of wearing vintage jewelry is the cost savings compared to more modern pieces of jewelry. These items come at a fraction of the price without losing any quality since they are crafted with higher-quality components than we find in more modern designs. Purchasing premier designs vintage jewelry is an excellent way to give yourself a lasting wardrobe upgrade without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, many gorgeous Premier Designs retro-inspired earrings, necklaces and bracelets feature intricate details such as aged metal elements set in antique metals which gives them an old-world elegance look that makes them stand out even more than contemporary styles. This makes them must-have accessories for special occasions such as weddings or proms.

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Finally, not only does wearing vintage jewelry save money but wearing it can lead to long-term payment returns if cared for properly- – especially when selecting rare and exquisite items from Premier Designs Vintage Jewelry’s collection. Pieces from this collection could be artfully worn today or appreciated as investments over barterable goods over time – – in some cases their value increases over time instead of depleting like modern couture often does.

Celebrating Special Occasions with Premier Designs Jewelry

Premier Designs is a wonderful jewelry brand that offers customers an array of dazzling vintage jewelry items to choose from. Founded by Joan and Andy Horner, Premier Designs has been creating beautiful pieces since its inception in 1985. Many folks love to go shopping for Premier Designs Vintage Jewelry for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries; something truly unique, high-quality and finely crafted that stands out from the crowd.

The designers at Premier Designs are passionate about crafting every item with attention to detail and precision, ensuring that no two pieces are alike. The materials they use include silver and gold plating, as well as glass beads, crysoprase and opal stones, so each piece is just as beautiful as it is unique. Whether you’re looking for sophistication or contemporary style, there’s something available in the catalog that will satisfy your occasion or wardrobe requirements.

With Party Hosts who arrange gatherings across multiple states and countries, it’s easy to get together with friends or family anytime you’d like for a viewing party of all the new jewelry items before ordering them on their website. All of their jewels come with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee too so if you don’t feel like what you bought was worth it you can easily get your money back – no questions asked.

With more than 400 exclusive designs available to order online or in person through representatives near you, customers can choose from earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings to either dress up a formal event or add some flair to an everyday ensemble. Aside from the timeless classics they offer several specials throughout the year which change out regularly giving shoppers plenty of options when selecting their desired pieces without breaking the bank.

A Look at the Creative Process Behind Premier Designs Jewelry

As one of the premier jewelry design companies in the business, Premier Designs has been creating stylish and sophisticated vintage jewelry pieces for more than three decades. Customers have come to expect nothing but the best quality and attention to detail when it comes to their exquisite jewelry pieces. With such high standards expected by its customers, Premier Designs puts a great deal of effort into the creative process behind each one of its pieces.

From start to finish, each piece is carefully thought out and every step is meticulously evaluated throughout the entire process. The creative team begins by finding inspiration from both vintage trends as well as modern fashion trends that are currently popular. Once a general design idea is created, sketches are drawn and finalized before production can begin. Every detail of the jewelry piece is taken into account during this stage so that all specifications are met before construction begins.

Once sketches have been finalized and production has begun, a team of artisans get to work on crafting each individual piece with care and precision according to plan. Each item is custom-made with careful curation of the stones used and settings refinished or recreated from scratch if necessary. Artisans focus on ensuring each piece is both stunningly intricate in design and flawlessly crafted for a perfect fit for carrying outfullant’s visionfor the completed product.

When it comes to their vintage-inspired jewelry, Premier Designs believes in treating every details with extreme precision to create beautiful items that will last for generations to come an provide customers with timeless designs that they can cherish forever.

Whether you’re looking for something completely unique or something classic with a twist; Premier Design uses only the highest quality frames, stones, metals and settings when putting together a simple yet elegant look that any woman would cherish having in her collection of accessories.

Styling Tips for Accessorizing with Premier Designs Jewelry

Premier Designs is known for its vintage-inspired jewelry. Their pieces feature classic elements, such as pearls and rose gold accents, but with a modern touch. Whether you are dressing up for the office or for a special occasion, Premier Designs has a piece of jewelry that can add just the right sparkle to your wardrobe.

One way to accessorize with Premier Designs is to create a timeless look. A beautiful pearl necklace is always a classic choice that will never go out of style. You can even mix and match several vintage styles for an eclectic look that’s full of vintage charm.

For an even more eye-catching ensemble, try mixing and matching different metals such as rose gold, yellow gold, and silver. Not only will this add some sparkle to your outfit but it also adds an interesting dimension and depth that can take it from everyday to elegant in no time.

If you’re in need of something unique, then you should try accessorizing with one of their statement necklaces or earrings. These larger pieces make a bold statement and will definitely set you apart from the rest. But if you want something that’s on trend yet still classic enough to be worn again and again, then opting for one of their layered necklaces might be just what you need.

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Layering different beads, charms, or gemstones creates an interesting texture and look that goes beyond traditional jewelry making techniques. Top off this type of accessory with complementary drop earrings or dainty charms to give yourself the perfect finishing detail.

No matter your style or occasion, Premier Design’s has something special that can make all the difference when you’re accessorizing your wardrobe. With so many options available to choose from – whether it’s timeless classics or on trend accessories – there’s sure to be something perfect out there for everyone.

Expert Advice on Caring for Premier Designs Jewelry

Premier Designs Vintage Jewelry is a popular jewelry line that has been captivating and punctuating amazing styles for over 30 years. Each piece from the collection has a timeless richness and complex designs that create a look like no other. Many pieces feature diamond and colored stones in combination with premium gold and silver.

Caring for premier designs vintage jewelry is easier than one might think. Prior to cleaning, it’s important to consider the stones that are used in the jewelry because some stones require very gentle cleaning methods. It’s best to use warm, soapy water and a soft bristled toothbrush when cleaning gemstones such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

Gently scrub the surface of each stone until it is clean. Make sure not to use too much pressure or brush with too much force on each stone since this could scratch them or cause them to become dull over time. After you have finished scrubbing, use a damp cloth to wipe off any residue left on the jewelry.

If the jewelry contains exclusively gold or silver metals, then it may be best to have it professionally cleaned using ultrasonic cleaners if necessary; however, commercially available liquid jewelry polishes can also be used for simple upkeep at home without exposure to heat or chemicals. Generally speaking, never use abrasive materials such as steel wool on any kind of jeweled metalwork since it will mar its finish considerably over time.

Lastly, store your Vintage Jewelry in a safe storage box made from fabric or leather that allows air circulation but offers protection to keep away dust from damaging them or due humidity from contributing oxidation which causes metals discoloration or gemstones deterioration overtime if not checked accordingly.

Where to Buy Premier Designs Jewelry

Premier Designs jewelry is an increasingly popular line of vintage inspired jewelry. Its pieces feature classic designs and intricate embellishments that make them stand out from other jewelry on the market. Whether you are looking for a special piece to start or complete your wardrobe, Premier Designs has an extensive selection. To ensure you get the best quality and selection possible, here are some tips on where to buy Premier Designs jewelry and trusted retailers.

The official Premier Designs website is always a great place to start shopping for their jewelry. They offer the full product line at competitive prices and shipping options vary depending on where you live. The site also has a blog, which covers topics such as latest trends, upcoming collections and new releases. The blog can help keep you in the know when it comes to staying up to date on all things Premier Design related.

Another excellent option to purchase Premier Design jewelry is through authorized representatives and independent distributors. These individuals usually carry small scale selections of PD products that they can showcase in pop-up shops, boutiques and trunk shows outside of major retail locations. Shopping with these reps means personalized attention from knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about sharing their love for PD Collections with customers just like you.

You can also shop for select Premier Designs offerings online at trusted retailers such as Amazon or Nordstroms Rack – however not all counter lines will be available at these stores, so it’s important to check first before making a purchase decision. Additionally many local jewelers may offer some of PD’s more popular collections in addition to their own unique choices when it comes to adorning yourself with beautiful pieces of sparkle.

Shopping around can not only help you find exactly what you need but often times these sources may offer discounts off retail pricing too. No matter where decide to purchase your desired piece of Premier Designs jewelry, rest assured that each and every piece created by this beloved brand high shines in beauty and style just waiting for its chance to make someone else fall completely head over heels.