Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry

PNW Shell Handmade Jewelry is a small handmade jewelry business located in Vancouver, Washington. All of the jewelry pieces are made by husband and wife team Wayne and Sonya. They have always been inspired by the natural beauty found in the rocky, rugged shores of the Pacific Northwest. They set out to create stunning, unique jewelry out of natural shells found on these beautiful beaches.

Using these local treasures from their home, they incorporate shells into earrings, necklaces and other accessories with various types of metals such as silver-plated copper and nickel-plated brass. Each piece is lovingly created by hand with great attention to detail. Beyond selecting each individual shell for its unique shape and color, they often endow their pieces with special accents such as freshwater pearls or petrified wood beads. These accents make each piece even more remarkable.

Their mission focuses on creating treasured keepsakes that become part of family stories through many generations. One such example is a necklace made out of PNW clam shells adorned with birch tree wood chips, which was gifted to a grandmother so she can proudly wear her grandchildren’s initials around her neck at all times.

Their creations are sometimes whimsical or joyful while other times meaningful or intimate; but what always stays consistent is that each product aims to bring people joy when they behold it like enthralled onlookers easily do when they see the PNW Shell Handmade Jewelry collection for themselves.

Advantages of Wearing Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry

Beauty of handmade jewelry

Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry creates beautiful handmade necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with shells found in the Pacific Northwest. These pieces evoke a unique beauty that cannot be found anywhere else and turn heads when worn. Each piece will be one-of-a-kind as no two shells are alike. The craftsmanship, attention to detail and use of vibrant colors makes every piece truly special and unique.

Client Stories

Many clients have been pleased with their purchase of Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry and some of them have even shared their stories. One client mentioned that she received many compliments when wearing her necklace out on vacations or gatherings with friends and family.

She said that everyone wanted to know where she purchased it from, so they could look into buying theirs too. Another client commented that she loves wearing her bracelet day-to-day because it adds such a unique style to her wardrobe without being too flashy – it goes hand in hand with any outfit.

Reactions from Others

When others see someone wearing Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry, they get drawn in by its unique appearance and beauty. The reactions often vary depending on the initial reaction people have: some oooh in delight while others are left awestruck with its artistry. When someone takes the time to speak more about the design of each piece they will soon learn of the thought process behind this carefully crafted work of art as well as appreciate its adept handiwork even more.

Care for Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry

Cleaning handmade jewelry items from Pacific Northwest Shells (PNW Shells) is essential to the prolongation of their beauty. The materials used to make the jewelry are delicate and sensitive, so it’s important to handle them with care. Properly maintaining jewelry will help to ensure it stands the test of time and maintains its stunning appearance for as long as possible.

Use Non-Abrasive Cleaning Solutions

When cleaning PNW Shells jewelry it is best to use a delicate non-abrasive cleanser specifically made for cleaning fine jewelry. A mild soap and warm water solution works well, but one should be careful not to submerge the pieces in water or leave them sitting for too long in soapy water, as this can cause excessive damage. Soft clean cloth should also be used rather than a rough cloth, which could scratch or damage the surface.

Storing Jewelry

To prevent damage or tarnishing when storing jewelry of any kind, especially delicate shell jewelry, one should use an appropriate storage container; preferably air-tight or moisture proof for items that may come into contact with excess humidity or dampness. Storing pieces separately instead of all together can significantly reduce the risk of scratching them against each other when taking out and putting away individual items.

Polish Jewelry Externally Once A Month

As an additional way to care for shell jewelry one can give pieces an external polishing once per month with professional grade polish suitable for metals found in jewelery such as silver and gold; this helps bring back its shine and keep it looking presentable longer. Professional grade polishes designed for shells may also be available depending on the kind if material used by PNW Shells as most stores usually have different types on offer.

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Crafting Process

Pnw Shell Jewelry specializes in handcrafted one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that are inspired by the beautiful beaches of the Pacific Northwest. Every piece is carefully crafted with exceptional attention to detail and artistry.

The first step of crafting each jewelry item begins when the Pnw shell artisans search for and collect shells from local beaches around the Pacific Northwest. The shells are then sorted out based on size, shape, texture, color, and uniqueness to find only the best pieces for use in the jewelry making process.

From there, each individual shell is sanded down to a smooth surface and cleaned meticulously to remove any dirt or debris that may remain. Once clean, the shells are packaged up carefully for shipment back to the Pnw Shell home studio where they await their transformation into a unique piece of jewelry.

At this step of the process, skilled Pnw Shell designers begin by placing each shell piece into a finely designed setting that will amplify its beauty and enhance their natural iridescent colors while allowing it to shine as much as possible in its new necklace or bracelet form.

After being placed securely within its setting, expert jewelers using their expert craftsmanship meticulously wrap and wire an additional setting overtop of each individual shell to hold them all together seamlessly without ruining any part of the shell’s naturally striking aesthetic appeal.

The final touch is adding a metal clasp and decorative elements such as small gemstones or pearls to further embed gems like amethyst or agate inside each unique handmade piece before it is ready for shipping off to happy customers all over North America. Each custom order takes hours of dedication from start to finish; ensuring that every customer receives one-of-a kind Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry they’ll be proud to wearbacking away or giving away as gifts.

Showcasing the Collection

Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry is a small business that specializes in creating unique items out of shell material. They take the time and effort to source locally-sourced shells, which they then turn into captivating pieces of jewelry for customers. In order to showcase their work, Pnw Shells has several creative ways to allow potential customers an opportunity to gain an appreciation for their work.

One useful tool in this marketing strategy is the photo slideshow which showcases pictures of some of the jewellery items that they have created. This slideshow is available on their website as well as at trade shows and events they attend to promote their business. The slides include images of recently crafted jewellery such as bracelet charms, ornament pendants and chokers.

Many pieces feature inlaid stones and other intricate designs have been carefully placed within shells, making them beautiful conversation starters at a party or even a coffee date with friends. The photos also show how easy it is to combine different pieces to create one cohesive set with charms of varying sizes and colours-increasing wearability options for customers who value versatility element when making jewellery purchases.

In addition to providing physical visuals of the product, Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry has also included customer reviews and testimonials as part of its online marketing strategy. Customers are asked for feedback on the pieces they’ve received so that potential buyers can read authentic experiences shared by those who have already made purchases from the company:

  • Able G.: I love wearing this handmade shell necklace. It’s delicate yet bold.
  • Hannah O.: I got these earrings as a gift for my sister and she loves them.
  • Michael H.: Wouldn’t hesitate recommending this shopbeautifully designed handmade jewelry.
  • Stephen B.: Every woman should have one from this shop in her jewelry box.

These comments provide insight into why shoppers choose handmade jewelry over mass-produced ones found in retail stores; opting instead for something special that was crafted with love from start to finish – helping potential customers feel more confident about investing in quality products from Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry.

Price Points

Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry offers unique and beautiful jewelry pieces. Their handcrafted pieces are made with impeccable attention to detail, meaning that these pieces are some of the most coveted around.

They offer a variety of price points for each piece, ranging from affordable everyday items to luxury items that will last a lifetime. Not only do they provide customers with detailed information on different price points for each piece, but they also compare them with mass-produced jewelry which helps their customers make educated purchase decisions.

As Pnw Shell is well known for their spectacular handmade jewelry, it comes as no surprise that their pricing is a small reflection of the quality put into each product. These dedicated artisans put a lot of time and care into creating their items from locally sourced materials, and some even incorporate pearls or semi-precious stones while keeping the pieces affordable.

Handmade Silver Art Jewelry

The prices start at around $75-250 USD depending on the material used in the item, while high end or more intricate pieces may range from over $1000 USD up to several thousands of dollars. At this level, Pnw Shell also offers bespoke services allowing customers to commission tailored-made one-of-a-kind jewelry crafted according to specific specifications and materials requested by clients.

When comparing mass produced jewelry with those produced by Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry it quickly becomes apparent why more people choose craftsmanship over machine production for long lasting accessories both aesthetically beautiful enough to be treasured forever. With properties such as durability and longevity in mind when creating its products, Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry shifts cost/quality expectation ratio by offering exquisite artisanal methods at comparatively lower prices than finished goods produced in factories.

Therefore by investing in an original piece of handcrafted jewelry from Pnw Shell customers can gain satisfaction knowing that what they get is not something widely available elsewhere but truly unique with much higher value than merely following trends set forth by manufacturers however elegant they may look initially.


Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry is continuously collaborating with other jewelry makers and businesses to bring some of the best handcrafted gems, forged materials, and innovative designs. Through working together, makers are able to combine their skills and know-how in order to develop pieces that are perfect for those shopping for unique, handmade jewelry.

Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry also holds events dedicated to collaboration and creativity. These are often theme-based events, focused on a specific technique or material. This allows guests to learn more about unconventional ways of making jewelry through interactive sessions and one-on-one talks with professionals in the field. Events like these are beneficial for all parties involved as it provides inspiration and insight regarding new techniques and trend predictions.

The company similarly engages in collaborations within the community. Often these involve charity events or fundraisers where proceeds from sales will go towards a cause close to the hearts of the Pnw Shell team members or customers. Such collaborations may come in the form of showcasing jewellery pieces at special exhibitions where any sales will be subsequently donated towards causes such as natural disaster relief efforts or charities helping underprivileged children.

Notable Collaborations

  • Discussions with internationally known jewelers out of London.
  • Charity events aimed at raising money for sustainable land development.
  • Workshops exclusively focussing on metal works.
  • Community engagements primarily centred around aiding economic reform efforts.

Where to Buy

When it comes to finding beautiful, unique jewelry for yourself or as a gift for someone special, Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry is the perfect option. They offer an impressive selection of beaded, metal, and shell pieces that are sure to stand out from the rest. Whether you’re looking for something on trend or a classic design with timeless appeal, you’re sure to find exactly what you need at Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry.

Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry has made shopping easy and convenient. You can easily purchase their one-of-a-kind jewelry directly from their website, where payment is securely handled by PayPal or Stripe. In addition to being able to shop directly online, they also allow customers to shop at various trunk shows throughout the year and in-person in select locations around the Seattle area. Customers interested in attending an upcoming show can find more information on their website.

Order fulfillment and shipping at Pnw Shell Handmade Jewelry cannot be beat either. Packages typically ship within twenty-four hours after order confirmation and tracking is provided via email when applicable.

Shipping is free for orders over $100 US within the continental United States; international shipping options are available too with charges imposed based on weight and destination of shipment. Finally, each piece of jewelry is inspected prior to shipping and all displays come safeguarded inside a sealed plastic sleeve with instructions on how best care for specific designs.

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