Platinum Sterling Jewelry

Platinum sterling jewelry is derived from the combination of two metals, platinum and sterling silver. This type of jewelry has been around for centuries and is one of the most popular pieces worn today.

The origin of platinum sterling jewelry can be traced back to the 12th century when it was used by royals and nobility as decor for their clothing and armor. Platinum was often used to mimic the shine of gold without the price tag, making it a favored material among those wearing jewelry in medieval times.

Over time, platinum sterling jewelry began to evolve. Often set with gemstones, it eventually came to symbolize strength, power, and wealth.

As time passed, this type of jewelry has become increasingly sought after both due to its symbolism and the fact that its more practical than other more expensive pieces. One of the benefits of wearing platinum sterling jewelry is its durability; since both metals combined make it resistant to tarnish or oxidation – making it a hardy piece that can last for generations with proper care.

Throughout history, platinum sterling has graced countless famous faces in film and music. One example is Elizabeth Taylor who frequently wore her beloved ‘Elizabeth’-style diamond necklace made in 1981 that was crafted out of platinum and sterling silver – making it a timeless piece that still stands as an icon now decades later. Today there are endless possibilities for this elegant metals combination when creating necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings – perfect for any occasion or pursuit.

Benefits of Platinum Sterling Jewelry

Platinum Sterling Jewelry is becoming increasingly popular today due to its unique look, durability, and versatility. Platinum Sterling is an alloy made from a mixture of metals such as silver, platinum, and other precious metals. The benefits of wearing this type of jewelry are immense. Not only does it provide added protection for your jewelry, but it also has a timeless aesthetic that stands out from other metals.

First, compared to most other metals used in jewelry like gold or silver, Platinum Sterling offers incredible durability and freedom from wear and tear. Its imperviousness to tarnishing makes it ideal for any setting – whether part of an accessory or featured prominently on a piece of jewelry – as the metal will maintain its original sparkle after many years.

Furthermore, because of its robust construction, the metal holds up well against everyday wear and tear. Most notably, Platinum Sterling pieces can last generations with minimal maintenance required.

Additionally, the timeless look of Platinum Sterling keeps one looking modern regardless of trends or fashion changes in the moment. The subtlety that this metal possesses sets it apart from its counterparts; it is tasteful yet still eye-catching enough to make any outfit stand out. Furthermore, this metal exists in a variety of colors: white (particularly popular), gray-silver, champagne tones with hints of rose golds and yellows which create unique accents to everyday attire or evening wear alike.

Finally, Platinum Sterling Jewelry is incredibly versatile-it doesn’t matter if you prefer a statement necklace or simple stud earrings as both will look amazing when crafted from this material. It lends itself beautifully to both ornate pieces that feature larger stones as well as fine detailed settings featuring dainty stones or diamonds for an extra level of luxe glamour.

No matter what occasion you have in mind; there is sure to be an item available to fit your needs perfectly when crafted with this material.

Different Types of Platinum Sterling Jewelry

Platinum Sterling jewelry is a great choice for anyone looking for high-class and luxury pieces. Platinum Sterling jewelry provides the wearer with an exquisite sense of sophistication, as platinum is naturally enduring and beautiful. You can find Platinum Sterling jewelry in many different forms such as necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants, anklets and bracelets.

Necklaces have become a popular choice among consumers due to their ability to be personalized and the range of bright colors they come in – from muted whites to pinkish hues. Platinum Sterling rings are available in classic or trendier designs that always add a sleek touch of elegance to any outfit.

Earrings offer small yet powerful ways of making a statement with unique shapes such as stars or hearts, and are available with or without diamonds depending on the individual’s preference.

Pendants are often more subtle which makes them perfect for everyday wear; choose from simple teardrops to intricate designs for something truly special. Anklets are a great way to express yourself and make your feet look amazing; you can opt for an all-platinum chain or add colorful charms for more sizzle. Lastly, bracelets come in various widths from thin bangles to thick cuffs – adding a wide variety of ways to show off your personal style.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, pure Platinum Sterling Metallurgical Grade when properly cared for will last much longer than gold and silver due its durability and high resistance to scratches and dents. There is no wrong answer when it comes to choosing Platinum Sterling jewelry because each piece offers something unique without sacrificing quality or beauty. Whether you decide on one item or multiple pieces – you won’t regret accessorizing with high polished platinum sterling jewelry.

Care and Maintenance of Platinum Sterling Jewelry

Platinum sterling jewelry is beautiful and timeless, but it may require special care and maintenance in order to ensure that it stays that way. To protect your platinum sterling jewelry, regular cleaning and polishing are key. After each wear, the desired item should be wiped with a dry cloth to remove any dirt, dust, or moisture.

Gold Vs Platinum Jewelry

It is important to note that water or chemicals should not directly come into contact with the metals as this can cause damage or discoloring of the metal surface. If you wear multiple pieces of jewelry at once, be sure to clean each piece separately to make sure nothing gets damaged by other pieces of jewelry rubbing against eachother.

To keep the luster of your platinum sterling jewelry for years to come, it should be polished periodically. A jeweler is qualified to professionally polish the item if necessary; Jewelers often recommend polishing pieces every 2-3 years depending on how often its worn and can simultaneously assess any signs of repair work needed.

When not wearing your platimum sterling pieces they should be safely stored in containers designed specifically made for storing jewelry; This ensures that your items do not get scratched or damaged while tucked away and will also prevent them from getting tangled up together.

In terms of repair service recommendations, if you think a diamond has become loose within its setting over time due to normal wear it’s important to take it into a jeweler right away before more serious damage occurs.

As diamonds are fragile gems and easily shifted after daily wear which can result in loss; The same applies with other precious stones such as emeralds or sapphires set in platinum sterling jewelry very close attention should always be paid so that nothing falls out unnoticed.

With proper care an maintenance platinum sterling jewelry has the potential to last for many years showcasing its beauty for generations.

Platinum Sterling Jewelry Prices

Platinum Sterling Jewelry is known for its exceptional quality and attractive looks. People around the world rely on Platinum Sterling Jewelry to make special moments memorable. With such an emphasis on high-end jewelry, shoppers are often intimidated by the expensive prices of Platinum Sterling pieces. However, understanding platinum sterling jewelry prices can help buyers know what to budget for a piece of their own.

Jewelry priced in platinum sterling usually falls into one of three categories – basic, middle-tier, and deluxe. Basic pieces tend to cost around $200-$1,000 per item and usually have a minimalist design featuring simple stones or diamonds at most. Middle-tier price points fall between $1,200-$5,000 with some embellishments including more detailed settings and additional stones or diamonds scattered throughout.

Deluxe pieces range from $6,500 to upwards of $20,000 and include much more intricate designs with plenty of detail work plus multiple stones and/or diamonds set in extravagant patterns. It’s important to remember that expensive prices don’t always correlate with quality; some well-crafted pieces can also be purchased at mid-range pricing levels.

Buyers wary of spending a lot on platinum sterling jewelry may want to consider ways they can still get their dream piece without breaking the bank. Shopping clearance sections or visiting discount stores that sell secondhand pieces are just a couple ways people can find great deals on items across all price points.

Furthermore, there may be seasonal discounts like holiday-themed sales or bulk discounts when purchasing multiple items at once. People looking for top notch quality should also look for reputable sellers that offer guarantees or warranties against defective products as well as friendly customer service team who will answer questions quickly and accurately if issues do arise during the shopping process.

Shopping for Platinum Sterling Jewelry

Where to Buy:

Shopping for Platinum Sterling Jewelry can be an overwhelming experience, so it is important to know where to start when looking for a piece. For those who don’t want to pay full retail price, the first best place to look is at estate sales, thrift stores and antique shops. These places often have vintage pieces which may have been cast in Platinum many years ago.

In addition to these gems from days gone by, there are also online jewelry stores that offer plenty of options for purchasing the latest fashion trends at lower prices. These online stores provide detailed descriptions about the jewelry’s material and aesthetic quality prior to purchase, as well as making available a wide range of unique designs and exclusive collections.

Latest Trends:

As with any fashion accessory, Platinum Sterling Jewelry has experienced changing trends over time. Currently popular pieces include dainty necklaces featuring mixed-metal designs, such as gold-plated sterling silver with accents of platinum detailing. Oversized statement necklaces make bold statements with their intricate and delicate features.

Rings have shifted towards larger sizes with bold geometric shapes made with precious metals like platinum and diamond embellishments. The metals used in the piece make all the difference; not only should something look good but it should stand the test of time without tarnishing or discoloring easily so its appeal is sustained for years to come.

Certification Standards:

When selecting Platnium Sterling Jewelry it is important to check if it has been certified against industry standards set by independent bodies like GIA (Gemological Institute of America). GIA certification validates that the stones used in your jewelry are genuine and meet certain criteria for cut, color, clarity, weight and durability-all certificates must be vetted before receiving their stamp of approval from the institute.

The certification process ensures the highest quality assurance for customers until they encounter any problems during wear or storage of their jewelry pieces over time. Quality control processes such as these help preserve customer confidence in product longevity while acting as an underlying safeguard against fraudulent practices within the industry itself.
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How to Style Platinum Sterling Jewelry

When it comes to styling sterling platinum jewelry, the possibilities are endless. It is a classic metal with an elegant modern twist. Sterling Platinum jewelry pieces can be combined and layered together or worn individually to achieve flattering and fashionable looks. The ways to style this beautiful metal provides endless combinations of color, texture, and theme that can be tailored for any occasion or look.

First, to create complete styled looks, think about what type of outfit you’re looking for and select the accent pieces based around that. Sterling Platinum earrings can easily be paired with any necklace design. For example, a sleek silver chain pendant will stand out when paired with a pair of studs or chandeliers made of sterling platinum.

If you want something bolder, combine a geometric design chain with emerald shaped drop earrings. As well as combining different shapes in your look you can also experiment with different tonal palettes to ensure your Metal not only stands out but blends perfectly as well.

Layering is key when it comes to wearing multiple sterling platinum pieces together effectively and stylishly. Start by layering delicate necklaces featuring various sizes of round discs with contrasting textures such as brushed surfaces and highly polished finishes for added dimensionality Add larger link chains such as snake-effect chains for movement or layering charm pendants on chains or bangles for a measured look.

When adding bracelets go for slender designs in solid colors such as rose gold and yellow gold that add an expansive range in tones without taking away from the beauty of the sterling platinum pieces.

A bunch of bangles combined together create a harmonious blend of metals creating much needed balance. Finally try combining statement earrings like diamond studs or contemporary geometric designs with smaller dainty ones such as pearl drops earrings so they standout while all the accents work in perfect harmony within the overall look.

To sum up all these styling tips, pick out your favorite piece, then build a combination that compliments yet still maintains its individuality focusing on timeless simplicity Think copper accessories, color coordination consistency ,and finally stacked rings scattered throughout each layer – which allows every component to stand out beautifully. Regardless how you decide to style your Sterling Platinum Jewelry – don’t forget to turn heads while radiating effortless sophistication at any given moment.


Platinum Sterling Jewelry has a selection of precious metals and quality gems that you must see to believe. Our inventory is designed with a plethora of jewelry pieces meant to suit any individual’s unique style and taste. As our customer, you won’t have to settle for second best; you can find the perfect piece of jewelry among our excellently-crafted collection.

In terms of quality, Platinum Sterling Jewelry promises an exquisitely crafted product that is meant to last. Furthermore, we offer free shipping on all domestic orders over $50 and free gift wrapping services.

It is important to note that properly maintenance care for your platinum sterling jewelry is essential for its longevity in beauty. We recommend cleaning each item thoroughly with lukewarm, soapy water and drying it off completely with a soft cloth before return storing it away in its original packaging or a fabric-lined box or case. Additionally, regular checkups should be performed to identify damage early on and reduce the likelihood of extensive cost repairs down the line.

At Platinum Sterling Jewelry there are plenty of other ways to show your appreciation for your cherished pieces as well aside from maintenance care. To help protect your items and enhance their appearance, consider purchasing one of our accessories such as polishing cloths, jewelry boxes , and storage pouches. Adding any one of these onto your cart will provide crucial additional protection against dust, dirt, corrosion or tarnish while making them look extra special when worn again.

If needed, cleaning products like solution sprays could be added as well which comes specially formulated with non-corrosive agents able to help keep silver and gold jewellery clean without damaging them in the process. Lastly, another great way to express further love towards your items is to purchase care kits which contain everything necessary in one package including anti-tarnish strips/pouches, polishes and microfiber cloths.

This post was intended to give readers a better understanding regarding Platinum Sterling Jewelry’s selection of exquisite precious metals and gems combined with helpful tips on maintaining their purchased items so they remain fresh looking at all times.

With this knowledge in mind along with free shipping on domestic orders over 50 dollars plus complimentary gift wrapping services offered here customers can continue shopping confidently knowing each piece purchased here will be well-received by their loved ones for years come.

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