Platinum Jewelry In Saudi Arabia

Platinum jewelry in Saudi Arabia plays an important role both historically as well as culturally. Saudi Arabia was one of the earliest countries to embrace platinum jewelry given its cultural significance and affordability compared to gold or diamond pieces. In Saudi Arabian culture, platinum jewelery is seen as a representation of the good luck it is believed to bring and is commonly used for exchanges between family members, friends and partners alike.

Types of Platinum Jewelry Available in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, there are numerous forms of platinum jewelery that can be found. This includes necklaces, earrings, rings and bangles often decorated with gemstones such as diamonds, rubies or sapphires due to their timelessness and beauty. Customized pieces are also popular amongst locals who often like to add intricate designs or images based on their own liking. Platinum necklaces with religious charms can also be found which symbolizes devotion in traditions like weddings and engagements.

Advantages when Buying Platinum Jewelry in Saudi Arabia
Due to the high demand for platinum jewelery in Saudi Arabia, there are many advantages when buying platinum jewelry from the country including its low cost yet durable properties. It is highly valued by customers due to its quality making it long lasting whilst being able to maintain its shine over prolonged periods of time with minimal maintenance required.

Moreover purchasing from experienced craftsmen in the country offers consumers access to unique items that reflect local culture and customs with extensive variety for customers depending on their tastes about particular designs or styles.

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Style History

Saudi Arabia has a unique relationship with jewelry over thousands of years. Ancient artifacts have been found in deposits across the Arabian peninsula that are hundreds, if not thousands of years old. Platinum jewelry had a distinct place in this long history.

The use of platinum as a material for jewelry began to increase in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Jewelry makers from around the world would come to Saudi Arabia, bringing their own knowledge and experiences to create pieces out of precious metals like platinum for wealthy customers.

This was especially prevalent during Ramadan, when those with means would adorn themselves and each other with artfully crafted pieces signifying status or spiritual accomplishment. The use of platinum jewelry began to decline after World War II however, due to both its limited availability and depleting natural resources.

As materials become increasingly expensive today, so does the craftsmanship involved with creating these pieces. That is why modern platinum jewelry manufacturers are working hard to ensure that their creations reflect an authentic version not only of its design but also of its importance within Saudi culture and its ties to religion, customs and traditions.

Popular trends include intricate detailing on religious symbols such as crosses or crescents, elaborate intertwined wedding bands, colorful gem encrusted rings and elegant earrings embedded with diamonds or sapphires.

At the same time there have been innovations in the way people wear their precious metal jewelry; stackable bracelets made up of thin layers are now popular among younger generations who want something unique yet comfortable enough for everyday wear without sacrificing any sparkle or shine.

By taking all aspects into account these jewelers strike a balance between reverence for traditional methods of crafting such works, yet still leave room for modern interpretations – both as fashion choices and as cultural offerings – making sure every piece tell a story from which others can learn & appreciate.

Popular Designs

Saudi Arabia is well-known for its unique and exquisite traditional jewelry, but it is also home to some of the most fashionable contemporary platinum jewelry designs. When it comes to traditional platinum jewelry in Saudi Arabia, there are a variety of designs commonly seen in the region.

From finger rings enriched with gemstones such as rubies and sapphires to delicate pendants with intricately-detailed designs, most traditional pieces of Saudi Arabian platinum jewelry are truly unforgettable. These pieces often capture the eye due to their strong visual appeal, making them ideal for special occasions such as weddings and religious ceremonies.

Just like in other countries around the world, contemporary - or modern - platinum jewelry is gaining traction in Saudi Arabia too. This collection of designer jewelry not only looks chic, but also adds a touch of glamour to every ensemble worn by modern Saudis both on special occasions and everyday life alike.

For example, large chandelier earrings adorned with white gold or diamonds can be combined with a little black dress for an elegant evening look. On the other hand, men can add a dash of class with diamond bracelets or cufflinks featuring intricate geometric patterns.

No matter if you are looking for timeless traditional designs or trendy contemporary styles, you can easily find them all in abundant supply at jewelers across Saudi Arabia today. Whether you are searching for something that reflects your personality or want something unique enough to become part of your family heirlooms, you’ll never run out of choices when it comes to choosing exquisiteSaudi Arabian platinum jewelry.

Jewelry Stores That Buy Platinum


In Saudi Arabia, there is a huge variety of jewelry crafted in Platinum, a precious metal often used to accentuate accessories. Platinum is highly preferred Due to its purity and luxurious appeal, making it perfect for pieces such as rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings.

These items are ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions. People around the world are drawn to the brilliance of this metal and its ability to be fashioned into beautiful works of art for wearable jewels that last a lifetime.

When searching for platinum jewelry in Saudi Arabia it is important to know what types are available. While Jewelry designs vary from region to region, some popular ones include intricate headpieces called “tiklis” typically seen worn around the face, traditional anklets called “shababi,” dangling earrings with charms known as “”dataha” or “atama,” and delicate finger rings featuring intricate goldwork known as “simalas”.

There are also larger pieces such as engraved trinket boxes adorned with gemstones and more elaborate creations such as wedding crowns seen at special cultural events.

Additionally, many women in Saudi Arabia opt to customize their platinum jewelry by adding precious stones such as diamonds and pearls. These stones sparkle beneath the polished metal creating an exquisite masterpiece unlike anything else presented on the market.

Furthermore, when purchasing pre-made items customers may choose between subtle shades of white or rose gold which will further add depth and character to your purchase. As if this wasn’t enough customization options extend beyond shapes and colors allowing you to choose whether your items are set with round or princess cut gemstones based on your personal style preference.

In summary, Saudi Arabian platinum jewelry is considered timeless because of its classic forms and lasting quality; details like this make platinum unique among other forms of metalwork used for wearable jewelry. The options available for customization ensure each wearer possesses something that reflects their individual tastes exposing them not only beauty but also creativity.

This type of craftsmanship provides wearers with elegant yet durable investment pieces that can stand the test of time – no wonder why so many turn towards it when seeking out luxury metalwork from around the globe.

Care Tips

Platinum is one of the most popular metals in jewelry today. It is a soft, lustrous metal prized for its resistance to scratching, tarnishing and corrosion. In Saudi Arabia, the demand for platinum jewelry is ever increasing due to the rising wealth of many citizens. With this demand in mind, platinum jewelry needs to be properly maintained in order to last a lifetime and keep its brilliance.

The first step to maintaining platinum jewelry is regular cleaning. Dust and skin products can cause build-up on your jewelry which can easily be normalized with a mild solution of soapy water or any jewelry cleaner specifically for platinum items.

Be sure not to scrub too hard or use abrasive material as this could scratch the finish. To ensure that the settings stay secure it would be wise to have you rings and bracelets checked by a professional periodically as settings can become loose over time from everyday wear and tear.

Finally, it’s important to store your jewelry properly when not wearing it or both protect it from scratches, dirt or other damage such as dents caused from stacked pieces. A great option would be purchasing dedicated storage solutions such as cloth bags with drawstrings or small trays, preferably made out of velvet which comes in various colors and sizes that are designed specifically for storing jewelry while keeping them easy accessible yet secure at the same time.

By taking good care of your platinum Jewelry in Saudi Arabia you will be able to maintain its beauty throughout the years which in turn makes them investment-worthy pieces of lasting value.

Shopping Guide

Finding the right jewelry store in Saudi Arabia when looking to purchase platinum jewelry can be both intimidating and overwhelming. When making such an important purchase, you want to make sure that you are getting the very best quality jewelry at an unbeatable price. Fortunately, there are a few popular stores and online resources available which offer customers a wide variety of design and styles when purchasing platinum jewelry in Saudi Arabia.

Galaxy Jewelers is one of the most reputable and popular stores for purchasing platinum jewelry in Saudi Arabia due to their expansive selection of exquisite pieces. They offer everything from stunning engagement rings to simple, everyday pendants and earrings; all crafted from the highest quality materials such as platinum and gold.

What makes Galaxy Jewelers extra special is that they customize any piece of jewelry so that customers can create their own designs which are perfect for them or a loved one.

Additionally, there are several online resources where customers can browse through and shop for designer platinum jewelry from all around the world without having to leave home or travel abroad. has been particularly popular among residents in Saudi Arabia due its selection of top international brands like Cartier and Chopard.

What Is Platinum Clad Jewelry

Compared to traditional retailers, online stores like this tend to offer more economical prices while still providing excellent quality products. Furthermore, customer service representatives on these websites pay close attention to detail so as to ensure that shoppers receive a personalized shopping experience tailored just for them.

Finally, those who seek out exclusive items made with fine Italian craftsmanship should look no further than This website specializes exclusively in Italian-made luxury platinum jewellery designed impeccably by global artisans using only ethically sourced materials to create timeless masterpieces that will last generations. Plus, they provide free worldwide delivery along with 100% satisfaction guarantee giving customers peace of mind when making their purchases online.

Price Range

Platinum jewelry in Saudi Arabia has become a popular choice amongst locals and tourists alike due to its elegance, durability and versatility. Platinum has always been a sign of prestige and luxury, with prices that vary depending on the type of products and the various carats available. The price range for platinum jewelry in Saudi Arabia is typically between 250 and 9000 SAR (Saudi Riyals) per piece.

The most affordable form of platinum jewelry are smaller items such as earrings, bracelets and pendants. These can cost anywhere from 250 to 800 SAR depending on design, size, weight and caratage (amount of pure platinum a piece contains).

For larger pieces such as rings or necklaces with more intricate designs, their price can move up to 1300 SAR for 14-karat gold detailing. Additionally, 18-karat gold Platinum Jewelry such as wedding bands or engagement rings could start from 1600 SAR due to the higher quantity of pure platinum used in these items.

On the other end of the spectrum are rarer pieces such as custom made jewelry or antique Platinum jewelry which carries a higher price tag that averages between 2500 – 9000 SAR. This high cost is attributed to the handcrafted nature of these exclusive pieces coupled with the amount of time dedicated to their creation leading it to be considered an expensive commodity by international industry standards.

Generally speaking most consumers in Saudi Arabia are willing to invest in fine Platinum Jewelry due to its status symbol and value retention over time however prices can be steep depending on preference and budget individuals may have at any given point in time when making a purchase decision. Nevertheless following good market research practices, any consumer looking for good quality Platinum Jewelry should shop around before deciding on what item/s they wish to add into their collection.


The current market for platinum jewelry in Saudi Arabia has been analyzed. It is clear that there is a huge demand for high-end platinum jewelry in the country. The premium price of platinum ensures that it remains an attractive commodity, and its popularity among wealthy consumers makes it more appealing to potential buyers.

The emergence of online websites offering certified and high quality platinum jewelry at competitive prices has further increased demand. Yet at the same time, the exclusive retail shops selling such products have also started to emerge. This has resulted in a crowded competitive landscape for luxury retailers, making it necessary for them to differentiate themselves with effective marketing strategies and emphasizing customer service and product quality.

It can be assumed from the analysis that there is great potential for both traditional brick and mortar shops selling platinum jewelry as well as exclusive online stores catering to customers in Saudi Arabia and nearby countries or regions. With regards to marketing, retailers should emphasize delivering brilliant customer service experiences since this is what will drive sustainable sales performance over time in the longer term.

Additionally, they should look into luring customers through unique promotional offerings such as having discounts on jewelry pieces or custom orders during special occasions like weddings or gifts that increase brand loyalty of customers.

All-in-all, even though there is competition within the market segment, those looking to enter can capitalize on this opportunity by finding innovative ways to stand out while providing excellent services and value prices through strategic partnerships with reliable partners like wholesalers or manufacturers overseas.

Companies need adopt efficient methods of conducting business ensuring that operations costs are kept low while still maintaining top quality products according to buyers’ needs so as to be successful in this market segment for platinum jewelry sales in Saudi Arabia.