Pippin Vintage Jewelry Upper West Side

Pippin Vintage Jewelry Upper West Side is one of the most well-known jewelry stores located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Founded by Ariel Keys, Pippin Vintage has grown into a community staple since opening its doors in 2008. With an eye for vintage finds, Ariel has curated her store with jewelry pieces from all over the world ranging from European antiques to American hippy-chic items.

The store takes on the air of a museum, capturing history and different cultures within its walls. Visitors to Old Pippin can expect one-of-a-kind treasures that include precious gems, unique settings, and one hundred year old baubles from Paris and beyond. All pieces are restored by hand to ensure that when worn they shine as if they were freshly crafted masterpieces.

Although some people may be intimidated by the prospect of looking through antique jewelry for fear of damaging a valuable piece or misunderstanding its value, that’s not the case at Pippin Vintage Jewelry’s Upper West Side location. With a focus on old-world charm and modern convenience, Ariel and her team work hard to make sure that customers feel welcomed into her store no matter their experience level.

They provide complimentary beverages as shoppers browse and are often ready with answers to any questions that may come up – this level of genuine care and attention makes every visit truly special.

No other store compares to what you’ll find at Pippin Vintage Jewelry Uppers West Side; it’s truly unique. From the warmly decorated walls filled with an array of stunning bright gemstones such as rubies and sapphires to classic watches featuring intricate details like Arabic numerals on gold bands – these stunning timepieces have been expertly restored for several weeks prior before being put on display.

Silver cufflinks with dragonfly etchings line shelves among hammered rose gold earrings with moonstone centers – your eyes won’t know where to look first. You may also be lucky enough to discover rare pieces such as Victorian-era rings dating back 100 years or highly sought after cameo bracelets crafted during Napoleon III’s reign in France – you never know what hidden treasure awaits at Pippin Vintage Jewelry Upper West Side.

Overview of the store’s mission and purpose

Pippin Vintage Jewelry Upper West Side is a vibrant jewelry store that specializes in sourcing and selling antique, vintage, and modern heirloom-quality jewelry. Located on the Upper West Side of New York City, this store provides customers with immense selection of rings, necklaces, earrings, and more from all eras.

At Pippin Vintage Jewelry Upper West Side, customers can peruse through timeless pieces crafted by renowned jewelers such as Cartier or Tiffany & Co. For those searching for something exceptional yet unique, the store also houses one-of-a-kind personalized pieces from independent designers. Whether it’s for a special occasion or simply an indulgent present to yourself – customers are truly spoilt for choice with an expansive collection of exquisitely crafted jewelry.

The in-store team of professional appraisers are passionate about discovering uncommon and exclusive jewelry pieces which they identify through modern assessment techniques. This makes Pippin Vintage Jewelry Upper West Side the perfect place to sell cherished items or to find some hidden gems amongst an unrivalled selection. Furthermore, the expert appraisers provide detailed evaluations of customers’ items free of charge, upholding their mission to educate their valued clients about antiques and vintage possessions.

In addition to offering high quality pieces at affordable prices, another reason why people might want to shop at Pippin Vintage Jewelry Upper West Side is because their experienced professionals offer honest advice when selecting jewellery items.

The customer service surpasses anything offered elsewhere as the knowledgeable staff will discuss not only stones but factors such as country of origin and production date; developing a personal connection with each shopper which helps ensure that any purchase feels special and unique in its own way.

Unique selection of vintage jewelry available

Pippin Vintage Jewelry is one of the last remaining old-fashioned jewelers located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Since opening its doors in 1935, owner Bill Pippin Jr. has dedicated himself to providing customers with an extensive collection of antique and vintage jewelry. Whether you’re looking for a unique engagement ring or a beautiful piece of estate jewelry, Pippin Vintage Jewelry has something for everyone.

Wide range of products

Pippin’s selection includes unusual heirloom pieces and art deco items from the 1920s through to contemporary creations. They carry vintage designers like Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels, Miriam Haskell, Coro Duettes, Rose Gold bracelets and more.

vintage costume jewelry designers

Many of these are rare antique pieces that can’t be found anywhere else in New York City. They also carry modern designer jewelry as well as new designer items made from precious metals or featuring semi-precious stones such as sapphires and emeralds.

High quality services

For customers wanting to buy or sell vintage jewelry, Pippin offers expert advice on valuations, appraisals and cleaning services – all tailored to individual needs. Bill Jr., who runs the store with his wife Janice and their son Richard, is renowned for his knowledgeable staff and personal touch – helping customers find something truly special that will be cherished long into the future.

Customers can also trust Pippin’s authenticity since they only purchase genuine antique items from trusted sources located around the world.

Long lasting legacy

Since opening more than 80 years ago Pippin Vintage Jewelry has become a fixture of New York’s Upper West side: offering exceptionally crafted jewelry surrounded by a unique atmosphere filled with stories and memories from generations ago – when engagement rings meant much more than just fashion statements.

With over 350 years combined experience between them the family members have developed an array of skills in designing, handcrafting and delivering high-end bespoke pieces tailored to each customer’s needs – ensuring complete satisfaction every time.

History of the store

Pippin Vintage Jewelry Upper West Side, located in the heart of Manhattan, has been providing unique pieces of jewelry for over 50 years. Starting modestly in 1969 as a small antique shop on 221st street, the store slowly grew in size and popularity. The present-day store is one of the largest vintage jewelry stores in New York City, and specializes in mid-century costumes such as gold bracelets, ethnic earrings, necklaces sets and cocktail rings.

The early years (1969 – 1970)

The store was founded by two partners Nigel Fields & Rachel Shelton. Originally focusing on fine antiques from Europe, the couple quickly recognized an untapped market offering high quality vintage jewelry with a modern twist. As a result, they added exclusive collections of both period and contemporary pieces to their inventory and began hosting regular events featuring rare vintage treasures from all over the world.

Growth (1970 – 1990)

Pippin Vintage Jewelry Upper West Side experienced considerable growth during this period. With an increasing customer base, increased demand for new products set the stage for additional growth in more than just size and selection – by 1989 Pippin had become one of NYC’s most popular stores for costume jewelry of all styles and periods.

Modern Era (1990 – Present)

Today Pippin Vintage Jewelry Upper West Side continues to provide customers with unique pieces of eclectic charm from its wide collection that range from Art Deco to hand crafted contemporary pieces. In addition to individual pieces customers can also choose from a wide selection of sophisticated engagement rings or bridal sets curated specifically for one-of-a-kind brides who want something different than what is typically found at bricks-and-mortar shops or online boutiques.

From handcrafted necklaces to limited edition cufflinks – Pippin & Co remains at the forefront of fashion when it comes to offering stylish antique and contemporary finds for men and women today.

Recognitions & Accolades

Pippin Vintage Jewelry has consistently received stellar reviews from customers, who laud the shop for their selection of unique pieces and personalized customer service. Popular blogger and jewelry enthusiast Leah Lewis said in her review, “This is the only place I will go when it comes to special antique jewelry. There’s such a large selection, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.”

High Quality Pieces

Pippin Vintage Jewelry offers only the highest quality vintage pieces sourced from around the world. Each item is hand-selected by owner and experienced collector Jessica Pippin. “I take pride in selecting each piece with care,” says Mrs. Pippin. “We have a great range of both modern and classic items to suit everyone’s taste and budget. Many pieces are one-of-a-kind treasures that can’t be found elsewhere.”

Vibrant Shop Atmosphere

The atmosphere at Pippin Vintage Jewelry is comfortable yet welcoming. Customers are treated like family and given plenty of time to discuss their needs with dedication staff members who are knowledgeable about jewelry history and design aspects.

Each visit typically includes an extensive display featuring multiple styles of jewelry ranging from traditional diamond settings to intricately designed antique brooches. The helpful staff also provides an array of advice when it comes to selecting pieces that will adorn or accentuate any occasion or ensemble.

Extended Support & Services

The knowledgeable staff at Pippin Vintage Jewelry is available beyond normal business hours for customers wishing to make custom orders or those needing extra assistance when selecting an ideal piece of jewelry for a special occasion gift or keepsake heirloom piece. They understand the importance of ensuring each purchase fits perfectly into their customer’s lifestyle while keeping quality at its peak level no matter what designs or trends may come and go overtime.

Vintage Jewelry Clasps Types

Professional services

The Pippin Vintage Jewelry Upper West Side shop in New York City has a team of experts who provide professional services to ensure their customers are entirely satisfied. Appraisals and restorations of vintage jewelry are key services they offer in-house, conducted by highly experienced professionals. Not only do customers receive the highest quality service, but also advice and support from the knowledgeable staff throughout the process.

This award-winning team of professionals consists of:

  • Appraisers – A specialized expert employed by Pippin Vintage Jewelry who is certified to appraise jewelry with expertise
  • Restorers – Experienced jewelers capable of restoring and/or preserving antique or outdated pieces, bringing them back to mint condition
  • Jewelers – Craftsmen specialists trained in jewelry repairs and maintenance, adept at preserving overall value
  • Designers – Highly experienced creative minds able to bring any customization into reality

The amazing team behind Pippin Vintage Jewelry works diligently to bring you the best possible result when it comes to appraising natural antiques or restoring heritage pieces of sustainable material. They expertly assess each piece’s condition prior to proposing restoration solutions that will bring out its optimum beauty again through personalized touch-ups.

Whenever necessary, new parts are developed with original characteristics and preserved patina completely restored before being offered back for sale or taken home as an amazing family heirloom. The appraisal process itself is well structured and provides results within 24 hours on weekdays for immediate feedback.

In addition, Pippin offers its own design service including consultancy during each step towards producing unique custom jewels that fit any individual persona perfectly. With more than 75 years of combined experience in jewelry design processes, such customized pieces can be created using sophisticated technology techniques while ensuring timeless quality at the same time.

Events & Special Exhibitions

Pippin Vintage Jewelry in the Upper West Side of New York City is known for its premier collections of exceptional contemporary and antique jewelry. Whether you are an enthusiast searching for rare and unique pieces, or just looking to find something special as a gift, Pippin Vintage Jewelry offers top quality jewels from all over the world.

Unique to Pippin’s selection are the variety of events and special exhibitions that they offer throughout the year. These events are not only great opportunities for enthusiasts to meet others with similar interests but also allows people to view some hard-to-find pieces available at certain times.

  • October 10th: African Artistry Show – This event showcases a collection of rare African art crafted by renowned craftsmen.
  • November 8th: Antique Jewelry Exhibition – This showcase features rare vintage pieces from centuries past.
  • December 15th: “Christmas Sparkle” Glamour Event – Featuring special edition diamond-studded jewelry perfect for holiday occasions.

Summary & Takeaway from Pippin Vintage Jewelry Upper West Side

Pippin Vintage Jewelry is an Upper West Side store that specializes in high quality, unique vintage jewelry. Founded over 45 years ago by Robert Pippin, the store has become a beloved landmark among locals and jewelry enthusiasts alike. Since its inception, the family-run business has grown from a single storefront to include two additional locations; one on Madison Avenue and another in Brooklyn.

The iconic store has established itself as an authority within the vintage jewelry community for their selection of rare pieces and exceptional customer service. Upon visiting, customers are welcomed with a variety of rings, necklaces, pins, and other jewelry collected from distinguished auction houses across Europe and North America.

In addition to viewing plenty of classic styles from Cartier and Tiffany & Co., those seeking something more unique will find a plethora of unique estate pieces from renowned artisans such as Jean Schlumberger and Seaman Schepps.

One of the main reasons Pippin Vintage Jewelry stands out amongst its competition is due to the knowledgeable staff present in each location. Customers can be rest assured that they’re receiving expert advice when selecting a purchase or getting their vintage pieces appraised.

They also provide knowledgeable recommendations for styling both modern and antique pieces. When considering which piece suitably fits your style and budget, Pippin Vintage Jewelry has everything under one roof that customers can return to time after time for personalized help selecting the perfect accessory for any occasion or life event.

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