Pearl Jewelry Trends 2019

The pearl jewelry trend is ever evolving, with new designs emerging in response to the latest fashion trends and must-have items. As such, 2019 promises to bring the most modern, stylish and timeless looks for those of us looking for jewels to complete our wardrobe for the coming months. The fashion world has spoken, and here are a few ways in which you can embrace pearl jewelry trends in 2019:

Opulent Free Style Necklaces: Combinations of fresh water pearls, baroque shaped pearls or both together as double strand necklaces provide an extravagant twist on classic pearl jewelry. Stylishly overstated mixed media pieces with irregular shapes offer a modern twist that’s sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s displaying larger more ornate clusters or single statement pieces; these free style necklaces add a luxurious flair perfect for special occasions.

Layer Up with Fresh Water Pearl Necklaces: Both endless layers and statement pieces create visual texture by using contrasting colors like black and white or mix a spectrum of pastel shades; they also give the illusion of wearing multiple styles at once without being too overpowering. Multi-tasking pendant necklaces remain popular this season; they encapsulate many different trends in one item which adds a touch of elegance whether it’s day or night.

Modern Pearl Jewelry Sets: Contemporary whites or multi colored jewellery sets means there has never been a better time to sparkle like an A-list celebrity. It’s easy to incorporate numerous size options into your ensembles by layering single strands short chunky necklaces for contrasted edginess. These bold designs look best when worn over plainer clothing but be careful not to go too over the top with too much colour as the impact could be overwhelming.

Conclusion: No matter what look you are going for this emerging season, there is definitely something out there that caters to every style preference. Choose any one of these three ideas above to blend them into your current wardrobe and become your very own fashionista.

The Classic Look

Pearl jewelry has been a classic staple for many decades and it continues to be trendy in 2019. The perfect accessory for work, formal events or everyday looks, pearls never get old. They can be dressed up or down to fit whatever event you’re attending and create the perfect finishing touch for your look.

Pearl earrings are especially versatile; they look good with any hairstyle, and come in a range of sizes and prices so they really do go with any occasion. Pearl pendants offer a more refined look yet remain stylish and timeless at the same time. Whether you choose freshwater or Saltwater pearls, each one carries its own unique character that adds the perfect touch of elegance to your ensemble.

For those seeking something out of the ordinary there is an array of eye-catching designs on the market this season. Unique pearl rings designed by leading jewelry designers are all over fashion blogs which add an air of modern glamour without sacrificing classic elements.

Stylists often suggest wearing bold rings featuring multiple linked pearls – great as statement pieces that bring added elegance when layered with traditional pearl pieces. The hot trend – seed pearl jewelry from Stragiotti – combines dual colored gold threads with geometric-shaped real pearl clusters to create a modern take on vintage beads, which looks particularly stunning when worn with a strapless dress or top.

Whether you prefer the simple sophistication of single strands or modern artistry, 2019 promises to bring endless options for anyone who’s ready to add pearls to their wardrobe this season.

Natural Beauty

The jewelers of 2019 are highlighting the beauty of Mother Nature with their latest works featuring natural pearls. Once forged in oceans, natural pearls have been appreciated for centuries of history due to their uniqueness and rarity. With each pearl being formed by a single mollusk over a period of up to several years, each stone has its own unique shape, color and luster which is one-of-a-kind.

With the 80’s and 90’s introductions of cultured pearl jewelry created over a fairly brief span of time, these days more jewelers are making a comeback with the natural stuff. Thanks to new mining techniques used by modernizing pearl farmers, more exceptional pearls have become possible as never before.

Natural pearls differ not just with regard to size and shape but also in terms of overtone and luster; As they embody nature itself, many discover hidden depths within them accessible through visualization or contemplation, depending on the beholder’s state of energy or mind.

Recently, new varieties in the form of baroques have made an entrance; baroques are considered visually pleasing since they possess an aura which makes them come across as extraordinary yet beautiful scenery showing all signs attributed to the special characteristics that constitutes naturalism & character.

They appear very sophisticated when encrusted within discerning mountings/jewelry crafted from metals like gold/platinum/. Even though natural elements such as dust particles take part in forming them too, every pearl is unique in its own nature & each piece thus imparts its individual flavor reflecting unique attributes & performance you won’t find anywhere else on planet Earth.

What really sets mow-in-fashion natural pearl jewelery apart is the way it can bring out your individuality while staying timelessly stylish. Since there is so much other lab grown jewellery out there right now it feels incredibly good wearing something this authentic even if not quite as common – like you created it all by yourself from ocean beds no one ever knew existed.

Natural worldly classiness fused with unconventional modern style gives superb results when wearing these pearls customised rings and pendents. Yielding multiple opportunities to look different each day & creating your own Jewelry signature look due to its lucidity features creating multitudinous looks suiting your personal motif – no matter whatever genre be it.

There goes absolutely nothing wrong in wanting something precious & remarkable , something denoting progress&realisations,so without much ado , jump into this trend . Make haste while originality still stays on peal at an affordable range (as compared with cultured counterparts). The variety grabs hold off all types be it earrings/rings/bracelets etc Become exclusive yet noteworthy while donning stunning colts – watery pinks blended shades lending you appealing divine charm .

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Modern Updates

They say that pearls have always been on trend no matter what age or time period, and 2019 is no different. Pearl jewelry in 2019 is being spotted all over the place, from stylish influencers to celebrities.

This year’s pearl jewelry trends embrace a return to elegant, traditional design with added modern design elements and updates that make the pieces look both timeless and fresh. Unique shapes, sizes and colors are combined in creative ways to achieve an update on classic styles that bring a modern twist to conventional pearl jewelry.

This year’s favorites include teardrop shaped pendants over layered necklaces with pyramid shaped stone accents combined with small round freshwater pearls. Pearl earrings (especially hoops.) also take center stage this season.

Whether dangling or studded, they can be found in most any fashion line these days. Classic white South Sea cultured pearl rings with exotic montes setting designs using rose gold are prominent this season, as well as entwined combos of colored Cultured freshwater and Tahitian colored pearls for a fun yet luxurious touch to the classics.

Pearlaruda designs managed to captivate attention by mixing unique designs of small Pale bronze Tahitian pearls prong set into large diamond halo settings for a modern take on classic designs. Plus Neo-Renaissance inspired tassel pieces reminiscent of the grandeur era now emerge as go-to pieces for fashion lovers who revel in unconventional combinations; asymmetrical details featured alongside high shine gold accents offering a fresh perspective on formal wear events.

Such pieces often feature intricate details such as precious stones lined symmetrically along mixed cultured freshwater pearl chains creating captivating alternate looks useful for day or night occasions where the gowns can remain unchanged but the accessories may vary according to personal style preference without compromising sophistication.


In 2019, jewelry trends are straying from traditional pearl looks, instead opting for unique combinations. Jewelry designers are looking for ways to elevate the pearl by pairing it with elements like gold, silver and other precious stones.

From rings featuring white and rose gold settings, to necklaces adorned with diamond clusters or pearls of various sizes and shapes-this year’s fashion is all about making statement pieces that are memorable. New trends in pearl jewelry also include semi-precious stones like tourmaline and topaz, adding a pop of color to the classic look.

The beauty of pairing pearls with alternative materials can often be seen in statement drop earrings. They usually feature gently hanging clusters of pristine pearl earrings, surrounded by shimmering diamonds or other precious stones. These beautiful designed creations look incredibly impressive while fashionable chandelier and hoop style earrings have recently become more popular as well. The juxtaposition between the luminous gemstones and their contrastive metallic components make these pieces especially eye-catching.

Pearl jewelry designs have come a long way in recent years, even incorporating metals such as stainless steel for more casual styles. Utilizing unique materials further elevates the overall aesthetic of the piece, creating an even classier look than traditional pearl pieces offered previously.

Mixing pendants with colorful gemstones can help create dynamic necklaces that are sure to turn heads everywhere you go. Great layered looks can be achieved with simple yet chic lariats featuring contrasting colors or multiple strands combined together in delicate fashion.

As trends dictate all kinds of combinations when it comes to pearls this season, experimentation with these stunning gems will only lead to endless possibilities when designing jewelry. So get creative and mix and match different materials to craft one-of-a-kind gifts or pieces that will surely become keepsakes over time.

Bold and Daring

Pearl jewelry is experiencing a surge in popularity as bold, dramatic styles come in to fashion this year. Barely-there dainty pieces are taking a back seat to modern pearls for those that want their jewelry to make a statement.

Whether it’s a single strand of pearls or multiple strands cascading from the base of the neck, wearing pearl jewelry is the go-to look for 2019. Individualized Color and Shapes:Today’s pearl jewels take on all types of shapes and colors outside of traditional white shades.

Irregular baroque shapes are incredibly popular right now, with pearls trending in off whites and pinkish undertones. Plus, grey Tahitian Pearls have become increasingly popular due to their unique color variance. You can find many different pieces that bring together this rare quality of cream and green shading within one single necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings.

Mixing and Matching:No longer do designers feel the need stick to one style throughout an entire piece – layering pearls with other materials such as gold is also big for 2019. Mixing and matching sizes and colors brings something unique and eye catching to your wardrobe without making you blend too hard into the crowd. Think glass, turquoise, gold beads and freshwater pearls combined in a single piece for head-turning drama with an undertone of chic sophistication.

Accents: If you’re less bold when it comes to your fashion choices but want to try something modern with just a touch more flair than before then smaller pieces are where it is at this season.

Dainty accents that feature just one string of pearls (usually each no bigger than 2mm across) paired with other materials like semi-precious stones or glass accents are going strong throughout 2019 – so if subtle yet sparkling elegance is your go-to keep it cool and classic with these accessories.

Pearl jewelry has taken center stage this coming season as accentuations have become bolder than ever before. Traditional styling has been pushed aside along with simple dainty designs – designers are starting to maximize their creativity by bringing unexpected combinations together like never seen before – add some striking color variation by adding off whites or pinks while still remaining on trend or introduce sophisticated edgy designs by mixing golds and greys together.

For those looking for subtler vibes you can always find delicate variations in small accents worn alone or alongside glass beads – no matter how big or small – pearl based pieces will stay strong among the trends for 2019.

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Kiss the Bride

Pearls are a timeless accessory that goes back farther than 5000 years. This ancient classic can be found in some of the haute couture of 2019 as well. What makes this high fashion item so popular is its endless versatility, generating new trends every year. One of these trends is the coveted pearl wedding band.

The combination of classic beauty and modern design is what renders pearl wedding bands a practical jewelry essential for fashion-savvy brides-to-be. These rings offer class, sophistication and elegance whilst adding a touch flair to the traditional wedding band look. It’s the perfect mix of traditional white gold accents intertwined with luminescent pearls – creating unforgettable luxurious statement pieces worthy of any bride-to-be.

Available in various shapes and sizes, pearl wedding bands offer something for everyone, regardless of taste. Whether you opt for vintage inspired designs like round baroque or symmetrical oval cuts adorned with pavé diamonds or choose simpler options like single strand variations – there are limitless possibilities that are sure to capture your heart and make your special day even more memorable.

Moreover, many jewelers now offer custom designs allowing you to tailor your ring exactly to your specifications; down to every last detail such as engravings and personalized messages inside their elegant handmade creations. Letting a skilled artisan craft something unique just for you will make the day even more special, preserving it forever in time for all eternity.

Gold accents intertwined with luminescent pearls – what more could one ask for to show off on the big day? Wherever you look for stylish pearls into 2019, don’t forget about your wedding band – it’s priceless piece meant to last forever.

Maintenance Tips

Pearl jewelry has been a mainstay of fashion for centuries and its popularity shows no sign of diminishing. While pearl jewelry trends change over time, it remains popular among a variety of generations; from Millennials to Baby Boomers. In 2019, the primary trend in pearl jewelry is color.

Natural pearls come in hues ranging from silver to black, but modern styles feature gold-plated accents and colored semi-precious stones like peach, lavender and pink sapphires. The combination of classic pearl embellishments with more modern touches offers the perfect balance of timelessness and creative expression.

Due to the unique nature of pearls, they require special care if they’re to remain as radiant as they were when you first purchased them. The best way to keep your pearl jewelry looking beautiful is to avoid exposure to body oils and products such as skin lotion, make up, hair spray or perfume which can affect their luster and cause discoloration over time.

It’s also important to remember that pearls are a delicate material so take extra care when handling them; use two hands when putting on or taking off a string of pearls or other pieces containing them. To protect them even further make sure any clasped pieces are bound with tissue paper before storing away to prevent scratching or abrasion that may occur as items shift around in drawers or boxes.

For cleaning you should only lightly wipe pearls down with a damp cloth using mild soap if required; it’s important not submerge them fully in water for too long as this can damage their structure.

Every three months take the extra step by soaking them with soap flakes in cool water overnight before wiping dry with chamois leather cloth – doing this will help preserve the material’s original shine while also enriching its luster even more each time you have your piece professionally cleaned.

Final Thoughts

The jewelry industry is in a constant state of evolution and we’re now seeing many exciting new pearl trends emerging in 2019. This year, the trends focus on creating innovative pieces that include timeless classics such as freshwater pearls combined with modern accents like metal chains, leather strings and delicate beaded details. The overarching aim is to create high quality pieces that are visually stunning and make a statement.

Pearl jewelry has seen a resurgence in recent years, with more and more people opting for unique pieces instead of mass-produced ones. As such, jewelers are now focusing on craftsmanship and creativity to create beautiful handmade one-of-a-kind items. We spot this trend particularly in the custom pieces making waves at local craft markets and boutique store across the globe – these pieces often mix classic materials like pearls with nontraditional elements like unusual shapes and colors.

In terms of colors, pale shades have made a comeback this year as has color blocking – people are becoming bolder by combining multiple vibrant colors into single pieces for unexpected looks that instantly stand out from the crowd. Jewelry makers are also offering popular two-tone designs with blackened gold or oxidized silver set against various pearl colors to create unique contrast colors that can easily add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Asymmetrical shapes have been in fashion since last season so pearls can now be found in their most irregular forms depicting organic shapes inspired by nature.

From dainty freshwater necklaces to elegant Tahitian earrings set with diamonds, 2019 is all about embracing creativity when it comes to selecting jewelry items. So if you’ve yet to upgrade your personal accessories collection this season don’t wait any further – pick up some classic pearl pieces coupled with modern design elements for an unbeatable combination of classic sophistication and contemporary flair.

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