Pearl Jewelry La Jolla

Pearl Jewelry La Jolla is a gemstone and jewelry store located in La Jolla, California. This one-stop shop for all jewelry needs provides customers with a vast selection of both fashion and fine pearl jewelry pieces, as well as watches, silver, gold, custom-made pieces and unique designer collections.

The Pearl Jewelry La Jolla staff prides itself on providing excellent customer service by listening to their clients’ vision to create stunning pieces of jewelry that the client will love. Furthermore, every piece purchased at Pearl Jewelry La Jolla is sure to be special since certified gemologists can provide clinical-grade original evaluations of natural gemstones for customers.

Products/Services Offered At Pearl Jewelry La Jolla, shoppers can find stunning pieces such as classic natural pearls, high-end cultured pearls from places like South Sea and Tahiti as well as freshwater pearls – all available in an impressive selection of colors. Additionally, the store offers precious and semi-precious stone options in which they specialize in diamond engagement rings and matching earrings or bracelets.

As an added bonus, customers are able to customize each piece tailored to their preferences such as selecting specific metals or color schemes. With a plethora of options there is surely something for everyone at Pearl Jewelry La Jolla.

Reputation/Experience In addition to carrying the most exquisite pieces of fashionable and fine jewelry available for purchase on the market today, Pearl Jewelry La Jolla has built a solid reputation based on years of experience in the industry coupled with consistent satisfaction reports from valued clients over time.

Customers have had nothing but rave reviews upon purchases due to the excellent customer service they receive when interacting with staff members at the store – providing shoppers with an overall exemplary shopping experience every single time they step foot into Pearl Jewelry La Jolla.

Overall, this one-stop shop offers incredible selections of fashionable as well as fine pearl jewelry items that are sure to please customers again and again – guaranteeing luxury items crafted from only the finest raw materials presented at accessible price points while also providing unmatched customer service experiences along the way.

Overview of the Different Types of Pearls Available

Pearl Jewelry La Jolla is renowned for its beautiful selection of high-quality pearl jewelry. Whether you are looking to purchase a set of pearl earrings, matching necklace and bracelet or an exquisite pendant, Pearl Jewelry La Jolla has the perfect piece to add that touch of elegance to any outfit.

At Pearl Jewelry La Jolla, customers have the opportunity to browse through an array of pearl options. These include:

  • Akoya Pearls
  • Freshwater Pearls
  • Tahitian Pearls
  • South Sea Pearls

Akoya pearls come from salt water and typically range in size from 2mm-10mm, making them perfect for creating sophisticated heirloom pieces such as necklaces or earrings. In addition, they come in various colors including white, rose and cream. The luxurious luster makes them a popular choice among connoisseurs of fine jewelry.

Freshwater pearls are farmed mainly in inland rivers and lakes where oysters form layers resulting in a unique and intricate cultivation process. This type of pearl is often more budget friendly as they are mass produced yet still offer natural beauty due to their irregular shapes and sizes that create beautiful asymmetrical designs when strung together.

Offerings range from off-rounds (slightly misshapen) to near round (almost perfectly cylindrical). The range of color also includes white as well as overtones such as yellowish green, terracotta pink and light gray lavender.

Tahitian pearls’ exotic black color makes them one-of-a-kind. A less common option than freshwater or akoya pearls, this rare gem comes in unique shapes such as keshi, circles and baroque plus lustrous pastel shades with undertones ranging from pale yellow to glow silver. Tahitian pearls can be used alone or be combined with lighter colors to create stunning contrast between the two when used together.

South Sea pearls are characterized by their large size and golden hue making them the most sought after of all the pearl types available at Pearl Jewelry La Jolla due to their rarity but also highest price point. This iconic gem originates from white or golden lipped oysters and can reach up to 15 mm in size making it an ideal centerpiece for larger statement pieces like rings or pendants.

History of Pearl Jewelry La Jolla

Pearl Jewelry La Jolla has been a staple of the San Diego area for generations. The store was founded in 1936 by the Johnson brothers, whose family had arrived in the United States from Sweden shortly before. During their time operating the business, they were known to not only sell quality jewelry but also offer top-notch customer service and knowledgeable advice on all their stones.

It wasn’t until 1979 though when Pearl Jewelry began selling pearls specifically destined for La Jolla customers. The Johnsons began traveling throughout the world in search of the largest and most unique pearls and within just a few years they had positioned Pearl Jewelry as one of the premier retailers of pearl jewelry in the entire state of California.

Pearl Collection

Pearl Jewelry La Jolla is home to an impressive selection of beautiful pearl pieces. Their collection includes:

  • Freshwater Pearls – these sustainable treasures come in traditional white, cream, and pink tones.
  • Saltwater Akoya Pearls – prized for their rich gloss and elegant shape.
  • South Sea Pearls – known for their size and variety of colors.
  • Tahitian Black Pearls – distinctive for their natural dark tone.


For those looking for an even more personalized gift or piece, Pearl Jewelry offers custom-designed items. With assistance from skilled artisans, customers can choose gold settings and type of pearls to create something truly unique that will last a lifetime. Customers are also welcome to bring repairs or alterations to any previous pieces that need work or updating.

In addition, Pearl Jewelry also offers appraisals so that individuals can understand exactly what it is they own and how much it is worth over time. Whether building a timeless set or repairing an existing one, Pearl Jewelry prides itself on excellent craftsmanship with every order handled with skill respected by generations of customers before them.

Why Pearl Jewelry from La Jolla is Special

Pearl jewelry from La Jolla, California is unlike any other type of pearl jewelry found anywhere else. From local artisans to luxury designer brands, La Jolla has a long history of producing some of the most unique and beautiful pearl jewelry available. This timeless classic has been a favorite among fashionable locals and tourists alike for many years and there are several reasons why.

Unique Design

The local La Jolla artisans produce exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces crafted from high-quality pearls found in the nearby warm coastal waters. The pieces come in all shapes, sizes, and colors making them customizable to fit any style or aesthetic preference.

Whether you’re looking for a classic piece for everyday wear or something more creative for special occasions – like a dazzling pearl encrusted necklace – competing jewelers will struggle to take keep up with the look and feel of pearls produced in La Jolla.

Dip Pearl Jewelry


Pearls from La Jolla also boast unique levels of durability while still managing to remain incredibly stylish. This means that the wearer can enjoy their investment with peace of mind knowing that their favorite piece won’t become damaged quickly or easily through day-to-day activities or unexpected accidents.

The design allows natural processes like oils and humidity to shape and polish the pearls into beautiful gloss as worn over time – making them ideal investments for anyone looking for long term style solutions rather than seasonal fads.

Pride In Craftsmanship

Perhaps most importantly, buying Pearl Jewelry from La Jolla gives customers access to generations worth of artisan craftsmanship and design knowledge housed in this small coastal city alone.

Here, collectors can take advantage of unparalleled expertise normally reserved for only the most discerning tastes When it comes down to it, there are many reasons why Pearl Jewelry from La Jolla makes such a great purchase: attractive designs made by skilled artisans; durable finish; timelessness; and pride taken in designing each individual piece all make it stand out above its competitors.

Different Sources of Pearls at Pearl Jewelry La Jolla

Pearl Jewelry La Jolla is a specialty store offering customers an impressive selection of pearl jewelry, including necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. The types of pearls available are derived from several sources: fresh water mussels that grow inside rivers and lakes throughout the world, saltwater mollusks from oceans and seas around the globe, natural pearls which are produced in the wild as well as cultured pearls which are farmed.

Freshwater Pearls

A majority of the pearl jewelry featured at Pearl Jewelry La Jolla originates from freshwater sources. Freshwater pearls can be found in many colors such as white, pink, peach, lavender and even black. Cultured pearl beads can be used to make one-of-a-kind strings for necklaces or bracelets that have unique color combinations or shapes like baroque and circle.

More classic designs often feature symmetrically matched rows of perfect round pearls with lovely luster. These days it’s more common for larger sizes of freshwater pearls to be produced compared to past years when 8-10mm sizes were more popular.

Saltwater Pearls

Saltwater mainly refers to akoya oysters cultivated in Japan, China & Australia and melo melo snails grown in Philippines and Queensland. Akoya range in color from light peach to gunmetal grey while melos feature tones ranging from golden yellow to dark green.

Saltwater oyster also produce South Sea & Tahitian varieties featuring beautiful colors such as champagne or peacock blue or near black hues with overtones like cloudy brown or silvery violet. When shopping for an extravagant special occasion gift you will probably find few items to compete with a beautiful set of natural white South Sea pearls perfectly matched for size and luster.

Natural Pearls

It’s rare for Pearl Jewelry La Jolla to offer items made from natural pearls. Most pieces displayed at the store fall into two categories – either authentic antiques salvaged from old jewelry or replicas that you might find on some side streets stalls abroad but rarely offered by mainstream stores in USA due warranties restrictions (fake products vs real ones).

Natural pearls come in many shapes irregular but very interesting often they have quite nice luster add none since genuine ones usually have tiny flaws like little holes etc still they commanding high prices due extreme rarity especially if loose without any settings so no user has a chance find one amongst retail pieces due their cost prohibitive nature & limited availability (almost zero).

Designers and Unique Styles Available at Pearl Jewelry La Jolla

Pearl Jewelry La Jolla is a specialty store in the coastal city of La Jolla, California. The store has an amazing selection of unique and high-quality pearl jewelry from some of the best designers in the industry.

Imagine finding strands of pristine, lustrous Akoya and South Sea pearls, exquisitely-crafted Tahitian black pearl necklaces and earrings, classic baroque freshwater pearls, or incredible multi colored inside-drilled pearl jewelry. Each piece is designed with precision and crafted to the highest standards by hand.

Pearl Jewelry La Jolla also offers more than just traditional pearl pieces. They have a tremendous selection of modern designs that are sure to delight anyone looking for something new and extraordinary. Many of the featured designers are local artisans who create distinctive styles that you won’t find anywhere else.

What makes Pearl Jewelry La Jolla so special? Every piece is selected with care by knowledgeable experts who understand pearls’ natural beauty as well as their wide range of sizes, shapes, colors and lusters. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or searching for the perfect gift for someone else, Pearl Jewelry La Jolla has the perfect item for any occasion.

Not only do they offer an incredible selection but their customer service goes above and beyond. If you have questions they are more than happy to help guide you through your purchase experience to ensure that you choose the right piece for your needs.

What really sets Pearl Jewelry La Jolla apart from other stores is their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices when it comes to sourcing all pearls used in their creations. All of their pearls come from well-regulated fisheries, farms, or responsible suppliers who guarantee only ethically sourced materials are obtained.

In addition to using sustainable materials they strive to make sure each one-of-a-kind item meets quality standards before entering into inventory – treating every purchase like it was created with something special in mind – a treasured everlasting family heirloom.

To put it simply – when shopping at Pearl Jewelry La Jolla you know your pieces are unique, beautiful and made with extraordinary attention to detail by passionate individuals whose passion helps them bring artistry alive in each one of their items.

Customization Options for Pearl Jewelry

At Pearl Jewelry La Jolla, customers are offered endless customization options for personalized pearl jewelry. With its unique variety of gemstones and other materials, clients can choose to add a variety of elements in creating one-of-a-kind pieces.

First off, customers can choose from a wide selection of pearls according to their shape, size, colour and lustre – features that will all come together to create the perfect piece for anyone’s style. From white loveliness to iconic black Tahitian varieties, this is the place to find pearls with breathtaking surface harmonies and mimic effects.

In addition to the classic pearl look alone or with diamond settings, customers can explore further styling options like adding stones in a combination design. Stylish hints such as rose quartz or onyx may be added for eye-catching color accents while diamonds, sapphires and other gemstones paired with certain pearls could make every piece transcend in beauty sophistication.

The creative customizations don’t just stop at gemstones either; clients also have the ability to choose from a range of stylish metals too. Some very trendy designs are seen when mixing metals such as yellow gold with rose gold or silver which adds depth to any type of pearl jewelry design – particularly rings and necklaces.

Last but not least, couples might opt for the popular two-tone styles such as fancy pave setting or micropave set rings where both parties would select different metal colors – perfect typifying matrimonial unity. Word has it that they have done some pretty spectacular eternity bands showing unified alignment allowing partners that means so much say more through them choices.

Black Pearl Jewelry Monet

From styling to customization options; Pearl Jewelry La Jolla goes above gilt care on creating uniquely attractive “only one” stone. Bright or Simple? Large or Small? Colorful stones? Classic collection? Whatever your desire is, take delight in these endless possibilities found inside their signature shop door.

Benefits of Shopping at Pearl Jewelry La Jolla

Pearl jewelry La Jolla is renowned for its beautiful and high-quality pearl collection. Located in the heart of downtown La Jolla, Pearl Jewelry La Jolla offers exquisite pearls from many different sources including Akoya, freshwater, baroque, Tahitian and South Sea Pearl Varieties. From classic sets to unique one-of-a-kind designs, they have something for everyone.

Pearl jewelry La Jolla stands out among pearl retailers due to their wide selection of pearls and exceptional customer service. Each piece is carefully examined by experts to ensure that only the highest quality pearls are being sold by them. Whether you’re browsing or shopping for a special occasion, customers can expect top-notch assistance when browsing through their impressive selection of items.

Another major benefit of shopping with Pearl Jewelry La Jolla is their commitment towards affordability and convenience. With competitive prices on all of their products, customers will find that their purchase fits perfectly within their budget. Every item is also shipped directly from their store in pristine condition; this ensures customers will enjoy immediate access to the pieces they’ve just purchased without having to worry about damage or delays caused during shipping.

Lastly, customers have the option to shop online as well. No matter what time it is or where they’re located, shoppers everywhere can access Pearl Jewelry La Jolla’s full catalog at any time from any place via the website or app – making it more convenient than ever before to find and purchase amazing pieces anytime from anywhere.

The team at Pearl Jewelry La Jolla prides themselves on ensuring a great customer experience every step of the way – from fulfilling orders accurately and quickly, providing helpful consultation regarding potential purchases (to guarantee an excellent fit), and generally leaving every customer feeling like an esteemed part of their family. All inquiries are answered ASAP with polite professionalism – a trait which helps keep shoppers coming back again for more great deals.

As if all that wasn’t enough already; returns are also accepted within 14 days for any unsatisfied customers who simply weren’t satisfied with what they bought – how generous.

Latest Trends in Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry is a timeless classic for every jewelry box. In the coastal town of La Jolla, California, pearl jewelry trends have been particularly popular over recent years with an effort to combine traditional styles with modern day pieces. With its seemingly endless array of designs and styles available, pearl jewelry in La Jolla places itself firmly within fashion trends.

Most recent trends of pearl jewelry in this vibrant coastal town have focused on unconventional combinations of colors and materials while still paying homage to classic design features. Many different pieces provide unique pearls with more character, such as those finished in black or chalky gray; those that are slightly larger in size; and even those made with freshwater cultured pearls.

All of these pieces could be combined to create a fun, modern look without sacrificing any of the delicate beauty inherent in classic grayscale pearl pieces. Additionally, some stores are offering innovative wax coating treatments that protect precious stones from scratches and discoloration while maintaining the pearl’s natural shine and texture – perfect for anyone who wants to wear their pieces everyday but needs additional protection against everyday wear and tear.

The popularity of these aesthetic elements can also be seen in earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Necklaces made from rope or braided chain link a modern spin on the traditional strand necklace while incorporating pearls give it a unique edge that can complement any outfit perfectly. Meanwhile statement earrings featuring clusters of white or gold-toned cultured pearls make for unforgettable evening looks and can become part of your everyday wardrobe too.

As well as being versatile enough for casual occasions, they could also easily fit into everyday working wardrobe without missing a beat. The choices are truly endless when it comes to creating the right look – whether you’re going for something edgy or classically chic – with trendy contemporary pearl jewelry in La Jolla you can find something perfect for whatever style you’re looking for.


Pearl Jewelry La Jolla is an excellent place to purchase pearls. For the last 35 years, they have been providing customers with a variety of pearls to choose from that are of high quality and value. From classic Southsea and Tahitian Black pearls to their specialty Akoya pearls, there is something for all lovers of ivory treasures at Pearl Jewelry La Jolla.

The pearl selection at Pearl Jewelry La Jolla consists of nearly 20 different varieties including the aforementioned classic and naturally occurring ones but also exotic colors like blue, gray, pink, purple and many others. No matter your favorite color or type of pearl the company has it in stock.

Not only do they offer incredible variety but all of their pearls come directly from specialized Indonesian farmers who practice sustainable harvesting techniques. As a result of this exemplary sourcing process, each pearl is guaranteed to be 100% natural in both shape and grade quality rating with no enhancements taking place – something other European companies lack but Pearl Jewelry La Jolla strictly enforces due to closer industry relations with its suppliers.

It is clear why Pearl Jewelry La Jolla stands out when looking for quality pearls as what sets them apart-beyond the great merchandise-is their focus on customer satisfaction.

On top of providing free worldwide shipping on orders over $200 USD, they also allow customers 90 days to return an item for full refund provided that it is returned in original condition either by mail or in store which alleviates any financial risk posed as customers can find the perfect pearl fit without worry when shopping at this treasured store.

Lastly, purchasing items online is made easier via their website’s completely secure checkout process ensuring users personal information remains confidential using advanced encryption methods providing both convenience and peace of mind to digital shoppers alike – yet further evidence that Pearl Jewelry La Jolla truly puts its customers first during every step of the buying journey.

Ultimately, Pearle Jewelry La Jolla offers far more than just plain shells-it provides a shopping experience unlike any other store with competitive prices, flexible returns policy and secure online payment portal combined with truly unique jewels handpicked from around the world – exemplifying why it has been so successful for over three decades now.

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