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Pearl Jewelry from Blue Nile is an excellent choice for any special occasion. Pearls have a timeless beauty to them that transcend the boundaries of fashion and can be worn from the day to night. From classic studs to glitzy necklaces, the pearl jewelry from Blue Nile will add elegant sophistication to anyone’s wardrobe.

In addition to selecting pearls for their beauty, they are also a great investment. They offer one of the longest lasting luster of any gemstones around and can last up to decades with proper care.

Additionally, their looks never change in contrast to other gemstone such as diamond or sapphire whose value depreciate over time due to trends or technologies. Even better, you don’t always have to break your bank account for quality pearl jewelry since buying them online is typically at a fraction of the price of going into store and buying them.

At Blue Nile, you get an unparalleled selection of freshwater and saltwater pearls in colors ranging from white and cream tones all the way to deep shades like black and grey. Not only will you get quality pearls but also honest advice on how best selection which pearl would best suit your purpose be it for daily use or special events.

Through various types of products such as rings, studs, earrings and pendants, Blue nile makes it possible for everyone regardless of budget or taste to find something they cherish from their collection.

Overall Pearl Jewelry from Blue Nile is worth considering whether you are looking at it as an investment or simply just want something that adds subtle elegance fashionably your wardrobe. With so many options available at competitive prices this certainly one purchase that won’t disappoint.

The Advantages of Blue Nile for Pearl Jewelry Shopping

Blue Nile has become a very popular option for those looking to purchase pearl jewelry. Blue Nile offers an impressive range of products, along with their competitive prices and renowned customer services. They’re one of the most trusted brands in the industry when it comes to buying jewelry online. Here are some key advantages of shopping at Blue Nile for pearl jewelry:


Blue Nile offers an extensive selection of pearl jewelry, which includes necklaces, earrings, rings, and more. Their selection is constantly updated and includes classic designs as well as new styles. Whether you’re looking for something simple or more elaborate, you’ll be sure to find the perfect piece at Blue Nile. They also have a great variety of pearl types, such as freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls, and more.

Customization Options

Blue Nile also offers customers the ability to customize their pieces with additional features including ring sizes and chains length. Customers can further personalise items by choosing from various different metal types like platinum and rose gold-a feature that is unparalleled in a variety of other stores. The ability to craft bespoke pieces makes Blue Nile stand out from other stores.

Customer Services

As mentioned previously, Blue Nile has a stellar reputation when it comes to customer services-you can always count on their team to answer all your questions promptly should any arise throughout the purchase process or after the sale has been completed.

They offer 24/7 customer service via phone or live chat support as well as complimentary shipping on orders over €100 and free returns within 30 days of delivery so that you can be sure you are making an informed purchase decision.

Overview of Different Types of Pearls Available on Blue Nile

Pearls are a classic jewelry option that has stood the test of time and have become increasingly popular as a fashion accessory. At Blue Nile, shoppers can choose from a variety of pearl-based jewellery made from freshwater, saltwater, champagne and imitation pearls.

Freshwater pearls are produced in mussels that inhabit fresh water lakes and rivers around the world. Compared to other types of pearls, freshwater pearls are most commonly used in jewellery because they are inexpensive and versatile. Not only can they come in elegant white hues but also overtones including cream, pink and purple. The shapes of these pearls range from round to oval and even baroque for more unique pieces.

Saltwater pearls originate from seas around the globe – hence their name – and are known for their distinctively bright iridescent sheen across the surface of the bead-like gemstones. They are usually obtained through oysters found in tropical waters which makes them much pricier than freshwater varieties due to its rarity. Saltwater pearls come in various sizes ranging from 6mm – 14mm with elongated or round shapes that can be bought at Blue Nile.

Champagne colored pearls provide an unexpected twist on traditional pearl jewelry options by providing variations on off white hues such as apricot or yellow enhancing existing styles with an elegant finish. Like freshwater, champagne colored pearls also come in an assortment of shapes offering consumers multiple styles to choose from depending on the desired effect they’re aiming for with their jewelry purchase.

Lastly, imitation pearls provide an affordable alternative for customers looking to recreate celebrity looks without breaking the bank account. Imitation pearl jewelry will not last generations like genuine gems so buying this feature is ideal if you’re seeking a look with lower costs but it is important to note that some discerning buyers may detect subtle differences between real and fake products making it easier to distinguish between both items.

blue nile offers a type of inspiration not just shopping tools – making it easy for anyone who wears or desires beautiful things with ease at any budget; from classic string necklaces to statement earrings other amazing experiences that elevate modern life. With our help, you can make sure your special occasions sparkle regardless whether it’s your wedding, anniversary or some other milestone.

Popular Pearl Jewelry Styles

Pearl jewelry is an iconic classic. For centuries, pearls have been one of the most sought-after adornments for fashion and style. Many people enjoy donning pearl jewelry as a way to add elegance and beauty to their look. It is no wonder then that Blue Nile offers customers a fantastic selection of pearl necklaces, rings, earrings and more.

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Pearl Necklaces

One of the most popular types of pearl jewelry available from Blue Nile is Pearl Necklaces. These pieces range from classic single strand styles all the way to decadent multi strand designs. They can be found in various lengths, ranging from chokers to long styles falling around the navel.

Pearl necklaces are perfect for special occasions such as weddings or parties, but they can also be excellent everyday pieces when worn with casual clothing. The addition of a sparkling diamond clasp further enhances the look of a pearl necklace.

Pearl Rings

Blue Nile offers an array of pearl rings in different settings to fit customer’s individual tastes and preferences. Pearl and diamond inset rings are particularly elegant pieces and perfect for formal events like black-tie dinners or galas.

Halos featuring two rows of diamonds along with the pearls create a beautiful atmosphere that adds luxury to any outfit. Simpler single solitaire rings are no less impactful as they offer delicate touches that make wearers feel elegant anytime and anywhere they go.

Pearl Earrings

Studs feature round central stones held up with prongs adding shimmery details for any occasion while drop earrings gracefully flow downwards offering dangles with eye-catching movement when worn at special events or scenarios like dances and proms.

For those wanting something simpler yet stylish, Blue Nile has plenty options in form hoop with freshwater or akoya pearls studded in them; this design exudes timelessness as well as chic presence making these creations excellent accessories for all kinds of attires or parties.

The Pros of Wearing Pearl Jewelry

Pearls have been a precious and sought after material for over 4,000 years, going as far back as Ancient Rome. This particular type of gemstone is any marine or freshwater mollusk’s hard object that forms around an irritation or foreign body which enters its shell. Pearl jewelry from Blue Nile offers an exquisite collection of timeless pieces due to the holistic qualities associated with nacreous gems. Here are some of the many benefits:

  • Elegance: If bolting down highlights a person’s style with grace and sophistication, classic pearl jewelry without question does this job perfectly.
  • Affordability: From pendant necklaces to drop earrings, pearl jewelry is often less expensive compared to diamonds and other gemstones.
  • Mix-and-match versatility: Pearl jewelry can go with almost any outfit color or design because of its creamy hue. The range in size and style puts several options at your fingertips.

Shining examples from Blue Nile’s selection include the delectable 18k White Gold Tahitian Cultured Pearl Earrings featuring pear shaped settings that dangle delicately around your neck. Not only are they eye-catching, but these gems also boast their natural iridescent sheen that remains unaffected over time thanks to their protective nacre coating. Moreover, link bracelets serve as glittering accessories that can be layered with other pieces from Blue Nile’s vast collection for varied looks.

Some standouts include the pink freshwater cultured pearl station bracelet made of 18k Rose Gold accentuated by multifaceted diamonds crafting therein adding even more sparkle to your wardrobe. However If you already have an established piece it would surely benefit from one of the online retailer’s extraordinary enhancers such as necklace extenders or enhancement clasp updates etcetera amongst others too numerous to name here.

Blue Nile also offer top quality choices within pearls implanted directly into earrings so as to ensure optimal safety and security due to lockets mounted firmly onto solid circular frames as opposed to actually piercing someone’s ears. Yet alongside aesthetics lies ultimate comfort thanks in part, quite literally so, owing to studding posts being covered in plastic ensuring frictionless protection whilst still making use of gold anchors for a sense of grounding stability against tissue movement.

You can find reliable closures such as omega backs across various items found on Blue Nile whether long time favourites like white South Sea cultured pearl earrings set upon yellow gold anchor rings or captivating alternatives like those dripping with assorted hued sapphires along centerpieces.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Pearl Jewelry Look

Pearl jewelry, especially pieces from Blue Nile, creates an incredibly sophisticated and luxurious look. Whether you are adding a traditional piece to your wardrobe or incorporating something modern and unique into your style, pearl jewelry is hard to beat. Those sparkling gemstones will often draw compliments and admiration wherever you wear them.

The key to creating the perfect look with pearls lies in understanding how they work together. For starters, choose one main pearl or gemstone and then build around it with small gaps of negative space and smaller accent stones for subtle sparkle. Pieces should never be overly clustered so that each component can stand out on its own.

Here are some tips for creating the perfect pearl jewelry ensemble:

  • Use pearls as a feature statement against plain fabrics such as silky neutrals.
  • Make sure your peal selection compliments other gems; colored stones look best with simple whites throughout.
  • Think scale when pairing larger pearls with smaller precious stones.
  • Add delicate touches of color to white pearls through necklaces, earrings or bracelets encrusted with more colorful gems.
  • Make sure curves are balanced when mixing oversized teardrop shapes with pendant slices.

When wearing multiple pieces of pearl jewelry, the trick to making sure they complement one another is all about balance. Add just enough depth but do not overdo it-even a small chest plate ring will set off a full strand necklace beautifully. Also remember that lighter metallics will work better with lighter colors, while darker metals like copper or silver will offset bolder shades nicely.

Caring for Pearl Jewelry to Preserve its Quality

Caring for pearl jewelry can be a difficult task, but it’s essential to ensure that the pieces maintain their shine and quality. Pearl jewelry from Blue Nile is of excellent quality and should last many years with proper care. Here are some tips to help you extend the life of your pearl necklaces, rings, and earrings purchased from Blue Nile:

  • Make sure to store your pearls in a separate container. Pearl jewelry should not be stored together with other stones as they can suffer damage or even become scratched by contact against other gems.
  • If necessary use lukewarm soapy water along with a soft cloth to clean your pearls. Make sure to rinse them well afterwards.
  • Keep in mind that pearls are delicate gems and you should avoid wearing them while outside participating in outdoor activities like gardening or working out as the pearls may become scratched or damaged during such activities.
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It is also important to keep the pH levels of pearl jewelry in check. Exposure of this gemstone to acid foods such as lemon juice or vinegar can cause discoloration or staining on the surface. Therefore make sure to take off your pearl jewelry before eating such acidic food items.

Additionally, when wearing perfume, hairspray or makeup it is best to put on the jewelry after you have applied all these products. This will reduce any contact between your skin and any chemicals that could affect your pearls negatively.

Your pearl jewellery should also not come into contact with cosmetics, detergents nor bleach. Store them separately away from most metals as they may cause oxidation damage over time leading to discolouring of the gemstones. Care should also be taken when pulling off clothes and accessories containing pearls; make sure that clothing fabric does not catch onto settings which could then cause damage or breaking of gemstones involved in designing said pieces of jewellery.

How to Accessorize with Pearl Jewelry for Every Occasion

Pearl jewelry debuted way back in the 17th and 18th centuries and has maintained its status as an exquisite and timeless accessory. Pearl jewelry pieces are now modern classics, ideal for formal, professional, and special occasions that demand sophistication.

But with so many shapes, sizes, colors, and types of pearl jewelry on the market from esteemed brands like Blue Nile, it can be difficult to navigate the accessory frontier. Here’s how to accessorize with pearl jewelry for anytime – from workdays to weddings:

  • Office Chic: Subtly make a statement with muted colors like grey as your outfit’s primary shade paired with light tones like white or ivory that echo the delicate gleam of cultured pearl stud earrings or necklace sets
  • Garden Party: Light-reflecting freshwater pearls balance out bold floral dresses in shades of yellow or coral when presented as chic bracelets or layered multi-strand necklaces
  • Black Tie Event: Neutral but dynamic Tahitian blackpearls add depth to a classic black lace dress. Sterling silver strands showcase the colors across different light settings while still maintaining serious elegance.
  • Beach Vacation: Add fun in the sun seaside style by pairing Akoya white pearls (which look best against bronzed skin) with beachy blues. Turquoise rings match the ocean while conch shell clusters glimmer against sandy neutrals.

No matter your budget or occasion, there are endless opportunities for wearing pearls. Dress up even simple jeans and a tee when donning larger mixed South Sea pearl strand necklaces that feature natural golden colors. Show off holiday dazzle paired a caramel-colored structured column dress offset by rosy pink10-12mm freshwaterbeaded mala necklaces.

For those looking for an edgier twist into fashion without disregarding long standing traditions; try combining edgy metals such as titanium pinwheels ovals centered surrounded by classic baroque Akoyas that set off perfectly dark colors like midnight blue or navy clothing ensembles. Iridescent pendants that glow in various shades also represent whimsical winter festivities without overwhelming your wardrobe.

The options are limitless to discover alluring origins of this trendsetters jewelry weapon of choice – right down to soft cloistered pink Kunzites that blend breathtakingly together as smooth looking earrings simply framed by fresh sea green seed pearls.


Pearl jewelry from Blue Nile is the perfect accessory to take your outfit from simple to stunning. Whether you’re looking for the classic statement of a single strand pearl necklace, or want the sophisticated look of a suite of studs and rings, Blue Nile’s selection of top quality pearls will fit your needs.

The options are nearly endless from freshwater and Akoya to the larger than life south sea pearl varieties, and their reliable grading system ensures no matter what your purchase has been valued appropriately.

For those who love pearls but aren’t sure how to incorporate them into an everyday wardrobe, Blue Nile has options for an array of looks. From a casual drop pearl necklace casually draped around your neck paired with distressed jeans and casual top for a modern twist on bohemian chic, to more upscale combinations such as strands layered high against crisp white button downs that turn heads in business meetings.

No matter what style fits you best – romantic, sharp-edged sophistication or something in between – Blue Nile has it all. Pair it with your standard go-to dress clothes or make Jeans Fridays even trendier with tasteful pearl adornment; there is no wrong way to show off these beautiful pieces.

Particularly special occasions call for special pieces and when contemplating gifting someone with pearls, look no further than at Blue Nile as they specialize in crafting exquisite jewellery pieces set with diamonds or gemstones as well as lustrous pearls. A simple solitaire pendant can be made extraordinary with multiple strands of pendants encircling like a necklace crown; or artfully combine delicate drop earrings symmetrically looped through ear studs for maximum impact.

Pearl jewelry from Blue Nile have been designed to lend themselves perfectly onto many luxe wearable styles that add subtle sparkle and shine without being too understated nor shouldering too much attention away from you – the wearer. Make any moment extra memorable with an accessory that stands out on its own.

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