Peace Jewelry


Peace jewelry is more than just jewelry with a message of peace; it is an expression of our hope for a better and more peaceful world. It is meant to bring together people from all backgrounds and remind them that we can make a difference by promoting peace through small gestures. Various symbols such as the olive branch, doves and rainbows are often featured in this type of jewelry to represent the idea of harmony and unification. Wearing peace jewelry also becomes an act of solidarity with those communities whose members have suffered from injustice, prejudice or conflict. This can be anything from raising awareness for refugees to simply expressing your desire for serenity in turbulent times.

Symbolic Representation

Peace jewelry often uses several symbols to represent peace, including doves, olive branches, rainbows, and mandalas. The dove is a common symbol for peace because it is seen as a bird of calm and freedom. In Christianity, the dove represents the Holy Spirit, who brings comfort and serenity. The olive branch is an ancient sign of peace that comes from Greek mythology. It was seen as a gift from godly figures such as Athena or Zeus and it represented hope for peace and love. Rainbows are popular images in modern jewellery to symbolize the end of suffering and sorrows, while Mandalas generally convey feelings of harmony and balance in life. Other symbols that are used in jewellery such as hearts or hands are also meaningful representations of peace due to their connotations of togetherness and unity.

Popular Designs

Peace jewelry is an increasingly popular fashion choice that symbolizes the message of world peace. Popular designs for peace jewelry include silver or gold pendants engraved with a simple peace sign, which has become an iconic representation of the global movement towards unity and understanding. Other popular designs feature intricate metalwork in the shape of a dove holding an olive branch, symbolizing a peaceful resolution to all disputes. Peace jewelry can also take the form of necklaces featuring small charms with phrases such as “peace” or “believe in peace.” Colorful crochet friendship bracelets decorated with beads and words like “love,” “peace,” or “harmony” are another popular choice among those wishing to show their belief in peace, love, and unity. All these designs serve as visible reminders that foster tolerance and acceptance amongst all people around the world.

Common Materials

Peace Jewelry can be made from a variety of materials, including traditional materials such as gold and silver, or precious stones such as diamonds and pearls. Other materials that may be used include silk fabric, wood, bone, ceramic, glass beads, seashells and crystals. In addition to these more common materials for jewelry, peace jewelry can also be made from items of spiritual significance such as feathers or charms with symbols that promote goodwill and understanding between cultures.

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Peace jewelry is a popular fashion trend as it appeals to self-expressive and politically-minded individuals. In the current climate, particularly with COVID-19 shaking up the world, wearing such a symbol of hope and welfare can be an impactful statement.

Popular peace jewelry pieces today feature delicate minimalist designs like necklaces with the universal peace sign – either a one-dimensional charm or a more stylized cutout pendant. Other trends include making peace symbols in geometric shapes like starbursts or arrows. Some pieces even have inscriptions such as ‘peace’, ‘love’ or ‘hope’. These are fashion statements that offer reassurances to its wearer while also expressing solidarity with those who have simple yearnings for global peace.

People of all age groups have embraced this trend including young women and men, parents, grandparents and children. For example, some parents give their babies necklaces inscribed with words like “love” or “peace” in order to show them how to spread kindness throughout their lives. It is becoming increasingly common for celebrities to wear this type of jewelry on the red carpet or on magazine covers in order to project a positive social message about choosing love over fear and hate.

With peace rings, earrings and other jewelry options, people can express what might not be said in spoken word – that it’s still possible for us as a species to come together despite our differences and build a better future through love and compassion.

Creating Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry making can constitute a wide variety of techniques. Generally, it involves using metalworking tools such as soldering tools to join pieces together, as well as traditional goldsmithing and other metalsmithing methods to fashion intricate details. In some cases, elements like gemstones and crystals can be incorporated into the design. If desired, gem setting can further involve stone selection and faceting the stones if necessary. Wax carving is another popular technique for designing custom jewelry; it is used to make three-dimensional wax models which can then be cast in metal or lost wax casting. Other tools like pliers and specialty tools like engravers are also common when creating custom jewelry. Beading may also be employed, involving various bead stringing techniques such as peyote stitch, right angle weave, half-hitch knotting or any combination thereof or working with wire wrapping techniques. Detailed polishing is done at the end of most projects in order to give the finished product a beautiful shine to draw attention to the design.

Celebrating Peace Jewelry

Incorporating Peace Jewelry into Celebrations:
Peace jewelry can be used to celebrate numerous special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. For birthday parties, consider gifting each guest a peace jewelry item such as cute earrings or necklaces. For an anniversary dinner or wedding celebration, include peace jewelry items in the decorations for the special event. During graduation ceremonies, hand out peace jewelry as part of a ceremony to recognize and celebrate each person’s accomplishments.

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Tips for Giving Peace Jewelry as Gifts:
When selecting peace jewelry to give as gifts, always choose meaningful and thoughtful pieces that will remind the recipient of your love and support. Additionally, think about personalizing the piece with engravings or charms that are special to them. Pay attention to details like comfort level and metal type for those with metal allergies when selecting their piece. Ultimately, select something that will make them feel special every time they wear it.


When looking for peace jewellery, there are many different resources to consider. Online sources include websites like Etsy or eBay, as well as nature-inspired jewelry shops. Many retailers that specialise in ethnic and tribal jewelry may also carry peace jewelry. Additionally, there are many local independent makers and artisans who make peace jewellery from recycled and upcycled materials, such as metal, leather, beads and fabrics. These can often be found at independent craft stores or through online art markets. For those seeking a more spiritual connection, spiritual bookstores or meditation centres are also an option for finding handmade peace jewellery; some of these places might also offer workshops and custom orders for longer-lasting pieces.


Peace jewelry has become increasingly popular, with people from all walks of life embracing the trend of wearing pieces that evoke feelings of peace, wellness, and optimism. For many individuals, wearing peace jewelry serves as a reminder to remain focused on inner peace throughout the journey of life. Whether it’s a necklace with an engraved quote or phrase, a bracelet with images that inspire peace and tranquillity, or even just a plain silver-colored ring etched with “PEACE”; wearing these beautifully crafted items can help bring more positive vibes into your life.

Personally, I have several pieces of peace jewelry that I like to wear each day. My favorite is a teardrop pendant on a black cord necklace which reads: “Be still and know that I am God”. Every time I catch sight of this pendant throughout my day, it reminds me to take some time out for stillness and reflection, something which is especially important when dealing with difficult situations or emotions. Additionally, as someone who loves dainty gold jewelry and silver rings- there are so many great pieces inspired by the themes symbolism behind world-peace out there, making it easy to find pieces that both work wonderfully within my everyday wardrobe while simultaneously conveying meaningful messaging!