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Osbornes Jewelry is an exquisite jewelry store, established in 1948 by the Osborne family. We specialize in crafting high-end jewelry for our customers who are looking for the perfect pieces to express their style with both elegance and sophistication. Our mission is to provide a personalized shopping experience that is both meaningful and memorable. We want osbornesjewelry.com to be your ultimate destination for all your jewelry needs!

At Osbornes Jewelry, we are passionate about creating beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry that make a statement — not just accessories. That’s why each piece we design reflects our core values of quality, integrity, trustworthiness and creativity. We always strive to create timeless designs that our customers will cherish, while also offering them exceptional customer service.

Our team of experienced goldsmiths and other artisans go above and beyond by working closely with each client to understand their individual tastes and develop one-of-a-kind pieces specially tailored for them. This ensures an enjoyable shopping experience every time! With top quality craftsmanship and gems that range from diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and more – we have something special to offer everyone’s individual style.

Come visit us online or in our store – where you can guarantee stunning quality jewelry you will treasure for years to come!

History of Osborne’s Jewelry

Osborne’s Jewelry, first established in 1968, is a small and family-owned business located in the heart of historic Hanley Road. Founded by siblings Jim and Mary Osborne, the jewelry business has provided unique and exquisite pieces of jewelry to customers in the area ever since.

Jim had previously been a blacksmith who crafted jewelry as a hobby; however he had no formal training or education. Armed with his passion for detail and desire to create something special, Jim quickly developed a reputation for eagerness to please customers with his personalized service and quality craftsmanship. With the help of his beloved sister-in-law, Mary—who provided invaluable guidance when it came to design and customer relations—Jim was able to spread awareness about their business through word-of-mouth alone.

Shortly after opening the shop, Jim and Mary expanded the venture with well-known jeweler Mike Anderson—a local artisan renowned for crafting fine pieces of jewelry from silver and gold materials. Together, they brought much needed expertise into the team—and began expertly creating one-off custom pieces that set them apart from their competitors. Additionally, over time they opened new branches in other locations across the city so customers could access their offerings outside of Hanley Road.

As Osborne’s Jewelry continued on its meteoric rise throughout the years it encountered periods of transformation challenge – including declines caused by economic recessions – but with resilient leadership from each part of team, it rallied forward each time. Today, Osbornes Jewelry remains true to its roots: creating stunning jewellery made with attention to detail by expert craftspeople that has stood the test of time throughout almost five decades in business – standing testamental today as one of Hanley Road’s longest running businesses under family ownership.

Contemporary Design Aesthetics

Osborne’s Jewelry designs are chic and modern, made to last a lifetime. They focus on pairing fine metals with natural stones and diamonds that are cut by hand with expert craftsmanship. As a company they have remained relevant in an ever-changing fashion world by creating contemporary pieces that stand out from the crowd. Their approach to design is informed by the older generations of jewelry-makers but with a modern spin.

The result is high quality jewelry collections, which feature unique and elegant designs that can be worn from day to night. Examples of their pieces include hollowed-out rings, chunky layered necklaces, delicate pendant earrings, geometric bangle bracelets in various shapes and sizes – all united through shared detail such as textured finishes. At Osborne’s Jewelry you can find items for every occasion – from simple everyday wear to unique statement pieces accentuating your style.

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Headline Designers

Osbornes Jewelry, known for its innovative and stylish jewelry designs, is renowned the world over. Leveraging a talented pool of highly skilled designers, the company has created exclusive pieces to satisfy even the most discerning customer. The Osborne’s design team consists of award-winning professionals, nationally recognized industry experts and budding creative minds who share a passion for creating stunning pieces of jewelry which stand out from the crowd.

From classic earrings to intricate tiaras, Osborne’s designers have created some of the finest pieces of jewelry on offer today. This commitment to excellence is evident in their creative works that have been released as part of their carefully crafted Signature Collections. These collections feature beautifully crafted necklaces and sparkling engagement rings crafted with precision and skill. For a truly unique piece of artisanship, their one-of-a-kind creations are sure not to disappoint – from gleaming gold pendants to glittering diamond encrusted brooches.

At Osborne’s; it’s all about crafting wearable pieces with lasting beauty. With an extensive range to choose from, shoppers can rest assured that every item is intricately designed using only the highest quality materials available. Each piece are evaluated for quality assurance purposes before being made available on sale. And when you purchase an Osborne’s product; you know you can trust in its timeless elegance and perfect craftsmanship down to every detail!

Crafting Process

At Osbornes Jewelry, every piece is hand crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. The creation of each jewelry piece begins from selecting the finest raw materials. Each material used is carefully inspected for its quality and condition by experienced professionals to ensure only the best will be used for a metal alloy or stone setting.

Subsequently, a master craftsman artistically combines the raw materials for purpose of creating a desired design. Expert artisans then mold and shape each component based on their singular knowledge of the craft. Precise tools are employed to perfectly cut, shape and polish each part into a seamless integration that honors both design and function.

The finishing touches come through skilled hands of experienced gem setters that use eye-catching facets to showcase the beauty of stones such as diamonds, sapphires or coloured gemstones like tourmaline or opal. With attention supplied to even the tinniest details, these experts bring an ornate feature prized by all connoisseurs of fine jewelry.

The meticulousness extends beyond craftsmanship as Quality Assurance personnel inspect parts both individually and as part of a project while ensuring close adherence to specifications throughout each step in the process. This includes inspecting finished jewellery pieces under magnifying equipment before proceeding to package them responsibly in elegant gift boxes complacently presented ready for purchase in select retail outlets across the world.

Charities Supported

Osbornes Jewelry is proud to be a major supporter of numerous charities and foundations that are making a difference in the local and global community. Some of their main partners include the American Red Cross, UNICEF, Water.org, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, DonorsChoose.org, Habitat for Humanity and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The American Red Cross has been providing aid and assistance around the world since 1881, with life-saving acts from natural disasters to blood donations . Osbornes Jewelry has committed substantial funding to the organization multiple times throughout the years, assisting with their extensive life-saving efforts both domestically and internationally.

UNICEF works diligently to provide children all over the world with basic needs such as food, water and healthcare. This year Osbornes committed a major donation to help fund their mission services in several Central America countries including Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. This will help over 1 million children access clean water sources and receive preventative vaccines against dangerous diseases like polio or malaria.

Water.org is dedicated to providing lasting access to safe water sources in communities that need it most across Ghana, Ethiopia, India and more countries worldwide. Osbornes contributed financial donations which enabled Water.org’s ability to build deep hand pumps and boreholes alike in order to create clean water wells throughout these areas impacted by poverty or oppressive living conditions due natural disasters or environmental causes..

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Susan G Komen for the Cure raises money for breast cancer research aimed at detecting early warnings of this life-threatening disease., As well as providing support services for patients undergoing treatments in local communities.. Osbournes Jewelers donated funds so that more people are able to access screenings regularly all year long without excessive costs attached..

DonorsChoose taps into teachers’ classroom projects enabling them access various resources for their students at no cost—such as brand new computers or art supplies . Money donated by Osbornes was used fund 42 different classrooms’ projects from school districts across seven states (NY , MA , FL , VA , WA DC , ME ).

Habitat For Humanity fights poverty through building homes worldwide —this year money provided by Osbournes went towards repairing 20+ homes that were hit by Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas this past August/September 2019 ..They also funded home repairs/renovations in West Virginia for almost a dozen more families without proper housing .

Make- A – Wish Foundation grants many wishes of children between ages 3 -18 who have serious health challenges such as cancer & congenital heart defects . Funds from Osborne’s allowed them provide private transportation services so that kids can go on cruise trips or take helicopter rides along coastlines during wish vacation experiences .. All these amazing contributions made directly by Osbourne’s Jewelrey have helped shape countless lives & made an incredible impact all over our planet this project year alone!

Ecological Impact

Osborne’s Jewelry is committed to making a positive environmental impact by incorporating renewable materials and sustainable practices into their production processes. They have integrated eco-friendly practices such as minimizing their energy consumption, reducing water usage, and utilizing recyclable materials and packaging in order to reduce waste. Additionally, Osborne’s uses recycled silver, gold, brass, bronze and antinomy as raw material. By working with responsible suppliers and embracing sustainable practices, Osborne’s jewelry helps to reduce the global carbon footprint of jewelry production. Furthermore, they use natural gemstones that are ethical sourced from conflict-free zones to ensure no one is negatively impacted by their operations. Their approach to business places great respect for the environment at the forefront of operations Therefore, not only are the products of Osborne’s Jewelry considered beautiful pieces of art but also hold an importance for the environment that should not be overlooked.


Osbornes Jewelry stands out with its commitment to the environment and its social responsibility. Dive deeper and explore their amazing, sustainable products and designs, crafted with love and passion. Through their use of recycled metals and low-impact packaging, their dedication to environmental stewardship is obvious. Their eco-friendly practices also reflect their commitment to uplifting communities through programs such as donation drives and fair trade initiatives. This emphasis on sustainability helps to create a world that is more equitable for everyone. As you shop for elegant pieces here, you are not only investing in fashionable jewelry but doing your part to help protect our planet and support vulnerable communities. Osborne’s Jewelry has proven time and time again that they prioritize sustainable practices above all else—so head on over now to explore what they have to offer!