Orbital Piercing Jewelry

Introduction to Orbital Piercing Jewelry

Orbital piercing jewelry is a type of body modification in which an individual wears two pieces of jewelry through one hole. This style of body modification has become increasingly popular over the past few years, with more and more individuals choosing to get it done for aesthetic purposes. The appeal of this type of piercing seems to be both its unique aesthetic as well as its minimal risk profile. Unlike other types of piercings, such as septum piercings and facial piercings, orbital piercing jewelry does not involve any tissue cutting or marking, making it a very safe option for those looking for a new body mod without the higher risks associated with other procedures. Additionally, the special aesthetic look that comes with the combination of two separate pieces of jewelry connected through one hole has made this type of piercing stand out among other forms. With many different shapes and sizes available in orbital piercing jewelry, there is something available to suit almost any desired look.

History of Orbital Piercing Jewelry

Orbital piercing jewelry has become increasingly popular in recent years, but the practice of piercing multiple holes in the ear has existed for millennia. It’s thought that this type of piercing originated with African and Oceanic tribes over 6,000 years ago as a form of tribal identification. For tribal members, having multiple piercings signified not only beauty but loyalty to their culture. Over time, more cultures began integrating multiple ear piercings into their identity, proudly displaying them as symbols of strength and prosperity.

In the 16th century during what became known as “The Golden Age,” European royals embraced orbital piercing jewelry as a symbol of wealth and sophistication. It was common for men and women alike to have multiple piercings along their ears and lobes. Some would even insert precious gemstones into their earrings to show off their status and affluence.

More recently, celebrities such as Britney Spears have been credited with popularizing orbital piercing jewelry in mainstream fashion trends. This surge of popularity caused an influx of body modification among youth across America, helping solidify orbital jewelry’s place within contemporary culture. Today, it remains a popular form of body expression with many people sporting two or four piercings along the outer edges of their lobe or helix to create stunning designs!

Different Types of Orbital Piercings Available

A popular type of orbital piercing is a D-shaped ring, which consists of a horseshoe-shaped hoop with two beads attached to each end. The needle is inserted through the skin twice and bent into a D shape. This option allows for more space between skin and jewelry for an overall less eclusive look. Another popular choice is a seamless ring, which is usually made from stainless steel or titanium. Seamless rings have no beads but still gives an attractive look while keeping it subtle and discreet. Finally, captive bead rings can be used in orbital piercings as well. These are the least subtle types of jewelry due to the metal bead that sits at the center of the ring. They offer quite a bit of movement, so they’re often considered to be a great choice for those who want something stylish yet playful when opting for an orbital piercing.

Benefits of Wearing Orbital Piercing Jewelry

One of the primary benefits of sporting an orbital piercing is that it can add a touch of creativity to any look. With a variety of jewelry available, you can choose from rings, hoops, studs and more to find something that fits your style perfectly. You can also personalize the look with charms or crystal accents if desired.

Orbital piercings offer additional advantages over other types of facial piercings. For example, the heavy-duty jewelry used in the piercings is more likely to stay securely in place, which minimizes scarring and wear-and-tear damage on skin cells over time. Not only does this make healing faster and easier than with some other types of piercing jewelry, but it can also help preserve the piercing for many years to come.

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Aside from cosmetic appeal, these piercings may provide mental health benefits too. Spiritual practitioners often associate orbital piercings with traditional holistic and mystical practices such as meditation. For those who subscribe to this belief system, wearing orbital jewelry and activating its spiritual energy could potentially aid in efforts to achieve emotional balance or intuitive growth.

Finally, having multiple earrings in one’s lobes may enhance relaxation during certain activities such as yoga or massage therapy – depending on what type of metal is used in each piece – by creating mild vibrations against your skin or giving off residual heat that assists in calming nerves. Ultimately, wearing orbital piercings comes down to personal tastes aesthetics choices; as long as they are worn safely and properly cared for hygiene-wise blue once pierced, such pieces offer plenty of upside potential when it comes to self-expression and inner peace!

Trends in Orbital Piercing Jewelry

Currently, orbital piercing jewelry is one of the most popular trends within the body modification scene. These piercings involve looping a single piece of jewelry – such as a barbell, hoop or circular barbell – through two separate piercing points in either the earlobe or cartilage. This type of piercing is especially fashionable because they can be customized to provide different looks depending on the size and shape of the ring.

For those looking to make a statement, rings with large hoops or bars can add boldness to an outfit. Additionally, designs featuring stones, pearls, gems or other decorative elements make for a more personalized look. Colorful acrylics and opalescent finishes are also popular options when it comes to designing an eye-catching piece of orbital jewelry.

On the other hand, minimalist style enthusiasts may opt for thinner bands and simple shapes such as stars or crescent moons in gold-plated metals to ensure their jewelry won’t distract from other details. Those seeking a bit of sparkle might even choose diamond-studded pieces for truly unique orbital piercings. In addition, many people also take advantage of double orbital piercings which offer an entirely new way to experiment with accessories and playfully combine two different styles into one dynamic look.

Tips for Choosing an Orbital Piercing Jewelry

When it comes to selecting orbital piercing jewelry, there are a few things you should consider. First, think about the size and shape of your pierced area and select jewelry that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to you. You should also take into account the material used for the jewelry. Titanium is often recommended for initial piercings due to its strength, longevity, and hypoallergenic properties. Additionally, select a piece of jewelry with a ball or disk on one side and an open-ended bezel on the other to safely secure the jewelry in place. It’s essential that you also choose a length appropriately sized for your piercing to avoid having it hang too loosely or risk damaging your healing piercing hole if it is too short. Fashioning quality, beautiful orbital piercing jewelry can give you the perfect subtle statement piece while still showing off your personal style while keeping your new piercing healthy.

Where to Find Orbital Piercing Jewelry

When it comes to finding orbital piercing jewelry, there are a few places to explore. First and foremost, there are many online retailers that specialize in body jewelry. Many of these online stores feature unique styles of orbital piercings such as barbells, rings, chains, etc. With just a few clicks you could find something bold and trendy or subtle and minimalistic.

Additionally, local specialty stores can be ideal for those who prefer shopping in-person rather than ordering from an online retailer. You might come across some pieces that aren’t available solely through the internet – there’s always something new being added to the shelves! Not to mention that you can get a better idea of what size is right for you by trying out different types of jewelry before deciding on anything.

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Pawn shops are also something else to consider when searching for orbital piercing jewelry. You never know what you might find inside those mysterious glass cases! Each piece tells its own story, so finding a happy medium between quality and cost is key here.

Finally, some people prefer browsing through thrift stores and antique shops looking for unique pieces of jewelry. They might not always be certified safe for piercing use — but if you’re up for a little DIY action then why not restore an old relic into something new? It’s incredibly rewarding seeing all your hard work turning into something amazing after all!

Aftercare and Maintenance of Orbital Piercing Jewelry

Care for your orbital piercing jewelry is critical if you want it to stay healthy and last a long time. Before beginning any cleaning regimen, make sure to use only products specially formulated for piercing jewelry and keep metal components away from chemicals and heat. Carefully clean the area around your orbital piercing with a gentle, antibacterial soap or saline solution twice daily to reduce your risk of infection or irritation. After each cleaning session, dry the area with a single-use paper towel or cotton swab and ensure that all residue from the cleaning product has been removed. Additionally, be sure to remove excess jewelry attractants such as perspiration and oils before inserting/removing your jewelry every time. To sanitize against bacteria, you may use an alcohol pad or diluted povidone-iodine solution on both the exterior of the piercing (the parts that come into contact with skin) and the back side of any beads or charm placed in your orbiter Piercing Jewelry. Lastly, avoid activities like swimming and soaking in hot tubs while wearing orbital jewelry; these elements can cause bacteria related infection from dirty water seeping into your pores around the piercing site. Following these steps will help ensure your orbital piercing jewelry will remain healthy for years to come!


Q: What is an orbital piercing?
A: An orbital piercing is a facial piercing that has two holes connected together along a single piece of jewelry. The ornament goes through one side of the face, circles and joins back again on the other side. It usually looks like two piercings but is essentially just one.

Q: What type of jewelry is used for an orbital piercing?
A: A variety of jewelry can be used for an orbital piercing including hoops, rings, and barbells. Since the jewelry must fit securely through the perforations, it’s important to consult with your piercer before having this type of piercing done to determine which style will work best.

Q: Can I perform my own orbital piercing?
A: piercings should only be done by a trained professional in order to ensure safety and proper technique. Piercings are medical procedures that require sterility and skill to prevent infection or injury. Self-piercing puts you at risk for infection, nerve damage and other complications so please don’t attempt this type of body modification on your own!


In conclusion, orbital piercing jewelry is a great way to add an edge and unique style to any look. It is becoming more and more popular, especially with the younger generations. With so many different designs available, there’s sure to be something that fits everyone’s preference and lifestyle. There are some potential risks associated with this type of piercing jewelry; so it’s important to make sure you go to a highly trained and experienced professional for the procedure. Lastly, make sure you clean your jewelry regularly in order to keep your piercing healthy and prevent infections.

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