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Occasions jewelry is designed and crafted by experienced artisans from the United States who care about every detail of each unique piece. From bold statement pieces to simpler, elegant shapes, their refined works are extraordinary. Each piece is made by hand using precious metals and natural materials like gemstones, shells, wood beads, freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, and various crystals. At Occasions Jewelry, we strive to create products that will last for a lifetime and be loved by its wearer.

The craftsmanship of Occasions is second-to-none with over 15 years of experience in jewelry design. The team consists of talented artisans located around the country that specializes in all aspects of design from wax building to stone setting. We also have freeform wire wrappers for one-of-a kind pieces. Our commitment to quality comes first. All pieces must pass rigorous control standards before being released to our customers ensuring perfect quality on every item we make.

Our dedicated artisans use their creativity and skill to create timeless works of wearable art with no two designs alike. Whether you’re looking for a simple pair studs or a big bold cocktail ring – occasions has something for everyone.

Rich natural stones combined with metal accents enhances the visual appearance of each piece making it outstanding among all others. Plus, since each piece is created using high quality materials they’ll definitely stand the test of time without sacrificing style.

No matter what your occasion may be – birthdays, anniversaries or simply an evening out – wearing a creation from Occasions Jewelry will undoubtedly ensure that it’s unforgettable. Not only are our pieces fashionable but also carry emotional value through its craftsmanship behind the designs which bring additional meaning to any special outing or event.

Overview of Occasions Jewelry and Its Artisans

Occasions Jewelry is an artisan-centric jewelry shop based in the heart of New York City. Its mission is to provide unique, handmade jewelry pieces that encapsulate the city’s beauty and spirit. Founded in 2018 by designer and jeweler Terri Kimble, Occasions sources its pieces from local artisans around NYC which are then crafted with care to deliver beautiful designs that capture the vibrancy of NYC.

Handcrafted Pieces

All of Occasions pieces are designed and made from scratch by local artisans. Most of these artisans come from diverse backgrounds ranging from embroidery, tailoring and leather crafts to various design disciplines such as architecture, painting, and metalsmithing. Their craftsmanship goes into making each item unique with materials like sterling silver, 14k gold fill, bronze sheet metal alloys, brass pin tickets, crystals and other semi-precious stones.

Sustainable Practices

In addition to producing quality items using locally sourced materials Occasions also works hard to ensure their practices are sustainable so each piece is created with both purpose and love:

  • Only recycled materials are used for production.
  • Each artisans work area is equipped with natural light.
  • Items are produced through econometric methods
  • fair compensation for all products sold

These practices ensure that the source materials of each piece gain not only monetary but ethical value as well – something that serves as a foundation at Occasions. The company continues to seek out new ways to better themselves sustainability-wise while aiming to be conscious not just for their production but for their customers too.

Unique Style of Occasions Jewelry

Occasions jewelry is designed to make a statement, whether you attend a special event such as a wedding or just out for everyday wear. With so many different styles available, it can be difficult to decide which pieces are best suited to your personality and wardrobe.

  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Gemstone Jewelry
  • Engraved Jewelry

Fashion jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins and rings that feature colored stones and unusual designs which adds flair to any outfit. Gemstone jewelry has quickly become one of the most popular choices for occasions because of its unique beauty and elegance. It usually features precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, or rubies set in gold or platinum mounts – giving it an eye-catching look.

For those with more contemporary tastes, engraved jewelry could be the ideal choice. Many times featuring an inscription personalized to the person receiving it, these items carry a special sentiment and often tell stories about important moments in life such as weddings or anniversaries. Engraved jewelry often carries sentimental messages and symbols which can give them additional meaning when worn on special days.

Finally, there is also vintage jewelry for occasions which cast an elegant style from some bygone era. This type of jewelry creates timeless looks with classic settings like filigree earrings or stylized solitaire rings. Vintage pieces often capture a unique character that will stay with you throughout your life – providing subtle reminders of periods from the past that should not be forgotten.

Elegant Occasions Jewelry Images

Collections of Occasions Jewelry

Occasions Jewelry is a leading brand of premium quality jewelry designs. From classic and timeless pieces to trendy, modern statement pieces, Occasions Jewelry has something for everyone. Additionally, all of their items are made with high-quality materials such as gold, sterling silver, precious stones, pearls, and more. Their stylish collections pair perfectly with any outfit for any occasion-from formal events to everyday accessorizing.

One of the most popular collections from Occasions Jewelry is the Kingdom Collection. This collection of contemporary jewels is characterized by elegant rose-gold necklaces and bracelets featuring intricately carved lotus leaves. The selection includes bold earrings in shades of sapphire and quartz to match the bright colors found on many traditional Thai dresses. Completing the look are also eye catching jeweled rings available in several metallic tones including polished copper and chic gray diamonds.

The Wish Collection at Occasions Jewelry has seen remarkable success in recent years due to its heartfelt message that everyone should follow their dreams and never give up. These sweet necklaces feature stamped Inspirational phrases such as “attitude matters” or “never give up” along with dainty gemstones like tourmaline or aquamarine, orchestrated in minimalistic designs for an understated elegance that suits every personal style.

Moreover, it can be pass down as a family heirloom since this collection’s pendants come with an extra chain length personalized stamping options so customers can memorialize their special moments or meaningful messages permanently by engraving them onto any item of their choice across this line.

Finally, Occasions Jewelry also features their classic but modern signature bridal jewelry gifts and sets for both brides and grooms; ranging from wedding bands to engagement rings set with shimmering moissanite stones sourced from independent small businesses driven to provide unique one-of-a-kind creations bound to have your special someone swooning like never before solely set aside to celebrate your forever journey together.

How to Wear Occasions Jewelry for Every Day and Special Occasions

Occasions jewelry wears differently from other kinds of jewelry. It has an air of sophistication and grace that offers a classic wardrobe staple for all seasons. Here are some tips for wearing occasions jewelry to elevate your look both every day and on special occasions.

Everyday Style Tips with Occasions Jewelry

  • Go bold with multiple colors or pieces – A colorful ensemble can make a statement. Wear more than one piece of occasions jewelry-pair a bold necklace with matching earrings or layer several thin bracelets in different colors.
  • Make necklaces the centerpiece-Statement necklaces, pendants and lariats paired with simple stud earrings draw attention to your face, keeping the focus of your style centered on the dazzling necklace you’ve chosen.
  • Mix occasion metals – Picking complementary metals like white gold and silver lets you express yourself and mix styles together. Mixing these two parts of occasions jewelry can create delightful contrast in your look while emphasizing both at once.

Specialty Occasion Tips with Occasions Jewelry

  • Build edgy holidays looks – Special holidays are a great chance to bring out different exciting looks with occasion jewelry. Wear matching pieces made out of black metals for a cool style or put together a layered set mixed in different tones.
  • Create wedding day masterpieces – Depending on the theme of your wedding you can select iconic traditional diamond become a part of accessories. Whether they are delicate solitaires, sparkling eternity bands, intricate vintage designs or bold contemporary sets; wedding days are made extra special by matching the bride’s outfit to her exquisite occasions jewelry.
  • Presenting gifts – If it’s difficult shopping choosing gift for someone then selecting appropriate piece from occasions jewelry is perfect choice to please anyone gifted it quickly becomes unforgettable memento or treasured heirloom.

Benefits of Occasions Jewelry as a Gift

There are many benefits of occasions jewelry, as a gift for a loved one or just as an expression of appreciation. Occasions jewelry can be considered a unique and thoughtful way to share a special moment in life. Not only is it beautiful and elegant, but it is also an expression of care and affection.

Its meaning can be customized depending on the occasion or event that the recipient is celebrating. Additionally, this type of jewelry has something to offer regardless if it’s purchased or passed down from generation to generation, making it timeless and sentimental.

When gifting occasions Jewelry, one doesn’t need to worry about straining their pocket because much of these items come in various price points. Typically they have an array of precious metals such as gold and silver; while some may contain gemstones like diamonds or pearls – all depending on the budget or desired effect you are looking for in your purchase.

Furthermore, these gifts offer personalization; you may be able to engrave a meaningful message for the receiver which transforms this piece into something special that could become even more valuable with time because it contains memories added onto the item itself~ making occasions jewelry even more desirable.

Occasion Jewelry At Kohl'S

Occasions Jewelry items typically make perfect gifts for any holiday season due to its commonly accepted value around the world; meaning more than likely anyone would enjoy receiving such thoughtful gesture in comparison to something else that lacks sentimentality like cash or cards certificates etc.

Also if someone were looking for something specially practiced across specific cultures then situations like anniversaries between couples could still present lovely pieces as traditional form gifts such as rings necklaces etc may serve as a keepsake through generations~ sometimes being regarded as family heirlooms in general society.

Finding Occasions Jewelry That Suits Your Style

Finding jewelry that suits your style can be a difficult task, but Occasions Jewelry makes it easy. With an expansive selection of necklaces, bracelets, watches, and other jewelry pieces to suit any fashion preference or desired look. Whether you’re looking for something elegant or something chic and modern, Occasions Jewelry has something for everyone.

The variety of styles available at Occasions Jewelry allows you to find the perfect piece for any occasion. From classic pearl earrings to on-trend layered necklaces and trendy chokers, there’s something to suit even the most particular tastes.

If you’re someone who prefers timeless pieces that won’t go out of style, they have plenty of antique and vintage-inspired pieces that are sure to become keepsakes. For those who like making a statement with fashion jewelry selections like crystal-encrusted bangles or large boho earrings will bring a bold look perfect for everyday wear or more special occasions.

Occasions Jewelry makes it easy for anyone to find what they need quickly and easily by browsing their website which categorizes different items according to style and occasion with helpful images so customers can visualize how a piece might look on them.

Additionally, the Jewellery Finder tool allows shoppers to browse different designs whether they’re looking for simple items such as charms or complex three-dimensional pieces – allowing you to easily identify the best pieces without spending too much time searching through hundreds of products.

Their customer service team is also available by phone or email ready to answer any questions regarding orders as well as styling tips on how best to combine multiple products together. With Occasions Jewelry‘s wide selection and helpful tools finding the right items has never been easier.


Occasions jewelry is the perfect way to dress up or accessorize any outfit. Whether it’s casual, formal, or professional, Occasions Jewelry has something that will fit beautifully with any style. From minimalistic designs to statement pieces, the brand gives customers a vast variety of options to choose from.

Not only is this jewelry stylish and elegant but the quality is premium as every piece is crafted out of fine materials such as sterling silver and gold vermeil. Customers can rest assured that their pieces will last and look immaculate even after years of wear and tear.

The array of jewellery designs available from Occasions Jewellery is almost seemingly endless. Necklaces range in length and style, rings are captivatingly intricate in design and earrings dazzle with impeccable brilliance. Many pieces come hand-in-hand with suits for special occasions such as weddings and proms; classic jewelleries made perfectly chic for any type of affair. The best part about purchasing from Occasions Jewelry is that each design comes at an affordable price while still maintaining its pristine quality.

Occasions Jewellery makes matching an outfit with stunning accessories easy. Whether you are getting ready for a special event or just want to complete your everyday look – they have something for all wardrobes.

Adorn necklines with diamonds, accessorize hands with various clusters of crystals, add a sparkle to ears with earrings – no matter what piece you decide upon Occasions will genuinely elevate your ensemble to take it from average to show stopping. Whether you prefer understated looks or more dramatic ensembles – there’s always something that’ll fit your fashion needs at Occasions jewellery making them a one-stop shop for all occasions.

When searching for the perfect accessory to complete an outfit, those who choose Occasions Jewelry will undoubtedly find breathtaking beauty like no other. Not only is their jewelry made with exquisite craftmanship but they also offer fashionable items without breaking the bank – providing customers maximum satisfaction each time they purchase new pieces from the store.

With so many stunning designs available at reasonable prices, customers can feel confident on having opted on the perfect piece of Occasion Jewelry for any occasion.

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