Occasions Fine Jewelry In Midland Texas

Occasions Fine Jewelry in Midland Texas is a premiere jewelry store that has been servicing the local community for over 25 years. They specialize in selling luxury fine jewelry from around the world, offering a broad selection of diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, and other baubles sure to please the most discerning recipient.

The store also carries an assortment of gifts and home décor items. Many customers return to Occasions after their first purchase with the peace of mind that their items were purchased at fair prices while benefiting from stellar customer service.

The jewelers at Occasions are renown throughout the region as experts in their craft. Their knowledge and experiences assist customers with finding just the right piece that will bring joy and satisfaction to both them, and those who receive it.

Customers can shop with ease knowing exactly who they can turn to for expert advice before making their purchase decision. Long-standing members of premium diamond associations such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA) serve on staff providing each customer with unbiased information on which to make a decision based off what suits their individual needs best.

The commitment Occasions has for delivering personalized service extends beyond its customers into the greater community as well. The entire staff unites together each year during national holidays volunteering their time to serve charities within midland Texas giving back in whatever way they can. The store believes in supporting those who may not have access to nice things but strive daily to better our local surroundings and provide kindness unto one another.

Unique Products Offered

Occasions Fine Jewelry is located in Midland, Texas and specializes in crafting beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry for customers. All their products are tailored to the customer’s needs and preferences.

They produce one-of-a-kind jewellery, all crafted by certified professionals who draw upon their experience and know-how to create the perfect piece for your special occasion. From timeless precious gems like diamonds, pearls, sapphires, and rubies to modern pieces featuring exceptional artistry and craftsmanship, they offer it all.

The store stocks a wide variety of luxury items with an expertly crafted touch. For instance, they have an extensive selection of engagement rings from classic solitaires to modern halo sets inscribed with meaningful symbols to capture the moment perfectly. There’s also a range of wedding bands from diamond eternity bands in rose gold or white gold, diamond anniversary bands that perfectly match your partner’s engagement ring or personalized signature rings that feature two initials beside each other.

If you’re looking for something more luxurious than the classic options then you’ll be surprised at Occasions Fine Jewelry’s collection which includes mens’ jewelry such as cufflinks made from precious gemstones; delicate but vibrant pendants in blue topaz encased in yellow gold or rose quartz embedded into sterling silver; even cigar cases adorned with semi-precious stones.

They also offer unique statement necklaces with crystals that shimmer and sparkle; earrings that add a touch of elegance wherever you go; and bold bracelets designed to stand out from the crowd.

Each individual item has been carefully crafted by experienced artisans with the utmost attention paid to detail making it truly unforgettable – just like any special day or occasion should be.

Foundational Values of Occasions

Occasions Fine Jewelry in Midland Texas follows a simple three-pronged approach to jewelry design: Quality, Design, and Innovation.

First and foremost, all of Occasions’ jewelry is created in accordance with the highest industry standards for quality. Metals are pure and never mixed or compromised; stones must always represent true clarity and color. And a hallmark of Occasions’ signature designs is the emphasis on utilizing precious metals like gold and platinum.

Second, design is key as well – Occasions’ designers craft timeless pieces that modernize traditional styles while emphasizing classic elegance. And finally, innovation plays an important role: advanced production processes allow for superior details and techniques that energize Occasions’ finished pieces.

  • Quality – Use of pure metals, standard industry clarity/color level stones
  • Design – Timeless styles mixed with classic elegance
  • Innovation – Advanced production capabilities for optimal end design

On-Site Jewelry Creation

The amazing staff at Occasions Fine Jewelry in Midland, Texas are experts at creating stunningly beautiful custom designed pieces of jewelry on-site. Whether you’re looking for a modern take on a classic design or something totally original, you can have the perfect piece created just for you. All of their team bring different creative influences to the table, making them incredibly skilled and versatile when it comes to trending styles and techniques.

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Not only are they talented in custom jewellery design but also specialize in restoring vintage pieces through upcycling. They use traditional craftsmanship skills such as engraving, enameling, casting and gemstone setting to bring life back into treasured objects.

Customers often come to them with sentimental items that no longer have real sparkle resulting from being neglected over time; whether it’s a bracelet from an elderly grandparent or their grandmother’s brooch that isn’t used anymore. Not only do Occasions Jewelers bring these pieces back to life, but they carefully tailor each project to fuse the history behind the item with modern day fashion trends.

By combining customer vision and expert craftsmanship, Occasions Jewelers specialize in:

  • Creating intricate designs tailored to customers specific requests.
  • Expertly tailoring antique jewellery into contemporary fashion.
  • Selecting suitable gemstones that reflect customer taste
  • Utilizing methods such as engraving and enameling.
  • Casting metal for mounting stones.
  • Expertise Diamond Setting/changing prongs.

What sets this company apart is their passion for perfection. Every single design is crafted with precision that pays homage to originality as well as classiness. As former customers of Occasions Jewellery share their testimonials online about getting unique rings made or having old pieces restored as new gifts-it’s clear why this place has become one of the most esteemed jewellers in Midland.

Special Services

Bespoke Gift Wrapping

Occasions Fine Jewelry in Midland Texas offer bespoke gift wrapping to ensure all gifts arrive looking beautiful. With a unique selection of wrap, cards, and boxes, customers can choose the perfect way to present their purchases. Not only do they have colorful paper, but also sheer bag options that come with hand-tied ribbons. The staff is happy to package any jewelry up for customers as well as adding engravings into medallions or charm bracelets.

Repairs and Cleaning

When it comes to repairs and cleaning of jewels, the highly skilled team at Occasions Fine Jewelry in Midland Texas offers all their customers an efficient and professional service. Whether customers have a broken clasp on a bracelet or just need some dirt removed from diamonds on a ring, first-class work is carried out every time.

The store has established its own policy when dealing with items sent for repair, which includes detailed explanations regarding diagnosis and cost of repair so that clients receive an accurate estimated quote beforehand.


In addition to the gift wrapping services, Occasions Fine Jewelry is also renowned for their precise engraving work for any item purchased or brought into the store. Engraving ensures that sentimental pieces have that extra special touch by adding initials or meaningful words onto them to make them even more special.

Furthermore, individuals who love vintage watches can come into this shop change notifications on their pieces too as they are able to provide dials restoration services which includes changing roman numerals as well as lettering for maximum accuracy.

Bridal Services

Occasions Fine Jewelry in Midland, Texas is the top choice for bridal services. Whether you are selecting an engagement ring, wedding bands, or searching for the perfect accessories for the big day, the experienced team members at Occasions offer personalized service to their clients.

Each member of their bridal team is a certified Gemologist who will help you select that once in a lifetime pieces from amongst fine diamonds and other precious stones. They offer one on one consultations to discuss style and budget as well as providing digital wish lists so that family and friends can easily find your dream items.

Customization services

  • Engraving engagemen rings or wedding bands including monograms
  • Design a custom ring where customers create their own unique diamond piece
  • Computer aided design with advanced imaging technology

Occasions also offers design-your-own jewelry events that act as a foundation for the modern bride and groom to develop ideas with a designer then add unique details to craft exactly what they envision themselves wearing. After finding the perfect jeweled items, Occasions’ event planning division Kickoff Events curates complete packages of receptions, groom’s cakes, catering services, restaurant reservations, ceremony flowers arrangements and anything else required for your special day including honeymoon plans if needed.

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Variety of Gift Options

Occasions Fine Jewelry in Midland Texas serves both the everyday consumer and special occasion buyer by offering a variety of fashionable, unique and luxurious jewelry pieces. Whether you are looking for a gift for that special someone or just for yourself, Occasions has something that will be sure to fit your style.

Their expansive selection of diamonds, gemstones, and other precious metals coupled with trend-setting designs offer something for everyone. All products come with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, guaranteeing quality products and superior customer service with every purchase.


At Occasions Fine Jewelry in Midland Texas, shoppers have access to designer diamond collections from well-known jewelry makers like Leo Diamonds, Verragio and Carizza. Loose diamonds in all shapes and sizes are also available so customers can choose exactly what they want without compromise. As an added benefit Occasions offers expert customization on their jewelry pieces allowing consumers to personalize their gifts with even greater precision giving them a truly one of kind item.

Gemstone Jewelry

For those who prefer colorful options such as rubies or sapphires Occasions also has an abundance of vibrant gemstone items including rings, necklaces and earrings for anyone looking for ways to express themselves through their jewelry choices. High quality engagement rings can also be found in all styles making it easy to find that perfect piece of bauble art suitable for popping the big question at just the right moment.

Expert Service

Making sure customers know the value of what they purchase is essential when dealing with high end items like fine jewelry; therefore Occasions staff are always fully knowledgeable about the products they carry so buyers can rest assured they are getting only the best possible items that will be treasured forever.

While shopping at Occasions ensures great value prices never sacrifices quality as its skillfully crafted pieces must meet strict standards before being sold which sets it apart as one of the top stores in Midland offering fine jewelry.

Support and Connection

Occasions Fine Jewelry in Midland Texas offers a unique and specialized experience with their artisan events, showcasing of local artists, and charitable outreach. This is special type of jewelry store unlike any other offering the customer an exclusive shopping and artisans event filled with creativity and talent. The specialized staff are always on hand to provide advice to the customers on the various types of fine jewelry or gems they may be interested in wearing.

The store features a wide array of locally produced creations. Customers can choose from specially curated designer items as well as pieces created exclusively in-house by Midland’s finest artisans.

During their artisan events, they frequently invite local artists to showcase their works in-store for customers to admire and purchase right off the shelf. This offers an exclusive opportunity for both buyers and makers to network with each other – helping small businesses get recognition that often times goes unnoticed.

In addition to providing exposure for local talent, Occasions Fine Jewelry is heavily involved in numerous charitable initiatives that support many aspects of the community. One example is their continuous support for non-profits like Hope House which provides housing services to homeless and low-income individuals throughout Midland County area during emergencies such as extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, they donate proceeds from selected items at their store directly towards furthering these types initiatives, providing support on multiple fronts for those who need it most.

Overall, Occasions Fine Jewelry serves both locals and visitors alike with its selection of quality crafted pieces backed up by a team committed to helping others within the community who require assistance too – making it a truly unique shopping experience unlike any other found in Midland Texas or even beyond.

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