Occasions Fine Jewelry Hours

Occasions Fine Jewelry is a premier business that specializes in quality and sophisticated custom jewelry creations. With a commitment to providing only the highest quality craftsmanship, the staff at Occasions Fine Jewelry are dedicated to creating exquisite pieces that have been appreciated by their customer’s for many years. As such, it is important to note the hours of business for Occasions Fine Jewelry.

Monday 9am – 5pm: On Monday’s you can expect a warm greeting from the friendly receptionist and sparkling jewels displayed on every available surface. The sales associates take great pride in bringing customers beautiful jewelry that has been expertly crafted with care. They are always willing to answer questions regarding the various available options and explain any specifications associated with each unique piece of jewelry.

Tuesday 10am – 7pm: Tuesdays bring extended hours so shoppers can enjoy more time to browse Occasions excellently curated selection of fine jewelry pieces at leisure. This is also a great opportunity for customers to visit with friends or family members and make comparisons between different types of jewels so they can be sure they are making an informed decision when choosing something special for themselves or someone else.

Friday 11am – 8 pm: Friday night’s bring out a broader selection of clientele due to pastimes such as gem shows in the area which accessors people whose styles vary widely and looking for unique yet classic gems that can suit their style needs perfectly.
These patrons may use this time as an opportunity to conveniently select perfectly balanced pieces for birthdays, anniversaries, or other festive occasions which might require them in their wardrobe or jewel box collection rotation. The staff on Fridays look forward too providing assistance large groups or small groups so everyone can find exactly what they need without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Additional Hours: One thing that sets Occasions apart from its competitors is its open door policy – literally. After closing time on Saturday evening, customers may request private appointments with sales attendants who will be happy to provide even more individualized attention than during normal hours (of course at no extra charge.).

Not only does this flexibility demonstrate commitment to customer satisfaction but it allows clients personalized service tailored specifically to suit their needs and give them first-hand experience when searching for that perfect gift idea or addition to an existing collection.

Overall, Occasions Fine Jewelry Hours offers extended weekday hours so there never has been an easier way accessorize while shopping conveniently around a busy schedule and enjoying every moment as if were your own personal fashion show.

Overview of Store Hours

Occasions Fine Jewelry is a store that specializes in offering exquisite pieces of jewelry to customers. Established in 1995, Occasions has become a renowned retailer known for high-end jewelry and providing service with a personal touch. Offering unparalleled customer support and selection of fine jewelry, the store has grown in popularity over the years.

The store is open seven days a week and offers regular hours on all days except Sunday when it closes earlier than usual. During its regular business hours, customers can find an array of high-end pieces from some of the world’s most well-known luxury brands with helpful staff members who are ready to assist them in finding the perfect piece for any occasion.

Customers can even make appointments to speak with a diamond specialist or try out any piece from their vast selection available onsite.

Occasions also offers complimentary extended shopping hours as well as other unique opportunities for customers including private events such as bridal showers or “Just for Her” appointments, where she can be pampered while being presented with the perfect bling. In addition, customers can take advantage of flexible financing options like layaway and favorable terms for their purchases.

An accommodating staff coupled with these special services sets Occasions apart from other stores, making it an ideal place to shop for fine jewelry and finding that one perfect gift that stands out among them all.

Regular Store Hours

Occasions Fine Jewelry offers customers the finest selection of jewelry and watches, with an emphasis on personalized service and exceptional quality. Located in a historic downtown building, Occasions provides an inviting atmosphere to shop for that special statement piece or everyday accessory.

Families seeking custom jewelry pieces, anniversary gifts or engagement rings will find an array of styles, designs and quality gems to choose from at Occasions. Their staff is trained to help guide shoppers toward finding something unique that will become a treasured part of their collection. The store also offers a variety of custom services for creating those one-of-a-kind pieces that pass down through generations.

The regular store hours for Occasions Fine Jewelry are Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm. During these hours customers can view the full selections available in store as well as receive any advice needed in making the right choice in fine jewelry.

After store hours, customers may still reach out to receive information regarding specific items they wish to purchase via the website or by calling ahead and making special arrangements. Special holiday hours are also offered during select periods throughout the year so customers can ‘sneak in’ some last minute shopping if needed.

Dillards Special Occasion Jewelry

Special Hours

Occasions Fine Jewelry is a local jeweler located in the heart of downtown Chicago. They have an extensive selection of high-quality, designer jewelry pieces – making them the perfect place to shop for holidays, special occasions and anniversaries.

Occasions Fine Jewelry offers extended hours during seasonal, holiday and clearance periods so customers can find the perfect piece to commemorate their special occasion. During these extended hours, customers can expect knowledgeable staff members that are highly trained in identifying quality gems and offering style advice.

In addition to having longer hours, Occasions Fine Jewelry also offers discounts on certain pieces throughout the year. Customers can save up to 50% or more on select items throughout the store.

These discounts not only make it easier for customers to purchase precious jewelry pieces but also allow them to create authentic memories with each purchase – all while still saving money. On top of saving money, customers will never pay additional markups as all purchases are already reduced from the original retail price.

Occasions Fine Jewelry also offers a special rewards program designed exclusively for loyal customers. This program allows those who have made frequent purchases at Occasions Fine Jewelry over time to earn points redeemable for future discounts on new items purchased at the store. Loyalty Points accumulate with every purchase and are automatically applied when a customer goes through checkout. Occasions’ loyalty program is one more way they reward customers with exclusive savings.

In conclusion, there are several perks associated with shopping at Occasions Fine Jewelry beyond just finding quality jewelry pieces that last a lifetime. With extended hours during certain periods of the year, as well as ongoing discounts and loyalty rewards programs; customers benefit from great savings opportunities along with outstanding customer service when they choose Occasions Fine Jewelry as their preferred jeweler.

Extended Saturday Hours

Occasions Fine Jewelry offers extended Saturday hours for their customers. These extended hours create several important benefits for their customers.

The most obvious benefit is that the added hours provide more convenience for customers who aren’t able to shop on weekdays due to work and/or family commitments. The extra time also provides an opportunity for current and prospective customers to explore a larger selection of pieces at their leisure which ensures they find the perfect piece or design to fit any occasion.

The extra Saturday hours also allow Occasions fine Jewelry added time to restock pieces and connect with prospective customers who may have otherwise gone somewhere else if there was no extended weekend hour option available. This creates invaluable opportunities both in sales and customer service, each contributing to the shop’s overall success and reputation in the community.

Additionally, while having extended Saturday hours is a great luxury, it must be done responsibly from an operational standpoint. Proper scheduling should be prioritized making sure each shift has enough staff members to cover regular demand during Saturdays without over-taxing employees who are already busy during weekdays running business operations for the day-to-day operations of Occasions Fine Jewelry.

Basing shifts according to peak times of operation can help alleviate strain by ensuring employees aren’t required all day but only during peak demands, saving valuable resources in both personnel costs and budget savings that can be used elsewhere within the organization such as advertising campaigns or other strategic initiatives.

Benefits of Shopping During Extended Hours

One of the most beneficial reasons to shop during extended hours at Occasions Fine Jewelry is finding great deals and savings. Occasions carries a wide selection of jewelry, accessories, and other stylish items in their store all year round.

During their extended hours you may often find special sales or discounts on those items that you wouldn’t find otherwise. This makes it an ideal time for shoppers to take advantage of anything from special holiday promotions, discount jewelry and accessories, to seasonal clearance sales.

Shopping during extended hours also gives anyone the opportunity to have more time to browse and select from the vast array of items they offer at Occasions Fine Jewelry. With extra time usually comes fewer distractions, allowing customers to explore all their options more thoroughly before making a decision, often leading them to find just the right piece at just the right price.

In addition to having more time to shop around and save money at Occasions Fine Jewelry during extended hours, it’s also beneficial because there’s usually less foot traffic compared to regular store hours. Not only does this allow shoppers some extra space while they browse but they may even get more personalized attention from staff with nobody else in line vying for their help or advice.

This increased personal attention can ensure customers find exactly what they are looking for easier and with greater satisfaction than ever before when shopping at Occasions Fine Jewelry.

Tips on Getting the Most Out of Shopping During Extended Hours

Shopping during extended hours can be a great way to get the jewelry pieces you’ve been longing for. To help make sure you get the most out of your shopping experience, it is important to have a plan before embarking on an extended shopping spree. One way to ensure that everything on your wish list gets into the bag is by prioritizing each item.

Take some time ahead of the shopping excursion to go through what you want and organize them in order of importance. This means focusing first on getting the more essential jewelry items that you need for a special occasion such as a marriage or event, then ticking off the less important or secondary items from your list.

Jewelry For Formal Occasions

If there are pieces that are only preferred but not necessary, it can be helpful to note down any stores and online shops offering discounts or discounts. Additionally, create a budget for yourself in advance and stick to it so as not to exceed what was originally allocated. Lastly, if possible take pictures or screenshots of items to help prevent purchases being made on impulse which could potentially break your budget.

When hitting up Occasions Fine Jewelry store during their extended hours, it also helps to come with detailed information about any jewelry that has caught your eye already in-store or online-especially designer brands of fine jewelry. Doing this will help shorten time spent at the store while still resulting in finding the perfect item within budget constraints.

Rest assured that regardless if you have your eye on a specific birthstone earring set or engraved wedding bands – Occasions Fine Jewelry has stocked up for extended hours; letting customers indulge in accessories such as these without having t spend all day looking for them.

Overview of Staff and Customer Service During Extended Hours

Occasions Fine Jewelry is now offering extended hours to provide customers with the best shopping experience. The extended hours allow customers the opportunity to shop at their own convenience, whether they’re a busy parent upgrading their wedding bands, or an expectant mother looking for exquisite baby gifts. The store has added knowledgeable staff members to ensure customer satisfaction during the extra hours, and in turn providing a smooth and pleasant experience.

The added staff are able to assist customers through a wide variety of services offered during extended store hours, including appraisals and repairs. Customers can feel confident that the repair process will be handled professionally throughout thanks to the expertise of the jewelers on site.

There is also an extensive selection of gold and silver jewelry from top designer brands like Cartier, Harry Winston and David Yurman for customers who are looking for sparkling new pieces. On top of that there’s an impressive collection of antiques for those who prefer something more classic or timeless.

Of course, Occasions Fine Jewelry will continue living up to its reputation as one of the premier stores in town by ensuring that all products are fully inspected before they are put out on display; meaning even when it comes to extended store hours, customers can rest assured that they will be walking away with quality pieces every time.

Customer service representatives will remain on duty throughout these extra hours as well so customers never have to worry about any questions or inquiries going unanswered.

With extended store hours shoppers now have access to Occasions Jewelry’s fine selection seven days a week.


Occasions Fine Jewelry, located in Eastern Long Island, is a collection of high quality, finely crafted jewelry that will make any occasion extra special. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone special, their showcase of stunning pieces is sure to inspire and surprise.

Each piece is selected with state of the art craftsmanship and attention to detail ensuring that you purchase only the best in quality and design. With an impressive selection of fine jewelry from popular designers such as CZ by Ken & Dana Design, Gabriel & Co., Tacori, and many more, shoppers can easily find a statement piece that they are sure to love.

For shoppers who need help finding the perfect gift or who just don’t have the time to search through the numerous options on their own, Occasions Fine Jewelry has experienced staff that can help guide them during their journey. They understand what it takes to select a meaningful accessory for all life’s occasions – from anniversaries to holidays – making it much easier for customers at every step of the way.

Customers who visit Occasions Fine Jewelry will be guaranteed expert advice from knowledgeable professionals with years of experience in authentic jewelry appraisals. This expertise helps individuals find exactly what they’re looking for with confidence in both quality and value.

Additionally, customers have access to custom-design services offered through Occasions Fine Jewelry’s exclusive partnership with GIA Master Jeweler Jon Wexler. From engagement rings to family heirloom replicas, every individualized masterpiece is perfectly tailored to reflect personal desires and specifications offering styles unlike anywhere else.

Thanks to flexible business hours four days per week, when you shop at Occasions Fine Jewelry you know there will always be enough time to take home something beautiful without ever feeling rushed or out-of-place when searching through their extensive selection of timeless pieces. Make your shopping experience enjoyable today by visiting Occasions Fine Jewelry.