Nushine Jewelry Care

Nushine Jewelry Care is a line of products specially designed to help protect and preserve your jewelry. With the onset of everyday wear and tear, jewelry tends to look dull over time. By using the Nushine products regularly, you can extend the life of your jewelry, restoring it to its original shine and luster. The collection offers everything from cleaning solutions for gold, silver and gemstones to polishing creams that will keep your item glowing for years to come.

The Range: What Does Nushine Jewelry Care Offer?

Nushine Jewelry Care has an extensive range of cleaning solutions and polishes for you to select from depending on the type of jewelry or stone in question. Their Gold Plating Solution is ideal for antique pieces with gold accents that need some additional buffing up; while their Rhodium Plating Solution is perfect for silver jewelry pieces that have blackened or tarnished after being exposed to air or been worn over time.

They also offer a variety of creams and fluids suited to removing scratches on agates, quartz and opals; as well as gentle detergents which will remove sweat, oils and skin particles without ruining delicate stones.

How Can You Use Nushine Jewelry Care?

Start by selecting the right product according to the type of material you want cleaned. Next apply this across your piece lightly with a soft cloth until an even luster has been achieved throughout the piece, then use a separate dry cloth to buff off any excess residue clinging onto the surface afterward.

Scratches may require more intensive use in terms of applying an appropriate cream but also lots of careful buffing afterwards in order not to damage other parts of the item too much. Finally clean off all residue carefully before displaying as necessary.

Benefits of Having Jewelry

Jewelry is known for its beauty and elegance, but it goes beyond appearances. Jewelry can have many emotional effects on a person. It has a way of inspiring and enlightening us; it can be an effective mood enhancer and bring great joy to both giver and receiver.

Wearing jewelry reminds us how valuable we are in the lives of others and what an important part each of us play in our lives. Gemstones also absorb energy from their surroundings and when worn, influence our energy field in a positive way.

A mood-enhancing piece of jewelry can literally shift your thoughts and feelings and help you move more into a space of optimism, happiness, love or healing. For instance, if wearing something that makes you feel joyful like vibrant colored beads or gems with uplifting properties, you will begin to radiate those positive vibes. Your thoughts are then transmuted allowing your higher self to take control turning any negative vibrations into positive ones.

Additionally, wearing pieces that made by someone special or meaningful imparts a sense of belonging and security like nothing else can do – when loved ones show us they trust us enough to adorn our bodies with their gift; it speaks volumes. Not only does it create memories but helps foster a deeper connection between giver, receiver and even those around them able to witness the act itself.

The lasting impression jewelry creates is one that is truly powerful if used properly for self-care purposes making owning jewelry so much more than just another accessory.

Nushine Jewelry Care

Nushine Jewelry Care is a revolutionary product that is designed to provide you with the peace of mind when it comes to your treasured jewelry. Investing in fine jewelry can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences, and with Nushine, it can also be worry-free.

What makes this product so special is that it keeps your diamond and other precious metals gleaming brilliantly and removes dullness that occurs over time due to exposure or everyday wear and tear. The unique formula offers a delicate cleaning action on all types of jewelry, leaving no residue and ensuring maximum shine. It also prevents further oxidation by neutralizing acidic substances on the surface of the stones, helping them retain their original sparkle.

The convenience factor that accompanies Nushine Jewelry Care can’t be overlooked either. With its easy 4-step process – simply spray, wipe, rinse, dry – even novice buyers can keep their treasured pieces like new. Furthermore, professional jewelers are sure to appreciate the hassle-free solution as well. No special tools or equipment are needed; just an applicator cloth included with each bottle.

The anti-static properties found in Nushine Jewelry Care not only reduce the risk of damage but prevents tarnish from settling for longer periods of time as well. In addition to these benefits, this incredible cleaner does not contain any chemicals or abrasives which could harm certain gems such as pearls or opals, making it perfect for any type of gemstone – from diamonds to rubies – with easy maintenance instructions handling all occasions from formal events to everyday wear.

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Not only will using this product make annual trips to the jeweler a thing of past but also extend the lifespan on valuable jewelry; making it a must-have item for jewelry lovers everywhere.

Advantages of Using Nushine Jewelry Care

Nushine Jewelry Care is a company that specializes in caring for, cleaning, and repairing jewelry. Providing customers with quality products that ensure their jewelry is kept in pristine condition, Nushine promises an unbeatable finish to all its services. There are many advantages to using Nushine Jewelry Care to care for and repair your precious jewelry items.

The first advantage of using Nushine Jewelry Care is the expertise they offer. With experienced professionals who have been enameling and protective coating for over 10 years, customers can rest assured that their jewelry is protected and safe from any further damage.

Furthermore, with their commitment to using only the correct materials in their work such as lasers, polishes, and buffing pads the customer can be confident in the assurance that there will be no damage done from inappropriate techniques or materiel finishes.

Another advantage of using Nushine Jewelry Care is their industry-leading customer service. Their friendly technicians appreciate each customer’s individual needs when it comes to caring for precious pieces and provide guidance on how best to protect them against scratches or dirt accumulation throughout use as well as keep them polished and looking brand new over time.

Additionally, if any kind of repair is required customers can bring their item in-store or contact a technician directly by email guaranteed a prompt response at any given time during business hours.

Lastly, one of the main benefits of going with Nushine Jewelry Care is its wide range of services available that turn regular jewelry maintenance into an enjoyable experience without breaking the bank account. From general deep cleanings to more complicated rhodium plating to affixing broken links with special welding tools, customers have access to any need they might require all under one roof ensuring the best quality guarantee results at reasonable prices every single time.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Using Nushine Jewelry Care

1. Wash your jewelry in warm, soapy water for about 5 minutes.

2. Rinse off the soap residue with clean water and then dry with a soft cloth.

3. Spray the Nushine Jewelry Care Spray directly onto the surface of your jewelry and let sit for around 15 minutes.

Washing jewelry can be a gentle, necessary step to refresh and revive their appearance. To ensure that cleaning is done correctly, we highly recommend following this step-by-step guide when using Nushine Jewelry Care. Begin by submerging the piece in some warm, soapy water to remove any accumulated grime and soil that may have built up over time; ensure you permit the item to soak for roughly five minutes before removing it from the solution.

It is important to note never wash any precious jewelry in such a solution if it houses pearls or enameled parts as these particular components are more likely to not respond well to being immersed in such a mixture.

After taking out from the soapy bath; give it a good rinse under running water until all soap residue has been removed and then immediately dry with a clean, soft cloth – anything too rough may scratch or damage the metal surfaces of an item.

The next step is where Nushine comes into place – spray one light coat of its special formula onto either one side of an item or both – this will act as an instant reviver: as you see dirt or tarnish immediately vanish as soon as it’s applied. Finally, leave your jewels aside for roughly fifteen minutes while Nushine works its magic – polishing up every tiny edge & corner possible; delivering sparkling results that overlook minor blemishes without damaging materials whatsoever.

To conclude; proper maintenance plays an essential factor within making sure pieces from our range retain their gleaming charm & healthy condition over extended periods. Using Nushine properly will keep them looking pristine for many years….

Helpful Tips for Jewelry Care

Nushine Jewelry Care offers several helpful tips to keep jewelry looking like new. They recommend cleaning jewelry regularly with lukewarm water and a mild, non-detergent soap free of harsh chemicals. Soft cloths and brushes can be used to polish pieces and remove dirt buildup.

Silver jewelry should be kept away from harsh chemicals, chlorine, saltwater, and ammonia which can cause some pieces to weaken or discolor over time. Pieces made of gold and platinum are more resilient but should still be stored away from these elements as well.

In order to maintain its original luster, your jewelry should be protected from scratches or abrasions by storing them in soft pouches or lined jewelry boxes. It’s also important to save receipts for items purchased that include warranties, as this can help in the event of any repair needs.

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Lastly, it’s always important to be aware of how certain gemstones react when exposed to different temperatures or pressure levels-as certain gemstones may fade when exposed to such things.

To maximize the life and dazzle of your precious jewels, Nushine recommends regular trips for professional cleaning services every six months or annually for extra protection against natural aging or damage due to perspiration, skin oils, makeup and dust. Professional jewelers understand the complexities associated with caring for various types of treasures; they use high-tech equipment such as ultraviolet light to examine pieces more closely while attaining deep cleaning results that is difficult to do at home.

Professional services also provide valuable advice on care methods if needed along with inspection services looking for build up deposits on gems/settings; assessing general wear and tear; checking if prongs need adjusting etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jewelry Care

Q: How should I clean my jewelry?

A: We recommend cleaning your jewelry with a cloth designed for silver or gold jewelry and a cleaning solution specifically made for jewelry. For tougher dirt, use a soft-bristled toothbrush with the same solution for more thorough cleaning. Gold jewelry should be cleaned often to keep its shine and luster. Silver pieces should be washed every few weeks or so, depending on how much you wear them.

For many people, diamond jewelry is the most cherished piece they own. The best way to protect this type of gemstone is to use a non-abrasive detergent without chlorine bleach in it when washing. Ultrasonic cleaners typically do not harm the stones but make sure to ask the jeweler before using it on any valuable diamonds. Once cleaned, pat the item with a delicate cloth until dry.

Regular maintenance can ensure that your favorite pieces last for years and continue to give you joy. Polish stones with an untreated cloth regularly if they are prone to oxidation and tarnishing or storing them separately from one another in individual plastic bags when they aren’t being worn is also recommended by some professionals. It is important to handle your jewelry carefully since any pressure applied can cause damage to more fragile items like pearls and opals.

Finally, our team at Nushine Jewelry Care recommends taking great care when handling any item (including precious metals). Remove all items before exercise or swimming as well as before showering or sleeping which will help prevent dirt and grime build up over time leading to tarnish and discoloration of the metal finish and gems embedded in your prized possessions.


Nushine Jewelry Care is the ideal choice for your jewelry. It offers a variety of products to help keep your jewelry looking its best. From polishing cloths and cleaning solutions, to tarnish protection sprays and immersion cleaner, Nushine has everything you need to protect, clean, and shine all of your favorite pieces.

Nushine’s cleaning solutions are specifically formulated to remove dirt and debris from the surface of your jewelry, along with light oxidation that can dull the luster of precious metals. The tarnish protection spray works as an invisible layer of protection against oxidation and helps prevent future tarnishing. Plus, their polishing cloths can bring back beloved pieces that appear dull or scratched up after years of wear.

But it isn’t just about cleaning your jewelry; Nushine also cares about protecting it too. Their full line of immersion cleaners help you submerge and clean delicate collectible pieces without damaging them.

And if you’re looking for a protective spray or wax coating, Nushine has that too. For example, their Microcrystalline Wax Coating Spray adds a protective layer to gemstones that offers long-lasting protection from oil, water and scratches but still allows them to breathe so they last even longer than normal.

In addition to offering premium products tailored specifically for jewelry care needs, Nushine also provides extensive customer support and advice on using their products correctly. The company’s website contains plenty of tips on handling different types of jewelry materials as well helpful instructions on how to use each product properly.

With this kind of support in place, customers can have confidence knowing that no matter what condition their jewelry is in or what their cleaning needs are – displaying or storing it – Nushine has them covered.

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