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Nose piercing is the practice of piercing a hole in the nasal septum or nasal wall for the purpose of wearing decorative jewelry such as a hoop, stud, ring, or other type of ornament. Nose piercing has been practiced for thousands of years worldwide, with many different cultures incorporating it into their body modification practices.

Amazon offers an extensive range of nose piercing jewelry to suit any style and budget. Whether you are looking for the perfect hoop, stud, ring, CBR (captive bead ring), or a more unique variety such as magnetic studs and nose cuffs – Amazon has something to match your individual needs. In addition to the traditional metal varieties, Amazon also carries a wide selection of materials including silver, gold-plated metals, colored stones, sterling silver plating, and much more. With so many options available in one place it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for at great prices. The selection includes popular styles including tribal patterns and symbols from around the world as well as artisan crafted pieces with intricate details and customizing options that make your look truly stand out from the crowd! The vast array of jewelry on offer means that you have the freedom to choose shapes and sizes that not only reflect your personal style but also fit comfortably on your face or body.

History of Nose Piercing

Nose piercing has been a popular form of body modification for centuries, with evidence of its practice dating back to the ancient civilizations of India, Persia and Africa. It was likely brought to Northern Europe by nomadic tribes in the Middle Ages, then becoming particularly fashionable amongst 15th century aristocracy due to its symbolism of wealth and standing. By the early 19th century it had become a status symbol throughout many cultures, serving as an outward signifier of family and matrimonial ties when performed on a young woman.

In regards to jewelry choice and quality, this also evolved over time. Gold Jewelry – often studded with gems – was considered the height of fashion in elite circles throughout the renaissance period and onwards. In more modern times however silver pieces became increasingly popular due to their affordability, in addition to more daring pieces such as bone or wooden plugs being available from vendors such as Amazon’s own nose piercing jewelry choices. This variety allows wearers to choose styles which match their individual flair, with details ranging from custom-crafted rings incorporating a person’s specific birthstones or gem combinations that bestow luck when worn.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nose Piercing


• For some cultures and communities, nose piercing is seen as a rite of passage or an expression of religious beliefs. It can also be interpreted as a sign of beauty.

• Nose piercings can provide a level of self-expression and confidence, allowing the wearer to stand out amongst those around them.
• Due to the location of the piercing, jewelry may not have to be changed all that often, leading to less irritation over time.

• Being pierced in any area carries some risk of infection; however, being pierced in such a delicate area means precautions must be taken when healing or changing jewelry.
• There is also always the potential for scarring or discoloration caused by incorrect piercing or use of inappropriate jewelry or metals.
• Local allergies from certain metals and adhesives used in nose studs can also cause breakouts and irritation which can take time to heal properly.

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Different Types of Nose Piercing

Nose piercing is an age-old form of body modification and is commonly found throughout many cultures. There are a variety of different types of nose piercings, each with its own distinct characteristics.

The most common type is the nostril piercing, which is placed in the fleshy outer edge of the nose. This type usually has a single stud or hoop, although a number of other shapes are available to choose from. Most nostril piercings require special jewelry that are designed for this area specifically.

Another popular kind is the septum piercing, which runs through the cartilage between your nostrils. It can be stretched over time and offers more flexibility when it comes to selection of jewelry. Rings and curved barbells work best for these piercings since they hug close to the bridge of your nose nicely.

A third type is an inside nose piercing, located in the inner wall near your smile line. Like the septum piercing, those often tend to require special jewelry such as curved barbells or tiny rings like a smaller version of captive bead rings (CBR).

Finally a rarely seen type is earlobe piercing on your nose, where one wears a pair of CBRs or small hoops through either side like also normally worn in ear lobe piercings as well as stretching piercings after some months being healed initially pierced with regular 14 gauge jewelry rolling needles

Pre-Procedure Safety Tips

Before getting a nose piercing, it is important to ensure that the piercing parlor is Clean and Professional. Make sure the implements used are sterilized and the hands of the piercer are clean. Researching the professional online can give you a good idea into their experience and reliability. Visit the parlor ahead of time if possible to make sure it is an environment you feel comfortable with.

It is also important to inform your piercer of any medical conditions or allergies that may be pertinent to your procedure. Blood tests should be done prior to ensure that you don’t have any hidden illnesses such as HIV or hepatitis which could cause complications when puncturing the skin. Prepare for possible pain by taking over-the-counter pain medications a few hours before. Lastly, make sure you purchase new jewelry from reliable sources such as Amazon for your nose piercing in order to avoid infection and irritation associated with reused metals.

Jewelry Ideas for Nose Piercing

When looking for Nose Piercing Jewelry from Amazon, you will find an array of material, color, size and shape options. For example, you can purchase materials such as stainless steel, titanium, gold or silver as well as a variety of organic materials including wood, plastic and stone. Each material offers unique benefits that should be considered when selecting jewelry for a nose piercing. In terms of color, there are dozens of options for accents or ‘hues’ depending on the material of your choice. Additionally, there are many sizes and shapes available from round to conical to horseshoe-shaped to flat-bottomed studs – all with unique characteristics suitable for different nose piercings. And finally, many types of decorative elements such as gems and crystals can be added to highlight the beauty of the jewelry or customize it to better suit your personal style. With so many different choices available at Amazon, finding the perfect piece for your nose piercing is easy.

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Caring for Your Nose Piercing

It is important to take proper care of nose piercing immediately after it is done. Cleaning the area regularly with a saltwater solution can prevent infection and encourage healing. Saline solution water can be used to gently cleanse the piercing site each day. It is best to do this twice daily for the first few weeks post-piercing, until the area starts to heal properly. In some cases, purchasing special piercing cleansing solutions from retailers such as Amazon may be necessary in order to help keep the area free from infections and aid in quicker healing times.

In addition to cleaning the piercing regularly, it is important not to fiddle or touch it too much while it heals. Doing so can cause additional trauma and delay healing and reduce effectiveness of any antiseptics or cleansers being used on the site. Using topical creams such as Bacitracin can help provide moisture if necessary, but no creams should be applied without professional advice prior. Removing piercings early can increase risk of infection during heal time so try your best to leave them alone and in place while they work their magic!

Aftercare for Nose Piercing

Proper aftercare of a nose piercing is vital for optimal healing. It’s important to understand how to take care of your piercing properly to avoid infection and inflammation, promote healing, and reduce the possibility of scarring.

In general, it’s important to keep the pierced area clean and dry. This means cleaning the area twice a day with a saltwater solution or specially formulated cleanser that you can purchase from an online retailer like Amazon. Make sure never to touch or manipulate the piercing without first disinfecting your hands!

After washing, you should use a cloth pad soaked in warm water to gently remove any crust that may form around the piercing site. Then apply an appropriate amount of ointment composed of natural oils such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil on the surrounding skin will help keep it soft and supple throughout the healing process.

It’s also essential to change out the jewelry after 6-8 weeks in order to prevent any build-up of bacteria which can cause infections. Be sure to buy proper nose piercing jewelry from reputable companies like those sold through Amazon- they often have high quality options in terms of both style and materials used for their jewelry pieces.


Overall, Amazon has a great selection of nose piercing jewelry that can suit many different styles and budgets. There are a variety of materials to choose from including sterling silver, gold, titanium and more. Whether you prefer a classic hoop or stud or something more ornate like diamond encrusted hoops and rings, you’ll be sure to find something perfect for your individual look. Plus, with the convenience of shopping online and the speedy delivery options, it’s never been easier to find beautiful nose piercing jewelry on Amazon.

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