Nls Metal And Jewelry 706 Sansom Street Philadelphia Pa

Nls Metal and Jewelry 706 Sansom Street Philadelphia Pa is an institution of jewelry sales, repairs, custom designs, and appraisals that has been in the community since 1945. What started as a hole-in-the wall shop selling simple gold and silver jewelry pieces over seventy years ago has grown to become an expansive store featuring some of the most sought after fine jewelry collections from both local and international artisans alike.

In addition to their retail space offering exclusive collections recognized both nationally and abroad, Nls’s onsite professionals provide expert jewelry repair services at affordable prices. Repairs range from diamond alterations to ring sizing with jewelry cleaning free for all customers every six months. Their repair department remains up-to-date on the latest certified technologies allowing for repairs that are both precise and efficient.

The custom design department at Nls Metal And Jewelry 706 Sansom Street Philadelphia Pa is renowned within the area for high quality custom jewelry creations guide by impeccable craftsmanship which assists clients in creating unique pieces from previously owned stones or relics being transformed into exquisite contemporary works of wearable art. From antique engagement rings to religious medallions each customized piece is intricately crafted featuring some of the most detailed micro pave and bezel settings seen in modern day conceptions.

Nls Metal And Jewelry 706 Sansom Street Philadelphia Pa provides a superior shopping experience as well as invaluable preservation and maintenance service that continues to inspire generations of city residents who admire elaborate expressions of superior beauty.


  • Maria from Philadelphia, PA: “I recently had the pleasure of dealing with NLS Metal and Jewelry. The customer service was outstanding and their selection of jewelry pieces was amazing. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality products.”
  • Mark from Bala Cynwyd, PA : “I had a really great experience with NLS Metal and Jewelry and I’m very happy that I chose them. They helped me pick out the perfect piece of jewelry for my wife as an anniversary gift. It was a great shopping experience and I highly recommend them.”
  • Allen from Wilmington, DE:“I recently visited the store to search for wedding rings due to time constraints. By far, this has been the best experience I’ve ever had while shopping for jewelry or metals. The customer service is exceptional – everyone is so polite and patient; they were willing to help us find exactly what we wanted within our budget.”

NLS Metal and Jewelry in Philadelphia has a loyal base of satisfied customers who consistently have nothing but glowing reviews about this jewelers’ services. One such customer Maria from East Falls wrote “The staff here goes above and beyond what one would expect from a retail shop – they’re friendly, knowledgeable, happy to help explain things, and understanding about price points”.

Customers like Mark from Bala Cynwyd praise the staff’s patience in helping them select an item even when they can be extremely indecisive, writing “They made sure that everything was perfect before packaging it up – making sure stones were set correctly, polishing away any scratches etc”.

Allen from Wilmington also mentions how helpful their staff were in guiding him through selecting his wedding rings; “The sales people didn’t push us into anything that we weren’t comfortable with or didn’t need – which definitely left us feeling valued as customers” he writes.

Special Events

The Rock and Roll Upcycle Event

NLS Metal and Jewelry is hosting an upcoming special event called The Rock and Roll Upcycle event. This unique opportunity will feature local artisans that are using vintage materials to create one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. There will be dozens of vendors selling their handmade creations from jewelry to belts, hats and even sculptures.

Even those who don’t want to shop will still enjoy the atmosphere created by the upcycled sounds of live bands playing throughout the venue. The objective of this event is to create a very unique shopping experience that draws attention to how great ideas can come from something as simple as transforming old into new.

Jewelry Maker Demonstrations

At NLS Metal and Jewelry, attendees get the chance to watch skilled jewelers demonstrate the creation process for different types of jewelry. Shoppers can look forward to seeing blued steel rings, silver plated brass jewelry, or sterling silver pendants being crafted right before their eyes.

Not only do visitors get an insider’s glimpse into various techniques used in making custom jewelry but they also learn valuable facts about the craftsmanship behind some products all thanks to professional jewelers present during these key demonstrations.

Educational Seminars

Along with regular demonstrations at NLS Metal and Jewelry on Sansom Street in Philadelphia, there are also educational seminars hosted there for people interested in learning more about metalworking as well as metallurgy in general. These seminars educate individuals on topics such as alloying and soldering; melting point charts; proper safety precautions when utilizing basic tools; hammered versus forged pieces; silver patinas; enameling techniques plus much more practical knowledge related to metalworking design projects or repairs.

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Nls Metal And Jewelry is a great place to get educated in jewelry care and design tips. Located at 706 Sansom Street, Philadelphia Pa, the store offers a wide variety of services ranging from traditional metalsmithing, repairs and restoration services, to modern CAD (Computer Aided Design) for custom design work.

The knowledgeable staff also prides itself on educating shoppers on how to best care for their sterling silver and gold jewelry, as well as offering valuable advice on new trends in the world of jewelry design.

The experienced staff can provide periodic maintenance recommendations specific to an individual’s piece of jewelry so that it will always look its best over the years. Depending on the type of metal used, they may suggest regular polishing to keep jewelry looking like new or regular appointment check-ups for more delicate items like diamond rings or gemstone pieces.

They also provide relevant information about certain gemstones like emeralds, rubies and opals so customers know what caring for their item looks like when making investments such as these.

For those looking to design something special for themselves or someone else, Nls Metal And Jewelry provides helpful pointers that help guide shoppers in creating something unique that reflects the wearer’s personal style. For instance:

  • Using different platings – yellow gold vs white gold – can add an extra layer of elegance to any piece.
  • Crafting filigree patterns with wire working elements such as scrolls or twists.
  • Selecting diamonds, gemstones or freshwater pearls can provide beautiful accents.

In addition to these custom design assistance options Nls Metal And Jewelry also offers workshops and classes throughout the year that further introduce customers into the world of jewelry making and designing. These classes teach material selection tips and allow participants to ask questions while learning from experienced artisans hands-on instruction as they craft their own pieces they can take home with them and show off.

Furthermore, each class held teaches students techniques that can be put into practice once they return home so they can continue developing the skills learned there-in at NLS Metal And Jewelry Philadelphia PA.

Support Local

NLS Metal and Jewelry on Sansom Street in Philadelphia is not your average jewelry store. This small business specializes in a variety of crafts and metalworking techniques to create beautiful custom pieces for any occasion.

NLS emphasizes their dedication to supporting the local community by sourcing materials from across the region and selling items crafted from these homegrown supplies. Although primarily centered on selling handcrafted jewelry, NLS takes pride in providing a high-quality experience that speaks to the vibrant culture of Philadelphia.

In addition to creating eye-catching jewelry, NLS also provides basic repairs for existing jewelry or watches, giving customers another reason to support local business. The experienced staff can often repair jewelry faster than competing national chain stores, which is an invaluable asset for customers who may suddenly realize they need some last-minute work done on something valuable.

NLS Metal and Jewelry’s commitment to elegance and style extends beyond just products – this family-run business also strives to help give back to the community whenever it has the opportunity. NLS recently collaborated with organizations around the city – such as Fostering Philly – with donations of all kinds of dazzling pieces that would be otherwise out of reach due to financial constraints.

  • Sourcing materials from across the region
  • Providing basic repairs for existing jewelry or watches
  • Giving back through collaborations with non-profit organizations

Differentiators – what sets NLS apart from the competition.

NLS Metal and Jewelry in Philadelphia is a family owned business that has been providing the community with metalwork and custom jewellery for over 25 years. They are well known amongst the community for their exceptional quality pieces, unique designs, outstanding customer service, and dedication to always staying ahead of the trends.

The secret to NLS’ success lies in their commitment to excellence and creative approach to design. With a wide range of custom jewellery pieces ranging from bold statement necklaces to delicate earrings, there’s something for everyone at NLS Metal and Jewelry. Every piece is handmade by experienced goldsmiths using only the finest materials sourced from around the world. This ensures that every item crafted by NLS is one of a kind, carefully crafted with attention paid to every detail.

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What sets NLS apart from other jewellers is their customer service philosophy. The shop lines are always open to customers who may have forgotten measurements or have questions about jewellery creation.

Even when orders aren’t placed directly through them, they’re still more than happy to work with clients remotely – helping them find just what they need without ever having to step foot into the store itself.

In addition to being dedicated customers service representatives, even after the sale, employees at NLS also ensure that any repairs made on-site are properly attended too – meaning that customers can expect fast turnaround times and quality craftsmanship with each piece detailed back exactly how they wanted it in a timely fashion.

Ultimately, what sets NLS Metal and Jewelry apart from the competition is its ability to consistently provide top notch products while going above and beyond for its customers whenever needed – keeping them happy at all times. With an unwavering commitment towards customer satisfaction has allowed NLS to remain open for over 25 years and growing strong as ever since day one.


NLS Metal and Jewelry on 706 Sansom Street in Philadelphia, PA offers customized and specialized artistry jewelry that you won’t find in other stores. NLS brings a unique mix of metalworking and design creativity to bring customers the best of both worlds: creative artistry with superior material quality. It’s impossible to find this kind of custom jewelry anywhere else.

The artistry is developed by a talented and experienced team who have worked and collaborated with over 50 artists around the globe. NLS continuously updates their inventory to keep up with current trends as well as bring customer requested pieces into fruition.

They work side-by-side with dedicated artists to create intricate patterns, designs, textures, stones, clasps, locks and more. In addition to offering a vast selection of handmade items such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings – they also offer custom jewellery repair services including diamond setting services upon request.

The extent of the artistry provided is reflected in their distinct range of products:

  • Rings – engagement rings which can be made from white gold or platinum for a stunning look
  • Necklaces – featuring detailed filigree work giving it an ornamental feel
  • Bracelet – intricate entanglements accommodating all types of wrist sizes
  • Earrings – adding extra flare to any occasion

The craftsmanship doesn’t stop there – they also specialize in antique restoration repairs and refinishing processes. These techniques include updating settings for modern wearability while maintaining the original integrity of the piece. By using a set of delicate tools utlised by skilled craftsmen – NLS is able to restore each item back to its former glory no matter its age or value.

Featured Trends

Nls Metal and Jewelry on Sansom Street in Philadelphia, PA is a great place to find the latest jewelry styles and trends. From bright colors to intricate metalwork, this store has something for everyone. They are most well-known for their selection of unique pieces that help their customers stand out from the crowd.

Nls offers an extensive selection of earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more all in the cutting edge style options. Additionally, they carry items made from 14K gold, sterling silver and alternative metals like titanium.

The overall look at Nls is one of modern style fused with a classic sensibility. They stock many pieces that have bold designs yet are still delicate. Many of these pieces feature colorful stones set in dramatic shapes such as triangles or circles.

There are also several choices for jewelry with an edgier look featuring spikes, geometric shapes and textured finishes like hammered metal or burnished surfaces. Their collection of rings ranges from single stone settings in rose gold to intricate bands featuring several stones in various sizes and colors.

Apart from modern styles, the store also has some timeless favorites with vintage influences such as opals or aquamarine stones strung together in tiny clusters to create beautiful floral arrangements. Additionally, almost all the pieces come either plain or diamond-adorned depending on your preference. Regardless of which style you choose though, you can be sure that you will be wearing something special made from quality materials that will stand out from the rest.