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Niihau Jewelry is highly sought after by collectors and considered some of the finest jewelry in Hawaii. The tiny island of Niihau, located off the coasts of Kaua’i and Ni’ihau, is known as the “the Forbidden Island”. For years it has been governed by the Robinson family, who bought the land for $10,000 dollars in 1864.

The primitive lifestyle on Niihau led to many handcrafted pieces including jewelry, which were passed down from earlier generations. They became very popular due to their intricate designs and vibrant colors which were created using shells or semi-precious stones. A favorite among these was Paua shell jewelry. These pieces are traditionally strung onto fiber and then fashioned into common shapes such as circles and spheres, with more complex shapes like turtle shells also possible. This type of jewelry quickly caught on across the islands due to its eye-catching beauty and intricate attention to detail.

In addition, Niihau Jewelry utilizes Hawaiian themes in its design to demonstrate appreciation for their culture, ancestry, and history. Traditionally the pieces often had spiritual significance; given as wedding gifts, they represented love that was promised between two individuals or given to honor a person at funerals as respect for their life’s passage. Additionally, each piece served a symbolic purpose—representing family lineage kinolau (family line) through patterns that would vary between families or islands—making them all the more cherished by islanders who viewed them not just as beautiful objects but also evidence of ties to an extremely important aspect about living Hawaiian: their genealogies.

Types of Niihau Jewelry

Niihau Jewelry is well-known for its exquisite craftsmanship and design. This type of jewelry is made with a selection of raw materials, such as shells, pearls, and semi-precious stones that are carefully harvested from the nearby island of Niihau in Hawaii. The beads used to create the pieces are typically painted with bright colors or adorned with intricate patterns, giving each piece a unique look. In addition to using traditional techniques like stringing and loom beading, contemporary techniques like metal fabrication and 3D printing can also be used to create Niihau jewelry.

The most common type of Niihau Jewelry are leis – necklaces crafted from flowers or shells that come in varying lengths, depending on the wearer’s preference. Other popular items include necklaces, chokers, pendants, earrings and bracelets. Each piece is truly a work of art and often serves as a reminder of the culture and unique beauty of Hawaii. With its combination of colors, textures and craftsmanship, Niihau Jewelry makes an excellent gift for someone special or just a special treat for yourself!

Techniques to Craft & Polish Niihau Jewelry

Niihau jewelry is well-known for its beauty and craftsmanship, with traditional pieces crafted from shells, feathers, beads, and porcupine quills. The artisans who make these exquisite works of art have developed a unique set of techniques to craft delicate pieces that are beautiful, but also durable.

One common technique is pu’uwai nui honi honi or “feather wrapping”. This involves using the feathers of native birds such as the oos, anianiau, and iiwi. The feathers are carefully arranged and wrapped around carved shell beads strung on sinew to form intricate patterns.

In addition to feather wrapping, experienced Niihau jewelers can use a variety of other techniques including tapa or barkcloth stamps that feature geometric designs created by pressing small objects into wetened paper; lacing with kukui nut oil to make fine lines in bone or wooden jewelry; hauling fibers of different colors together to evoke simple landscapes; buka stonework which consists of tiny beads mounted into wooded tiles through holes intricately drilled with a small awl; and polishing each piece with a mixture of 3 parts boiled gardenia juice and 1 part waiwai oil before buffing it with heavy canvas. All these steps are required for crafting these traditional pieces of Niihau jewelry.

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Niihau Jewelry in Native Culture

Niihau jewelry has been beloved by Hawaiians for centuries. Once a form of adornment used only for leaders and royalty, it is now treasured by many as an exquisite ornamentation. Typically fashioned of precious shells, Niihau jewelry often consists of intricate floral patterns, each with deeply symbolic meaning. Every piece is imbued with the spirit of beauty and nature that are so integral to Hawaiian heritage and culture.

The materials used in Niihau jewelry have spiritual significance that goes beyond aesthetics. For example, the tiny white shells represent purity and innocence while black coral signifies strength and protection. Many pieces also feature rarely seen varieties of colorful shells which promote healing and happiness or signify abundance and prosperity. These offerings symbolize sacredness, gentleness, protection, patience, spontaneity, peace, and goodwill – all values essential to understanding Hawaii’s ancient origins.

In addition to serving a spiritual purpose, Niihau jewelry has become important heirlooms passed down through generations as symbols of familial love. An individual might give another person a piece as a token of their bond or offer it in times of great distress or joy; either way be sure that the gift carries with it plenty of spiritual implications tied to one’s home islanders’ culture & belief systems. This type of offering truly speaks to how deeply embedded traditional Hawaiian identity & spirituality remains within modern society today.

Niihau Mastery & Artistry

Niihau jewelry is a traditional form of Native Hawaiian jewelry crafted from shells found on the small island of Niihau. The island, located off the coast of Kauai, is home to a unique population that practices traditional Hawaiian crafts. The designs for the jewelry originate in these ancient art forms and use symbols originating in legends, culture and history of Hawaii. It can be said that Niihau jewelry truly embodies Hawaiian Mana or spiritual power.

The craftsmanship used to create Niihau jewelry is unlike other jewelry crafted around the world—each piece is designed and handcrafted with careful attention to detail. To produce the final product, each bead must first be cut with special tools, then shaped and drilled by artisans with decades of experience in working with clam shells which is painstakingly tedious work. After this process has been completed each shell will go through sanding and polishing so that every single piece produces an exquisite sheen.

Finally, extra care is taken in fitting together all the components that make up niihau Jewelry- from strands of feather encased kukui nut lain atop shimmering clamshell discs surrounded by petite pearls tying it all together . Visualizing an image formed from uniquely crafted beads into enticing works of art requires a steady hand; one mistake can ruin weeks’ worth of hard work. Through their meticulousness and creative eye, these master craftsmen bring an undeniable sense of beauty to their pieces.

Niihau Jewelry also often features intricate designs made with native materials such as koa wood, mother-of-pearl and feathers as well as other semi-precious stones like opal chips or glass beads combined with beautiful gemstones. This combination allows for great flexibility in giving wearers different color combinations to choose from while ensuring each piece has its own unique quality – no two Niihau jewelries are alike! The end result provides viewers with a stunning symbol which honors traditional culture, conveys respect towards important aspects of Hawaiian heritage while celebrating the wearer’s natural beauty all at once!

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Famous People & Niihau Jewelry

Niihau Jewelry is a jewelry brand from Hawaii specializing in the design and production of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces made from shells found on the Hawaiian island of Niihau. Created by Craig Oyama, these pieces are highly sought after for their beauty, higher quality materials and hand craftsmanship. This type of jewelry has gained popularity with fashionistas, celebrities and influential people from all walks of life.

Highlighting celebrities and influential people that wear Nihhau Jewelry can be seen at many high profile events such as premieres, award ceremonies, conventions and festivals. Notable figures seen wearing these beautiful pieces include musicians such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Taylor Swift; actors like Priyanka Chopra and Lupita Nyong’o; designers Diane Von Furstenberg and Tommy Hilfiger; political leader Hillary Rodham Clinton; media personalities Oprah Winfrey and Maria Menounos; sports stars Serena Williams and Michael Jordan; supermodels Karlie Kloss, Adriana Lima, Bella Hadid & Cara Delevigne; fashion icons such as Anna Wintour, Tyra Banks & Kim Kardashian; royalty Kate Middleton & Crown Princess Mary of Denmark; businessmen Richard Branson & Mark Cuban.

With so much evidence to back their remarkable pieces up it is no wonder Niihau Jewelry continues to capture hearts everywhere. From contemporary designs to traditionally styled items there is something for everyone whether you want a timeless piece or something out of the ordinary.

Sustainability of Niihau Jewelry

Niihau Jewelry has a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives, with conservation practices that are designed to last for generations. By forming collaborative partnerships between local craftspeople and Hawaiians, Niihau Jewelry is committed to preserving the traditional art of handcrafting Niihau shells into jewelry as well as maintaining ancestral resources.

Niihau Jewelry has worked hard to reduce energy consumption in their production process by sourcing materials from certified sustainable suppliers and providing artisans with eco-friendly equipment. In addition, they use renewable energy sources such as solar power to create an overall more environmentally friendly business methodology. Furthermore, the company offers educational workshops to teach the locals the traditional techniques used in creating these unique pieces of jewelry so that the craft may be passed on and never forgotten. Moreover, they actively collaborate with local artists and craftspeople in an effort to promote sustainable design and production methods amongst everyone involved. Niihau Jewelry not only promotes Hawaiian culture but also helps make it easier for people around the world to appreciate its beauty while at the same time limiting its environmental footprint!


Niihau Jewelry is truly beautiful and has relevance beyond its visual appeal. These pieces are a reflection of Hawaii’s ancient culture and heritage, reaching back to before the colonization of the islands by outsiders. Although some of the materials used to create these pieces can be viewed as “limited,” they still find a way to achieve extraordinary complexity through detailed patterns, shapes, and colors that can only be found aesthetic elements of traditional Hawaiian artistry. Through this craftsmanship and the careful selection of materials, Niihau Jewelry captivates with a stunningly unique beauty that is timeless in its appeal. As one of Hawaii’s most distinctive art forms, Niihau Jewelry will always remain an important part of Hawaiian culture and identity that continues to move through generations.