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The Beauty Of Necklace

A necklace is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the neck for ornamental value. Necklace gives beauty to the neck as it touches the throat. Women love jewelry and would love to be looked upon as being attractive to others and to this end, pieces of jewelry are their passion.

History looks at a necklace as a seductive piece of jewelry and in those days, women were said to have worn necklaces to attract attention to the cleavage. The Italians wore them with pendants that were hollow and filled with perfume.

Egyptians wore heavy gold necklaces on very low necklines, giving them a look par excellence. Queen Alexandra was said to have worn real pearl necklaces for all formal events and state occasions. Pearl necklaces were so expensive that it is said that an American skyscraper was exchanged for the price of a pearl necklace.

Necklaces are made from various metals and a locket or pendant can also be attached to them. Pendants of cross are worn by the Christians while pendants of Gods and Goddesses are worn by Hindus. They are also studded with precious stones, beads, shells, or wood to give them a grand look.

Necklaces that are worn high on the neck are known as chokers. The necklace that ends on the cleavage is called the Matinée necklace. Opera necklaces are longer and end below the breasts. Then there are the rope necklaces that are longer then the opera necklaces.

Necklaces that match the outfit are common and different colored gemstones are studded to create color. Rubies are embedded for their red color, sapphires for the blue color, emeralds for green, and diamonds for their brightness and white color. Swarovski crystal necklaces are more expensive than glass and are making a fashion statement because of the brilliance and dazzle of the crystals.

Multicolored necklaces are in vogue and these are fitted with several types of gems to give them the exclusive look to go with any heavy outfit on a special occasion. A bride in a white wedding dress with diamonds studded in white gold looks ethereal and princess like.

Jewelers stock necklace sets, which have a necklace, matching earrings, and bracelet. This makes it easier for people to buy everything at one place instead of running around to find something that matches their necklace.

Gift your mother with a beautiful traditional gold necklace with a matching set of ear studs on her birthday or anniversary and see the joy in her face. No matter what the age is, this is one piece of jewelry that is loved and worn by all with the same eager enthusiasm and passion.

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Diamond Necklace

Diamond, it is a women’s best friend. Diamonds are showcased in necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Giving the woman you love a diamond necklace is the ultimate thing you can give to her. Having a diamond jewelry item is every woman’s most cherished dream. It brightens a woman’s personality and also gives the woman a graceful look.

It is said that diamond necklaces can be worn with any kind of outfit (depending on the size and style of the necklace). However, the hardest part in choosing the right diamond necklace is by deciding which one would suit the personality of the one you will give it to. There are some factors that one must consider first before buying a diamond necklace.

One of the most important factors is the size of the diamond itself. The larger the stone, the more expensive it will be. Diamonds are measured in carats. The bigger the number the more expensive the diamond is. Some necklaces have a single stone while there are also some diamond necklaces that have numerous numbers of stones. Another important factor in buying a diamond necklace is the characteristic of the stone.

The value of a diamond is determined by its color. The colorless and white colored diamonds are considered the purest form of diamond when placed in necklaces.

Acquiring diamond necklaces can be done in lots and lots of ways. If you want to buy the woman that you love a diamond necklace, you can go directly to a local jewelry shop. Or if you want to buy a diamond necklace for investment purposes, it is advisable that you visit a reputable retailer whose specialization is on the sale of diamonds. They will be able to tell you the different characteristics, clarity and designs of diamonds. Most of these diamond retail shops provide guarantees such as repairs and cleanings of the diamond necklace.

Many retailers provide trade in options to its clients such as purchasing back the necklace from you for a percentage of the original value if you decide not to keep the diamond necklace.
There are also lots of not so expensive diamond necklaces available on the internet.

Many jewelry retailers on the internet showcase their goods low priced because of the large quantity they deal in. Many of these online jewelry retailers post testimonials or reviews from their customers. It is important that you first read some of these testimonials or reviews to know what others have experienced on a particular online jewelry retailer.

No matter where you purchased your item, giving it to the one you love will surely put a bright smile to her face. Diamond necklaces make a great gift on any occasion.

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Silver Necklace

A silver necklace is a lovely choice for just about any occasion. They are heavier than gold yet they are less expensive. For most people, a silver necklace allows them to offer someone a great gift at a price they can afford. Silver is known to reflect light very well so you can be sure it is going to get noticed.

There are many different styles of silver necklaces to choose from as well. You may want to give one with a small diamond on the end of it. There are plenty of shapes of diamonds including heart, pear, and round that you can get to complete your silver necklace. You can also go with a lovely heart that will symbolize your love for them without any words having to be spoken.

There are charms that you can get for silver necklaces as well. They are really fun and you can place several on the same chain. If this is your intent, make sure you go with a high quality chain. You need it to be strong enough to hold the weight of the charms. You definitely don’t want it to break and then you will end up losing all of your charms.

Take your time to look around at various jewelry stores for silver necklaces. They make perfect gifts for the holidays, birthdays, or just to thank someone for being special in your life. There are silver necklaces available for men as well as those available for women to choose from.

The fact that silver necklaces are so affordable and they look grant certainly has a lot to do with the fact that they sell so well. You will notice they have become more and more popular in society. As the demand for them continues to go up, you can be sure the selection of lovely silver necklaces will continue to increase as well.

The prices for silver necklaces will vary depending on what you are looking for. You can also shop for them only by price. You may find you can get a better deal online due to the cost of the middleman being cut out. Just make sure you are getting quality items from sites you can trust.

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The Pearl Necklace – A Timeless Beauty

It has been said that of all the pieces of jewelry in the world, a pearl necklace is the only thing that a woman should not be without. And that’s no wonder, for a pearl necklace is the embodiment of classic sophistication and timeless elegance.

It goes with a variety of outfits, from casual day wear to formal evening attire. And depending on the type of pearl and color, there are various pearl necklace styles suitable for the very young, those enjoying their golden years, and almost everyone else in the middle.

The price of a pearl necklace depends on the quality of its pearls. Saltwater pearls are generally more expensive than freshwater ones, which are cultured. The sheen and the thickness of the pearls’ nacre also affect the price, as well as the size and roundness of the pearls themselves.

Pearl necklaces of various colors are available on the market. Smaller pearls in light hues of blue or pink are usually more suitable for young children, while the creamier, ivory-toned pearls are preferred by older women. Jewelry pieces made from black pearls are very, very expensive, since these pearls are so rare.

According to Chinese folklore, pearls are the tears of a dragon. In Roman mythology, they are the tears of Venus. Jewelry designers, in their tireless efforts to do justice to the legendary beauty of these gems, have been adding their own twists to the pearl necklace.

Aside from the classic strand, the pearls used in necklaces are sometimes set in gold, silver or platinum. Some designers also mix pearls with other gems to create a unique effect. Extra ornaments, such as charms or a brooch, can also be attached to a pearl necklace to give it a personalized flair.

Caring for a pearl necklace does not involve a lot of fuss. The most advisable thing to do is to wear it often, because if it’s stored away for long periods of time, it will dry up and lose its sheen. The body’s natural oils will keep the pearls looking lustrous and fresh.

It’s also important to avoid having the pearls come in contact with substances such as hair spray or body lotion, since these can also adversely affect the pearls’ condition.

The popularity of the pearl necklace has never waned both among ordinary people and society’s elite. The quintessential fashion plate, Jackie Kennedy, had a passion for pearls; so does actress Maria Berenson. Other celebrities often photographed wearing pearl necklaces are Michelle Pfeiffer, Sophia Loren, Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton.

The versatility of pearls is such that fashion experts are even predicting an increase in the number of men who will start wearing pearl-accented dress accessories. For now, however, there is very little to surpass the elegance of the sight of a pearl necklace gracing the neckline of a woman, whether she’s a celebrity or not.

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