Names Of Vintage Costume Jewelry Makers

Vintage costume jewelry is extremely popular and highly desirable among collectors. It has a distinct aesthetic quality that draws people, but even more so the interesting designs and quality of materials used. Many names of vintage costume jewelry makers are well known, such as Trifari, Coro, and Renoir, to name a few. Their pieces feature value of workmanship and intricate details that contemporary fashion jewelry simply cannot match.

One of the most recognizable names in costume jewelry is Trifari. The company was founded in 1910 by Gustavo Rafailovich Trinhafer and Leonard Rafailovich Haskell for design and production of high-quality jewelry. They gained popularity in the 1920s due to their unique designs, which involved semi-precious stones such as coral or jade and delicate enamelling techniques. Some of their most popular pieces include crowns featuring faux pearls decorated with colorful artificial gemstones.

Another name that is synonymous with vintage costume jewelry design is Coro Jewelry Company, established in 1901 by Emanuel Cohn and Carl Rosenberger. Coro started out creating high-end fashion items made with gold and authentic gemstones, but eventually shifted its focus to creating cheaper costume versions of iconic designs at an affordable price point when demand rose during the Great Depression.

They became famous for their use of rhinestones which were often clustered together to form flower patterns or Art Deco shapes like stars or geometrics designs.

In 1924, Renoir Jewelry Manufacturing Company was awarded a patent for their signature “hung” chains for necklaces that featured links connected from two sides that resembled ropes hung from below the necklace’s headpiece.

Founded by Roger Odette in Rhode Island in 1925, Renoir was well known for its unusual shapes found on bracelets featuring features like animals or snakes made from curved brass wire or pewter castings combined with colorful plastic beads or enamel accents; these are classic examples of vintage Renoir Jewellery design still sought after among collectors today.

History of Costume Jewelry and its Role in Fashion and Popular Culture

Costume jewelry has been an integral part of fashion for centuries. It is believed that the earliest pieces date back to ancient Egypt, when Pharaohs and royalty would wear gold, silver, and gemstone jewellery as a sign of status. Later on, from the Middle Ages until around the 1700s, these baubles were a way to show wealth and power. In the 19th century, with the rise of industrialization in Europe and America, costume jewelry became available to everyone.

Jewelry makers helped shape fashion trends on both sides of the Atlantic by designing costume jewelry that was often inspired by everyday items like fruits and vegetables. Collectors also began to appreciate these pieces-made not only for their beauty but also for their ingenious craftsmanship.

The most popular names in vintage costume jewellery are as follows:

  • Miriam Haskell
  • Nadir Bey
  • Czech Pottery Art Deco Jewellery
  • Trifarirhinestones
  • Eisenberg Ice Embellishments
  • Dorothy Bauerjewels

Miriam Haskell is perhaps the most renowned name in vintage costume jewelry due to her innovative designs from 1920-1970s that show off delicate details and intricate bead work. Nadir Bey was another influential designer who pioneered African American fashion by mixing traditional European designs with African beads from his birthplace.

Czech pottery art deco jewellery crafted between 1920-1945 is incredibly collectable pieces due to their unique color palette and adding glitzy rhinestones with enthralling settings are signature works of Trifarirhinestones while Eisenberg Ice embellishments introduced cutting edge shapes into decorations with clear crystal additions adapted in bright colors.

Dorothy Bauer jewels is popular with her playful modern designs characterized by bold color combinations featuring animal motifs such as birds, fish & butterflies which lead numerous connoisseurs towards investing on costume jewels adoring this distinguished creativity showing her talent all through out since early 1950’s up until now.

Reasons to Collect Vintage Costume Jewelry

The popularity of vintage costume jewelry is unmistakable and continues to grow among passionate collectors, thanks in part to its affordability and lasting beauty. Vintage pieces add a unique sparkle to any outfit, enlivening classic styles or making bold fashion statements. Buying quality vintage pieces can also help support the companies’ former designers and producers, while giving you the satisfaction of owning an item that can be passed down through generations.

History And Craftsmanship

Collecting vintage costume jewelry is not just about looks – it’s also about appreciating the craftsmanship of yesteryear that went into creating each piece. Each designer has their own story to tell, and with research you may even have the opportunity to learn about these hidden histories.

Having an understanding of how pieces were produced and what materials were used goes a long way towards helping you determine authenticity in your collecting efforts. Your discoveries might even encourage other historians or curators to further study their niche within this growing area of interest.

Accessibility Of High Quality Pieces

Vintage jewelry makers are highly sought after for their unique designs and craftsmanship which often must meet strict standards set forth by governing bodies like The Jewelers Vigilance Committee – helping ensure the authenticity of certain designs. Additionally, many manufacturers list stamps on backings or tags indicating time period (like 1925-1935), maker (Trifari), country of origin (foreign) or patters (Princess).

This detailed stamping helps make it easier for curious collectors to find accurate information regarding item specifics such as age and origin/manufacturer. Knowing who made the jewelry can give you inside access to finding more high quality, authentic pieces from your favorite designers.

Popular Makers of Vintage Costume Jewelry

The collection of vintage costume jewelry has expanded tremendously over the years. New collectors seem to be popping up all the time and some want to begin their collection by researching particular makers and brands. From Art Deco to Hollywood glamour, there are some exceptional pieces from both known and unknown makers. Here are some of the most popular names worth looking out for when it comes to collecting vintage costume jewelry.

Vintage Jewelry For Sale On Ebay

Miriam Haskell

One of the most recognizable names in vintage costume jewelry is Miriam Haskell. She was a pioneer designer who began creating these items back in 1926. Her unique handmade designs combined rhinestones, crystals, cabochons and faux pearls with brass filigree settings and some lovely craftsmanship work from her team of skilled artisans. This gives her pieces an expensive look without breaking the bank if you get lucky enough to find one.


Another popular maker is Trifari which also has a long history dating back to 1910 when Gustavo Trifari first started the company along with his uncle Leo Kriegelstein and Carl Fishelsen. His initial collections were made up of basic metal earrings and pendants before they evolved into spectacular intricate designs featuring bright enamels, Swarovski crystals and brilliant rhinestones that stayed popular for several decades – even past 1996 when Crest purchased them and eventually closed down shop in 2006.


Finally, Corocraft is another name you’ll come across quite often in vintage costume jewelry circles. They started out as small family business originally called Corr contemporized Jewelry Corporation, run by three brothers; Jack, Frederick and Maurice Corr around 1930s-1940s until 1955 when Spaulding & Company bought them out.

What made their pieces special was not just sturdy construction but highly elaborate floral designs featuring sterling silver plated bases complete with turquoise cabochons, clear quartz stones found within intricately detailed frames as well as synthetic materials like lucite which were extremely rare at the time – making them collectible items even now.

Top Manufacturer of Costume and Fashion Jewelry

Coro Company was an iconic American manufacturer of costume and fashion jewelry that was founded in 1901 by Emanuel Cohn and Carl Rosenberger in New York City. At their peak, Coro had branches in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Great Britain. They established a high standard of quality design and craftsmanship that other companies sought to imitate. Coro made a variety of items such as pins, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, belt buckles, dress clips and compacts.

Notable Pieces Carried by Coro

  • Textured gold mesh bags with gemstone accents
  • Rhinestone encrusted brooches shaped like birds or flowers
  • Colorful plastic beads strung tightly into necklaces
  • Intricately designed cufflinks for men’s formal wear
  • Gold plated cocktail rings with large rhinestones
  • Chunky necklaces with bold geometric shapes

Other Famous Vintage Costume Jewelry Makers:

Vintage costume jewelry is highly sought after due to its beauty, quality workmanship and design. While the Coro company is one of the most well-known vintage costume jewelry makers there are many other glove-known manufacturers whose work features a variety of artistic elements. From art deco designs to rhinestones pieces this valuable accessories has been collected around the world for decades. Below are just some examples:

    • Trifari: This family owned business created stunning pieces using metals such as gold fillers which increased durability and make them collectable for generations. Some signature pieces include stars, crowns animals (hawks) which were made with glass stones set into gold filled settings.
    • Sarah Coventry: This company focused on creating quality designs at affordable prices for middle America consumers towards the bottom end of the 1920s economic depression culture This company paid more attention to details – allowing customers to mix and match compatible necklace sets – it even produced flat charm like banglebracelets.
    • Napier: Napier reclaimed charm bracelets back in the 1930s as they crafted these fashionable creations which incorporated silver mixed up with artifacts like navigation tools – compasses etc shown in bright colors.

Sterling Craft Manufacturing Corporation

Sterling Craft Manufacturing Corporation is a vintage costume jewelry production that has been around since the 1950s. It is known for its outstanding production when it comes to high quality jewelry pieces and designs.

The company is established to manufacture fashion accessories for ladies that are produced with genuine sterling silver and plated base metal items. This venerable company started out by manufacturing basic pin brooches and earrings yet evolved into increasingly complex styles all the while maintaining the highest standards for craftsmanship and superior style.

Besides their product line of modern fashion accessories, Sterling Craft Manufacturing Corporation offers remarkable top quality vintage designs as well. These antique pieces feature an array of intricate cuts, design elements, colors, and textures crafted from sterling silver and other variations of metals.

For example one of their most renowned pieces is an ornate 16-inch sterling necklace adorned with faux turquoise stones in baguette shapes forming a flower pattern accented with sparkling diamonds. Aside from its impeccable appearance, its materials are composed of stainless steel findings for long-lasting durability against tarnishing or corrosion due to oxidation reactions.

In summary, Sterling Craft Manufacturing Corporation is a renowned manufacturer of vintage costume jewelry whose work rivals many of its contemporaries in quality design elements and overall aesthetic appeal. Below is a list outlining some notable highlights from their collection:

– Utilizes genuine sterling silver in crafting fashionable accessories for women – Offers both modern fashion pieces as well as antique jewelry designs – Renowned piece include 16-inch sterling necklace featuring faux turquoise, diamonds, and stainless steel findings – Ornate works feature intricate cuts, design elements, colors, & textures – All items crafted to superior style & the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Schreiner New York

Schreiner New York is a stand out maker of vintage costume jewelry that was founded by two brothers, Albert and George Schreiner, in 1919. Although the company began in Brooklyn and eventually moved to 250 West 55th Street in Manhattan, their original designs were brought over from Germany where one of the brothers had grown up.

Schreiner was well-known for its wide variety of pieces – anything from brooches to earrings to necklaces – utilizing glass cabochons interspersed with brightly colored rhinestones. They also created an extensive line of figural pins like dragons, turkeys, and swans.

Notable Design Features That Define Schreiner Jewelry

American craftsmanship can be seen throughout the unique designs made by Schreiner. In particular:

  • The company’s signature use of colored stones and enameling often done in an Art Nouveau style.
  • High quality materials used including marcasite, extreme brilliants (topaz), synthetic rhodolites (rubies), faux pearls, Capri Blue rhinestones.
  • Beautifully designed gold plated settings crafted into shapes such as leaves or petals.
  • Pave set crystal stones which further increased the sparkle emitted by each piece.

Popularity With Hollywood Celebrities

Due to its intricate details and overall distinctiveness, Schreiner Vintage jewels quickly became fashionable among celebrities during the ’50s and 60s’ Golden Age of motion pictures as actresses wore them during award shows or screenings. Many stars have endorsed Schreiner jewels simply because it was thought at that time that these vintage pieces were timeless yet sophisticated additions to formal wear.

Some notable celebrities who have been known to wear Schreiner were Bette Davis, Ava Gardner, Kim Novak, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and even Jackie Kennedy.

Unsigned Jewelry

Determining the maker of unsigned vintage costume jewelry can be a difficult feat. Not all jewelry makers mark their pieces, especially pieces from decades ago. Today’s buyers who collect vintage costume jewelry benefit from the many resources and tips to narrow down the search for unknown makers.

1. Research Known Makers

One of the best ways to identify unsigned costume jewelry is to become familiar with established, recognized names in costume jewelry design. Researchers recommend studying catalogs and books featuring illustrations of signature looks for each designer and compare any unknown piece to those known styles for similarities.

2.Be sure To Consider Any Maker’s Signature Markings Unsigned pieces may still have some marks on its back including hallmarks or initials which may help identify it as coming from a certain manufacturer or era such as Trifari from the 1920s or Coro from the 1940’s. Being familiar with well-known maker’s hallmarks and signatures is useful when attempting to pinpoint an item’s origin or maker.

3.Look at Parts & Construction When evaluating an unsigned piece, consider details such as whether it was machine-made or hand tooled, examine the settings, use of metal plating colors and finishes as they were popular for upscale designers only during certain eras.

Quality construction – neat soldering, proper finishing are also important factors; plus study stone clips used to see if these suggest one company over another – particular manufacturers were known for specific types of clasps on pins and earrings.

High-End Companies in Vintage Costume Jewelry

In the vintage costume jewelry world, there are several high-end makers whose pieces remain extremely valuable and sought after by collectors and savvy jewelry buyers. Many of these companies have been around for well over a century.

Here is a list of the top high-end vintage companies

  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Cartier
  • Castlecliffff
  • Trifari
  • Schreiner
  • Wei Telma (WT) Markings

Tiffany & Co is perhaps the biggest name when it comes to jewelry making. They produce exquisite pieces that increase in value every year and are highly sought after by collectors and investors a like. Pieces crafted by Tiffany & Co feature their signature “Return to Tiffany” markings.

The Lanvin Brothers founded Cartier in 1847. This French design house created some of the most iconic jewelry designs ever made. Still worn by celebrities today, this company set the standard for luxury watches and was even awarded Royal Warrants from King Edward VII.

Castlecliff was an American company that operated between 1917 to 1977. Their ad campaigns fulfilled a certain romanticism when they portrayed couples draped in Castlecliff jewelry in early 20th century lifestyle settings. They used reverse carved Lucite which became one of their signature items.

Trifari is another popular maker of vintage costume jewelry that has been around since 1910. Their quality craftsmanship earned them many awards including seven Coty Awards in New York City between 1934 thru 1966 representing excellence in design and construction.

Sister duo, Gustave and Kermit Schreiner created Schreiner Jewelry Inc., which manufactured “Handcrafted Quality Jewelry” In 1939. Like Trifari, Schreiner Jewelry garnered several awards during its time including two first-place awards at the Philadelphia Inquirer And Product Design Award Show in 1962.

Last but not least, we come to Wei Telma also known as WT Markings which were produced out of Hong Kong during post World War ll period 1949 – 1969. WT enjoyed legendary success due to their clever use of various molds taken from historical periods such as Edwardian, Victorian, Art Deco etc. WT focused on creating affordable copies using materials such gold plating rhodium or silver plating along with faux stones.


Vintage costume jewelry offers a unique aesthetic to any wardrobe. From flapper-style styles of the 1920s to bold colors and designs of the 1960s, these timeless pieces will stand out in any ensemble. Many well-known jewelry makers such as Coro, Trifari, AJC, and Eisenberg can be found in many vintage costume jewelry collections. With an ever green charm and elaborate craftsmanship, vintage costume jewelry from any of these makers is sure to turn heads.

The timeless appeal of vintage costume jewelry adds an elegant touch to modern ensembles while making a statement for years to come. Whether it’s a pair of vintage earrings or a necklace from one of the well-known costume jewelry makers previously mentioned, the quality is sure to have withstood the test of time. Vintage pieces are highly sought after due to their exquisite design and craftsmanship which was executed with intricate detail providing them with long lasting allure.

In addition to adding timeless beauty to your wardrobe collection, investing in vintage costume jewelry can be quite lucrative. In many cases when a style is no longer being produced or has become highly sought after over time, its value tends to rise exponentially with few exceptions.

The more rare the piece is considered hovers around certain time periods or coming designers, their value can drastically increase depending on market trends at any given time which makes investing in this collector’s item very interesting for enthusiasts everywhere.

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