Most Collectible Vintage Costume Jewelry


Collectible Vintage Costume Jewelry refers to any type of jewelry made prior to the late 1930s. It is typically characterized by its bolder and more dramatic style, with larger-than-life motifs, flamboyant colors, and intricate designs. This type of jewelry was first popularized in the 1920s and continued to grow in popularity until it was eventually overtaken by modern fashion trends in the later half of the decade. However, some aspects of vintage costume jewelry have remained in style since then, making them highly sought after today. Collectible vintage costume jewellery often uses materials like rhinestones, crystals, glass beads, plastic cabochons, enamel paint and carved shells or mother of pearl; this combination creates a unique look which can still be seen in many pieces today.

Historical Context

Vintage costume jewelry has been a collectible item for hundreds of years. During the 1920s, popular pieces were influenced by the Art Deco period, a type of modern art associated with geometric shapes and bright colors. Pendant necklaces, earrings, and pins featuring these motifs are highly sought-after from this era.

In response to the economic crash at the time, vintage costume jewelry production also included inexpensive materials like bakelite plastic and brass. During World War II, due to wartime rationing and restrictions on precious metals, motifs shifted towards patriotic subjects such as flags or stars.

The 1950’s ushered in what we now consider Retro style designs. After WWII ended, there was an embrace of luxury items once again which represented newfound optimism. Retro jewelry often featured colorful designs made popular by screen stars like Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly incorporating rhinestones and gemstones into their pieces.

Today vintage costume jewelry is still highly sought-after for its historical context as well as its wide variety of designs making it one of the most collectible types of vintage items available. Modern jewelry designers incorporate elements from Art Deco, Bakelite Plastic and Retro styles into their own creations to create unique mixed media pieces for collectors around the world to enjoy.

Analyzing the Appeal of Collectible Vintage Costume Jewelry

Vintage costume jewelry is highly desirable and collected because of its unique beauty, intricate craftsmanship, and financial value. Often times these pieces were a fashion statement created by some of the greatest designers in history. This type of jewelry is associated with the glamor and luxury of a bygone era and often has an iconic look that stands out no matter the occasion. From Art Deco earrings to intricate brooches to beautiful necklaces, vintage costume jewelry can be found bearing all types of intriguing designs from renowned names such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Trifari, Dior, Swarovski and others.

The undeniable quality of collectible vintage costume jewelry paired with its affordability allows it to span numerous generations to become treasured heirlooms that are handed down from one family member to the next. This type of jewelry is also considered a great investment for many collectors who are looking for a financially rewarding hobby that can still yield an appreciation for beauty. As rarity increases for certain pieces due to their age, so does their worth — often selling at prices greater than when they were first created. Another aspect contributing to the widespread popularity of vintage costume jewelry is its immense variety — you can find nearly any style or era available online or through established antique dealers. Collectible vintage costume jewelry has something unique and inspiring for everyone – whether they go searching online or attend live auctions where intrigue levels are always high!

Types of Vintage Costume Jewelry

Brooches: These small pieces of vintage jewelry are often whimsical and delicate, making them popular collectibles. Brooches come in a wide variety of styles, from classic to contemporary. Many vintage brooches feature semi-precious gems or pearls. Some popular historic manufacturers of brooch designs include Schlumberger, Trifari, Dior, Coro, and Weiss.

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Pins: Like brooches, pins come in an array of sizes and styles and make great additions to collections. Pins are also distinguished by the variety of materials used in their designs — precious metals as well as plastic resins or shells — and can be found decorated with cabochons or glass stones from around the world. Popular makers such as Miriam Haskell often used vibrant colors in their pins that helped spark the fashion revolution of the 1950s and 1960s.

Hair Combs: These ornamental combs have become highly sought after for their smaller size that allows for greater flexibility in design options compared to other types of hair ornamentation. While modern hair combs tend to be made exclusively out of plastic or metal alloys, vintage versions may feature intricate lacework or multicolored decoration on the fine teeth created from celluloid or hard rubber molds. German manufacturer Orylag is known for its beautifully crafted celluloid art antique hair accessories that invoke memories of style and quality in days long gone by.

Earrings: Earrings can range from simple studs fashioned out of traditional metals such as gold and silver to more opulent pieces featuring precious gemstones such as diamonds and pearls. For example, some antique earrings were set with demantoid garnets – a rare form found only in Russia – creating stunning works of art that have captivated collectors throughout history. Art deco earrings by maker Tiffany & Co., continue to increase dramatically in value due to their extremely rare presence today.

Other Pieces: Necklaces and bracelets are commonly seen among vintage costume jewelry collections; however there are many other pieces available too! Vintage necklaces containing colorful bakelite beads; lockets containing personal photos; enameled pendants; statement rings featuring cabochon stones; cufflinks designed with intaglio cuts; tiaras capturing moonlight – these are among some of the many additonal pieces earned through collecting vintage costume jewelry!

Characteristics of Vintage Costume Jewelry

Design: Many pieces of vintage costume jewelry have bold and intricate designs, such as rhinestones, faux pearls, colored stones, metals such as gold-plated and silver-plated, and enamel. Some pieces may feature birds, animals, or religious symbols in the design.

Materials: Although typically considered to be less valuable than designer jewelry because it was mass produced and not meant to be an investment item at the time of purchase, vintage costume jewelry can still fetch a good amount of money if the piece is old enough and stands out for its design or materials used. Many pieces are made from brass as well as steel. They also often feature different types of glass like plastic resin or Lucite which were popular choices amongst jewelers during certain periods in history. The higher quality pieces feature precious metals or modern substitutes such as goldtone or silvertone metal alloys.

Signatures: Often times these costume pieces were signed by the designers or manufacturers so that customers could identify which one created their jewels. Signature markings vary depending on the designer or manufacturer but common examples include branded stamps or names inscribed on tiny panels inside the setting. Additionally they often included phrases like “Made In Japan” or “Gem Craft” along with a trademark symbol .

Symbols: Symbols are also present on some antique costume jewelry indicating decades of history after being crafted from a quarry near Italy during renaissance period and others indicative of WW2 era since patriotic pins were common during those times for soldiers going off to fight for their country.

How to Tell If a Piece of Jewelry Is Vintage?

Vintage costume jewelry can have real value, especially if it is rare or hard to find. If you’re in the market for collectible pieces, learning to tell whether or not a piece of vintage costume jewelry is genuinely old is essential. The best way to authenticate a piece is by obtaining an expert opinion from a professional appraiser.

In the absence of an appraisal, there are still several ways that you can determine vintage costume jewelry’s authenticity. Look for hallmarks, stamps and signatures which are unique identifiers that many brands incorporate as part of their design. Many companies also used special colors and materials, so research into the company behind the vintage item can also help with authentication. Often times it may be necessary to examine a piece closely using high magnification tools such as loupes and magnifying glasses – this can be especially helpful when studying intricate designs and small markings inside the items. Lastly, examining any photos or documents related to the item (price tags, receipts, etc) can provide compelling evidence as well.

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How to Care for Your Vintage or Collectible Jewelry

In order to preserve and restore vintage or collectible costume jewelry, proper care must be taken. In the case of metal components, they should be regularly wiped with a soft cloth to remove dust particles and any mild abrasives that could cause damage. Additionally, metal parts should be lightly polished every few months to bring out the shine and luster. Metals like silver, gold, brass and bronze can be polished with a solution designed specifically for them while plastics and other materials can be cleaned generally with a damp cloth and mild soap.

When it comes to stones and rhinestones present on vintage or collectible jewelry pieces, general dusting is all that is necessary unless there is visible corrosion. In that case, a specialized cleaner made for rhinestones or a diluted vinegar solution can be used to remove it safely without causing further damage or discoloring the stone. Any metals around stones should also be monitored for corrosion if unsure. Finally, to keep vintage and collectible jewelry in its best condition, always practice gentle-handling when putting on or taking off earrings or necklaces, avoid bringing items in contact with harsh chemicals or lotions, store them away from direct sunlight, and invest in dedicated protective containers when storing multiple pieces together for prolonged periods of time.

Where to Learn More

“Collectible Costume Jewelry Identification & Values” by Cherri Simonds, “Warman’s Costume Jewelry: Identification and Price Guide” by Pam and Deb Miller, and “Vintage Costume Jewelry: Detecting Fakes & Reproductions” by Alice Vega are some of the best books for learning about collectible vintage costume jewelry.

Several specialty magazines such as AntiqueWeek, Antique Trader, and Kovels’ On Antiques & Collectibles provide helpful information on vintage costume jewelry. Additionally, many regional antique market newsletters also offer valuable resources for informed buyers.

Online Resources:
Online resources for studying vintage costume jewelry can help interested buyers identify patterns, establish values of gems or stones, determine authenticity of signed pieces, and navigate through retailers who specialize in the field. Some of these online sources include online auction sites or forums that contain quality photographs as well as databases like or The Society of Costumers Jewelers & Silversmiths (SCJS). Additionally there are several collector clubs available around the world that provide regular updates on new trends that can help build knowledge in valuation and advanced collecting techniques.

Concluding Remarks

Collecting vintage costume jewelry provides a hobby enthusiast with a beautiful and versatile way to accessorize their outfits or dress up their home décor. Not only are these pieces attractive, but they can also be a great investment if you purchase quality pieces. The wide variety of styles available makes finding the right item easy, so that anyone is sure to find something they like. Collecting vintage costume jewelry is also a great way to learn about different cultures and history, as each piece may have a fascinating backstory associated with it. There are so many practical and financial benefits associated with collecting vintage costume jewelry that make it an enjoyable pastime for both novice and experienced collectors alike.