Moonstone Maintenance How To Keep Your Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone is a captivating type of gemstone that has been used in jewelry for centuries. This rare, beautiful stone was often used to adorn jewelry since ancient Roman times as a symbol of love, fidelity, and mystery. It is believed to facilitate mental clarity and wisdom when worn close to the skin.

Moonstone is composed primarily of feldspar and is one of the twelve traditional birthstones for June. If you own moonstone jewelry whether it be a ring, necklace, or bracelet; then you should be aware of certain maintenance tips to keep your treasure looking like new weartime.

Cleaning – Expand this paragraph to discuss specific cleaning techniques Step by step treatments

When it comes time to clean your moonstone pieces, it’s best to take extra care so as not to damage the delicate material or unique setting. Using a mild soap or dish soap with warm water, gently scrub away any dirt or debris on the surface. Be sure not store any moonstone jewelry in direct sunlight as it could fade its soft color which can dull its appearance over time.

After soaking your pieces in warm soapy water, rinse them off and pat them dry with a soft paper towel before laying them out on towels to air dry further. Make sure all wearing pieces are always cleaned before use.

Storage – Be thorough about how you store moonstone gems

To ensure longevity of your jewelry collection storing your moonstone pieces the right way is paramount. The most ideal solution would be keeping each piece encased in an individual velvet pouch – this will prevent scratches from occurring due durable material from rubbing against each other while perched together in storage areas such as drawers or boxes.

If storing multiple stones together in pouches, place them between sheets of parchment paper arranged between layers – this also helps keep them organized. For long-term storage consider investing into an Organizer Case – these can be picked up at most crafts stores offering interactive setup specifically designed for larger collections including drawers , compartments , shelves , etc… By getting organised in advance you’ll save yourself time hunting for specific items later down the topotour.


Cleaning your moonstone jewelry is very important to keeping it in good condition. There are a few different natural solutions that you can use to help keep your jewelry looking great. The first solution is to mix a mild soap and warm water together and gently rub the jewelry with the mixture using a soft cloth.

This should be done until all debris, dirt, or any other particles are completely removed from the stone. When finished, dry off the piece by dabbing with a soft cloth and store it away in an airtight container.

Alternatively, you can use a special jewelry cleaning cloth that is often used to clean silver, gold and other metals, as this can also be used on moonstone jewelry. This method is often quicker and more effective than the soap and water combination, primarily because the cloth will remove tarnish from the metal setting of the gems as well as clear away excess dirt or grease which could have built up over time.

These special cloths are generally easy to find, inexpensive and extremely efficient when it comes to removing residue and restoring shine to dull or oxidized metal parts of jewelry pieces.

After cleaning your gemstones, they should be stored properly to ensure their maximum protection against dirt, dust or other foreign objects that could damage their surface or sparkle. It is recommended to store each individual piece in its own pouch or box made of soft material such as silk so that it does not get scratched or rubbed against anything harder which may cause damage over time.

Additionally these pouches and boxes come in several colors which makes them perfect for matching with particular outfits at different times when needed.


Storing and caring for your Moonstone jewelry properly is key to ensure the longevity of your beautiful pieces. Jewelry holders and storage cases are the best way to keep your precious jewels secure and organized. These products come in various styles, designs, and sizes to accommodate all of your needs.

You can find jewelry holders with multiple compartments or slots to store individual pieces separately. Many storage cases come with compartments that can be used for larger items such as pendants or necklaces. The materials used in these holders and cases will also depend on the type of jewelry being stored, but many are crafted from beautiful fabrics like velvet; ensuring they remain stylish while providing protection against dust and scratches.

When traveling, it may be necessary to take jewelry with you. For extra protection during transit, a pouch is ideal for smaller items such as rings or earrings. Pouches help protect against scratches, dirt, and moisture which could cause damage if not addressed quickly. If transporting larger pieces such as necklaces or bracelets, try using a neck pouch which can offer added layers of protection from bumps and jostling that might occur during transit.

Regular cleaning is essential when it comes to caring for your Moonstone jewelry; both for sanitation purposes as well as maintaining their appearance. It is advised to avoid chemical cleaners like bleach as they may damage some stones. To safely clean most stones it suffices to use warm water (never hot) with a PH-neutral soap or detergent free cleaner specifically designed for jewelry cleaning.

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Use only clean toothbrushes specifically dedicated to this task since its bristles are softer than regular brushes; using a soft cloth furthermore helps protect against scratching any surfaces when drying off after rinsing under cold water. If further cleaning is needed, ultrasonic cleaners can be purchased from most local jewelers if the task proves too difficult by hand.


When travelling with moonstone jewelry, it is important to prioritize safety and security. If possible, it’s best to remove any extra stones that are not integral to the piece of jewelry itself, as these are more likely to become damaged or lost in transit, leading to decreased or even potential permanent damage.

It is also wise to leave large items of jewelry where they can be cared for, such as in a safe deposit box at home or with a trusted friend who won’t be travelling with you.

While on the road, individual pieces of jewelry should be wrapped securely and discreetly stored away in your checked baggage rather than any hand bags you may be carrying with you. Moonstone jewelry can experience scratching if not protected properly.

Make sure to use tissue paper or a soft cloth pouch between each item when wrapping, especially if storing them together in one bag when travelling. Avoid placing several pieces of moonstone together when packing as this could cause them to break apart from rubbing against each other during movement.

It is also important to keep up with regular maintenance of moonstone jewellery such as cleaning and polishing when necessary. Invest in a mild jewellery cleaner formulated for delicate stones like moonstones, available in many stores both offline and online.

A soft microfibre cloth is helpful for giving the jewellery a quick shine prior to wear or storage away; however never use chemical dips as these can strip some luster from the gems surface over time. Additionally, consider bringing your valuable items back home for professional comparisons periodically; often times jewelers will offer free cleanings and inspections annually which helps ensure stones are held tight within their settings while ensuring they look their very best.

Avoiding Damage

When caring for moonstone jewelry, there are a few essential steps to take. First of all, it’s important to avoid contact with any harsh chemicals such as cleaning agents or perfume, as these can damage the delicate stone. Additionally, the storage environment should be free of moisture and dampness, as these conditions can cause discoloration or fading in the stone.

If storing your moonstone jewelry for extended periods of time, it’s best to use an airtight container with soft cotton padding. This will ensure that the moonstone does not become scratched by sharp surfaces or come into contact with mold growth.

Another aspect of caring for your moonstone is proper handling and cleaning practices. As stated previously, any abrasive cleaning agents should be avoided to prevent scouring and scratching of the stone surface. Rather than using a chemical cleaner, try wiping your jewelry clean using lukewarm water and light dish soap diluted into a soap-rich solution. Follow this up by buffing away any remaining residue with a microfiber cloth while taking care to not apply too much pressure.

Finally, it is important to be mindful when wearing your moonstone jewelry on a daily basis. Avoid any activities where there is potential for physical impact or jarring motions which could chip or crack the stone’s surface. As well, its advised to check for strains or kinks in the metal that may arise from regular wear over time – noting any problems spotted will help to maintain longevity in your piece if addressed quickly.


When it comes to resizing your moonstone jewelry, you need to take extra care because of the delicate nature of the gem. Before attempting to resize any piece of moonstone jewelry, authenticity should always be verified by a professional jeweler or gemologist. Moonstone is composed of two different minerals and carries a lot of energy. You need an expert who understands its special qualities and can distinguish between a real and fake stone.

The composition and vibration that makes up a moonstone is sensitive enough that wrong attempts at resizing could potentially alter its properties forever. If you want to keep your authentic stone’s magical magnificence intact, trust only qualified professionals when it comes to tinkering with your cherished piece.

A skilled jeweler will make sure that the duration and temperature used for reshaping or polishing the metal setting of a moonstone does not overheat the precious stone nor affect its integrity in any way.

Cleaning – Explain what cleaning products are appropriate for your moonstone jewelry

To showcase their beauty consistently over time, your moonstone jewelry needs proper care and maintenance. As far as cleaning, warm water with mild liquid soap and soft brush should be used on all components (gold or silver metal settings) without exposing it too much soaps or harsh chemicals.

On top of that, ultrasonic or steam cleaners may damage your jewelry hence they must never be used while caring for your moonstones jewels. You can also wipe off dirt particles with a damp cloth before drying it thoroughly with another clean cloth in order to avoid any type of smudging on the gems surface during cleaning process.

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When restoring luster over some parts of this mineral piece like metal settings having details carved out from them, try rubbing these areas with an unused toothbrush dipped in commercial polishes specifically made for gold and silver metals only.

Also avoid taking shower or submerging it in large bodies of water while wearing them since direct exposure to water can cause erosion on the stone’s outer layer leading towards discoloration changes in due course of time which diminishes its natural beauty significantly.


It can be very easy to keep your moonstone jewelry looking its best by following a few simple maintenance tips. Your moonstone jewelry is delicate and needs to be kept in the best condition possible. Of utmost importance, it is recommended that you get your moonstone jewelry insured with an insurance company or local jeweler that specializes in moonstone jewelry. This will ensure protection of your beautiful pieces and provide valuable coverage in case of theft, accidental damage or loss.

When storing your moonstone jewelry for periods of time, make sure it is placed away from humidity and keep it away from other gemstones that could potentially scratch the surface of the stone. It’s best to store each piece in individual pouches or soft fabric to prevent damage that can occur when items come into contact with each other. To keep up the integrity of the stone, clean often.

With gentle yet effective soap and warm water using a soft cloth or toothbrush to get into every crevice will help maintain the shape and luster of the moonstones as well as any accompanying settings; such as gold or silver. Avoid chemical cleaning products like chlorine, ammonia-based cleansers, abrasive cleaners etc.

When not wearing the pieces do not forget to use an anti-tarnish strip or material designed to control tarnishing on silver items – this will extend its life substantially so you can enjoy wearing it often.

Lastly, if you’re diamond shopping make sure you ask questions about proper maintenance that comes with a specific setting or design that appeals to you – some styles are more delicate than others and require specific care when cleaning or storing them. Knowing what needs to be done ahead of time will protect your investment and prolonging the natural beauty unique only to your Moonstone Jewelry.


It is important to take extra steps and care when it comes to looking after your beloved moonstone jewelry. No matter what design, cut or size the moonstone jewelry may be, the same guidelines should be taken if you wish to keep the stone in its original piece and condition. Cleaning and storage is a crucial factor when preserving any kind of jewelry for a longer lifespan. Safely traveling with your valuable stones must also be kept in mind.

When it comes to cleaning your polish-finish gemstones, always handle with care when wiping and cleaning by using a soft cloth, lightly dabbing water on one side and then patiently buffing and wiping away from dirt from the other side until it sparkles back with its original shine. Avoid harsh chemicals such as ammonia or bleach solutions since these can do irreversible damage to the karat of the precious item leaving it with permanent markings.

Never use abrasives either as these can cause scratching on the surface of this delicate stone; simply stick to taking precautionary measures sooner rather than later.

When storing moonstone jewelry, find containers or boxes that are acid-free as these won’t erode away at gold plating or gemstones making them tarnish over time due to rough surfaces and exposed air alike. Wrapping them individually in soft fabric or microfiber cloths will help keep their sparkling shine delivered while they remain firm against wear and tear between uses.

Steer clear of placing different metals next to each other as this can lead to multiple scratches due to scratches received by scraping against one another if accidentally dropped out onto counters for example. Try not touching other metals before putting them into designated storage cases (such as silver) so that oils from skin won’t transfer onto anything else.

Finally, getting from point A to point B is no exception when travelling with moonstone jewelry; remember to store separately within suitcase compartments away from any hard items such as keys or IDs since those could swipe them against scratchable surfaces leading up possible damage again which brings us full circle back around here.

It is therefore imperative that packing jewelry safely prior will help ensure no mishaps occur during transit delays should anything unexpectedly happen along route too – safeguard against such happenstance solutions by watching tutorial videos online first if ever needed even.

To wrap up – keep clean, store carefully, travel responsibly – these are all sound methods for keeping valuable moonstone jewelry in mint condition over years ahead.