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Moons Jewelry is a family owned and operated jewelry store located in Paris, TN. Founded over 50 years ago, Moons Jewelry has been proudly serving the people of Paris and surrounding areas with quality crafted jewelry for generations. As a full-service jewelry store, we specialize in custom designed pieces as well as repairs, restorations and gold plating. We also carry a wide selection of diamond rings and watches, plus our signature Moons Brand men’s jewelry line.

At Moons Jewelry we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service to everyone that walks through our doors. From our friendly sales staff to our talented jewelers, everyone at Moons goes above and beyond to make sure each client gets an amazing experience along with their purchase. We guarantee that each piece of jewelry that leaves our store must meet our highest standards for quality craftsmanship and reliability. With many repeat customers over the years, Moons Jewelry stands out from the competition with its local charm and personalized care approach to buying luxury items.

The Artisan Process

At Moons Jewelry in Paris, TN, each piece of jewelry is crafted to excellence by local artisans who have a passion for beautiful design and quality craftsmanship. From conception to completion, the process of creating a piece starts with an idea that is brought to life using traditional skills that been passed down through generations.

The first step in making a piece of jewelry is the sketching process. Through this phase, the artisans take time to create a design based on their client’s specifications and preferences. The next steps involve carving or welding small pieces of metal into intricate shapes. After cutting and fitting them together, they are then soldered and polished to create more complex designs; gemstones may be set at this point as well. Finally, advanced techniques like electroplating may be used to bring out unique textures in the jewelry that complement its design.

The finished product is only possible through a meticulous attention to detail and hard work from our artisans-in-training; each piece is made with care and is unique in its own right. We invite you to follow us on our journey as we dive deeper into the creative process of Moons Jewelry: join us for step-by-step demonstrations, interviews with our artisans, detailed descriptions about our methods and materials used throughout the jewelry making process — all designed to bring your vision into fruition!

Product Range

Moons Jewelry Paris Tn has an extensive product range of beautiful jewellery. Their offerings include earrings, necklaces, bracelts, and rings for both men and women in a variety of styles. The latest collections feature unique pieces made from high quality materials such as 925 sterling silver, gold-plated brass, rose gold plating and more. These designs showcase modern yet classic ideas with romantic elements that never go out of style.

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Highlighted customer reviews are available to provide insights into the quality of Moons jewelserly’s products. Many customers rave about their amazing pieces – remarking on the perfect fit and how they really stand out among other pieces of jewellery they own. Customers also love that they can get just what they want by allowing them to choose between many different stone types including diamonds, gemstones and pearls. All this ensures that everyone is able to find the perfect piece for any occasion.

Special Services

At Moons Jewelry Paris Tn, we provide a variety of custom services for our customers to choose from. We understand that finding the perfect jewelry piece is important and strive to provide the best customer experience possible.

Bespoke Design: Whether you are looking for something truly unique or have a particular design in mind, our experienced team of jewelers can work with you to create a one-of-a kind jewelry piece.

Engraving: Our engraving services allow you to include special messages or initials onto your favorite pieces.

Repairs: If your jewelry has become damaged or broken, our expert jewelers can quickly repair it for you.

Appraisals: When you visit us, make sure to bring any jewelry pieces with you that need to be appraised. Our professional staff will help determine the value of each item and can answer any questions that you may have.

Payment Plans: We also offer flexible payment plans so that clients may purchase expensive items without having to pay the full amount upfront.

Why Buy from Moons Jewelry?

Moons Jewelry in Paris, Tn offers a unique shopping experience like no other. With quality assurance, personal service and unique designs available, you can expect nothing but the best when shopping here. Whether you are looking for fashion jewelry or special occasion items, Moons Jewelry is the place to shop. Each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted by hand and inspected for any imperfections that may affect its longevity or quality. The experienced professionals will work with you one-on-one to ensure every piece is perfect for your needs.

What’s more, Moons Jewelry has an extensive selection of designs in store from many top-of-the line brands. You’ll have a vast array of options when picking out the perfect item for yourself or someone else. And if you ever run into any trouble or have any questions during your shopping journey, Moons’ customer support team is always ready to help you out!

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At Moons Jewelry there are also competitive prices available on almost all items in stock. So whether you’re looking to make statement jewelry pieces or small tokens of love as gifts, there’s sure to be something at an affordable price point just right for you. Don’t feel limited just because it’s budget friendly – each product is created with high standards and quality craftsmanship while still offering affordable prices that make sense for your wallet. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity and visit Moons Jewelry today!


Moons Jewelry Paris Tn is an excellent choice for those looking for high quality jewelry and exceptional customer service. The experienced and friendly staff are always there to assist customers in selecting the perfect piece of jewelry for any occasion. Their selection features classic, timeless designs as well as contemporary pieces that reflect today’s modern style. Prices are reasonable and the store offers a wide range of designer brands. Customers will be impressed with Moons Jewelry Paris Tn’s incredible selection and attentive customer service. In addition, many customers have praised the store’s helpful staff, affordable prices, and selection of fine jewelry. With its extensive collection of jewelry options, knowledgeable staff, and good prices, Moons Jewelry Paris Tn is sure to be a great place to find quality jewelry that your special someone will surely love.

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