Mid Century Modern Style Jewelry

Introduction to the Mid Century Modern Style

The Mid Century Modern style is a modernist movement which began in the 1940’s, that ran through to the late 1960’s. The style saw an explosion of creativity and inspiration, with a period characterized by ornamental details and maximalism in almost every way!

Mid Century Modern jewelry typically features geometrically abstract shapes, mixed textures and bright colors – often using bold enameled elements. Jewelray makers used technology such as plastic moulding to fabricate their pieces, taking advantage of its floaty curved forms. In addition, many utilized strong brass construction techniques to create daringly cutting silhouettes and striking body movements.

The era effectively pushed the boundaries on design experimentation with its iconic aesthetics; strongly favoring organic curves and angles for visuals that were filled with originality. It gave jewelry creators a whole new vocabulary to articulate emotion and fashion accessories that could instantly draw attention from a crowd or across a room! You can observe this enthusiasm in the pieces most recognized from this era – from earrings featuring vibrant faceted cabochons or cufflinks adorned with extensively textured metalwork.

Overall, this was an incredibly influential period for jewelry craftsmanship — where intricate detailing showed unbounded beauty no matter your cultural background or societal class. To be immersed in this cosmic age of artistry is what makes Mid Century Modern so special; amplifying each piece’s authentic beauty and value even more so than ever before.

History of Mid Century Modern Jewelry

Mid Century Modern jewelry has become increasingly popular over the past few decades. Dating between 1930 and 1960, this style of jewelry was characterized by simple, geometric shapes and natural materials like sterling silver, gold, brass and wood that were fashionable at the time. This jewelry usually had an understated elegance to it, not as showy or ornate than earlier styles that used lace and intricate filigree details. Notable jewelry pieces from this era include necklaces using chain links with large metal medallions called pendants and chunky Avon bangles often decorated with pearl or colorful gemstones.

Today, Mid Century Modern jewelry is trending again due its minimalistic nature and subtle sophistication. Its simple designs are so timeless that they can be easily integrated into any outfit –casual or dressy– without being too overpowering on the overall look. The pieces are timeless in their own unique way because they don’t necessarily need to be flashy to be beautiful; as long as it carries within it a quaint poetry look combined with unconventionality, then it will certainly stand out for all the right reasons.

The Iconic Jewelry Designers Who Influenced the Movement

The mid century modern style of jewelry is characterized by sleek lines, geometric forms and warm, earthy colors evoking a sense of simple sophistication. This period of jewelry design is known for its pioneering craftsmanship and innovative stylistic elements. Some of the most iconic designers who had a lasting impact on the movement include David Yurman, Zoltan David, Alexander Calder and Elsa Schiaparelli.

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David Yurman introduced his iconic cable bracelets which have become collectors’ items as well as an identifiable fashion statement. He elevated ordinary sterling silver to something unique through his intricate designs. His signature cable motif was inspired by nautical rope and combined with precious stones like diamonds and cabochon sapphires to create unforgettable pieces that are still worshipped today.

Zoltan David excelled in designing exceptionally creative pieces utilizing found objects like coins, barbed wire or even petrified wood to incorporate into bands, necklaces and cuff bracelets. From geometric shapes cut into silver disks to bright red coral drizzled over gold-plated hoops — each piece has its own individual beauty brought to life with his hand crafted techniques.

Alexander Calder is credited with introducing movements in his jewelry detailing — painting an entirely new landscape in the world of fine jewelry that was full of exciting possibilities like kinetic jewellery which moved with you or abstracted pieces reflecting different unconventional themes such as primitive art or surrealist dreamscapes composed of vibrant enameled shapes ranging from pebbles to eggshells.

Elsa Schiaparelli integrated her famed wit and humor into her designs where she experimented with a variety of materials from Bakelite bangles featuring faux fruity slices to colorful stone encrusted bugs suspended from ribbons like living sculptures. She took ceramic beads from everyday novelties then used them in combination with clear glass stones and dangling pearls for a whimsical array of cheerful yet expensive satchels necklaces and more for high fashion wearable art works that truly made a statement at the time.

How to Identify Mid Century Modern Jewelry

Mid Century Modern (MMC) jewelry is typically characterized by bold lines, minimalist designs, and unusual organic shapes. Popular materials used are lucite, early plastics such as Bakelite, and metals including stainless steel, chrome, and aluminum. Geometric shapes like circles, ovals, and rectangles are frequently seen in MMC pieces as well. Many jewelry items also feature abstract motifs and variations on Art Deco themes such as sunbursts.

To identify MMC jewelry look for key features such as asymmetrical designs, biomorphic shapes, stylized florals or foliage, colored cabochon stones set in geometric frames or artfully arranged clusters of multiple small stones; gold tone metal combined with different colored enamel; and streamlined daisy chainlink or bead necklaces. Lucite items especially were displayed alongside furniture at the time so you may need to inspect for signs that an item was made from these specifications. A must-look-for symbol is a registered trademark stamp on some jewelry pieces that reads “KTF Trio” – this signifies a manufacturer making MMC style jewelry in the United States during the mid 20th century.

Tips for Crafting Your Own Mid Century Modern Jewelry

Write descriptive captions for the visuals

1. Visual of basic metal hoops with colorful stones hooked onto them: “These vibrant hoop earrings are a classic Mid Century Modern style that are simple to make at home using just basic metal hoops, jump rings and colorful stones.”

2. Visual of a thin gold chain bracelet with small charms: “This simple yet elegant charm bracelet is a timeless Mid Century Modern look that can be easily crafted with delicate chains, jump rings and any number of small charm pendants or beads.”

3. Visual of large statement necklace consisting of multiple necklaces layered together: “Achieve an edgy layered look with this stacked necklace tutorial that combines materials such as wire, gemstones, glass beads and pearls to create striking jewelry reminiscent of the Mid Century Modern era.”

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Accessories to Complement Mid Century Modern Jewelry

Mid Century Modern Jewelry is a stylish, timeless look that has been popular with fashionistas for decades. Accessories can be the perfect way to complete this timeless look and show off your personal style. A pair of simple diamond stud earrings is an ideal accompaniment to mid century modern jewelry, as these classic pieces easily mix and contrast with other necklaces or earrings you may have. Adding a few statement pieces such as a pendant necklace, coloured gemstones in hues like turquoise or lapis or sparkling crystal chandelier earrings in bright colours can also work to lift the overall look and add a bit of drama. For those looking for a more striking finish, opt for gold elements such as chunky bracelets, stacking rings or bold hoop earrings. Alternatively, adding on some delicate chain necklaces in sterling silver or gold tones layer brings an effortless touch of elegance to your look. When finished choose from delicate chains in assorted lengths for glamour and allure or stackable bangles that create a bold multi-tone effect.

The Reemergence of Mid Century Modern Jewelry

Mid Century Modern Jewelry is making a big comeback in today’s market. This style of jewelry, popularized during the mid-1900s, combines elements of Scandinavian and American design that emphasize natural forms and materials with clean lines, minimalism, and sophistication. It is most prominently associated with the use of bold gold adornments paired with precious or semi-precious gems.

The resurgence could be attributed to its timeless appeal – it has never been out of fashion for long – but it may also be due to a current focus on sustainability. Mid Century Modern Jewelry often features recycled metals such as brass and gold plate, reducing the impact on the environment compared to mining for raw minerals. Additionally, modern technology means that stones can now be ethically sourced from gemstone miners who are supported through fair trade agreements.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant statement piece for a special occasion or just something subtle yet striking for daily wear, Mid Century Modern style promises an item that is both classic and contemporary at the same time!


Mid Century Modern Style Jewelry is a classic and timeless statement that never goes out of style. If you want an accessory with a modern vibrancy, look no further than mid century modern style jewelry. With bolder shapes, interesting textures, and abstract designs that make a lasting impact, this type of jewelry will keep eyes on you wherever you go. So explore its unique beauty today – discover the perfect piece of Mid Century Modern styled jewelry to truly elevate your look.

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