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Mickie Pearl Jewelry is an exquisite collection of custom-made freshwater pearl pieces, crafted with passion and care by the designer duo, Mick and Katherine Bluestring. Each piece is unique, meaning it can’t be found anywhere else. The selection includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Whether you are looking for the perfect wedding jewelry or just a special something for yourself, you will find what you need here. The materials used to make this beautiful jewelry include freshwater pearls that have been handpicked from local pearl farms, precious metals such as sterling silver or 18k gold plating, as well as other natural elements such as quartz and onyx.

The design process behind each piece is meticulous and takes into consideration every detail from conception to completion. Every item has been handcrafted using traditional methods developed over years of practice. The combo of pearls and precious metals creates a timeless piece of art that may become an heirloom someday. Additionally, their products are delivered in luxurious gift packaging which further enhances their beauty – making them an ideal gift idea too.

The attention to quality shines through with Mickie Pearl Jewelry’s comprehensive product guarantee – they offer peace of mind with every purchase by covering free repairs during the first year after purchasing your jewelry. And because they value customer satisfaction so much, they also offer free returns within 14 days if there is ever anything unsatisfactory about your purchase.

Overall, looking through theirs stunning range of necklace sets, earrings and rings makes it difficult to choose just one. But regardless of whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else special – Mickie Pearl Jewelry has something for everyone.

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Mickie Pearl Jewelry is a small jewelry business that specializes in creating beautiful handmade necklaces and bracelets. Along with their custom pieces, customers are provided with an array of stunning ready-made designs that feature real pearls, gemstones and gemstone clusters. The company has become well known for its attention to detail and high-quality materials.

The store’s promotional offers make it easy for customers to save on the perfect piece of jewelry. Through their website, visitors can use exclusive discounts and coupons every day when they shop on MickiePearlJewelry.com. Customers have access to products at sale prices of up to 60% off retail cost, making them excellent deals for those who love fashion jewelry but don’t want to overspend on it.

Mickie Pearl Jewelry continues to bring unique pieces of jewelry at discounted prices without sacrificing quality or design. Their online availability also makes it easier than ever to purchase these items from anywhere around the world – not just a local store location. Customers have come to expect great customer service that helps guide them through selecting the perfect piece of jewelry.

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They also offer free shipping so customers can get their orders sent within three days of purchasing, which is much faster than many other stores offer. Lastly, if a product doesn’t quite match what you’re looking for, there’s always the convenience of hassle-free refunds or exchanges. This eliminates any concerns about committing your money – Mickie Pearl Jewelry will work with you until you find something perfect.

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Mickie Pearl Jewelry is a jewelry store that stands out from the rest due to the quality and styles they offer. Their jewelry collection features a modern twist on traditional timeless pieces, making them unique and one of a kind. Unique pieces of jewelry like their blue sapphire diamond ring or their white topaz floral pendant will make any outfit really stand out.

Apart from unique and exquisite pieces, Mickie Pearl also features the latest trends in fashion-forward designs while still maintaining classic elegance. They provide customers with a classic look combined with an elegant mix of geometric shapes set in sterling silver, gold, or rose gold so whatever your style preference may be, there’s sure to be something to fit it perfectly.

When compared to other jewelry stores, Mickie Pearl stands out for its quality craftsmanship on each piece. Not only this but their pieces can be customized as well, so you don’t have to settle for just what’s available online; you can make it your own. Every piece is handmade in New York City by professional artisans who have decades of experience crafting beautiful work.

Plus all metals used are conflict free and certified from the USA or Europe which ensures a high standard of ethical practices are met when creating the product. Since Mickie Pearl follows such a high standard when it comes to quality control and materials used, it puts them ahead of other brands as customers can trust they’ll always receive top-notch items every time they shop.

Whether you are looking for some elegant pearl earrings for everyday wear or extravagant diamond rings for special occasions, Mickie Pearl has got you covered. Customers will always find something special at Mickie Pearl whether it’s one single piece or an entire collection that speaks to their personal taste and style.

That’s why shopping at Mickie Pearl is not just simply purchasing jewelry but rather investing in fine craftsmanship that will endure through time without compromising elegance and sophistication.

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Mickie Pearl Jewelry is the ideal place for anyone who is looking to add some sparkle and personality to their style. From timeless classic pieces to bold, eye-catching designs, they offer something for everyone. Their jewelry utilizes high quality materials such as sterling silver, 18k gold vermeil, freshwater pearls, and semi-precious stones. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a special someone as a thoughtful gift, Mickie Pearl Jewelry is sure to have something perfect.

Have you been searching for that one item that will really make your wardrobe pop? Are you in need of that statement piece that will take any outfit from average to extraordinary? Look no further than Mickie Pearl Jewelry. They have an amazing selection of accessories that can be dressed up or down – perfect for any occasion. The intricate designs are truly individual and unique, so whatever you choose will be eye-catching and fashion forward.

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The folks at Mickie Pearl Jewelry are passionate about what they do and are committed to providing customers with superb quality pieces. Their products are well made using fine materials, so you can rest assured knowing you’re getting great value for your money. Plus they’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Do you want more information on a particular item or advice on what pieces go best together? Just get in touch with them and within minutes they’ll provide the help and guidance needed to make the perfect purchase.

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Mickie Pearl Jewelry is a great way to express your individual style and add an extra pop of fashion to any outfit. When accessorizing with this classy staple, it’s important to keep the main focus on the pearls themselves. A simple tip when it comes to chic jewelry is “Less is More”, allowing one statement piece of jewelry to make all the difference.

The best way to achieve this look with Mickie Pearl Jewelry is by pairing a single pearl necklace or bracelet with a subtle outfit. This can be done with one color of pearls for a basic but elegant look, or you can combine two different colors for an eye-catching effect.

For example, pairing creamy white pearls with blues tones can create a beautiful ocean inspired aesthetic that will liven up any summer outfit. Additionally matching cream pearl necklaces and bracelets provides the perfect unity and harmony for those looking for something more traditional.

Mickie Pearl Jewelry also looks great when layered with other forms of pendants or necklaces that match in color scheme for more bold styling choices. If you want to add an edgier element try mixing metals such as silver and gold.

Whether you choose minimalistic fashion or daring combinations there are plenty of possibilities when accessorizing with Mickie Pearl Jewelry. To top it off both antique style and modern designs are available so you can really customize your signature look if that’s what you need.

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