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Michele Lamy’s captivating jewelry is a source of inspiration for many. As an artist and collector, she sources inspirations from around the world and brings unique pieces to life with her signature style. Each piece of Michele Lamy’s jewelry is handcrafted and made with only the finest materials; alternatively, she also creates bespoke pieces in collaboration with renowned artisans who specialize in precious metals, diamonds and gemstones. Her mesmerizing designs are a direct expression of her passion that explore timeless concepts while pushing design boundaries. What stands out most about Michele Lamy’s collection is that no two pieces are alike. She has perfected the art of designing modern yet timeless jewels that elevate any look. Whether worn individually or as an entire set, her creations make a statement without overpowering the wearer; each piece exudes grace and adds character to your wardrobe. Furthermore, for those looking for something extra special, Michelle offers customized engagement rings, wedding bands, heirlooms and other one-of-a-kind pieces made especially to their exact specifications which can be seen at her flagship store in London or by appointment at her studio in Los Angeles.


Michele Lamy has been creating unique and captivating jewelry for over three decades. Drawing on her love of fashion, art, and design, she has crafted stunning pieces of high-quality statement jewelry that continue to inspire the world. Through a combination of innovative materials and minimalist shapes, she creates one-of-a-kind pieces that are both opulent and daring.

The history of Michele Lamy jewelry dates back to the late 1980s when she began crafting intricate necklaces and bracelets as gifts for friends, before eventually launching her own collections. Throughout her career, Michele Lamy has continuously pushed boundaries by exploring new shapes, colors, and textures in her designs. This experimentation has made her one of the most influential designers in the world when it comes to artisanal jewelry making. Apart from developing bold designs with interesting visuals and colors, Lamy is also renowned for blending sophisticated metals such as gold, sterling silver, and copper with unconventional materials like lacquer or ceramic beads resulting in textured details with unlikely pairings.

Michele Lamy’s remarkable success lies in her ability to make jewelry that ultimately reflects a personalized wardrobe aesthetic. At once both playful and truly luxurious, this designer’s creations seamlessly marry artistry with fashion without compromising on material quality or craftsmanship. Her unique approach has earned her loyal fans all around the globe who wear her pieces to accessorize everything from casual day looks to glamorous eveningwear. In addition to being appreciated by fans around the world for its luxurious design elements and versatility, Michele Lamy’s success influences future generations of jewelry designers by virtue of her significant contribution in changing industry norms forever.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

Michele Lamy jewelry is created with a unique combination of delicate craftsmanship and quality materials. Each piece of her jewelry, whether a necklace, bracelet, or earrings, are carefully crafted with skilled attention to detail to capture the beauty and sentiment of each design. The skill and expertise behind Michele’s designs can be seen in the exquisite use of gemstones, pearls, metals and other precious and semi-precious elements. Every item is handcrafted by a professional artisans trained under Michele’s direction to ensure top-notch quality.

The process behind creating Michele Lamy’s one-of-a-kind pieces involves mindfully combining art and science. Each design is meticoulsouly planned with precision in order to create a masterpiece that will stand the test of time. Most of these jewels require strenuous work from measuring accuratly diamonds, setting perfect rubies and many hours spent meticulously calculating the correct angles for each specific stone into place; requiring great patience in order to achieve Lamy’s signature standard and finish. As they say: “the devil is in the details”. Her bespoke collection absolutely demonstrate this statement as every single piece holds unique meaning derived from her team’s high leveled accuracy The time frame for producing these incredible works can take months even years depending on complexity but nothing does justice to appreciate their effortless detail than seeing it for oneself; making these jewelries unimaginably special gifts or timeless treasure.

Quality Materials Utilized

Michele Lamy’s jewelry is known for its unique and distinctive designs. One of the aspects that makes her Jewelry stand out from the rest is the quality materials used to create each piece. Michele carefully selects materials for their unique color, texture, and rarity. She also takes into account their origin and nature to create pieces that tell a story of discovery and beauty.

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The quality of materials used in Michele Lamy’s jewelry helps make each piece truly special. She uses precious stones from all over the world, such as beautifully colored Sapphires from Madagascar and Australia. Other stones like Amethysts are handpicked from India and Brazil, while other gemstones like Turquoise come straight from the United States. All these components have been chosen for their natural beauty, rarity, and durability which reflect in her craftsmanship creating stunning pieces with intricate details that show off each stone’s character.

The metals she uses showcase an attention to detail as well with choices ranging from 18k gold plating to sterling silver; even copper sheets intricate designs are utilized as accent pieces enhancing stones arranging them in interesting formations making each piece one of a kind. With simple lines and bold colors, Michele creates timelessly elegant works that last for generations without sacrificing uniqueness or quality craftsmanship.

Design Inspiration

Michele Lamy jewelry features bold, avant-garde designs that are informed by her love of ancient iconography and symbolism. Lamy uses her life experiences to inform her work, drawing inspiration from traditional motifs found in religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism as well as symbols derived from Aboriginal art. Her creative imagery often includes sculptural pieces that intertwine different metals with precious stones and organic materials. Each piece seeks to capture the transformative power of creativity and spiritual growth, with the wearer unlocking individual interpretation and meaning within each design. From crescent moons to snakes and crossbones, Michele Lamy’s unique aesthetic is informed by a deep understanding of universal themes about beauty, power and eternity.

The deeper narrative found in Michele Lamy’s creative works offers viewers a window into world teachings spanning from distant cultures and times. For example, her collection Maroon Moon explores the unexpected strength found during difficult times of transformation while her Women Series celebrates femininity in all its forms. The messages found in these pieces extend far beyond their material beauty; they provide a source of wisdom that can be accessed through time-honored symbols such as those seen in the Eye Series – a reflection on the protection of an all-seeing entity often attributed to ancient gods or guardians. By exploring connections between timeless motifs, Michele Lamy has created enduring works of art that also serve as powerful personal talismans for anyone wearing them.


Michele Lamy jewelry packaging is designed to be an experience in itself – an expression of meticulous care and artistry. Prior to the piece being packaged, jewels are carefully inspected for quality, polished and checked for authenticity. They then receive individual attention as each stone is carefully selected for its unique size, shape and hue – no two pieces of Michele Lamy jewelry are ever alike. Pieces are also engraved with inscribed brand signatures as a show of commitment to the craftsmanship behind them.

The presentation of Michele Lamy jewelry upon arrival is one that emphasizes delight – each piece carefully nestled into branded packaging detailed with luxurious embossing and subtle bows. Every piece floods with its own exclusive appeal. Elegant boxes display items like necklaces and earrings adorned with meticulously chosen stones in beautiful color combinations. Appreciative customers admire their new pieces set atop bedding of velvet or silk; delicately revealing artful simplicity while seizing luxurious aesthetic styles admired by many fashionable shoppers today.


Michele Lamy jewelry is renowned for its unique design and use of quality materials. Her pieces have been used to complement both everyday styles and special occasions for many years. A great way to wear Michele Lamy jewelry is to mix and match different pieces that can combine timeless beauty and modern fashion. Each piece of her jewelry has a captivating character that stands out on its own, so it’s possible to layer multiple necklaces and pieces at once without taking away from each individual item. By combining different colors, shapes, and textures into one look, a person is able to create something bold that radiates with their own personal style. Earrings are a simple but impactful way to instantly transform any outfit, whether it be a classic stud or dangling chandelier earring set. Rings can make a subtle statement if worn alone or become the centerpiece if layered with other rings or even bracelets. Bangles are also an easy way to quickly dress up any ensemble by adding just a few small details like charms or stones for added flair. It’s best to stick within the same color family when mixing and matching various items, or alternatively contrast colors opposites colors while holding the same metal hue – this can work well together without looking too busy. With Michele Lamy’s broad selection of jewelry, it’s easier than ever to get creative with how you choose to wear them – make each day special with her truly remarkable pieces!

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Care & Maintenance Tips

Michele Lamy jewelry is high-end, luxurious and unique. They are statement pieces that will add class and elegance to any outfit. However, as all fine jewelry requires, Michele Lamy pieces need to be taken care of if you want to enjoy them for many years. Below are a few tips and tricks on how to properly take care of your pieces:

1) Keep the pieces away from excessive moisture, heat, sun and humid environments. Avoid wearing them when doing activities with water or when in high temperatures such as using a sauna or steam room.

2) Clean the jewelry by wiping off makeup residue and dirt with a soft cloth on a regular basis. Additionally, use mild soap, warm water and an old toothbrush for heavier cleaning every so often.

3) Store jewelry in either its original packing or in separate pouches dedicated for storing fine jewelry. A pouch made out of tarnish resistant material is best for long-term jewellery storage. Reducing air exposure will also help protect the piece from oxidation over time.

4) Regularly check for loose fittings and weak prongs at least once every six months to ensure that they stay secure and protect your piece from wear and tear due to improper setting/repairing techniques. If need be, take your piece to an authorized retailer immediately after noticing any changes or difficulties securing the stone(s).

5) Be extra careful when handling your Michele Lamy Piece since even slight mechanical shocks can lead to fractures or deformation of gems and jewels on the piece over time due to erosion caused by pressure points caused by abrasion friction!


Michele Lamy’s jewelry is an embodiment of her unique philosophy when it comes to fashion. Each piece of jewelry is handmade in her California workshop with the finest materials and attention to detail, resulting in luxurious, timeless and versatile pieces that will stand the test of time. Every necklace, ring, bracelet or earring tells a story – one of beauty, elegance and charm. The pieces are designed to flatter from season to season and exude a graceful poise that instills confidence in its wearer. From luxe statement pieces to everyday essentials, Michele Lamy’s collection has something for every mood and occasion. Her passion for jewelry means that each item has been carefully crafted with love and care for generations to come. Whether you’re looking for something special for yourself or a perfect present for someone else, Michele Lamy’s jewelry provides an expression of exquisite taste – allowing you to be confident and beautiful in whatever situation life throws at you! Her diverse range offers a selection of jewellery that can be layered up or down, making it truly versatile and wearable by all kinds of people. There’s no question that the brand provides a fantastic balance between elegance and practicality – giving customers the confidence to dress their own way without compromising on style. By embracing the beauty of her work, Michele is sure to keep inspiring women for many years to come – delivering timeless design creations that give each owner an individual look as unique as them!

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