Mexican Silver & Coral Jewelry

Mexican Silver & Coral Jewelry has been around for centuries, and has been used by many as a symbol of beauty, wealth, protection, cultural identity and spiritualism. The range of this jewelry is breathtaking: from intricate sterling silver earrings to bold statement necklaces made with coral and silver. Not only that, but Mexican Silver & Coral Jewelry also holds a powerful historical significance.

Before the Spanish conquest, several indigenous peoples lived in what is now Mexico and Central America. These people associated conch shells and other fluorescent red sea creatures with supernatural powers related to fertility and good health, so it’s no wonder why coral is still highly valued today in Mexico.

Silver plays an equally important role in Mexican jewelry as well. The Aztecs were not only one of the first civilizations to use silver for practical purposes like coinage but also appreciated its spiritual value. They believed that silver was connected to Huitzilopochtli – the god of war – who sacrificed himself for his people so they could be safe from enemies.

As such, it was often combined with coral pieces not only for strength but also to provide protection against evil sorcery and bad luck forces. This spiritual connection between two powerful minerals resonates strongly in Mexican Silver & Coral Jewelry up until this day.

In addition to their historic background, this type of jewelry stands out through its intricate details which reflect unique aspects about Mexican culture. You will find pieces depicting religious symbols like crosses or eagles alongside delicate roses or trailing vines – all contoured with beautiful filigreed engravings unique in Latin America jewelry style circles.

If you take a closer look at the vibrant mosaic created by the colorful array of red coral parts paired next to golden fine lines you will understand why Mexican Silver & Coral Jewelry stands on its own when it comes down to naming exquisite traditional jewelry styles with symbolic meaning that manage to outlast the ages still possessing strong appeal for collectors even today.

History of Mexican Silver & Coral Jewelry

Mexican silver and coral jewelry combines the unique culture of Mexico and the craftsmanship of silver work and art to create stunning pieces. This style of jewelry has its roots in a slew of Mexican cultural feats such as pre-Hispanic cultures, artisanal practices from indigenous populations, European influence, and even Mexican luchadores or wrestlers.

The roots of this type of jewelry date back all the way to the 17th century, when these early pieces were composed out of elements such as real gold, rocks from volcanic zones, precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, pearls and quartz; and materials like shells from the Gulf Coast.

The process that goes into creating handmade Mexican silver jewelry requires great skill which has been honed by many generation so of craftsman. It involves cutting up metal components before giving them an overall polishing finish. Since most of these pieces are made out of sterling silver then they must first be alloyed to give them a delicate yet recognizable shine.

Additionally there may also be techniques involved such soldering parts together in order to make more intricate designs upon completion. Lastly colorful coral can be melted with hot wax before being placed onto the pre-designed layout for added decoration then sealed with a protective coating for extra durability.

Once all the various components have gone through their respective processes there is one step left which is usually reserved only for master-level silversmiths: putting together all the elements into exquisite and captivating works of art. Over time these extremely elegant pieces have become an emblematic part of Mexico’s rich history with their beautiful intricate details telling stories about legends dating back hundreds of years ago; legends that still remain alive today through these wonderful creations.

Design Elements of Mexican Silver & Coral Jewelry

Mexican Silver and Coral jewelry is renowned for its beautiful craftsmanship and design. Traditional Mexican style jewelry is typically made from silver accompanied by gorgeous red coral stones.

This type of jewelry dates back to the 15th century, during the time of Spanish rule in Mexico when silversmiths were first introduced to the region. The craftsmanship of Mexican silver and coral jewelry has been perfected through centuries of practice and now stands out as some of the most beautiful handcrafted jewelry available.

The most common feature found in Mexican silver and coral jewelry is the use of detailed filigree work. Filigree involves creating intricate designs with thin strands of metal such as gold or silver which creates very delicate patterns or shapes often featuring floral motifs. This technique has been used for hundreds of years in Mexico and it continues to be popular today as a way to transform raw materials into amazing pieces of art.

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Alongside filigree work many pieces also feature intricate stone cutting techniques which create unique shapes and depth in designs. Common gemstones used alongside red coral include turquoise, lapis lazuli or malachite all selected for their bright colors that contrast well against silvers hues as well as their overall look which can range from matte blues to deep green hues that sparkle in sunlight.

Pieces may then be decorated with charming engraved stars, moons, suns or other symbols adding an extra layer of interest to the overall appearance and impact each piece has on passersby.

Many Mexican Silver & Coral Jewelry designs will feature statues, stones, ornaments; each adds individuality to each finished article creating beautiful one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces that can be passed down through generations. These small statues usually take form as iconic religious images such as figures representing saints or Greek gods which contrast nicely against the often highly textured metal finishes adding further character to these truly unique objects d’art.

Smooth polished stones are sometimes added for subtly outlining important features like an eye on a statue providing another dimension whereas single large ornamental gemstones embedded directly into the metal frame add further luxury appeal if requested by clients looking for something truly bespoke within this artisanal craftwork.

Care of Your Mexican Silver & Coral Jewelry

Cleaning Your Jewelry

  • Avoid the use of ammonia and bleach when cleaning your jewelry.
  • Sterling silver jewelry can be cleaned using a soft jewelry cloth.
  • Never clean your jewelry using an ultra-sonic machine.

Storing Your Jewelry

Mexican silver & coral jewelry should be stored carefully to protect its quality and appearance. The following tips will help maintain the beauty of your Mexican silver & coral jewelry set.

  • Store each piece in its own velvet-lined box or pouch.
  • Ideally, store your pieces separately in dark, cool area away from direct sunlight; this helps protect them from fading, discoloration, tarnishing or scratching.
  • Do not leave food deposits on the pieces as it can cause further corrosion over time.

Wearing Your Jewelry

  • Make sure that no harsh chemicals come into contact with the pieces of jewelry.
  • If wearing multiple pieces, prevent them from rubbing up against one another as this may cause scratches on the metal surface or gems setting.
  • When wearing a necklace for long periods of time inspect to ensure that it is fastened securely around the neck to avoid problems with tangling or slipping off.
  • How to Find Authentic Mexican Silver & Coral Jewelry

    Mexican silver and coral jewelry is the perfect way to add a unique and stylish accessory to any wardrobe. The beautiful, natural pieces of coral blend perfectly with the bright and eye-catching silver to create timeless designs that never go out of fashion. However, it’s important to be aware that some pieces may not be authentic, and it’s important to know how to identify fakes.

    The best way to purchase quality, authentic Mexican silver and coral jewelry is by looking for the hallmark stamp that indicates where or by whom it was made. The hallmark will usually be present somewhere on the piece but can often be hard to find due to its small size.

    It helps to look inside any hallmarks, since this is where some brands might hide their logo or registered trademark. Usually a magnifying glass will be necessary in order to read these markings, so it’s a good idea to use one when examining potential purchases more closely.

    Another tip for shopping for Mexican silver and coral jewelry is researching reputable online shops or galleries that specialize in selling these kinds of items. Look for customer reviews so you can make sure they have a good reputation before making any purchases.

    This should help narrow down your search considerably and give you peace of mind when it comes time to buy something. You can also visit local retailers who stock Mexican silver jewelry if you happen to live near one, as this could help give you an even better chance at spotting genuine items than simply buying off the internet alone.

    Lastly, keep your eyes open for indications that a piece may not be genuine. Avoid any items with obvious signs of damage or wear-and-tear as well as those with large price tags attached; very expensive brand names on much cheaper prices often sound too good to be true. Always make sure there are seals on all clasps and posts too – this will indicate that they are being adequately sealed against snaps or tears commonly associated with fake pieces.

    Finally, examine the craftsmanship; does everything seem well-made? Very often older pieces will show tiny details like scuff marks or scratches from age – if these features seem obviously new then chances are it’s fairly likely you have been sold an imitation piece of jewelry.

    Uncovering the Value of Mexican Silver & Coral Jewelry

    Mexican silver & coral jewelry is highly sought after due to its unique design, special craftsmanship, and beautiful aesthetic. Though prices vary greatly depending on many factors, there are a few key elements that can be used to measure the value of different pieces of Mexican jewelry.

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    This is arguably the most important factor in determining the value of Mexican silver & coral jewelry – not necessarily the beauty of it, although that does have an effect – but rather, how intricate and complicated the design is. Complex designs require more time and skill to create but such pieces are usually worth significantly more. Similarly, when buying unique or antique pieces be sure to stay aware of their scarcity as they can often be very valuable due to their rarity.


    Many pieces of Mexican silver & coral jewelry utilize traditional metals such as gold or sterling silver in their construction as well as colorful stones like turquoise and amber. These materials come from all over Mexico so premiums may apply depending on where they are sourced from. Additionally, if a particular metal or stone is hard to come by then this could increase its worth further.


    Obviously, an item’s condition will influence its price drastically; a piece in pristine condition naturally commands a higher resale value than one which has suffered considerable damage over time. It’s important for buyers to thoroughly examine any items before making a commitment as this can help identify any issues that could adversely affect its overall price.

    Where to Buy Mexican Silver & Coral Jewelry

    Mexican silver and coral jewelry is beautiful, unique and bold. It is perfect for everyday wear or special occasions, and has a long history in the culture of Mexico. There are many places to find beautiful pieces of jewelry crafted with Mexican silver and coral.

    The most traditional place to shop for this type of jewelry is in Mexico itself. Mexico has been crafting amazing pieces with silver and coral for centuries, so it’s no surprise that many local artisans craft even more modern designs using these same materials today.

    Street markets throughout Mexico are great places to look for one-of-a-kind pieces made by local artisans. If you like the idea of experiencing this craftsmanship in person, planning a visit to Mexico should be at the top of your list.

    You can also purchase Mexican silver and coral jewelry online. Many companies have flourished since moving their stores online due to the convenience it provides to shoppers all over the globe (and at home). A few notable brands include:

    • Mikimoto Jewelry – Creating luxurious pearl jewelry since 1893
    • Kohinoor Jewellery Co. – Founded in 1975 near Taxco, Mexico
    • Jewel Me – Offering handmade sterling silver artisan pieces
    • Adrian de la Haza – Established in 1968 selling classic and innovative designs


    The benefits of wearing Mexican silver and coral jewelry have withstood the test of time. Not only is it a timeless fashion statement, but also a great way to make an investment that will last over the generations and even increase in value throughout time. First and foremost, these pieces are classic works of art that exude traditional Mexican style with handcrafted designs and their glowing gemstone colors.

    They’re colorful enough to make a bold fashion statement while still being subtle yet eye-catching. Moreover, they are stunningly beautiful pieces that fill you with emotion when worn close to your skin, as they’ve been embedded with natural energy from the mine itself.

    Mexican silver and coral jewelry is not only valuable because of its craftsmanship but rather because both materials – silver and coral – are precious gems with high intrinsic values. Silver has always been known as one of the most valuable metals to collect and invest in due to its historical importance from Ancient Mesopotamian cultures centuries ago.

    Similarly, coral has also been used historically as an indication of wealth from many dynasties such as the Chinese Ming Dynasty which was especially fond of this material for adornments during special imperial events centuries ago.

    Both materials offer investors safe havens for their money; investments that are likely to increase over time without fear or significant loss unlike volatile stocks or other more risky forms of investment.

    Indeed when placed into a secured safe or protection, both silver or jewelry pieces will stay unchanged for years until taken out again – long after you’re gone they can be immortalized through your loved ones who can pass on the piece generations later or keep them until it is their own turn to say goodbye.

    Mexican silver and coral jewelry provides not just beauty but lasting values which can benefit families long after you’ve said your final farewells.

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