Melted Crayon Jewelry Diy

Melted crayon jewelry is a creative and fun DIY project that you can easily make in the comfort of your own home. Using creative paper molds to create unique shapes, can create unique and stunning pieces of handmade art. All you need are crayons, parchment paper, an oven safe dish, a wooden skewer for stirring and a hot glue gun for further details or embellishments. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make beautiful melted crayon jewelry.

To begin this project, preheat your oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit or whatever temperature the box of your parchment paper suggests. Next, find the silicone molds for jewelry that you’ll use to shape the melted wax.

Place parchment paper into the bottom of an oven safe receptacle such as a glass pyrex or oven-safe bowl with flat bottom and sides. After that, you’re ready to start breaking up your crayons by hand-you can snap them off using an old carton or use a sharp knife if you have one available – and arrange them in the desired color combination into each piece of silicone molds.

When all your desired pieces are securely arranged in each mold it’s time to bake in the oven. Don’t forget to keep an eye so they don’t melt too much. Bake for approximately 15-20 minutes until wax is liquid and completely melted all the way through.

To ensure the uniform heating process it important to stir occasionally with wooden skewer while they melt in order to avoid burning some parts. Remove from oven once fully melted and allow time cool down.

When hardened again, pull your creations out from their molds by gently pressing and peeling out any corners first, then removing each piece one at a time until removed entirely from silicon molding form. Now it comes time for further details with hot glue gun – to keep ears together-or for other decorations such as adding rhinestones or glitter depending on what item you made: earrings ,necklace ,bracelet etc..

Final step consists just ,pour excess wax from moldings onto newspaper covered counter top surface. Discard once cooled down.

See how easy it was? I hope this tutorial has been useful to making lots of beautiful and colorful melted crayon jewelry.


Melted crayon jewelry is a favorite DIY craft among adults and kids alike. What’s not to love? It’s colorful, fun, and relatively easy to make. Plus, it’s the perfect way to repurpose those old crayons. Before getting started however, it’s important to remember that carefully taking safety precautions when working with melted crayons is of utmost importance.

First of all, if you are going to be handling melted wax in any shape or form, protective gloves should absolutely be worn. The last thing you want is for the hot wax to come into contact with your skin and cause burns.

Additionally, because the melted wax can be quite hard to see against certain surfaces due to its translucency, wearing protective eyewear is recommended. That way, you can make sure that no small pieces of molten wax fly into your eyes during the craft process.

Additionally, because melting crayons releases harmful fumes into the air which can have an effect on our body if exposed over a long period of time; this DIY project should only be done in a well ventilated area away from pets or small children as much as possible.

If possible, completing this craft outdoors instead of indoors might even be preferable as it will help keep toxic fumes at bay while allowing you to get creative with your design layout when making jewelry pieces out of melted wax.

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Making melted crayon jewelry is a fun and creative DIY project. All you need to get started is a few supplies: molds, wax paper, and crayons. Determining what type of molds and colors to use will be the most important factor for creating some beautiful pieces.

To begin crafting your melted crayon jewelry, start by coating the molds in cooking spray or olive oil to prevent sticking. Then, peel the paper off of each crayon according to your desired colors and break the pieces into small parts that are easy to melt and take shape in the mold.

Once you have finished collecting all of the pieces of crayons you need, place them on top of a piece of waxy paper that’s been placed onto a baking sheet – this will act as your heat resistant surface throughout this process.

Now put your baking sheet with all the pieces into an oven at 250 degrees F until they have fully melted down. As warned, be sure to protect your hands and face from splatters with gloves and goggles (or just one pair) for extra safety precautions.

After removing from the oven, let all of your melted pieces cool fully before attempting to pop them out from their molds. Move carefully and slowly while doing this as it can require some force once they are hardened again so make sure that each piece looks in pristine condition when taking them out.

From here you have many options – threading a string through each piece once it’s cooled down can immediately create jewelry such as necklaces, or hot gluing two pieces together can transform it into something like magnets or keychains.

There are endless possibilities for how you choose to end up displaying these wonderful creations – whether as gifts for friends or family members or keeping as souvenirs for yourself – making melted crayon jewelry is sure to be an enjoyable experience that opens up new avenues in creativity.

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Making jewelry with melted crayons has become increasingly popular for crafting enthusiasts of all ages. The simple supplies and techniques used to create these projects make it the perfect activity for a night indoors, or a fun way to pass an afternoon. All that you will need are some crayons, a silicone mold in your desired shape, a blow dryer or heat gun and some wax paper.

Begin by removing the paper wrappers from your crayons and breaking them into smaller pieces to fit inside your mold. Next, use a blow dryer or heat gun on medium to high setting in small circles directly over your mold until the crayon pieces have melted together. Depending on the temperature at which you’re melting them, this may take up to 10 minutes so it is important to pay close attention to avoid burning the crayon wax.

Once you have finished melting the pieces together and achieving your preferred color palette set-up, leave them to cool before un-molding them from their container with caution as melting wax can get very hot. With low temps you can use your hands or simply press on one side of the mold with gentle pressure for release.

Afterward turn over directly onto wax paper for an easy clean-up process – it will catch all of those little strands of stray wax. Now, cut down any excess from around the edges using scissors.

You’re almost done. To finish off your creation use epoxy glue along one side of each pendant then wrap a loop of fishing line as you would in jewellery making (which you can find instructions online). Lastly attach earring hooks/chain necklace loops depending on what type of jewellery piece you are making.

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Beyond just pendants and earrings, there are many ways you can customise melted crayon art into unique designs. Some popular trends include layered symbols such as arrows which gives an ombre effect when incorporating multiple colors; intricate card frames by cutting clear plastic; sun catchers; stones etc. Possibilities are endless and magical when it comes to working with melted crayon art.


Making Melted Crayon Jewelry is one of the easiest and most satisfying DIY craft projects out there. With just a few basic materials, the process of making amazing jewelry with melted crayons is simple and fun. Depending on the steps that you take, you can create necklaces, bracelets and brooches with unique colors and patterns.

To begin making your own melted crayon jewelry, you’ll need some basic supplies. Besides crayons for melting, you’ll also need non-stick baking sheets, molds or silicone molds to pour the melted crayon into or a cookie cutter or embosser. You may also want to use scissors, potholders or oven mitts for cutting and handling the crayons since they can be quite hot once melted.

Now that you have all of your materials ready to go, it’s time to start creating your own masterpieces. Start by preheating your oven at around 325 degrees Fahrenheit and line a baking sheet with parchment paper if desired. Next arrange several unwrapped crayons in any shape that you like on the parchment paper and place it in the oven until they are completely melted (about 5-10 minutes).

Once finished melting in the oven, it’s time to let them cool down before transferring them into molds of your choice. Finally wait 10-20 minutes until everything is completely cooled before removing them from their molds and arranging them however you like into necklaces, bracelets or brooches. Enjoy wearing your creations.

However, not every Jewelry DIY project turns out as planned and it is possible for things to go wrong during this process when attempting this activity for the first time. Therefore in order to troubleshoot potential problems that may occur while crafting Melted Crayon Jewelry such as uneven melt lines or too much shrinkage there are a few tips you can keep in mind: Make sure that the temperature isn’t set too high (maximum 250°F).

Crayons can easily burn if set at too high of a temperature causing sharp edges.

If an area does not melt enough try placing back into oven for 1-2 minutes increments in order for it to reach desired texture/consistency. Also keep an eye on heat levels but also make sure to let pieces fully cool before attempting removal from mold otherwise plastic will lose desired shape. Lastly if using multiple colors, make sure they don’t get mixed together while melting by keeping each color separated with cooking spray prior going into oven.

Following these guidelines should ensure successful results when making Melted Crayon Jewelry DIY projects but always remember safety comes first when experimenting with heated materials like Melt Crayons.