Martin Jewelry

Personal Stories

At Martin Jewelry, we care about our customers and go the extra mile to make sure they are satisfied. Whether it’s finding the perfect ring for an anniversary or a special pendant for a birthday, our commitment to quality and service is unmatched.

Our customers have been with us through thick and thin, always coming back again and again. From engagement rings to stylish watches, they love visiting us because they know they can rely on us. They’ve come to trust us so much that many of them have come to consider us part of their family.

Take Rachel P., for example. Rachel found her perfect engagement ring from Martin and was blown away by the level of personalized service she received throughout the entire process. “I felt like I was shopping with a friend who had my best interests in mind” said Rachel. “The team at Martin Jewelry were more than just friendly; they actually took the time to listen to what I was looking for and guided me in making a decision that I am thrilled with”.

We all know someone like Jim M., who has gone above and beyond any expectations when buying jewelry from Martin Jewelry– taking the time to learn details about individual pieces while relying on the staff’s expertise when deciding on a purchase. “They treat every customer as if their satisfaction is essential” said Jim. “The shop has such a wide selection of jewelry styles and sizes, I couldn’t help but find something unique that no one else will ever have.”

It’s stories like Rachel’s and Jim’s that make Martin Jewelry so special; it reflects our dedication to providing excellent customer service, which in turn keeps customers coming back again and again! Our customers mean so much to us, so if you’re ever local, please stop in– we’d love to show you what makes shopping with us truly extraordinary!

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Anniversary Celebrations

Martin Jewelry celebrates anniversaries with a fantastic and festive atmosphere. Customers attending one of the anniversary celebrations can expect to be part of a unique event that includes a variety of exhibits and activities. The event features a walk-through exhibit featuring Martin’s dazzling jewelry collections, as well as displays featuring notable figures in the industry and the crafting of high-end jewels. Additionally, customers can search for the perfect diamond in their specially designed diamond room, with knowledgeable staff on hand to answer questions. Celebrating an anniversary at Martin Jewelry is also accompanied by special discounts and events such as giveaways and contests. There will always be some kind of music or entertainment playing throughout the event, as well as refreshments for guests to enjoy while browsing through all that Martin has to offer.

Social Responsibility

At Martin Jewelry, we strongly believe it is our duty to give back to the community. We actively participate in social responsibility initiatives throughout the year in order to make an impact on our local area. We take responsibility and invest our resources into providing quality and free jewelry repair services for those who are unable to afford it. In addition, we sponsor and support local organizations that help underprivileged families. We also collaborate with local schools, libraries and community centers by donating books for their upcoming projects. Furthermore, we have recently taken part in a charity competition which raised funds to build a playground for children with special needs. By participating in various social responsibility initiatives, Martin Jewelry hopes to bring lasting changes within our communities and foster the growth of the next generation of leaders.

Gallery of Artwork

The gallery of artwork associated with Martin Jewelry is a visual representation of the rich cultural variance that comes along with the craft. Through each work, viewers are invited to explore the wide range of materials, techniques and artistic expressions that encompass the company’s hallmark designs. Visitors can take in everything from intricate beadwork to feather-light necklaces and statement adornments, all inspired by traditional Native American and First Nations artistic practices. Every piece is thoughtfully curated to ensure it accurately captures the spirit of this timeless form of jewelry making and its ties to culture, lore, and tradition. Beyond exploration, exhibition guests have the opportunity to buy many of the pieces showcased in this gallery – helping support both Martin Jewelry and independent Indigenous artisans along their journey.

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Financing Options

At Martin Jewelry, we offer a variety of financing options that provide our customers with the ability to purchase their dream jewelry piece.

We offer credit plans through Synchrony Bank and Wells Fargo, which allow customers to pay for the purchase amount in full within a certain amount of time, usually differing depending on the order size. Customers can choose from either 6-month no interest financing or 12-month low interests financing plans.

In addition to traditional financing, we also offer layaway plans for our customers. These plans allow customers to spread out payments over several months by making small payments until their desired jewelry is paid off in full. This payment plan helps our customers budget and make expensive jewerly pieces more attainable.

At Martin Jewelry, we strive to make the cost of purchasing jewelry less daunting and more attainable. Whether you’re planning your dream engagement ring or searching for a one-of-a-kind gift for your special someone, our goal is to help you make it a reality with convenient and affordable financing options!