Marie Kondo Jewelry Storage

Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant and the world-renowned author of ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’. For many, she is an inspiration for sparking joy in their home and life. One of her main focuses when it comes to organizing is jewelry storage. With Marie Kondo’s methods, organization of jewelry can provide an easier way to find the pieces that spark joy.

The Process – How Marie Kondo Helps with Jewelry Organizing Marie Kondo believes that chaos results from having too much stuff. To combat this, one should reduce and organize what they have to easily locate what sparks joy. She suggests dealing with one category at a time and deciding which items bring you happiness before discarding those that don’t.

When it comes to jewelry storage, Marie Kondo encourages quality over quantity – meaning storing only the pieces that bring you the most joy. It can also help by keeping all pieces safe and organized in one place so nothing goes missing – be it everyday accessories or special occasion heirlooms.

Making Jewelry Storage Efficient In order for efficient jewelry storage, consider creating designated drawers or spaces in your closet or use shelf organizers where needed – perhaps creating different boxes or pouches sorted into categories such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings etc You could also save precious drawer space by using multi-level trays with different compartments. This could help keep small items like earrings separated from larger items such as chunky bracelets or necklaces.

If you can recycle plastic containers, look no further than your own kitchen; empty lasagne dish trays can help keep smaller pieces organized when stored away in drawers. Additionally with a portable jewelry box like the ones available from KonMari these are easy to store either on shelves or dresser tops but can be easily packed away when moving homes making them ideal for portable storage solutions.


Marie Kondo has been known worldwide for revolutionizing the way people approach their homes and possessions. By cutting down on clutter and storage problems, we make our lives easier. Marie Kondo’s approach to jewelry organization is no less revolutionary and offers several distinct benefits. Here are some of the top benefits:

  • More organized – Some people have a difficult time keeping their jewelry organized due to lack of space or difficulty telling what pieces they have. Marie Kondo’s systems makes it easy to both store your jewelry safely and organize it in a way that you can quickly find pieces when needed.
  • Save money – Traditional jewelry boxes often don’t take into account each piece’s individual needs for protection from tarnishing or scratching. Marie Kondo systems provide greater protection by giving each piece its own storage spot that is tailored specifically to what it needs.
  • Easy access – Since items are separated by type and stored within their own designated space, they can easily be taken out without disturbing other pieces. You also don’t need to rummage through drawers hunting for that missing silver earring or necklace.
  • Pleasing aesthic – With the ability to showcase all your beautiful jewels properly, in an enjoyable setting, you may find yourself wearing them more often.

The Marie Kondo Method

Marie Kondo’s organizational methods, famously known as the “KonMari Method,” are becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages. With her simple strategies and core principles, it’s easy to see how this minimalist approach to decluttering and organizing can positively impact your daily life. One particularly applauded method is her jewelry organization, which can help transform chaotic jewelry collections into compact spaces filled with items that bring you joy.

What are the essential components of jewelry storage according Marie Kondo?

The core principle that guides Marie Kondo’s rationale behind storing jewelry is that all items should be visible – this will help you to know when you’re adding something new or taking something out. This can be achieved by investing in specific storage containers, such as hanging racks or tubular holders for earrings.

Another key part of this system is avoiding overstuffed drawers where often pieces get lost or tangled up over time – instead keep trinkets stored in shallow dishes and separate compartments for each type of item.

How Can I Ensure My Jewelry Is Neatly Sorted and Easily Accessible?

You don’t need an endless amount of fancy organisers or holders to follow the Marie Kondo techniques – just buy a few key pieces according to your needs. You can also make use of some creative DIY storage systems if you don’t like buying pre-made products. Ice cube trays make great organizers for rings, bracelets plus hair accessories.

Shoe boxes with dividers are great things too – making them more decorative by wrapping them in colourful papers would work great too. For bigger collections, baskets are a great way to store similar items together while giving easy access to grab whatever you need quickly.

What Else Can I Do To Upscale My Jewelry Storage?

Apart from traditional storage systems created specifically for jewellery such as stand dividers and drawers there are some trendier ways to display and store your pieces. Allowing an exposed wall space with metal plates arranged in a pleasing manner will show off necklaces different lengths without any fuss or clutter whilst creating an interesting wall piece which naturally blends into surrounding home decor too making everyday organisation a stylish affair.

Wall Jewelry Storage Solutions

Using the Marie Kondo Method for Jewelry Storage

The Marie Kondo method of tidying and organizing has become immensely popular. Frequently associated with organizing the home, this method is also an incredibly useful tool for storing jewelry.

The technique encourages organization and helps you to rid your life of items that no longer spark joy. The process provides a neat overview of all the items you own and helps you to create the perfect jewelry storage system so that you can find your favorite pieces when you need them most.


The first step in implementing the Marie Kondo approach to jewelry storage requires sorting through all of your items. Separating necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other accessories into different piles can help to identify anything that is broken or needs repair, as well as provide insight into what kind of storage solutions may work best for your needs.

During this sorting process, it is important to think carefully about each item and whether or not it sparks joy in your life any more. If not, you may want to consider donating or disposing of it responsibly.


Once every piece has been sorted into its designated pile(s), it is important to remember the importance of containing these items efficiently. Jewelry boxes often provide easy ways to store all different types of accessories while displaying them creatively – try sourcing one made from natural materials for an eco-friendly touch.

Additionally, drawer organizers are incredibly useful tools for keeping everything organized without taking up too much space in a drawer or cupboard – ideal if storage space is limited. Remember: When deciding on containers consider size carefully-too big and they will look cluttered with extra space; too small and pieces will be jumbled up together making it hard to find specific pieces quickly.


Finally display larger pieces where they are easily seen, such as on a dressing table so these are used more regularly – this keeps them easily visible and allows you time to appreciate each individual item before selecting which piece to wear for each occasion.

By investing in some beautiful trinket plates or holders you can both showcase some special items as well as keep everyday pieces safe from accidental breakage due to great height off surfaces compared with open bowls/plates etc (who hasn’t knocked an open bowl before.)

Finally don’t forget any spares such as hooks for pierced earrings which didn’t make an appearance at the sorting stage – invaluable when searching in a rush.

Choose the Right Storage for Your Jewelry

Organizing your jewelry is a great way to make sure that you can easily access your pieces when you need them. After all, jewelry is meant for you to show off, not hide away.

Marie Kondo has been a trendsetter in many aspects of organizing and her vision and approach in helping people declutter their lives has inspired many. When it comes to the topic of organizing jewelry, Marie Kondo recommends the following tips as a way to select the best storage solution.

Assess Your Jewelry Collection

The first thing you should do is assess what type of jewelry you have in your collection. Different types of jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, rings, braclets require different types of storage methods so it’s important to think about this.

For example, if most of your pieces are made with fragile materials such as sterling silver or glass beads then gentle fabric pouches may be more suited than hard cases. Also, if you have delicate pieces then consider storing them in compartments with dividers so they don’t tangle or mix up with other items.

Think About Your Space

Once you’ve assessed the types of jewelry that you own then it’s important to think about what type of space do you have for storage. If yours is a walk-in closet there may be plenty room for an armoire or shelf unit which would look nice and provide additional hanging space for items like necklaces and bracelets.

However if yours is quite a compact space then maybe think about boxes or pouches that can be tucked away into drawers or even hung on hooks around your door frame utilising the unused wall space?

Set a Budget

Finally when considering what storage options to go with it’s important to think about budget as well because there are some seriously fancy looking antique style boxes out there that could set your wallet back quite considerably. Don’t overextend yourself financially but equally don’t compromise too much on quality either treating yourself to some nice pieces here and there will help make the process more enjoyable.

Alternatively transform some vintage finds into trinket boxes with a bit of paint, or jazz up some plain cardboard boxes with eco-friendly washi tape – these little DIY projects are fun alternatives that won’t break the bank.

Different Types of Marie Kondo Jewelry Storage Solutions

Organizing jewelry is no easy task, especially if you have a variety of different pieces in your collection. Marie Kondo’s famous organizing strategies provides some excellent recommendations for how to store and organize jewelry. Her solutions will help maximize storage space and keep your jewelry decluttered, while also allowing you access to properly display your favorite pieces.

If you’re considering streamlining your jewelry organization process with one of Marie Kondo’s storage solutions, here are some tips on which options might be best for you:

  • Clear Plastic Storage Boxes – Clear plastic storage boxes are a great option for storing and organizing all the miscellaneous items such as earrings, charms and other small pieces. This option allows it to all stay in one container that’s relatively easy to find when searching through your collection.
  • Drawer Organizers – If you’re looking to store bulkier items like necklaces or even watches, drawer organizers can come in handy. Better yet-Marie Kondo also sells her own stylish natural bamboo drawer insert which stands out from the typical plastic or wooden organizers found elsewhere.
  • Hanging Jewelry Displays – For those longer necklaces, Marie Kondo recommends using closet hanging rod hooks or wall mounted jewelry holders as an effective way to display all your favorite accessories. Not only does this help keep them free from tangling, but it makes picking what you want to wear much easier.
  • Necklace & Bracelet Stands – You can display collars, chains and bracelets in style with necklace and bracelet stands. These holders make for an attractive alternative against traditional flat shelving; they also prevent wear-and-tear on the jewelry due to gravity stretching the metal over time.
Wayfair Jewelry Storage

Luckily with Marie Kondo’s organized method of inventory categorization, mastering how to select the right type of storage solution doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Whichever option you choose, just remember that prioritizing efficiency while still keeping your jewelry visible is key for making the whole process easier when pairing outfits together.

Tips & Tricks for Styling Your Marie Kondo Jewelry Storage Display

Applying the Marie Kondo method to jewelry storage is an increasingly popular choice for neat and tidy jewelry organization. With its simple, minimalistic aesthetics, a Marie Kondo arrangement creates a stylish and chic look for your favorite pieces of jewelry.

When it comes to styling your Marie Kondo jewelry display, you’ll need to think beyond the basics. Here are some creative ideas for styling your storage display in a unique and eye-catching way:

  • Hang It – Hanging your jewelry on walls is a great way to show off larger pieces or statement items, while keeping them tidily stored away.
  • Get Creative with Angles – By displaying pieces at different angles you can create an interesting layout that’s aesthetically pleasing.
  • Vary Textures – Vary textures by combining woven baskets and wood baskets or dividers. This will make your storage area look dynamic and inviting.

> Group by Type

  • You can separate out your jewelry into types such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and pendants – this will help you maintain order when selecting the pieces for each section.

> Layer It Up.

  • By layering items using boxes or trays in various sizes you can add depth to the display while still staying organized.
  • Use taller parts in the back and work downwards toward shorter displays at the front for added visual interest.


Marie Kondo’s philosophy of tidying up has revolutionized the way people organize their living spaces, and jewelry storage is no exception. By implementing the KonMari method in your jewelry storage, you can update your home and bring order to one of the most stubbornly cluttered areas. Marie Kondo puts an emphasis on living space that sparks joy within us. Therefore by reorganizing our jewelry we create a sense of serenity in our home.

Marie Kondo Jewelry Storage encourages sorting through each item individually, discarding anything that doesn’t spark joy or fit within our vision for an organized living space. Removing items which have not been used for a long time or have negative connotations attached to them, often clears path for new and meaningful pieces to occupy their place.

To keep out clutter at bay objects are organized vertically with dividers and containers rather than arranged horizontally on top of each other, making individual pieces more easily accessible and visible. This way old beloved items can be cherished rather than forgotten in a tangled mess at the bottom of the drawer.

In addition to decluttering, rearranging your jewelry into efficient storage serves another purpose: preservation of those special keepsakes as well as memories associated with them.

Take some time distinguish functional from everyday wear pieces, sort earrings together regardless if they match one another or not so similar designs can always find each other again quickly,.This prevents damage from mismatched pairs tangling together as well as preserving the sentimental value any item holds by providing it safe place when not being worn.

Marie Kondo Jewelry Storage is a simple system with real results in bringing ease to your day-to-day life while valuing your keepsakes enough to give them rightful home within your living space.

The freedom from clutter allows more time spent on things that matter providing both physical and mental clarity in everyday life where little moments are celebrated equally next to bigger moments too Marie Kondo tiding up has transformed many lives already and will continue inspiring many more for years to come giving us even better understanding how much impact small changes truly can make.

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