Maria’s Fine Jewelry

Personal Story

Maria’s Fine Jewelry was started with the most personal touch. Longtime jewelry lover and creator Maria initially made pieces for family, friends, and co-workers as a hobby. After receiving countless compliments and orders for custom pieces, Maria decided to open up her own store specializing in handmade jewelry pieces that reflect her one-of-a-kind style.

The inspiration behind this pursuit was Maria’s own experience. She wanted to create pieces that everyone can enjoy, just like she did when making jewelry for her friends and family—jewelry that would help shape special moments of giving and receiving treasures that are both timeless and forever cherished.

These days, Maria’s Fine Jewelry operates out of a boutique shop on Main Street and has expanded their offerings online as well in order to bring these beautiful handmade pieces to those all over the world. Maria continues to lovingly craft each piece of jewelry with the same dedication to beauty; it is her mission to ensure that customers feel even more special when they find something at Maria’s Fine Jewelry. She hopes every purchase from her store will be treasured by its recipient, as it is crafted with care so each person can feel connected through style and emotion whenever they wear it.


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Industry Recognition

Maria’s Fine Jewelry has earned a wide range of awards and industry recognition throughout its history. In 2017, Maria’s was named one of the top two jewelry retailers in Northern California by the National Jewelers Association. In 2018, Maria’s received a 5-star customer satisfaction rating from the American Gem Society, one of the most prestigious titles given to any jewelry retailer in North America. Most recently, Maria’s was given ownership of a rare blue diamond believed to be worth close to $2 million by GIA (Gemological Institute of America). As well as receiving these awards, Maria’s Fine Jewelry has been featured in publications such as The New York Times and Forbes magazine showcasing their unique craftsmanship and impeccable quality.

Custom Engraved Jewelry

Product Offering

Maria’s Fine Jewelry offers a wide variety of collections to meet the needs of customers looking for jewelry that is unique, timeless, and memorable.

The Luxury Collection provides customers with exquisite pieces crafted using the finest materials such as platinum, 18K gold, pearls, and diamonds. The pieces in this collection include timeless classics such as diamond pendants, hoops and studs, eternity bands and men’s ring styles. Customers can wear an item from this collection knowing their piece will stand the test of time.

The Funky Collection is designed for those customers who want to make a bold statement. Pieces from this collection feature bright colors, interesting shapes, and unexpected combinations of materials. These pieces add character to any wardrobe and are perfect for any special occasion or casual wear.

The Charmed Collection features pieces like charm necklaces, bracelets and rings featuring delightful designs made with carefully chosen materials like precious gems and metals. This collection appeals to both adults and children alike; each item has its own story that customers will love wearing it for years to come.

The Exquisite Collection offers some of Maria’s most luxurious pieces. Each piece marries amazing detail with classic design creating a unique item that looks good on anyone who wears it – whether dressed up or down. From exquisite diamond rings to unusual earrings sets – these pieces make every day just a little bit more special!

Brand Story

Maria’s Fine Jewelry was founded by Maria Allen, a visual artist who discovered her love for jewelry design. Growing up in a small town, Maria was continuously inspired by the beauty of the outdoors and found ways to incorporate these features in her designs.

At Maria’s Fine Jewelry, we believe that jewels should be more than just an ornament. They should inspire and bring delight to the person wearing them. We find inspiration from Mother Nature’s captivating creations and strive to bring that same beauty into our designs. Every piece intricately embodies intricate craftsmanship while still being elegant and timeless. Our collections range from delicate pieces with vibrant gemstones to bold statement pieces crafted with precious metals.

Through our design process, we are able to create pieces that evoke emotion through their beauty and uniqueness. We are passionate about inspiring individuality with wearable art that can be cherished for a lifetime – each piece speaks to its own story and has its own energy so no two designs will ever be exactly alike.

How To Create Enamel Jewelry

We hope our collections remind people that when you adorn yourself with jewels, it is not simply about fashion or trends but about expressing your true self through the stories your jewelry tells and connecting deeply to whatever makes you feel beautiful inside out!

Additional Services

Maria’s Fine Jewelry provides a vast selection of beautiful jewelry, watches and diamonds to customers. In addition to our fine selection of jewelry, we also offer additional services to make sure our customers get the best quality experience. Our engraving service allows customers to personalize any piece of jewelry with meaningful messages and symbols. We also offer professional cleaning and polishing services that will keep your jewelry looking like new. Lastly, we have certified appraisers on staff who can assess the worth of any piece of jewelry if needed.

Influencer Promotion

Maria’s Fine Jewelry is one of the most exclusive and sought-after jewelers in the world. As such, they have garnered a fair share of attention from influential personalities and celebrities alike. Fans of Maria’s Fine Jewelry often take to their platforms to shout out the brand and show off their purchases or designs. To add further authenticity and reach to a blog post about Maria’s Fine Jewelry, featuring some of these influencers would be hugely beneficial. This could involve asking them to provide comments on what they appreciate most about Maria’s Fine Jewelry – whether it be that they create stunning pieces with exquisite craftsmanship, or that the quality of each piece meets high standards. Photos from these influencers wearing jewelry from Maria’s Fine Jewelry can also be included in the blog post for visual appeal. Including an endorsement from these influencers would definitely boost engagement across all channels, as people are more likely to engage with content that has gained approval from someone they admire.

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