Maplewood Mall Jewelry Stores

Feature vendors

Maplewood Mall houses five top jewelry stores offering an amazing selection of quality jewelry. Smith & Sons Jewelers specialize in custom-made engagement rings and offer a wide collection of diamond collections. Clovers and Davis offer beautiful gold, silver, and gemstone pieces as well as watches, making it a one-stop shop for your special occasion needs. The Hive is known for its fashion jewelry boutique with pieces that range from classic to modern designs. Store 59 showcases their original necklaces, earrings, and pendants crafted by their local artisans. Lastly, Forrest Treasures has the finest estate jewelry offerings ranging from vintage to antique pieces. With such a variety available all in one place at Maplewood Mall, you can trust that you’ll find something special no matter what your tastes or needs may be!

Popular local products

The Maplewood Mall has a wide selection of jewelry stores that carry some of the best local brands around. They include popular regional favorites such as Carroll Jewelers which specializes in high-end diamond pieces, and Marie’s Unique Collections who specializes in vintage and custom made pieces. For something less expensive yet still fashionable, locals can choose from the many varieties of costume jewelry offered by Towne Jewelry. And for those looking for a more affordable option, popular chain stores like Claire’s offer trendy options at an affordable price. No matter your taste or budget, You’re sure to find something special in one of Maplewood’s jewelry stores.


The Maplewood Mall jewelry stores are offering some great deals for shoppers. For a limited time, customers can get up to 50% off select items in the stores. On top of that, they are also offering free shipping on items inside the store. Additionally, they have several live jewelry discount events taking place where customers can save an extra 15% off their purchase if they sign up for the mall’s loyalty program. The mall is also providing exclusive coupons for shoppers who purchase any item from one of the jewelry stores and use it before its expiration date. Lastly, during certain times of the year, shoppers can find special holiday-related offers like discounted prices on certain items or free gift wrapping with a purchase.


The jewelry stores at Maplewood Mall present a luxurious and inviting feel from the moment shoppers enter. The layout of the stores allows for customers to easily browse through different collections of jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, and even engagement rings. Displays are well-lit so shoppers can get a good look at the various gems on offer. Some stores also feature sound systems that add to the ambiance, playing soft music and tranquil melodies. Overall, these jewelry stores create an elegant atmosphere that invites customers to take a few moments to explore their pieces in comfort and style.

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Online shopping

Maplewood Mall Jewelry Stores has many ways for shoppers to purchase jewelry online. Customers can browse through a variety of stores to find the perfect piece. Many of the stores offer an online store where shoppers can buy directly from the website. In these stores, customers can pay with their credit card or PayPal account and find items that they would like to purchase. Items are often easy to locate with helpful search filters and sorting options available.

Additionally, Maplewood Mall Jewelry Stores partners with other major retailers that offer their own websites, allowing shoppers access to even more options when looking for jewelry online. Customers who want a comprehensive selection of jewelry can use these partner websites to search through a large inventory, allowing them to easily compare prices and find the perfect piece at a great price.

Finally, shoppers who prefer convenience over commitment may want to consider purchasing items on auction sites such as eBay or Craiglist. Here they have access to both new and secondhand pieces from various sellers – although caution is advised when making purchases from these sites, since it is difficult for buyers to guarantee their satisfaction due to the nature of these transactions.

Alternatives to jewelry

Maplewood Mall Jewelry Stores has a wide selection of jewelry, but shoppers don’t necessarily have to purchase this type of product. The mall also features many other items that could make excellent gifts or be great additions to any home. For example, they sell a number of handmade items and crafts such as handmade jewelry boxes, wooden sculptures, and glass blown art. They also stock unique furniture pieces like vintage seating and writing desks. If you are looking for something special in the way of home goods, you can find decorative pillows and vases, as well as posters, wall hangings and artwork. In addition, shoppers can buy kitchen supplies including coffee makers and cookware sets. There is even an array of books to choose from, in case you want to look up the current market value of antique jewelry from the store’ s selection.

Gift buying guide

Jewelry is a timeless gift option that expresses love and appreciation. Shopping for it can often be intimidating, but the perfect piece of jewelry is out there. To help you find it, here’s a comprehensive gift-buying guide for Maplewood Mall jewelry stores:

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1. Discover the occasion: Determine what type of occasion you’re shopping for; not all special occasions require the same type of jewelry. Is it for an anniversary, birthday, graduation or romantic gesture? Establishing this first will allow you to narrow down your options in terms of style and budget.

2. Consider the recipient’s style: Not all women will look best in the same type of jewelry. While diamond stud earrings are classics and can work on anyone, think outside the box if her fashion sense is more eclectic or unique. Think along the lines of vintage-style cocktail rings or layered necklaces with colorful stones or geometric designs she might like more than traditional pieces.

3. Research your budget: Next, consider how much you plan to spend on jewelry at Maplewood Mall’s stores. Set a price range before shopping to avoid impulse purchases that don’t fit into your budget—remember, quality doesn’t always equate with price tag! When buying gemstones such as diamonds, be sure to look for reputable certifications and shop around for references from trusted sources about stone grain size and color intensity grades before making your purchase.

4. Visit multiple stores: Visit multiple shops in order to compare prices, styles and overall service levels before settling on a final decision. Many stores offer specials that are not advertised so be sure to ask about them when shopping around! Be mindful of return policies just in case you need to exchange or return the item later on down the line; many stores have time limits associated with refunds/returns depending on state laws regulating small business environments outside those provided by maplewood mall itself (for example).

5. Choose thoughtfully: Your choice should represent your value systems, not just what’s “in trend” right now–remember that trends come and go but true sentiment remains forever! Consider customizing a piece or pairing different colors and styles together to create something unique that reflects both yours and the recipient’s taste alike; after all – they deserve something special!

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