Make Your Own Jewelry and Make it Yourself

Jewelry making can be a fun hobby or a profitable business. It all depends on the person doing it and their individual creativity and imagination. There are some good books and DVDs available to help you along on your way and many magazines devoted to the art. This article will focus on a few of the instructions that you should use when you are first getting started in jewelry making. Remember, the best way to start is always with an idea.

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Before you get started in making your own jewelry you will need some tools and supplies. You will want some wire to put the beads and gems on, a case for your jewelry making tools and last but not least, a jewelry making hoop. The wire you choose to use will be determined by the type of jewelry you intend to make. When choosing your wire keep in mind that the thicker the wire the larger the beads you will be able to handle safely.

Once you have selected the wire you want to use you will want to cut it so that you have enough wire to hold everything securely. You can do this using a ruler or a wire cutter. Make sure that your ruler or cutter is very sharp so that you do not hurt yourself as you cut. You will want to bend the wire while it is still plaiting so that it will be easier to wrap around the pieces you will be putting together. After you have wrapped the wire, you will want to crimp it into a case. You can do this by wrapping the wire around the handle of a special plaiting tool and then crimping it into place.

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Now that you have your wire crimped and your case made you will want to put your beads and stones together. First put the wire on the back of the plaiting tool. Then put one bead on the front and two on the back. Wrap the wire around the entire piece of jewelry making sure that the side you are working on overlaps the other side. You can use a ruler or a clasp to help ensure that the wire stays on the plaiting tool.

To finish your DIY jewelry you will want to put a small clasp on the end of each bead. This will help to keep the beads in place while you assemble the jewelry together. Once all of the beads are installed you can glue them to a clear plastic sheet so that they will stay in place. You will probably want to glue the beads to a sheet of wax as well, so that they will not get snagged on anything while you are assembling your piece.

After you have put together your jewelry, you will want to display it. Most stores will allow you to display your jewelry before you make it. In most cases they will not charge you for this. If they do, you may be able to use a credit card to make your purchase. If you cannot make the purchase at a store, you can simply take it home and assemble it yourself.

If you decide to sell your pieces, you will want to make sure that you make them for a price that is attractive. If you make cheap beads you will find that you do not recoup your investment. This is a risk that you need to take when you are DIY jewelry making. You may find that you are unable to sell the pieces or that people do not really understand what you are making. You should always make sure that your products are of a high quality so that you do not waste your time or money on a business that is not going to succeed.

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While you may be nervous about your DIY jewelry making skills, you should learn as much as you can about how to make these products. You will be able to get more enjoyment out of the process if you know how to make them. You may also be able to avoid making costly mistakes. It is also good practice to share your work with others who may be interested in learning more about jewelry making. After all, your friends may be able to provide you with feedback on your work that can help you improve your techniques and increase your profits.

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