Magnasonic Jewelry Cleaner Not Working

The Magnasonic jewelry cleaner is a sophisticated device designed to clean all kinds of delicate and valuable items. It features ultra-sonic vibrations that quickly remove dirt, oils and debris without damaging the jewelry or disturbing any of its settings.

Furthermore, the unit also comes with an auto-shutoff feature that will power down after 10 minutes ensuring energy efficiency and added safety. Although the Magnasonic cleaner has received stellar reviews from customers for its performance, there may be times when it simply does not work.

Possible Causes of Non-working Jewelry Cleaner There could be a number of reasons behind why the Magnasonic jewelry cleaner isn’t working as expected. One of the primary possibilities is inadequate power supply or weak battery charge – particularly when using cordless options. This might cause the unit to power down even before reaching optimal cleaning temperature or pressure levels inside the chamber tank.

Further, outlet plugs and voltage differences can also disrupt the electrical flow and cause non-functionality errors in such devices. Also, using more than one module at once could overload your circuit breakers, resulting in sudden shutdowns.

Rectifying The Malfunction Issue Checking whether everything needed is plugged into their ports correctly could also help detect any anomalies present in your cleaning cycle process. If that doesn’t seem to fix your issue, try resetting the circuitry by switching off both essential breaker switches for around 10 seconds before turning them on again – this should hopefully refresh connections around various operating elements preventing any unexpected shut downs when cleaning jewelry pieces or other valuables.

On the other hand one can always refer to user manual guides regarding general maintenance regimes covering troubleshoot solutions whenever experiencing abnormality in appliance performance such as the case of a magnasonic Jewelry Cleaner not working.

Troubleshooting Basics

The Magnasonic Jewelry Cleaner is a great piece of equipment for keeping sterling silver and other jewelry in pristine condition. Unfortunately, even with the best cleaning machines, things can sometimes go wrong causing your machine to stop working.

If your Magnonasonic Jewelry Cleaner has ceased to work properly, follow these simple troubleshooting tips to try and fix the problem yourself:

  1. Check all power sources (power cable, wall socket). Make sure that the cables are securely plugged in and that all socket switches are switched on.
  2. Check if there was any electrical interference with other appliances nearby that might have affected it.
  3. Make sure that you followed the instructions for proper use accurately.

Replacing/Cleaning Parts

If your Magnoscopic Jewelry Cleaner is still not working after trying these basic troubleshooting steps, you may need to look at replacing certain parts or cleaning them of dirt or blockage.

  • “Filter Mesh”: Loosen debris lodged into the filter mesh carefully using a small brush. The filter mesh is located near the center of the tank unit.
  • “Spray Nozzles”: Remove limescale buildup by cleaning regularly using white vinegar or hot water. Replace spray nozzles if they are being blocked up with dirt continuously.
  • “O-Ring Seals”: Regularly check O-ring seals for wear or tears and replace if needed.
  • “Impeller unit”: Remove any debris from blades carefully and clean interior with pipe cleaners and warm soapy water. Check impeller unit alignment once cleaned too as misalignment can impede its performance.

Care Tips

Keeping your Magnasonic jewelry cleaner in good working order is crucial for maximizing its benefits. To ensure optimal results, here are a few tips to keep in mind while caring for your jewelry cleaner.

  • Check and clean any filters regularly, as these can easily become blocked with particles that can cause damages to the device.
  • Ensure jewelry has been completely dried before storage, as moisture can cause rusting or tarnishing.
  • Never submerge the cleaner in water as this can damage the electric components in the device.

In addition to these tips, if it appears that the machine is not working properly there are a few steps that should be taken to troubleshoot. Start by examining all electrical connections and circuit breakers including power cords and plugs. Check for any noticeable defects such as frayed wires or shorts. Ensure the motor capacitor, start relay switches, brushes and fan belts are securely fastened and functioning correctly.

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Testing the Unit

Before doing anything, it is important to know how to properly test the Magnasonic jewelry cleaner. To begin with, you should check the power plug for any signs of wear or damage. If it looks damaged in any way, then you should not proceed and replace the plug before testing restarts.

The next step is to fill up the cleaning tray with warm water and a small amount of dish-washing soap or jewelry cleaning solution. Depending on the size of your jewelry cleaner, this might involve using a measuring cup or a hand-sized bowl.

After that, turn on the unit in order to ensure that it is working correctly. You should also inspect all components thoroughly to see whether there have been any obvious external damages caused to the case or other parts; if there are signs of ageing or frequent use and tear then you should take extra caution when testing out the unit.

Lastly, place your jewelry into the tray and let it sit for around 10 minutes before turning off the device and inspecting your items.

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Test all wiring components inside of the cleaner.
  • Turn off power supply and unplug from wall outlet.
  • Check heater coil circuit board (circuit boards may appear different in each model).
  • Replace damaged elements if necessary.
  • Re-connect all wires back onto terminal block.
  • Replacement Parts

    When your Magnasonic jewelry cleaner stops working, the first logical step is to check if you need any replacement parts. This could be anything from an ultrasonic wave generating unit, a power supply board, a filter, or depending on which model you have, some other malfunctioning part.

    Many people turn to YouTube for tutorials on how to remove and replace different components in Magnasonic Jewelry Cleaners. This type of repair requires a great deal of patience and problem solving skills which may be beyond many customers’ abilities.

    Replacement Parts – Purchasing

    If you are not confident with your technical abilities it is usually best to purchase new replacement parts from a trusted supplier or the original manufacturer. This ensures that you receive genuine quality parts that will function as they should and keep your jewelry cleaner running for years to come.

    You can get OEM replacement parts online at prices comparable to aftermarket retailers but it pays to research the cost of both options before making a purchase decision. By investing in good quality components you can guarantee that your Magnasonic jewelry cleaner continues working as it was intended by its designer.

    Repair Services

    Another option available if you do not trust yourself to make repairs is to find expert help through repair services offerings provided online by jeweler / watchmaker associations or even manufacturers such as Magnasonic themselves.

    These technicians have decades of experience in dealing with electronic issues related specifically to products like the Magnasonic Jewelry Cleaner so they are more likely to spot issues early on and solve them efficiently without unnecessary costs being incurred due to faulty faulty diagnostics or trial and error fixes.

    An additional advantage of using reputable service providers is customers often benefit from insurance policies that cover expensive replacements should something catastrophic happen during their service visit.

    User Manuals & Guides

    Jewelry cleaning machines such as the Magnasonic can prove to be extremely helpful when it comes to removing dirt, oils, and tarnish from precious items. However, what happens when the machine is not working? When facing this issue, users should first look into the user guides that come with their cleaners as they will most likely contain a comprehensive list of troubleshooting instructions.

    Checking the Motor and Fuse

    When no sound or vibration is coming from the jewelry cleaner, it may be due to a battery problem or an issue with the motor. Checking for broken wires or connections at either end of the battery is essential in order to identify if this is related to the problem.

    Additionally, if there is no fuse in place then this could also cause an interruption in power. It is advisable to check for any blown fuses and see if replacing them brings back functionality.

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    Try Different Settings

    Another possible issue that can prevent a Magnasonic jewelry cleaner from functioning correctly is settings being dialed incorrectly. Some models will have various speed options allowing for different levels of vibration intensity.

    These will commonly be in three-stage settings; low, medium and high so experimentation with various combinations may yield positive results. Furthermore, it is recommended that users read their user guide closely as some machines may involve other settings like timers and water temperature control which could influence how effective it performs.

    Replace Lost Parts

    One further way of rectifying Malfunctioning Magnasonic jewelry cleaners is through part replacement. If small objects were left inside while cleaning then there are chances they got stuck in or around certain components and are preventing efficient operation. Additionally, due to repeated use certain parts can become worn down over time leading to unwanted vibrations and poor performance so it would be advisable to replace older parts with new ones if needed.

    Professional Repair Services

    The Magnasonic Jewelry Cleaner may experience various problems over time. If the cleaner fails to start, there could be an issue with the electrical connection, or if the rotating arm fails to turn, then a problem exists with the motor itself. In these cases, it is best to seek professional repair services from a qualified technician.

    When researching repair services for your jewelry cleaner, it is important to understand the options available and any applicable guidelines for securing professional services. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

    • Check your warranty: Many newer models of Magnasonic Jewelry Cleaners come with a warranty period that offers free repairs if something goes wrong. It is worth checking out what type of coverage you have first before seeking out professional services.
    • Do your research: Not all repair technicians have experience with Magnasonic Jewelry Cleaners and it is important to research prospective technicians to ensure they have appropriate knowledge and skillset.
    • Request parts and labor estimates: Professional repair services typically include both labor charges and cost of parts required if new components are necessary. Ask the technician ahead of time for a full estimate so there aren’t any surprises when it comes to payment.


    When your Magnasonic jewelry cleaner stops working correctly, it can be a frustrating situation. Taking the time to check and troubleshoot your cleaner can help you identify what’s causing the issue and get back to enjoying sparkling clean jewelry quickly.

    For the first step in troubleshooting, start by checking the power supply cord for any issues such as fraying or exposed wiring. If there is any damage, replace the cord with a new one and test it again before proceeding further.

    Next, open up the tank on your cleaner and check for any accumulation of dirt build-up around the ultrasonic transducer assembly. In some cases, wiping it clean or using compressed air to remove stubborn debris can help get it running again.

    If none of these initial steps fix the problem, then you should consult your user manual or contact customer support to ask for help troubleshooting further. If they are unable to provide assistance, then you may need to consider taking your cleaner into a technician for repairs.

    Before undertaking such action however, make sure you have exhausted all resources available as often times small parts within the unit can become salty from water exposure over time which requires replacement instead of repair.

    No matter which method you choose to tackle fixing your Magnasonic jewelry cleaner not working issue, having a clear understanding of what needs to be done will make getting back to sparklingly clean jewelry much quicker and requires less effort in terms of time and money spent on repairs or replacements down the line. However keep in mind that sometimes professional help will be required if an issue has progressed too far or beyond basic home maintenance methods can solve.