Luelly Handmade Jewelry

Luelly Handmade Jewelry is the perfect choice for any jewelry enthusiast, offering a variety of high-quality pieces made with precision and care. This jewelry consists of sterling silver and precious metals, adorned with colorful gemstones, making each piece truly unique.

Owners Mike and Melinda Williams are lifelong artisans who have been creating one-of-a-kind pieces since they opened their business in 2015. With decades of experience between them, they create each piece with a level of detail and craftsmanship unparalleled in the industry.

The History of Luelly Handmade Jewelry

Mike and Melinda have a story unlike any other, one that spans generations. Growing up on the east coast learning traditional metalworking techniques from their fathers, Mike and Melinda dreamt of running a family business that focused solely on crafting unique handmade jewelry. In recognition of the town their fathers taught them in, they decided to name it Luelly after its original Latin namesake: Lucidus Legatus Liberatae (which translates to “Greatly Complexed by Freedom”).

Armed with an array of exclusive tools and materials, Mike and Melinda began selling their jewelry collections both online and locally at fairs throughout New England. Through heightened quality standards, artist credits on all products, free rush delivery services – Luelly grew rapidly.

The Future of Luelly Handmade Jewelry

As word spread about Mike and Melinda’s expert craftsmanship, so did curiosity surrounding what would become next for Luelly Handmade Jewelry. For now however this pair plans to continue perfecting each piece that comes out of their workshop while offering standard discounts to returning customers.

They also plan to introduce limited-edition designs each season as well as host various workshops online so hopeful metalworkers may learn directly from the couple themselves. Whether looking for a custom heirloom or ready-to-ship item – those wearing Luelly can relish in knowing their accessories were not just well crafted but crafted with zero compromise when it comes to quality components; resulting in timelessness that transcends trends.

History and Inspiration Behind the Brand

Luelly Handmade Jewelry is a business dedicated to creating beautiful pieces of jewelry for its customers. The brand was started in 2016 by Luella Jones, a young entrepreneur who saw the potential for a unique jewelry line that celebrates individual style and beauty. With an ever-mounting interest in handmade items and sustainable practices, Luelly is on track to bloom into something special.

When Luella began her venture into creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces she drew upon inspirations from art, fashion and culture. She wanted the results of her hard work to be not only attractive, but thought provoking. By gathering natural and cultural inspirations through her day-to-day interactions with the world around her, Luella strives to maintain a creative focus on developing designs that are both emotionally beautiful, yet timeless pieces people can cherish forever.

A key factor that has driven this successful start is Luella’s passion to use natural materials sourced responsibly as part of the products created under Luelly Brand. This ensures there will be no mistreatment of animals or nature during any part of the process – from sourcing gemstones all the way up to delivery, everything is 100% cruelty free.

Additionally, this helps support communities who rely on those natural resources. The sustainability mission behind the brand doesn’t just stop at its production though; it also applies to packaging materials which are made from post consumer/biodegradable materials ensuring minimal waste in shipping out products too.

Each item produced by this amazing line showcase classic detail combined with special touches of organic patterns and shapes blended together for added impact. Shapes containing material remind us of our home – the earth – while intricate patterns give the appearance of abstract impressionist paintings. Even more specifically designs typically contain gem stones with metal accents taking us back in time while remaining modern at the same time-making it transcend across generations seamlessly.

Gulity Free Materials Used in Crafting

Luelly Handmade Jewelry is an exquisite jewelry brand that offers an array of unique styles that are created with guilt free materials. Luelly crafts an array of ethical and sustainable pieces made with alternative materials to provide customers the chance to express themselves with jewelry without impacting the planet.

They use materials such as wood, clay, polyester, brass and vegan felt for a large majority of their designs. These materials are far more renewable than traditional metals and gems resulting in a much less damaging impact from production of each piece.

The alternative materials also manage to create pieces boasting style, elegance, texture and colour that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to craft from metals and gems. For example their stunning necklace pieces crafted from wood often feature details so intricate that metal bar and wire components wouldn’t be able to properly create those effects. The colors in these wooden charms are vibrant and unique providing a subtle yet inviting accent against any outfit.

Another great example can be found among their selection of matte-finished polymer clay earrings themed around summer fruits or bustling city skylines. The details upon these small studs comes to life as real scenery through creative use of colors and patterns – something that metal just can’t accurately capture.

When it comes down to it sustainability doesn’t need to mean sacrificing style. Luelly’s mission is crafting beautiful pieces using ethical production processes which sets them apart from your typical jewelry company whose main focus may only revolve around profit margins instead of people and the environment.

Upon browsing their catalog it’s easy not only find gorgeous handmade playful pieces but also standout pieces perfect for formal events or professional wear as well – all while helping preserve our planet’s resources.

Variety of Designs and Types of Jewelry

Luelly Handmade Jewelry is a top-tier store that specializes in custom-made pieces. The company offers customers a wide variety of designs and types of jewelry to choose from, crafted with care by experienced artisans and designers. Their unique pieces include necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and more inspired by various cultures from around the globe.

Some collections are based on ancient symbols from faraway countries while others are drawn from modern trends around the world. Each piece of jewelry is made with premium materials such as sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Furthermore, house designers create exclusive fine jewelry collections for customers year round.

At Luelly Handmade Jewelry’s store front location you can find a wide range of special items to add to your collection or gifting options for your loved ones – including one-of-a-kind creations that won’t be found anywhere else. Every item showcased in the shop is handmade with meticulous attention to detail and skillful craftsmanship – something that sets this jewelry store apart from its competitors in the market.

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No matter what style or occasion you’re looking for, you will be sure to find something delightful and fit within your budget selection at Luelly Handmade Jewelry. Catering to all tastes, their collections range from minimalist chic designs to elaborate bohemian styles.

Additionally, exclusive discounts are available every month for regular customers – so it pays off being loyal. With these unbeatable prices and quality craftsmanship, you are sure to find an item which will become your favorite accessory that accentuates your personal style beautifully for years to come.

Quality and Durability of the Pieces

Luelly handmade jewelry is known for their intricate and distinctive artistry. With its high-end materials and craftsmanship, it’s a quality piece that’s worth every penny. Not only is each piece unique and one of a kind, but they are also known to be durable as well. Whenever you invest in a Luelly Handmade Jewelry piece you can rest assure that your money is going towards an object that will last for years.

The metal used to create the luelly pieces are of the highest grade and picked with discerning taste. Gold, sterling silver, and bronze are all used heavily in the creation of their items and each type is treated differently to ensure no damage comes upon it once the object is finished being produced.

For example, sterling silver pieces receive multiple layers of techniques to protect them from tarnishing over time; whereas gold filled pieces undergo an extremely detailed process so that it keeps it sparkle long after purchase.

Each stone used in production is chosen carefully as if each was handpicked from the jeweler itself. Quality stones such as diamonds or sapphires are expertly cut down to size by professional gemstone cutters and set perfectly into the metal by skilled jewelers.

Diamond studded rings for instance look absolutely dazzling when secured onto sterling silver or 14kt gold due to the fact that each diamond’s clarity has been vetted before any assembling process could begin. Not only does this give a very luxurious look to each item sold, but also adds more levels of security on top of its already reputable durability expertise made within every product sold at Luelly Handmade Jewelry store front.

Overall with careful selection of both metals & gems at hand , customers can rest assured that they can pass their new luxe item off to future generations without worrying too much about its lifespan while having an exquisite piece of jewelry to enjoy in the meantime.

Different Price Points per Piece

Luelly Handmade Jewelry offers a wide range of designs and pieces to choose from, with different price points per piece. With such diversity, there’s something for everyone when it comes to finding the perfect piece at Luelly. Whether you are shopping for an everyday look or something more luxurious, the selection and quality of their pieces won’t disappoint.

When it comes to selecting something special from Luelly Handmade Jewelry, customers have access to a variety of styles and materials. With sterling silver jewelry items as well as gemstones and gemstone-infused pieces, customers can find high-quality pieces that will last them for years to come. The range of price points available allows customers to find affordable pieces that fit into any budget.

One benefit of the low prices showcased by Luelly is that buyers can purchase multiple items if they so choose – curating their own collection from this one-stop shop. Each item has been designed with thought and care; they not only look good but they’re also crafted in accordance with safety standards concerning nickel allergies.

Luelly Handmade Jewelry also offers custom designs which gives each person the opportunity to receive truly unique pieces tailored according to their own preferences in terms of design and material choice. Customers can provide pictures or sketches that match their individual style preference or alternatively take advantage of helpful suggestion given by the creative team behind Luelly Handmade Jewellery before finalizing their order.

Additionally, many pieces such as necklaces and earrings may be personalized with initials, quotes or other wordings – creating timeless gifts suitable for any occasion.

Benefits of Investing in Luelly Jewelry

The name “Luelly” is derived from the combination of two words, ‘Love’ and ‘Luxury’ to connote the idea of loving a luxury even if it’s within reach. Luelly is a handmade jewelry company that specializes in crafting superior quality necklaces and earrings for every customer who desires an elegant, bespoke jewelry piece.

To ensure high-quality standards, all pieces are made from precious metals such as sterling silver and gold filled, adorned with unique jewels of unparalleled beauty and breathtaking craftsmanship. Investing in any jewelry piece from Luelly provides many benefits.

Firstly, buying from Luelly guarantees a unique one-of-a-kind accessory that will not be found anywhere else. Each item produced by Luelly is created through meticulous attention to detail, meaning that no two pieces are ever alike. Each necklace or pair of earrings contains its own story as no two people may interpret it differently. If wanting something eye-catching but meaningful-Luelly jewelry can bring life to any ensemble both figuratively and literally.

One major benefit of buying at this particular store enterprise is the customizable element they offer their customers; individuals are able to design their own pieces or order something pre-made based on their personal style-the choice lies solely in the customer’s hands.

Not only do these special features give customers the chance to express themselves openly through wearable art but they also help distinguish the wearer which can be especially important when attending formal events or meetings where everyone dreams of standing out from the crowd among other fashionable people in attendance.

Additionally, since all of Luelly’s products come with free shipping within the US and Canada as well as reasonable pricing on readymade items-it allows buyers to access exceptional value for their dollar without sacrificing quality or style. With 4 collections currently available (Classic, Luxe, Antique & Bohemian), customers have a wealth of options when it comes to picking out beautiful yet affordable handmade jewelry pieces from Luelly Jewelry that truly reflects their unique individual personality and taste.

How to Take Care of Jewelry

Taking care of your jewelry is important to keep the charm and sparkles it has when you first bought it. At Luelly handmade jewelry, our gold and silver pieces are crafted with the highest quality materials that will last for many years if cared for in the right way. In this article, we’ll talk about how to take care of your jewelry so you can enjoy them for a long time.

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When it comes to cleaning your gold or diamonds pieces, a simple cleaning solution of mild dish soap with warm water will do the trick. Use a soft cloth and gently move in circles to get out any dirt or oil that may have accumulated over time.

Be sure not to use any abrasive cleaning agents since these can damage your stones and metals. When done wiping down with the soapy cloth, rinse with clean water and then dry thoroughly with a different cloth.

In regards to storage, always ensure all jewelry is stored individually wrapped or in its own storage box away from other items that might rub against its surface and cause scratches. Direct sunlight should also be avoided as it can cause discoloration of some stones such as opal and turquoise due to their sensitive nature.

Another tip when storing your jewelry is using anti-tarnish bags or papers which are treated special fabric linings used to prevent oxidation like on silver jewelry pieces. It’s also advised that any chains or bracelets should remain open in order reduce stress on the metal links which could eventually stretch over time.
Moving forward, try not wear metal jewelry while doing certain activities such as swimming or working out since chlorine and other chemicals present in pools can affect sterling silver causing discoloration over time whereas sweat takes away natural oils which helps maintain the shine on gold pieces.

Also try limit wearing perfume directly onto your necklaces because fragrances contain alcohols which does no good for precious materials such as gems or pearls if applied for too long periods of time (over 1 minute).

Following all these tips is key in order to keep every piece at Luelly Handmade Jewelry looking as new as possible; however periodic professional cleanings is recommended once every few months depending on how often you wear them so their appearance remains throughout their journey with you.

Creative Ways to Style and Wear Luelly Jewelry

Luelly handmade jewelry is well known for its unique design and craftsmanship. From classic to modern, each piece of Luelly jewelry is made with the same care and attention to detail allowing customers to accessorize their wardrobe with quality pieces that last. With a focus on silver, gold, precious gems, and diamonds, Luelly offers a wide variety of options when it comes to styling and wearing their pieces.

One popular way to style Luelly jewelry is by mixing and matching different metals together. For example, try layering a chunky silver statement necklace with a dainty 14K gold bracelet. By mixing different metals you can create unique combinations that accentuate your outfit in unexpected ways.

It’s also fun to experiment with mixing styles, such as pairing an opulent crystal choker with a more delicate gold chain necklace. No matter what combination you choose, you’re sure to make a personal statement when wearing your Luelly jewelry.

A great thing about the designs from Luelly is the versatility of each piece. Depending on how you layer them, you can easily transition from day to night wear with minimal effort. During the day try adding a sparkly pendant necklace or drop earrings for your more casual looks; then elevate the same look for evening by pairing it with a glam beaded bracelet or stackable rings.

Not only will this give your outfit an extra dose of style but it’ll also help boost your confidence knowing that all eyes are on you. These small tweaks let everyone know that fashion should always be playful and creative no matter the occasion.

Ultimately, wearing Luelly jewelry is all about expressing yourself in new and exciting ways no matter where life takes you. So have fun experimenting with different color palettes, shapes and textures until you find what best suits you.


At Luelly Jewelry, we have provided a unique and luxurious line of handmade jewelry that is perfect for both fashion-forward and classic tastes. We take pride in our craftsmanship – from selecting only the best materials to handcrafting each piece with attention to detail.

Everything we design is done with passion and love, yet our prices remain affordable for customers. Our pieces are made to be worn for long-term use and require minimal care, making them a great investment for anyone looking to update their wardrobe or treat themselves.

The materials used in our jewelry are thoughtfully sourced and ethically produced so that each piece is designed to last a lifetime. Each piece is created with 18K gold plated sterling silver or 14K solid gold that offers durable protection against tarnishing, which means it will never fade nor lose its shine over time.

On top of this, all of our pieces come with a unique protective coating that adds additional layers of protection so you can wear your Luelly gems every day without fear of damage or discoloration. This makes investing in Luelly handmade jewelry an ideal choice as it ensures quality, durability and longevity.

Further to this, all of our designs feature timeless elegance which allows customers the opportunity to enjoy their purchase not just now but also years down the line. Unlike other fast fashion trends that quickly become outdated, Luelly jewelry features classic design elements such as delicate curves and beautiful gemstones that ensure each piece remains stylish even when trends change.

As such investing in any one of these pieces means you will not only enjoy its beauty now but also many years from today as well – how’s that for getting more bang for your buck?

To summarize, the addition of one or more luxurious items from Luelly Handmade Jewelry could be an excellent way to update your look or give yourself a well deserved treat. With their timeless designs featuring durability, quality and longevity – investing in these pieces will make sure you get great value out of every purchase.