Lucido Fine Jewelry Sterling Heights Official Rolex Jeweler

Lucido Fine Jewelry Sterling Heights Official Rolex Jeweler is the place that many people seek out when looking for luxury watches. Located in luxury shopping district of Sterling Heights, Lucido Fine Jewelry offers an exquisite collection of Rolex watches as well as a wide range of other luxury watch brands. With its knowledgeable staff, luxurious facilities and top-notch services, the official Rolex jeweler promises to make the experience of finding and owning the perfect timepiece a pleasant one.

At Lucido Fine Jewelry customers can enjoy a modern showroom dedicated to luxury watches that includes a room for private meetings and consultations. The shop features over 50 different types and models of premium brand Rolex Watches from both vintage and contemporary collections.

The careful selection includes all styles such as sporty models, professional or dress watches and more eclectic designs created exclusively for special occasions. Each piece exhibited at Lucido’s is carefully chosen to ensure quality craftsmanship, excellent performance and iconic design.

When selecting their favorite watch models customers have access to various customization options such as adjusting size to fit their wrist perfectly or adding patented engravings for a more personal touch. Additionally, clients receive extensive after sales service with free cleaning every six months plus full maintenance and repair services guaranteed by highly trained technicians specialized in Rolex products only.

Thanks to these services clients can acquire their dream watch and enjoy it without any worries or concerns about its condition down the line. With Lucido Fine Jewelry Sterling Heights Official Rolex Jeweler anyone looking for a luxurious timepiece will be sure to find what they are looking for.

History of Lucido’s Luxury Expertise

Lucido Fine Jewelry was founded over 53 years ago in 1967, by brothers Chuck and Roy Lucido. As fourth-generation jewelry artisans, the craftsmen have been highly skilled in creating pieces of timeless beauty and elegance inspired by their Italian roots.

Throughout the decades, the establishment has grown to become one of the largest luxury stores in Sterling Heights, Michigan, a bustling metropolitan suburb located near downtown Detroit. At Lucido Fine Jewelry, customers can expect to find quality designer pieces from up and coming brands as well as some of the classic pieces they’ve grown to love throughout the years.

Award Winning Quality

In recognition of their commitment to excellence and customer service, Lucido’s has been honored with multiple awards including “Jewelers Highest Achievement Award” by The American Gem Society and “The Gold Mark Award for Excellence” from National Jeweler Magazine. What sets Lucido Fine Jewelry apart is their unparalleled craftsmanship that is synonymous with each unique piece offered making it truly a work of art.

It is this level of commitment to quality that made them an official retailer of Rolex jewelry items and certified appraisers within their store.

Lucido’s Full Service Showroom

Lucidos full service showroom is widely renowned for its extraordinary variety of elegant watches and diamonds, fashion forward pearl jewelry pieces, antique necklaces and bracelets from renowned designers like John Hardy, Breitling Alex Soldier and Jacques Lemans among many others. In addition to offering these extravagant handcrafted design pieces for sale or lease at competitive prices, they also offer comprehensive repairs on each item based on customer needs so no purchase is ever too delicate or improperly crafted.

With a team of Master Goldsmiths on staff they are able to customize a piece or repair older jewelry while keeping true to its original form preserved so its just like owning something brand new straight out of production house again.

Additionally they also provide annual maintenance services on prized possessions ensuring all effects are corrected efficiently without any cost incurred upon renewal period expiring. All collaboration between customer needs make Lucidos showroom full service like none other.

A Closer Look at Lucido’s Rolex Collection

Lucido Fine Jewelry is a luxury jewelry store located in Sterling Heights, Michigan. As an official Rolex jeweler, Lucido Fine Jewelry proudly carries the world renowned watches in its collection. Specializing in timeless pieces crafted with excellence, Rolex is undoubtedly one of the most iconic brands in timepiece history. Whether patrons are looking for a timeless classic or something edgier and modern, Lucido provides expertly crafted Rolex watches for every style.

Rolex offers a range of styles from band to diamonds that can be mixed and matched to find just the right look. Their pieces represent ultimate craftsmanship and attention to detail exemplifying finely manufactured works of art earned through decades of experience in precision watch making. The perfect combination of functionality and artwork has made Rolex one of the most sought-after global brands for luxury goods.

At Lucido Fine Jewelry all of their Rolex pieces come with authentic materials and are adorned with high quality diamonds and gemstones which are meticulously chosen according to industry standards. All purchases come with a two year manufacturer’s warranty ensuring customer satisfaction; buyers can enjoy peace of mind when buying from this fine jewelry establishment that they are obtaining an exquisite piece backed by authenticity.

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With specialists available to assist shoppers on-site, customers can relax knowing they have access to professionals who can provide excellent guidance on picking the right type of watch for their individual needs. Take one step closer toward ownership by stopping into Lucido Fine Jewelry today.

Timeless Signature Rolex Pieces

The Lucido Fine Jewelry, official Rolex Jeweler of Sterling Heights, Michigan has been offering timeless signature pieces for nearly four decades. Each piece of jewelry from Lucido is carefully crafted with the highest quality materials that make them stand out in a crowd. Every timepiece is inspected and certified for its authenticity by the Rolex experts at Lucido.

The sterling reputation of the store has been built on their comprehensive selection of Rolex watches and accessories. A customer browsing through their inventory would be hard pressed to not find something to suit his or her taste as they have everything from classic styles to modern designs.

The pieces range in price from the thousands up to luxury diamond encrusted watches that include antique vintage designs as well. Each watch is inspected, cleaned, serviced and covered under warranty to keep it looking like new for years to come.

At Lucido’s, customers can enjoy more than just an extensive selection of Rolex watches and accessories available. They are also highly knowledgeable about all things Rolex and can therefore offer experienced advice on which pieces work best for each individual’s needs or wants.

They also have services such as watch servicing, factory authorised repairs, genuine watch parts replacement and even trade-ins which is rather convenient especially for those who want a different look every so often but don’t have the funds to buy brand new models each time around.

What makes Lucido’s so exclusive in its market niche among other jewellers specializing in watches is their commitment towards customer satisfaction and after sales service support provided by transparently run operations ensuring customers receive only authentic products backed by solid warranties that protect them from any mishaps that might occur during normal wear and tear usage periods of their Rolex piece(s).

In addition, they provide diamond cleaning services along with professional jewellery engraving should someone want some customization done personally for a beloved gift item.

Rolex Watch Care and Maintenance Services

Lucido Fine Jewelry Sterling Heights is an Official Rolex Jeweler in the region. They have a wealth of experience in providing care and maintenance services for all Rolex watches. At Lucido, skilled watchmakers provide regular servicing and repairs with remarketable quality workmanship.

  • Watch overhauls at Lucido.
  • Cleaning and lubricating watch movements.
  • Replacing seals, gaskets, crystals, dials and bracelets.

Lucido offers a wide array of services to keep your Rolex watch running smoothly. Their master watchmakers begin with a thorough cleaning of the entire watch structure before delving further into specific areas that require attention or repair.

By cleaning both the exterior and interior components of the luxury timepiece as part of the general maintenance process, they guarantee long-term performance and accuracy. This step is required even for brand new watches since dust particles can accumulate over time if not cleaned regularly.

Once general cleaning is complete, component by component repair and maintenance can be carried out based on your needs. This includes replacing worn out parts such as seals, gaskets to ensure optimal water resistance, damaged crystals to protect the chip from dust particles, dials to restore their original sheen and new bracelets or clasps to make sure they remain secure around your wrist while wearing it.

Furthermore, an overhaul of the entire movement may be considered in order to clean all remaining dirt or corrosion buildup and restore proper functioning of every minute component within it.

The most important aspect Lucido focuses on when repairing any kind of timepiece is checking that it maintains its precision. The delicate nature of intricate mechanical watches makes careful precision adjustments necessary during any form of repair work so that essential functions like day-date displays are working correctly as well as constant synchronization between every other aspect like keeping it ticking accurately throughout regular wear wear after years.

Specialized Services that Make Your Rolex Uniquely Yours

Lucido Fine Jewelry Sterling Heights is an authorized Rolex retailer, providing the highest level of quality and service on all matters related to Rolex and their products. Lucido Fine Jewelry understands the importance of owning a timeless piece of history and offers customers the opportunity to customize their own personal watch. Here are just a few of the specialized services customers can take advantage of when purchasing their Rolex through Lucido Fine Jewelry:

  • Choice in color and finish
  • Selection of precious metals for custom designs
  • Custom engraving
  • Regular servicing and maintenance
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With these convenient options, the experience of buying a Rolex from Lucido Fine Jewelry ensures customers receive a superior product that has truly been personalized to their exact specifications. Whether selecting a classic design or customizing a unique look, customers have the freedom to make it theirs.

As official authorized Rolex retailers, Lucido Fine Jewelry knows its way around luxury watches. Each item is held to the highest standards while ensuring consumer satisfaction with different finishes, materials, bezels, dials, indexes, diamonds inserts, straps and more.

The craftsmanship at Lucido Fine Jewelry places immense attention on details so that each Rolex is current with modern designs as well as timeless features with extreme precision and quality craftsmanship that can be enjoyed for many years down the road. Customers will never need to worry about malfunctions or non-functional parts since every component is thoroughly inspected before our watches even reach our stores.

In addition to certified authorization from Rolex USA Every purchase from Lucido Fine Jewelry comes with an accessory kit that includes not only wipes but information serials, production numbers as well as special casebacks all inscribed by our craftsmen who go above and beyond to ensure customer’s dreams become reality in handcrafted form.

A Lucido Shopping Experience Like No Other

Lucido Fine Jewelry in Sterling Heights is the official Rolex Jeweler for those looking to treat themselves or someone special. The collection of exquisite and timeless pieces from this brand speaks for itself, with designs that span time, making them some of the most sought-after jewels to own. Clients can trust they are investing in a truly luxurious item when making a purchase from Lucido Fine Jewelry.

The shopping experience at Lucido is unique. From the moment you step inside, you will be welcomed by highly skilled professionals who have an eye for detail and provide personalized customer service.

Their knowledge and expertise ensure clients are selecting perfect diamonds, watches, earrings, bracelets and more that match exactly what they had envisioned. The friendly consultants take the time to educate customers on why it’s essential to make an informed decision when selecting jewelry as well as the unique qualities each Rolex watch offers before any purchase is made.

  • The largest selection of Rolex watches in Michigan
  • Heightened attention given to single customers or large groups indulging in every luxury piece they have.
  • Detailed descriptions about products and their intricacies
  • Education on proper care, use and how to select specific pieces
  • Expert guidance in creating a tailored fine jewelry selection for customers.


Since 1964, Lucido Jewelry has been providing customers with quality service and timeless style. As the official Rolex jeweler at their Sterling Heights location, they continue to stay true to their mission of offering excellence in everything they do. They have an expansive selection of pieces from the classic to the contemporary that will appeal to any taste. Whether you’re shopping for an anniversary or a special occasion, their selection of fine watches is sure to impress.

At Lucido Jewelry in Sterling Heights, they are proud to guarantee excellent customer service every time you come in for a visit. From helping you choose the perfect watch for yourself or a loved one, to providing expert advice on how best to care for your new piece, their knowledgeable and experienced staff stands out above the rest.

Their commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at quality service either – each purchase includes complimentary cleaning and yearly inspections as well as access to repair services should your watch require it. This means that when you buy a watch from Lucido Fine Jewelry in Sterling Heights, it will remain as beautiful today as it was the day of purchase many years down the line.

The combination of qaulity service, knowledgeable staff and stunning designs is what sets Lucido Fine Jewelry in Sterling Heights apart from other jewelers in the area. They offer exquisite designer brands such as Rolex and Cartier that combine quality with classic style – creating pieces that can stand the test of time proudly on any wrist – paired with impeccable customer service – leave no doubt why people keep coming back again for more time after time.

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity today by visiting their store – invest smartly into high-quality pieces, lasting impressions and timeless style – all presented without breaking budget.