Lot Of Vintage Retro 1980 Jewelry Bubblegum

Vintage jewelry from the 1980s is taking the fashion world by storm, especially popular are the lots of vintage retro 1980 jewelry bubblegum. Bubblegum jewelry was a trend that began in the early ’80s, made in bright colors it quickly became highly desirable. Designers like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent capitalized on this style, creating their own exciting pieces.

This type of jewelry also fits perfectly with almost any outfit, making them perfect for everyday wear. For those of us who love vintage pieces but don’t want to break our budgets these gorgeous items will make the perfect addition to our wardrobe and look great no matter what we wear.

Where to Buy Lots of Vintage Retro 1980 Jewelry Bubblegum: Now you may be wondering where one would go to find these beautiful retro bubblegums? The great thing about looking for vintage bubblegums is that they can usually be found online or at physical boutiques and marketplaces.

Online you can look through hundreds outlets selling these collectibles with a range of prices from affordable to more expensive designer pieces like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach etc Many will sell lots so if you need to buy several pieces it’s easy enough to do but just remember that they all need special care.

There are many reputable stores out there so take your time browsing around as there may be something better out there than what you initially find on first sight.

How To Care For Lots Of Vintage Retro 1980 Jewelry Bubblegum: When it comes to caring for vintage jewelry there are specific steps that must be taken in order ensure their longevity. If not properly cared for some materials used in the making of these items (ex; metals and plastics) could degrade overtime as they come into contact with air which causes corrosion and discoloration from UV light exposure respectively.

So always store your jewelry ones away from potential hazards such as harsh chemicals or direct sunlight while having proper cleaning solutions like lint free cloths & soft bristle brushes handy when needed.

Additionally avoid wearing your pieces when swimming or bathing as this can lead accumulation of dirt and bacteria which can damage them too. Lastly only use warm water when cleaning and never hot – as too much heat may cause damages as well.

History of 1980 Jewelry Bubblegum

The 1980s marked a time of vibrant fashion trends combined with the latest trends in jewelry design. The colorful and daring look of the 80’s was extrapolated through bubblegum plastic jewelry, which quickly rose to prominence as a popular accessory.

Bubblegum plastic was both economical and lightweight, making it an ideal candidate to become a fashion statement during the decade. Jewelry stores across America stocked up on these pieces and women worldwide were clamoring to add them to their collections.

Popular Bubblegum Plastic Designs

Bubblegum plastic jewelry varieties had many popular designs, some of which were detailed below:

  • Glamorous bright colors – Common colors found in bubblegum plastic included pink, purple, green, yellow and blue.
  • Butterfly shapes – Very popular in the 80s were butterfly shaped designs, usually crafted with vivid enamels or sequins.
  • Feminine curves – Soft feminine shapes such as hearts were often seen adorning bubblegum plastics.

Uses For Bubblegum Plastic Jewerly

Bubble Plastic jewerly was incredibly versatile as accessories. It could be used for any occasion from everyday wear to special events like weddings or parties. Though commonly worn as necklaces and earrings they could easily be transformed into hairpins or bracelets at any point. It also favored by brides for its low weight factor which made it so much easier for them to wear throughout long ceremonies without feeling weighed down by heavy jewels.

Types of Vintage Jewelry Bubblegum Available

Vintage retro 1980 jewelry bubblegum is a great way to add vibrant color and design to any outfit. The unique shapes and colors of these pieces can bring life to any look. This type of jewelry comes in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Let’s look at some of the different types available:

  • Styles: Oftentimes this type of jewelry comes in a variety of styles such as beaded, earring, necklaces, and bracelets.
  • Colors: These vintage pieces come in a range of colors from bold and bright hues to softer pastel shades.
  • Sizes:These pieces range from large statement pieces to small delicate items.

Variety Of Colors

The color varieties are vast. Jewelry bubblegum from the ’80s typically has a trio of primary colors – pink, yellow and blue. Each piece incorporates various tones related to these three, including different shades and hues that make them stand out even more. In addition to the classic primary colors, modern designs have splashes of brighter shades like lime green for added pizazz.

Unique And Creative Shapes

People often recognize 1980s jewelry by its unique design features. A cartoony feel often characterized it, with pieces shaped like hearts or little teddy bears with colorful wings made out of gems or fabric-wrapped cord in bright colors. Bubblegum-style jewelry could also feature floral shapes with petals dangling off. These pins could be whimsical images like snowglobes filled with glittering stars or brightly colored rainbows on a pinwheel shape that evoke feelings of childhood nostalgia.

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Size Ranges

The size options are wonderful too as these types of pieces can range from small coins you can wear as little charms on your wristbands or necklaces all the way up to big earrings shaped like bowling pins covered in jewels or big brooches made entirely out materials such as velvet or metal wire mesh with paint swirling across it all for an interesting effect.

The designs run the gamut from subtle simple hoops right up through huge overstated chandelier pieces that will draw attention wherever you go.

Popularity of 1980 Jewelry Bubblegum

The 80s were a veritable cultural revolution for a global audience. Music, films, and fashion underwent an evolution that was unparalleled, and the jewelry bubblegum of the time encapsulated this electric era perfectly. 1980 jewelry bubblegum was bold, colorful and most importantly gratifyingly inexpensive – making it an incredibly popular form of jewelry in its heyday.

Today 1980’s people are increasingly embracing their roots by buying vintage items to decorate their living spaces with – vintage retro 1980 jewelry bubblegum being at the forefront. Representing the most iconic trends of 80’s style – including chunky bracelets, beaded necklaces and funky plastic earrings – vintage retro 1980 jewelry bubblegum is experiencing a resurgence in contemporary culture.

However, beyond its aesthetic qualities; these bold pieces of jewelry carry immense social significance too. For many, wearing 80s jewelry means partaking in a sense of nostalgia by celebrating the spirit of what it meant to experience youth culture during that era. As such it has become somewhat symbolic with female liberation dating back to the original origins of punk rock icons like Madonna which also drew heavily from this era’s aesthetic.

Social and Cultural Significance

  • Popular way to express style in its day due to its affordability.
  • Vintage jewellery is making a comeback today as a way to celebrate wearers’ roots.
  • Symbolic with female liberation during this period when punk-rock icons were rising.
  • Carries immense social significance today as partakers can relive youth culture.

Benefits of Vintage Jewelry Bubblegum

Vintage Jewelry Bubblegum has become increasingly popular over the past several years. Not only are they stylish and affordable, but they also have powerful nostalgia of childhood bubblegum memories that customers seek out. These vintage pieces often provide a unique alternative to modern jewelry as they feature designs and styles not found in contemporary jewelry lines.

First, vintage jewelry bubblegum is particularly affordable. Many pieces were mass-produced during the 1980’s, meaning that supplies are plentiful. They also need to be relatively inexpensive because nostalgic customers usually buy them in bulk to help inspire memories of childhood and create joyous happiness and loving when given away as gifts to family and friends.

Second, the style of these vintage pieces tends to be quite unique compared to many other forms of jewelry available today. Bubblegum jewelry encompasses both neon colors and whimsical gumball machine designs that bring forth an aura full of playfulness not seen with other mediums of throwback fashion accessories. However, for those shoppers who enjoy historical details integrated into fashionable ensembles, retro beads offer charming compliments for formal or casual attire.

Thirdly, these pieces are made from durable plastic materials that can stand up against wear-and-tear far better than metals like gold or silver counterparts could withstand over extended periods of use. Plus, the prices saved at checkout due to lower production costs associated with using plastic make these modernized antiques feel even more valuable when placed onto somebody’s wrist or neckline.

Additional Qualities Of Vintage Retro Jewelry Bubblegum

  • Retro Bead Colors: Retro beads come in a variety of bright colors ranging from pink, yellow, blue, purple etc.
  • Rainbow Mixtures: Many charms have beautiful multi-colored patterns with rainbow mixtures which makes them attractive.
  • Quality Levels: Different manufacturers provide different levels so one has many choices depending on what suits their needs
  • Can Attach To Anything: Can easily be attached to hair bands, hats, shirts or any accessory article.
  • Large Varieties: There are large varieties available which makes it difficult for anyone to stay weary.

Collecting 1980s Jewelry Bubblegum

Vintage jewelry from the 1980s can be a great addition to any collection. With big colors, gemstones, and playful motifs, this era offers an array of styles to choose from. Whether you’re shopping for a cherished piece or just looking to acquire more jewelry bubblegum baubles for fun, here are some tips to help you find the perfect selections.

Research Styles & Prices

It’s important to do your research before buying 1980s jewelry. Evaluate different pieces and note visual factors such as design elements, materials used, and condition of the item.

If possible, compare information to other vintage similar pieces online so you’ll know if what you’re buying is of good value for the price asked. Once you become familiar with popular and collectible pieces of that era, it will be easier for you to spot them when hunting for new additions.

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Know Where To Shop

Aside from researching styles and prices, it pays off to know where exactly to look when shopping for 1980s jewelry bubblegum items. Estate sales are some of the best places where one can find great deals on vintage items especially necklaces with faux pearls and neon accents which were quite popular in this era.

It also helps to shop around at local retailers and pawn shops who sometimes stock unique items at affordable prices. You may also want to check out online vintage shops and multi-vendor all-in-one stores like Etsy where selection is abundant and shopping is convenient.

Keep Your Eyes Open

The charm of adding vintage finds from a specific time period to your personal keepsake has its undeniable appeal so don’t forget to stay curious as you explore different options out there in brick-and-mortar stores or online. Ultimately, collecting 1970s jewelry bubblegum will require perseverance but having an open eye for possibilities often lead collectors into discovering remarkable pieces that can truly bring their collections up beyond expectations.

Caring for Your Vintage Jewelry Bubblegum

Vintage bubblegum jewelry from the 1980s is a unique and appealing way to inject some modern nostalgia into your wardrobe. Unfortunately, due to their age and delicate construction, they often need special care for them to remain in excellent condition. Here are some tips on how to best maintain the quality of your vintage bubblegum jewelry:

  • Clean your jewelry regularly with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or build-up.
  • Inspect each piece periodically and watch out for signs of wear and tear.
  • Store pieces individually in small airtight containers like plastic bags or glass jars.

In addition, gentle handling is essential when it comes to caring for this type of jewelry. Avoid placing too much stress on the pieces or letting them come into contact with sharp surfaces as the acrylic surface can easily be scratched.

You should also avoid exposing your pieces to harsh liquids like alcohol or bleach, as these can degrade the material. Finally, as with any vintage item, ensure your bubblegum jewelry is well protected from direct sunlight which can cause fading over time.

It’s not always easy to determine whether a piece needs repair so do not attempt anything if you are unsure. Consider bringing it to professionals who have experience mixing old materials with new additives and ensure that all required treatments are properly carried out correctly. A good professional will know exactly how to take proper care when working on vintage items like yours.

Finally, although this type of jewelry requires some extra attention in order to maintain its original look, it can still be enjoyed for many years if you take care of it properly. With proper cleaning and storing techniques, you will be able to create beautiful memories by wearing these attractive necklaces and earrings.

Where to Find Lot of Vintage Retro 1980 Jewelry Bubblegum

Finding lot of vintage retro 1980 jewelry bubblegum can be a lot of fun if you know where to look. There are certain stores that specialize in vintage pieces, as well as online shopping options for searches through auction sites and retailers. Knowing the styles, colors, and trends of the decade can give you a great starting point when looking for vintage jewelry pieces from this era.

The best way to find Lot of Vintage Retro 1980 Jewelry Bubblegum is to visit local thrift shops or antique and consignment stores. Shopping this way gives you access to unique pieces that have been hand-selected by experts.

The downside of shopping this way is that it often takes additional time searching through items to find those that match your style and budget. Depending on your location, you may have better luck visiting multiple locations in order to score the perfect piece of jewelry from this era.

Online shopping can also be an excellent way to shop for 1980’s jewelry. You can easily search for specific terms such as “Lot of Vintage Retro 1980 Jewelry Bubblegum” or general terms such as “1980’s jewelry” to narrow down your search results quickly and efficiently. Plus, with online entities like auction sites, you have access to competitive prices on unique pieces that cannot be found elsewhere easily.

On top of that, many auction sites offer instant delivery straight to your doorstep after purchase which makes it especially convenient. If you want assurances that the item is authentic searching out an authorized dealer who specializes in vintage finds may help put your mind at ease before making an investment purchase online.

No matter how you decide to shop around for Lot Of Vintage Retro 1980 Jewelry Bubblegum there is always something special about finding a timeless item that has a place in fashion history with style all its own. Happy treasure hunting.

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