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Lor Jewelry is a luxury jewelry brand that prides itself on creating unique, stylish and luxurious pieces for you to enjoy. Their mission statement is “to create beautiful jewelry with exceptional quality, craftsmanship and style”. The story behind the brand began when their family decided they wanted to curate a timeless yet modern collection of jewelry to reflect their classic style. Using the expert craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations, they created a stunning line of pieces to capture their individuality, culture and tradition. All pieces are handmade with high- quality materials including sterling silver, gold-filled metal, freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones sourced from around the world. Every piece pays homage to artisanal traditions while also staying ahead of current trends. Lor Jewelry also puts an emphasis on sustainability practices and they make sure to use only materials that carry minimal environmental impact and are ethically mined or recycled. The ultimate goal is ensure customers can shop guilt free knowing their purchases contribute positively towards the environment and benefit artisans worldwide.

Highlight Popular Pieces

Lor Jewelry is a sought-after brand created by a talented and passionate artisan who wanted to craft jewelry with meaning for people who appreciate that special something. Lor Jewelry began with the idea of creating pieces that are designed to bring joy and beauty into our lives, made from precious metals, gemstones, and vintage elements. All of the pieces are handmade, making them truly one-of-a-kind. Each design carries a timeless charm and transcends any trend.

A big part of what makes Lor Jewelry stand out is its unique selection of popular pieces. These designs feature intricately carved shapes, detailed etchingwork on metal settings, carefully laid out gemstones set in various patterns and some even contain vintage elements combined with modern styles. Every piece has its own story to tell and brings its own character to the wearer’s life. With these designs comes an understanding of the craftsmanship behind each piece; each crafted like an artwork in itself.

In addition to creating memorable jewelry items, Lor Jewelry is also dedicated to giving back: the company works hard to support small businesses and donate a part of all sales proceeds towards charities in need. This makes their products even more special – not only do you carry around stunning pieces that make you feel beautiful, but you also help someone else in need along the way!


At Lor Jewelry, craftsmanship is taken very seriously. Each piece is designed with meticulous detail and crafted with precision. Handcrafted from ethically sourced materials, each piece of jewelry is carefully polished to a brilliant standard. From the settings to the gemstones and diamonds, no detail is overlooked in the making of their pieces.

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The materials used are all inspected for quality control before they are set in gold or silver alloys, ensuring that only the highest quality metals are used to create a timeless piece of art. All pieces go through extensive testing and certification processes so that only those that meet their exact standards will be sent out for retail sale. Lor Jewelry also offers custom designed pieces for an even more exceptional creation experience, allowing customers to share their own unique style with others.

In essence, it is this goal of producing stunning artisan pieces using robust materials and methods that sets Lor Jewelry apart from other jewelry stores. They aim to provide both style and quality with each design, creating timeless works of wearable art that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Customer Testimonials

At Lor Jewelry, customers know they can expect high quality pieces made of the finest materials with competitive prices. Ruth S. says, “I ordered a necklace from Lor Jewelry and couldn’t be more satisfied. The craftsmanship is incredible and so are the prices! I’m coming back for all my jewelry needs!”

Jonah P. comments, “Whenever I need an accessory to complete my outfit, I always head straight to Lor Jewelry. Not only do they have a huge selection of beautiful jewelry, but their customer service is outstanding as well.” Customer service and satisfaction always remain top priority at Lor Jewelry.

Tara V. adds, “I’ve made several purchases at Lor Jewelry, and each time has been an amazing shopping experience! Their pieces always last long and look amazing on me – what more could I ask for?”

Sharon N. chimes in with her sentiment too, “I stumbled upon Lor Jewelry while looking for something special to give my daughter for her birthday and was pleasantly surprised by the variety available. Every piece looks like a work of art that will last forever!” This sentiment echoes among many happy customers who have shopped at the store for years now.

Behind the Brand

Lor Jewelry is a brand of exquisite designer jewelry pieces crafted to enhance a person’s style. The name Lor denotes the original designer’s last name, but it also stands for “love of luxury”, reflecting the level of excellence attained in their designs which draws from both luxury and streetwear conventions.

The design process behind each collection starts with creative director Lori McGee researching building on prevailing trends and ideas in fashion and jewelry. This research process plays a critical role in determining shape, motifs and color palette for each piece of jewelry. Lori then works with a talented team of designers to bring her ideas to life using only quality metals, carefully chosen precious stones and layers of intricate details that make every piece one-of-a-kind. Once the prototypes are made, they undergo thorough testing to make sure they meet Lor Jewelry’s high standards before being sent out for production.

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One of the key elements that sets Lor Jewelry apart from its competition is the focus placed on crafting timeless pieces, rather than disposable items. Every item is meant to last years, or even decades if cared for properly, serving clients all over the world as treasured heirlooms that keep moving forward through generations. Besides offering edgy yet sophisticated pieces like statement rings, earrings and necklaces with bold diamonds and colored stones, Lor Jewelry also has more subtle options such as dainty bracelets and delicate drop earrings in gold and silver finishes perfect for everyday use.

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1. Follow their page on social media: Following their page is a great way to stay up to date on the most recent releases, sales and other opportunities from Lor Jewelry. It’s also a great way to get involved in their community and share your feedback with others who have purchased their products or follow them.

2. Join one of their webinars or comment on blog posts: Participating in conversations through webinars hosted by Lor Jewelry is a great way to provide feedback and learn more about the company and its products. Similarly, commenting on blog posts gives you an opportunity to interact and be more involved in their online discussion forum.

3. Read and interact with customer reviews: Listening to what customers have said about Lor Jewelry’s products allows potential buyers to understand better the quality of their jewelry items as well as highlight areas for improvement. This will give you a better idea of what to expect when shopping at Lor Jewelry before making a purchase decision.

4. Connect with resellers, distributors and more: There are many ways individuals can become connected with Lor Jewelry by buying directly from the company website, attending events hosted by the company or connecting directly with resellers or distributors that offer Lor Jewelry products in your area.

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