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Introducing Eisen

Eisen is one of the most popular jewelry companies that offer a range of products inspired by real diamonds and gemstones. The company was founded in 2012 with the goal of creating high-quality and beautiful pieces using cutting edge materials and manufacturing techniques. As their name suggests, Eisen specializes in making jewelry look like authentic, luxury diamonds without having to break the bank. All products are hand crafted with care, taking into consideration even minor details to create pieces that reflect style and sophistication.

Since their inception, Eisen has been recognized for their creative interpretations of classic diamond jewelry designs as well as new trends, earning them admiration from customers all over the world. They have quickly become an indispensable source when it comes to capturing attention at events, engagements or anniversary celebrations. More recently, they have started to introduce intricate bridal collections with fresh ideas, reminding customers why it’s worth investing in handmade craftsmanship even for special occasions.

In addition to their diverse collection of finished products, Eisen also offers custom services so customers can create unique pieces suited to their individual tastes. Their website allows users to upload images and photos or make requests for orders; enabling visitors to explore diamond shapes and carat weights within a simulated 3D environment before diving deep into settings and available metals such as gold, platinum or titanium. Not only does this provide shoppers with better understanding of their options but also allows them to be involved in every step of production ensuring satisfaction after purchase.

The Beauty of Eisen Jewelry

Eisen jewelry is a new type of diamond alternative that looks just like the real thing but with one major difference: it’s made from alloys, not diamonds. It has the same sparkle, shine and luster as a real diamond, but at a fraction of the cost. Eisen jewelry is produced with the latest innovations in nanotechnology to ensure its clarity and brilliance without compromising on quality. These pieces are available in various styles, such as necklaces, rings and earrings. The range of color options include clear, black and blue, allowing people to create unique combinations to suit their individual tastes and preferences. Eisen jewelry is also very durable and can withstand daily wear and tear without losing its shine or luster. Additionally, these pieces can often be customized to an individual’s preference with different colors, shapes, sizes and designs. Eisen jewelry is an exciting way for individuals to accessorize while expressing themselves uniquely in style—without breaking the bank.

Style Options

Eisen, one of the world’s leading diamond jewelry companies, is committed to providing customers with an array of style options. Whether on the hunt for a timeless classic or something a little more modern and unique, Eisen has got you covered. From elegant everyday wear pieces to special occasion ensembles and everything in between, Eisen has long been known for its creative pieces tailored to individual needs and preferences.

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Weaving together traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design elements and attention to detail, Eisen creates trinkets that capture the essence of individualistic expression without compromising on quality or comfort. From sophisticated necklaces and rings to vintage-inspired earrings and bracelets in an array of sizes and shapes, Eisen continues to pave the way when it comes to bespoke diamond jewelry offerings. Offering wide ranges of custom-made items like charms, charms collections, personalised initials and engravings among others, Eisen provides countless opportunities for customers to express their personal style with exclusive designs crafted by experienced professionals dedicated to absolute perfectionism. With unbelievable prices offered in an assortment of precious metals such as 10k white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, pairing up your special look from head-to-toe is now easier than ever before.

Moreover, customers who shop for diamond jewelry at Eisen can be sure that each piece is ethically sourced – assuring both quality assurance as well as adherence to industry-wide standards making every purchase all the more safe and rewarding as it was ever intended to be!

Eisens Backstory

Eisen is a diamond jewelry company that has been in business for over 40 years. Founded by Jon and Mazie Eisen in 1975, the name “Eisen” was inspired by the German phrase meaning “iron” – a fitting tribute to the strong commitment of quality and excellence by jewelers at the heart of this family-run business.

In its long history of crafting quality jewelry, Eisen has been responsible for landmark designs that have become iconic pieces for Hollywood celebrities, fashion icons, and everyday consumers. By taking great care to source their diamonds from trusted vendors and utilizing expert craftsmanship from local artisans, their timeless pieces are truly unlike any other. Each piece is carefully inspected before it leaves the factory to ensure it meets the highest standards for brilliance, fire, scintillation and overall beauty.

The Eisens’ work has earned them countless awards and industry recognition over the years and as a result, their client base continues to expand globally. Currently, Eisen offers a wide variety of hand-crafted pieces including diamond earrings, engagement rings, necklaces pendants, bracelets and watches – all designed to bring luxury and high-end fashion into every home in style. Furthermore they also provide customers with an online design service which allows them to customize their own unique piece that reflects their individual tastes.

Through their dedication to excellence in design and craftsmanship combined with forward thinking when it comes to technology – Eisen continues to remain relevant in today’s ever changing marketplace while maintaining its traditional commitment values throughout time. They have established themselves as one of America’s leading experts when it comes fine diamond jewelry taking pride in providing customers with amazing products as well as first-class customer service from start to finish.

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The Sustainable Nature of Eisens Quality Diamond Alternatives

Eisen is a jewelry company that offers diamond alternatives made from materials that are of equal quality and durability, but more sustainable. From lab-grown diamonds to cubic zirconia and moissanite gems, each gem comes without the devastating environmental and social impact of mined diamonds. Not only are they ethically sourced, they are also extremely affordable. In comparison to mined diamonds, Eisen’s diamond alternatives offer buyers many choices in terms of size, color, shape and clarity.

Apart from its commitment to sustainability, Eisen also prides itself on providing customers with unparalleled customer service. The team at Eisen are always on hand to provide personalized advice through their expertly trained consultants. Customers can shop for pieces online with peace of mind due to generous return policies for unused items repurchased directly from their website within 14 days of delivery. As part of the company’s commitment to social good and giving back to those in need, they donate five percent of proceeds to charity organizations dedicated to protecting environment or helping animals in need. Finally, all their diamond alternatives come with a lifetime guarantee meaning that the item is covered should something happen to damage it regardless of how long the customer has owned it– a testament to the high quality craftsmanship that goes into every piece.


Eisen jewelry has become a popular choice within the luxury jewelry market due to its brilliant shine, affordability and relative rarity. The company offers clients access to some of the finest quality and innovative diamond pieces available. From statement necklaces for special occasions to everyday pendant earrings, Eisen’s collection of unique and timeless styles will offer customers an exclusive look that won’t break the bank. Customers can benefit from a wide selection of classic cuts, shapes and sizes crafted in multiple colors and carats. Eisen also offers customization services on many items which allows customers to personalize pieces with engravings, special stones or other features of their choosing. Along with providing stunning works of art that will be treasured for generations, Eisen also offers certified authenticity for each item as proof of its high-quality craftsmanship standard. If you’re looking for something special to add to your collection, Eisen jewelry is definitely worth considering.

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