Lonove Jewelry Cleaner

Lonove Jewelry Cleaner is a one-of-a-kind jewelry cleaning product that has become popular among jewelry enthusiasts. As its name implies, this cleaner is designed to provide customers with an effective and easy way to remove tarnish and dirt from their jewelry pieces. Whether it’s golden, silver, platinum or other precious metals, Lonove Jewelry Cleaner can provide customers with an effortless cleaning experience.

Since first being released in 2015, Lonove Jewelry Cleaner has quickly developed a loyal following of happy customers. The cleaner is unique in that it does not require any harsh chemicals or unpleasant odors. Instead, users simply place their jewelry piece into the pouch and let the powerful formula do all of the work. This easy-to-use format is what has made Lonove Jewelry Cleaner so popular amongst both expert jewelers and laypeople alike.

The secret behind this miracle cleaner lies in its combination of three powerful ingredients: Nonionic Surfactants, EDTA (Ethylenediamin Tetraacetic Acid) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate – all of which are specifically designed for delicate items like jewelry. These ingredients gently break up stubborn dirt that accumulates on delicate surfaces such as gold and silver without damaging them by making sure all hazardous elements are disposed of properly.

When it comes to efficacy, customer reviews for Lonove Jewelry Cleaner remain unanimously positive – even after five years on the market. Its effectiveness in removing dirt from a variety of surfaces makes it one of the most successful cleaners available today – giving users a superior cleaning result compared to traditional cleaning methods. Plus, the convenience factor provided by the easy applicator pouch makes this product extremely convenient for anyone who wants to keep their precious metals looking fresh and sparkly.

Benefits of Using Lonove Jewelry Cleaner

One of the main benefits to using Lonove Jewelry Cleaner is that it is a highly effective cleaning solution. With ingredients specifically designed to break down jewelry tarnishes and grime, this cleaner offers an effective and fast solution for making your jewelry look as good as new. Lonove Jewelry Cleaner works quickly – in just minutes you can achieve a beautiful shine and sparkle to your jewelry collection.

Safe Results

Another key benefit of using this product is that it provides safe results without damaging your valuable items. It works on all types of metals, including silver and gold, leaving them thoroughly cleaned while also protecting their distinctive color and brilliance.

The cleaner features nano-technology which contains no chemical additives so it’s gentle enough for even delicate jewelry pieces like pearls and opals. Additionally, the advanced cleaning power eliminates the need for harsh scrubbing or soaking which could potentially cause damage to gems or other materials used in your jewelry pieces.

Easy To Use

In addition to being an effective cleaner for jewelry, Lonove Jewelry Cleaner is incredibly easy to use. The user-friendly formula requires no mixing so simply open the bottle and begin cleaning; its large 250mlContents will last many uses – simply spray the affected area with some cleaner then wipe off with a soft cloth or brush to remove dirt and tarnishes with ease.

The lightweight design also makes it ideal for travel – taking up minimal space in luggage yet providing powerful cleaning performance each time you need it at home or on vacation.

How Lonove Jewelry Cleaner Works

Lonove Jewelry Cleaner is a safe and effective cleaning product designed to restore jewelry to its original shine. It uses no harsh chemicals or abrasives, so it won’t scratch or damage your pieces.

Instead, the cleaner works by using proprietary enzyme action that will gently break down and remove dirt, oil and tarnish from gems, stones and metals without affecting any of its properties or finish. You can be sure that your jewelry will look as good as new after using this cleaner.

Effective Cleaning Action

Lonove Jewelry Cleaner offers one of the most effective cleaning solutions on the market today. Its proprietary formula comprises specific enzymes which react with environmental pollutants, oil and dirt settled on the surfaces of jewelry.

This gentle reaction leads to loosening of pollutants and dirt making it easier for them to be removed while also protecting fragile areas against undue wear or damage. In just five minutes, you can have flawless jewelry back in front of you with minimal effort and no need for any additional polishing or scrubbing.

Superior Shine

In addition to providing a thorough cleanse, Lonove Jewelry Cleaner also enhances the shine of your pieces by bolstering their luster with high-end ingredients like jojoba oil, lavender oil extract, lemon verbena extract as well as chamomile extract. As a result, treated pieces tend to become brighter over time unlike other cleaners where the shine may wane over time due to further accumulation of dirt or faded polish threads that stain away with prolonged exposure.

Furthermore, these same ingredients also add an extra layer of protection against rusting due to oxidation reactions that occur when metal is exposed air or moisture.


The best part about Lonove Jewelry Cleaner is its convenience – all you need to do is simply fill up their convenient spray bottle halfway with vinegar-free water then spray onto a microfiber cloth before wiping away any residue afterwards followed by rinsing off with water before buffing dry with another microfiber cloth. No more muss or fuss needed – no need for harsh chemical baths or lengthy scrubbing sessions either.

And since there’s no need for any manual labor involved other than a few wipes here and there, even untrained operators can still achieve satisfactory results as long as they stick true to the instructions provided in the booklet included in each package.

Jewelry Repair And Cleaning

Best Practices for Cleaning Jewelry with Lonove Jewelry Cleaner

Read Manufacturer’s Instructions

It is essential to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer before using the Lonove Jewelry Cleaner. This is because the instructions provide information on chemical and water safe-use during the cleaning process. For example, exact temperatures for different types of jewellery can vary depending on whether it is gold, silver, or other metals. Thus, by following the manufacturer’s guidelines closely, you can ensure your jewellery is properly cleaned without risking any damage to their structure or design.

Soaking Period

In most cases, soaking your jewellery in Lonove Jewelry Cleaner is necessary to remove all dirt and buildup from its surface. The duration of soaking varies depending upon how severely encrusted your piece of jewellery may be as well as what kind of gemstones it houses if any.

Generally, for light soils and minor tarnish 10 minutes should suffice; however, for heavier stains or more deeply encrusted pieces of jewelry you may need to increase this time period up to 30-45 minutes. It is important not to over soak the jewelry as there is a risk that chemicals could interact with the metal if soaked for too long leading some discoloration to form.

Final Rinse & Dry

Once your jewelry has had its ideal exposure time in the Lonove Jewelry Cleaner it needs a final rinse and drying session. To do this first take an abundant flow of distilled water and place your jewelry inside letting it sit in there for at least 5 minutes before taking it out; this allows excess traces of chemicals residue to dissipate and wash away from its surfaces entirely.

Secondly take a soft microfiber cloth and lightly rub each piece of jewelry individually while ensuring that all existing moisture comes off completely so no dampness lingers behind otherwise oxidation can occur potentially damaging the gems if any were present. Finally store them safely in a cool dry place away from sunlight until further use.

Types of Jewelry Suitable for Cleaning with Lonove Jewelry Cleaner

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Lonove Jewelry Cleaner is an all-in-one jewelry cleaner designed to quickly and effectively remove dirt, grime, tarnish, and other impurities from different types of fine jewelry. Its ultra gentle formulation gently lifts off dirt and debris without causing any damage to the metal or gemstones. The simple spray on formula makes it easy to clean any type of jewelry quickly with minimal effort.

Not only does Lonove Jewelry Cleaner work on regular silver, gold and platinum pieces of jewelry but it can also be used to safely clean gemstone necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings and more. The non-abrasive solution won’t scratch delicate surfaces like many commercial cleaners can.

The spray bottle allows for precise application of the cleaning product so you can tackle difficult areas that may have built up excess grime or residue without washing away nearby parts of your jewelry that may still shine. You can use Lonove Jewelry Cleaner to hard to reach areas like in between prongs that hold a diamond or rubies in place as well as around intricate detail work on necklaces or bracelets.

As long as the piece is made out of silver, gold or platinum then it will be safe to use this product on it.

It’s important to make sure you are using appropriate lask polishing cloths when cleaning your jewelry after using Lonove Jewelry Cleaner. These cloths are designed specifically to buff away any minor scratches created from cleaning them before they have a chance to set in no matter what type of metal is being polished; whether it is sterling silver, gold plate, yellow gold or white gold.

They will not damage the finish of your prized possessions even if they’ve been subjected to heavy cleaning treatments with this specialty cleaner due its advanced formulation technology which helps guarding against scratches while simultaneously removing dirt and impurities from the surface area.

How to Clean Different Types of Jewelry with Lonove Jewelry Cleaner

Caring for Soft Metals

Lonove Jewelry Cleaner is a great option for tender metals like gold, silver and copper. To use it, simply pour a small amount of the cleaner onto a soft cloth or cloth pad and gently rub the metal surface with it. Be sure to pay extra attention to places where dirt and grime tend to accumulate like crevices or small carvings.

When you’re finished, rinse and dry the piece with a lint-free cloth for extra measure. Take special care when working with soft metals as too much force can damage them beyond repair.

Safety Tips When Cleaning Diamonds

Meanwhile, when cleaning diamonds, it’s important to exercise caution as tremendous pressure during cleaning can chip or worse yet shatter them completely. With Lonove Jewelry Cleaner it’s best to take an extra precautionary step before starting and apply some mineral oil or petroleum jelly on both sides of the diamond all the way up to its setting line.

This creates a protective layer between the diamond and the cleaning solution so that any potential abrasiveness from the cleaner will not come in contact with the gemstone itself.

Caring for Delicate Jewels

Other jewels like opals, turquoise rubies or emeralds are just as delicate when exposed to harsh cleaners and require extra special care if used in conjunction with Lonove Jewelry Cleaner. In this case you have two choices; either mix one part of jewelry cleaner with three parts of distilled water before applying it or soak your jewelry using only cold water combined with gentle soap like baby shampoo.

Avoid submerging these gems into solutions containing ammonia (like regular jewelry cleaners) as well as any kind of hot water which may shrink certain gems causing harm rather than good.

Benefits of Cleaning Jewelry with Lonove Jewelry Cleaner

A clean piece of jewelry can make an outfit look much more polished and radiant, which is why proper jewelry cleaning is essential. Lonove Jewelry Cleaner is a great option for those who are looking for a simple and effective way to get their jewelry sparkling again. Here are some benefits of using Lonove Jewelry Cleaner:

Jewelry Cleaner That Removes Tarnish

Safe on All Types of Materials

Lonove Jewelry Cleaner can be used to clean all types of jewelry including gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, sapphire, emeralds, rubies, and base metals. The product also works on watches and other gemstones. Additionally, it’s non-toxic and doesn’t produce any fumes or odors so your jewels will stay safe during the process of cleaning them.

Quick and Easy to Use

Lonove Jewelry Cleaner is one of the easiest ways to get your jewelry sparkling again in no time. This formula only takes about 1-2 minutes to work its magic, and you don’t need any additional tools such as cloths or brushes.

All you need to do is fill up the included tank with a bit of clear water (warm temperature recommended) then add 2-4 drops of Lonove cleaner directly into the water before submerging your jewelry inside the tank. Make sure to place only one piece in at a time for best results.

Versatile Maintenance Tool

Not only does Lonove Jewelry Cleaner help bring back shine and luster to your pieces effectively – it also protects them from further tarnishing or discoloration. That’s right – occasional use of this cleaner after every wear will help preserve your most cherished pieces over time. Additionally, it helps remove everyday dirt and oils that accumulate in between grooves or crevices when worn outdoors thus making your investment last even longer.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Lonove Jewelry Cleaner

Taking care of jewelry is an important part of caring for valuables. However, improper cleaning can cause more harm than good. Be aware of these common mistakes when using Lonove Jewelry Cleaner:

  • Using too much solution – While Lonove Jewelry Cleaner requires a few drops of solution to work properly, too much can be damaging and counterproductive. The optimal amount to use is 5 drops.
  • Not preparing the item beforehand – Before beginning the cleaning process, it is important to check for any missing stones and secure any loose connections in the jewelry with glue or a metal bond. If stones are missing or prong settings are loose, deep cleaning will not facilitate proper adhesion.
  • Neglecting post-cleaning polishing – After deep cleaning with Lonove Jewelry Cleaner solutions, adding a protective layer of polishing will keep your jewelry from becoming tarnished levels of oxidation rapidly.

Using dirty water to clean – It is critically important to make sure that when attempting to clean jewelry with Lonove Jewelry Cleaner that only new and clean water be used in order to ensure no extra residues are left on the piece afterwards. Tap water contains impurities such as minerals and dirt that evaporates as it dries; leaving behind residue which soils new metals further over time as it oxidizes. Instead, use filtered or distilled water instead for better results.

Failing to rinse thoroughly – After cleaning with Lonove Jewelry Cleaner solutions, the final step should always involve some sort of rinsing procedure in order to ensure all traces of soap and cleaner products have been completely removed from all surfaces before drying properly with a soft cloth or cotton pad (never paper towels). Some of these items may contain harsh chemicals which could otherwise discolor or damage certain fabrications if they aren’t completely washed off afterwards.

Not considering physical damage – In addition to forgetting about loose stones during prepping before starting the cleaning process, there are also many other points one should consider such as how abrasive materials react negatively against certain furnishings like claws which hold gemstones into place. If any form of mechanical trauma has occurred prior then more then likely chemical deep cleaners should not be used at all until repairs have been undertaken first.


Lonove Jewelry Cleaner offers a range of advantages and benefits. It is an all-natural product that is safe to use on all types of jewelry and gems, meaning that it won’t cause any damage or harm the metals or stones. This makes Lonove Jewelry Cleaner well suited for even the most delicate pieces of jewelry, making it an excellent choice for those looking to maintain their jewellery in optimal condition.

Furthermore, the product is designed with convenience in mind, being easy to apply and remove, thus leaving your jewelry sparkling clean. When you use Lonove Jewelry Cleaner you can be confident that your jewelry will look as good as new in no time at all.

One additional benefit of using Lonove Jewelry Cleaner is that it does not compromise on quality nor effectiveness when its user friendly features are taken into account. More particularly speaking, the product has been carefully crafted using only high quality ingredients which make sure that your valuable items will be thoroughly cleaned without harsh abrasives or corrosive ingredients.

It is also simple to use; just dip your jewelry into the solution, wait a few minutes and then rinse away before polishing with a soft cloth – there’s no need for brushing or vigorous scrubbing like with many other cleaning solutions.

Finally, Lonove Jewelry Cleaner comes with added peace of mind – through its 100% satisfaction guarantee. Should you not be entirely satisfied with how well it cleansed your precious pieces then customer service representatives will work diligently to find a satisfactory solution quickly and efficiently: no more worry about wasting money on ineffective products.

Therefore, Lonove offers so much more than just a regular cleaning solution; by investing in their product customers can look forward to comprehensive care of their treasured jewels long-term.

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