Loloma Jewelry


Loloma Jewelry is a unique line of jewelry designed to capture the beauty and spirit of art, culture, and nature. Handcrafted by artisans from around the world, the pieces are full of vibrant colors, intricate details and sophisticated designs. In addition to their artisanal qualities, Loloma Jewelry pieces also bring together elements of different cultures, incorporating symbols and materials that attract attention for their depth and originality. Each piece conveys a unique message with its color palette representing the different hues of living in harmony with nature. Furthermore, each collection has been created according to ancient traditions from far away places, connecting them to cultural roots in an elegant way. Through powerful partnerships with artisans worldwide, Loloma Jewelry is the perfect expression of global fashion trends – creating inspiring collections with passion and sensitivity for both contemporary and traditional styles.

Benefits of Purchasing Loloma Jewelry

Loloma jewelry is the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for yourself or a special person. Not only is Loloma jewelry gorgeous and unique, it also offers several great benefits:

1. High Quality Materials: Each piece of Loloma jewelry is crafted with high-quality materials including sterling silver, 18k gold, shell and stone. This ensures that each piece can withstand everyday wear so you can keep your favorite necklace, bracelet or earrings for years to come.

2. Unique Design: Inspired by the beauty of nature, each handcrafted design radiates elegance and timelessness. With designs ranging from delicate filigree earrings to bohemian chic necklaces, there’s something for everyone in this extensive collection of eye-catching pieces.

3. Fairly Priced: You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank with Loloma jewelry. Their pieces are carefully crafted with time-honored methods which results in beautiful jewelry without an exorbitant price tag!

4. Eco-friendly Practices: In addition to using sustainably sourced materials wherever possible, the creators of Loloma Jewelry also promote sustainable production processes such as reducing greenhouse emissions while creating their pieces. This means that when you purchase Loloma Jewelry you can feel good knowing that it celebrates both culture and nature!

A Brief History of Loloma Jewelry and its Cultural Significance

Loloma jewelry is an American craft that first emerged in the mid 20th century. It was pioneered by Hopi-Tewa artist Charles Loloma (1921 – 1991), who blended traditional American Indian designs with modern styles and materials. His works are now highly sought after, and they have become a symbol of cultural exchange between Native American communities and the mainstream art world.

Loloma’s jewelry was highly influenced by his Hopi-Tewa background, incorporating symbolism commonly associated with the tribe into each of his pieces. He used semi-precious stones, silver, shell, and other materials to create bold and beautiful necklaces, rings, earrings, bolas, bracelets, brooches and more. Each item showcased bright colors interpreted from Native American beliefs about balance and harmony with nature. His work also captured traditional Hopi-Tewa culture in its depiction of animals such as birds and bears that were representative spiritual forces for the tribe.

The success of Loloma’s jewelry brought international attention to Native American crafts, inspiring other tribal artists to create works that blended modern techniques with traditional motifs. Much of his art is currently featured at permanent exhibitions in some of the most renowned museums around the world including The Heard Museum in Arizona, The Louvre in Paris France, The Field Museum in Chicago USA, Thames & Hudson Gallery in London UK and many more.

Through his jewelry designs, Charles Loloma not only inspired others but also managed to bridge two worlds together between native cultures and a global audience – something no one else had been able to do prior to him. He strongly believed that indigenous art should be celebrated worldwide so that people everywhere may appreciate its beauty while respecting its cultural context. His legacy lives on through numerous awards given out on an annual basis at competitions held in honour of this nationally acclaimed master craftsman.

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The Range of Styles and Materials of Loloma Jewelry

Loloma jewelry offers an extensive range of unique jewelry pieces crafted from both traditional and modern materials. Their pieces range from earrings, rings and necklaces to bracelets and even brooches. They offer custom hand-crafted jewelry in sterling silver, gold, platinum, titanium, and palladium. They use conflict-free diamonds and colored gemstones to decorate many of their pieces. While most of their items are designed with contemporary styling, they also have a few vintage inspired creations. Their tribal designs reflect the artist’s Northwest Native American roots while their contemporary collections honor international influences. The company is committed to providing the highest quality handmade jewelry in only the finest materials available today. With artwork ready for any occasion, Loloma Jewelry can add sparkle wherever it’s needed!

How to Maintain and Store Loloma Jewelry Properly

When it comes to maintaining and storing Loloma jewelry, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, always make sure that before you store your jewelry away, that they’re properly cleaned using a gentle soap or cleaning solution designed specifically for jewelry. You can also use a jewelry polishing cloth which is suitable for silver, gold and gemstones. Make sure not to use any abrasive materials as this could damage the finish of the pieces.

Secondly, it’s best practice to store your jewelry in their original boxes whenever possible. This will help prevent your jewels from being scratched or damaged by other items in your collection as well as keeping them safe from dust and other external elements such as humidity or salt air. If you don’t have the original box, store each item of jewelry separately ensuring there’s no friction between items which could cause scratches. Soft pouches are perfect for preventing this kind of thing from happening!

Finally, it’s important to try and keep all pieces dry when storing jewelry since some gemstones like pearls can easily be damaged if exposed to moisture for long periods of time. Feel free to include small packets of silica gel within the pouches or boxes that contain your prized possessions too- just make sure they don’t come into direct contact with the jewelry itself! With these tips, you should have all the information you need regarding how best to maintain and store Loloma Jewelry so you can enjoy them for many years to come!

Popular Designs and Trends of Loloma Jewelry

Loloma Jewelry is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after jewelry brands. The unique look and feel of the jewelry have attracted many admirers and collectors. Popular designs of Loloma Jewelry often feature curved shapes, abstract patterns, and vibrant colors. From statement pieces to everyday wear, Loloma’s pieces can add a bit of glitz and glamour to any wardrobe. Many people are drawn to the intricate details and elegant craftsmanship that goes into each piece of jewelry. All of the materials used in their designs are carefully chosen to represent balance, harmony, and respect for natural beauty.

In recent years, trends in Loloma Jewelry have become more bold and daring. Offering opal stones, turquoise hues, pearls, coral accents, petite pearls, nature-inspired elements such as leaves and flowers, vintage-style finishes with filigree detailing mixed with contemporary styles – Loloma Jewelry has a design for every taste. Along with stones native to their region – black onyx from Volcanic Tuff Glaze found in Sedona area; shell agates found in the desert or petrified wood from Arizona – they bring in many precious metals including gold filled metals (more affordable than solid gold) and silver which is often stamped with their motifs like feathers or thunderbirds…. Which add special energetic swirls which they refer to as “ceremony” offering a level deeper connection to art collector consumers looking for something an inch deeper than beauty alone!

Loloma Jewelry’s Impact on the Fashion Industry

Loloma Jewelry has gained an impressive reputation among fashion enthusiasts due to its unique, organic-inspired pieces. Founded in 1977 by the master silversmith Fred T. Peshlakai, Loloma jewelry continues to inspire designers today. The pieces are renowned for their intricate detailing and Southwest style which often feature Native elements such as turquoise, opal and other precious stones. Loloma Jewelry has been showcased on many major runways around the world as well as featured in numerous publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Celebrities including Carrie Underwood and Johnny Depp have also worn Loloma Jewelry showing the true impact it’s had on the fashion industry.

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The statement-making designs of Loloma Jewelry embody natural beauty and boldness without being overstated or exuberant. Its intricate craftsmanship helps captivate viewers with thoughtful details that make up each exquisite piece of jewelry. In addition to its popularity in designer circles, the brand’s jewelry is also in high demand from a wide variety of customers due its reasonable price range, making it a truly accessible luxury item for anyone looking for quality pieces that stand out from the rest. Overall, Loloma has impacted the fashion industry in notable ways by providing timeless wearable art pieces that combine both traditional and modern styles for any occasion.

Where to Buy Authentic Loloma Jewelry

Authentic Loloma Jewelry is a magnificent collection of handcrafted Hopi jewelry, created by the renowned designer Charlie Loloma. Loloma crafted exquisite jewelry from silver, precious stones and other materials, and each piece bears his signature style – from traditional symbols to bold geometric shapes. His designs evoke the beauty and culture of the Hopi Nation and can help us connect with our shared history.

There are several ways to purchase authentic Loloma Jewelry, each offering unique advantages:
• Online – You can browse a wide selection of Loloma pieces through various art stores and galleries online. They will typically include detailed descriptions that provide information on item origin, materials used, care instructions, and more.
• Auctions – From time to time you may spot a rare piece of Loloma artwork offered in an eBay or other auction site sale, often at a reasonable price if determined bidding is successful.
• Trade Shows – Attendees at Southwest Indian Craft Fairs can often find fine examples of Loloma’s work. These events take place several times throughout the year as part of Native American Market Day celebrations at SCUFI (Southwest Convention for Indian arts).
• Retailer Sales – There are also several stores located in Arizona that stock high-quality examples of his work including Zuni Jewelers in Scottsdale, Seven Cedars Gallery in Holbrook and Turtle Trading Post in Crownpoint.
• Personal Collection – If you happen to know someone who collects or wears this type of jewelry they may be able to source a unique piece directly from the artist or an experienced dealer.
Finally, it’s important to note that with any type of vintage purchase there is always an element of risk associated with purchasing accuracy and authenticity; therefore buyer should conduct all due diligence prior to making any purchase decision, especially when artists like Loloma greatly influence current trends but have finite inventory available for sale.


Loloma Jewelry represents power and beauty unlike any other style of jewelry. Its unique designs are born from a mixture of both traditional and contemporary styles, delivering pieces that convey history, tradition, and cultural understanding. This value alone makes Loloma jewelry an excellent asset to invest in. Not only does its richness attract potential buyers, but its practicality ensures that it can be used in modern settings while never becoming outdated or irrelevant. Because of its versatility, Loloma jewelry is not only timelessly beautiful but also a worthy investment that will likely bring rewards over time. With its regal charm, stunning craftsmanship, and the historical significance it conveys crystal clear in every piece made, anyone investing in Loloma jewelry can confidently expect positive returns on their purchases now and far into the future.