Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan

A Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan is a plan that provides lifetime protection for jewelry. It is designed to provide coverage for rings, necklaces, watches, and other pieces of jewelry throughout their lifetime. This type of plan is suited for people who value their jewelry and want to protect it from potential damages or losses caused by everyday wear and tear.

A Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan can help protect a piece of jewelry from normal wear and tear while also reducing the costs associated with repairs, refinishing, polishing, and clasp replacement. In addition to providing coverage for repair costs associated with everyday wear and tear on the jewelry item, some plans may also include additional benefits like complimentary cleanings or stone replacements.

Another benefit of a Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan includes the fact that it can be transferred if the original purchaser sells or gives away the item. This allows the new owner to receive coverage under the same plan as if they had purchased it themselves.

Additionally, this plan can be renewed yearly in order to ensure continued coverage over time. The cost of these plans varies based on factors like whether one-time or automatic renewing payments are chosen as well as how much coverage is desired.

The peace of mind offered by a Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan makes it an attractive choice for those looking to protect their most beloved pieces of jewelry. Not only does it offer protections from unexpected damage, but many plans also offer additional benefits such as complimentary cleanings or polishing services in order to keep your precious items looking their absolute best throughout its lifetime.

Benefits of Having a Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan

The Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan is an excellent way for jewelry owners to protect themselves financially and ensure their pieces stay beautiful for years to come. It provides coverage for any unexpected damage or loss that may occur, meaning the plan holder can rest easy knowing their jewelry is safe. The plan also covers repair costs, so if something needs to be fixed or replaced, they are not left paying out of pocket.

Another key benefit of the Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan is the flexibility it provides when it comes to cleaning and polishing services. Instead of having to take the time to either find somewhere locally or send their piece off in the mail, they can have someone come right to their doorstep.

When purchasing high-end jewelry, especially items like engagement rings and wedding bands, many people prefer a Legacy Jewelry Care Plan. This goes beyond simple repair and replacement covered by usual plans; instead it provides additional benefits such as yearly checkups and complimentary cleanings for diamonds set in platinum or gold settings.

Legacy Plans will also cover the cost of replacing any missing stones due to normal wear and tear or from theft should it occur. This type of protection allows owners of quality jewelry peace of mind that their treasured item will last a lifetime without concerns about potential future costs.

The biggest benefit of a Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan is the feeling of security it provides consumers who want to ensure that their jewelry looks its best regardless of what might arise in everyday life. From natural degradation over time due to wear and tear, exposure to adverse conditions, or accidental damage, those with a plan can have assurance that they won’t have added financial strain if anything happens down the line.

Plus many plans offer added bonuses like continuing valuation updates so recipients always understand what kind of monetary value their item currently holds should they desire further insurance coverage in case more serious events occur down the road.

Tips for Choosing the Right Plan for Your Needs

Choosing the right lifetime jewelry care plan should not be a difficult task. It is important, however, to determine exactly what type of coverage you need and to find the plan that fits your particular needs best. To that end, there are some essential tips for choosing the best lifetime jewelry care plan for your needs.

First and foremost, take the time to research any lifetime jewelry care plan you are considering thoroughly before making a commitment. Research can include looking into what types of repairs and replacements are covered by each plan as well as their warranty period or limitations on replacement or repair services.

An investigation of customer reviews, either published or via social media can also provide valuable insight into customer satisfaction with an existing provider or brand. While it may seem daunting to look into such details beforehand, it will help ensure you don’t become overloaded with unexpected expenses due to purchasing a plan that does not fully suit your individual needs.

Finally, always read the terms and conditions for each plan carefully before signing. Even small missteps in this area could cost you dearly in the future; thoroughly understanding all of the provisions so that you don’t accidentally overlook an important clause can save considerable heartache and expense down-the-road should something happen to your jewelry.

In addition, most providers offer multiple plans at different levels of insurance coverage; while they may differ in price points they all should cover any losses or repairs that may occur so try not to automatically settle on the lowest priced option available before doing further research as necessary.

By taking all reasonable steps ahead of time throughout this process – such as researching other customer experiences – one can rest easy knowing they have selected a lifetime jewelry care plan tailored uniquely to their own needs which will prove invaluable should any unexpected events occur with their treasured pieces of jewelry down-the-line.

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Types of Care Covered Under the Plan

The Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan is an excellent choice for anyone looking to protect their valuable pieces of jewelry. It offers a comprehensive coverage to ensure any accidental damage and repairs you may need in the future are taken care of. The plan covers any repair work that is needed due to wear and tear, as well as accidental damage or loss caused by events such as theft or fire.

It also provides annual cleaning services and inspections at no extra cost, allowing you to keep your jewelry looking like new for years to come. Additionally, members are given access to an online portal where they can track the progress of repair jobs and speak directly with support representatives if they have any questions or concerns regarding their coverage options.

When it comes to types of repair and servicing covered under the Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan, members can rest assured they will get back the full value out of their purchase, without needing to worry about money lost on unnecessary repairs down the line. Repairs work such as settings, resizing, chain restructuring, plus all other specific tasks related to jewelry repairs are covered under this plan.

Furthermore, it also includes warrantied work such as clasp replacement and polishing services that help make sure your pieces retain their luster and keep their shine over the years.

On top of regular maintenance repair works which easily could become a burden financially over time – in terms of both labor costs as well as materials – members will also receive free yearly inspections in order ensure that any hidden damages or signs requiring attention don’t go unanswered.

Through this inspection we can catch issues before they become major problems, helping you bypass costly repairs in the future should your piece suddenly come apart or become irreparable at some point down the line due unforeseen circumstances – loss or disappointingly not covered under typical warranties being two very likely example scenarios here.

Step-by-Step Guide for Making a Claim Under the Plan

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The Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan is the perfect choice for someone looking to protect their investment in jewelry. This plan provides coverage on jewelry purchases up to two years old and should be activated soon after purchase in order to ensure that the buyer remains eligible for this protection.

The plan covers repair or replacement of any jewelry covered under the policy, providing peace of mind against loss or damage due to accidental wear and tear. Making a claim under this plan requires following some important steps which are outlined below,

Paragraph 2
The first step is to complete an application form to enroll in the Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan and return it with a copy of your jewelry store receipt. On submission and verification of the documents, your membership will be approved within 30 days of receipt by the policies issuing agency.

Once approved, you can then proceed with making a claim for repair or replacement of your covered items at any time during your enrollment period. When filing a claim, always include detailed information about what happened, when it happened as well as any relevant photos if you have them available.

Paragraph 3
Once all information has been received, an assessor will get back to you with their decision regarding eligibility for repair or replacement under the policy within five working days. As part of making a successful claim, you’ll need to provide additional proof that includes purchase receipts and photographs if requested by the assessor.

Following these steps will ensure that there are no delays or errors while filing a claim with the Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan that could impact the outcome.

What to Do Before Enrolling in a Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan

When it comes to jewelry, ensuring that both its value and sentimental worth are safeguarded is paramount. Before enrolling in a lifetime jewelry care plan, there are a few things that should be done to ensure both of these are taken care of. First, it is important to have your jewelry professionally appraised.

This will provide an accurate assessment of the worth of the piece and will give you an idea of the sort of repairs and maintenance that might be needed over time. Documentation is also essential; without physical proof as well as detailed images, it can be hard to assess the proper value of your purchase when registering for a lifetime care insurance plan.

Second, taking steps to reduce potential losses or damages should be addressed before opting into this type of program. It’s important to place items inside a protective pouch or jewelry box whenever they’re not in use and take them off when engaging in strenuous activities; this will help minimize any potential accidental damage that may occur if worn improperly for a long period of time.

Also, gemstones would benefit from a thorough cleaning at regular intervals especially if worn often; this will help ward off any dirt and grime which may have gathered up over time during wear and tear.

Finally, understanding what kind of coverage a lifetime jewelry care plan entails is hugely beneficial before making the decision to enroll in one.

Doing research on what sort of reimbursements can be expected given the price point used when purchasing original pieces along with taking note of different add-ons such as internal damage repair policies can make all the difference while giving peace of mind so that one’s valuables are kept safe in the event something goes wrong down the line.

All-in-all, jewelry can represent years upon years worth of meaning for many people; taking the necessary steps beforehand just make sense when it comes down to protecting those memories for years to come.

Common Questions Customers Have About the Plan

The Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan is a great way to ensure that your jewelry looks and works in its best condition years after you’ve bought it. This is especially beneficial for customers who are looking to keep their jewelry in pristine condition with minimal upkeep over their lifetime.

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People who opt into the plan will be given free sizing and setting services, cleanings and inspections, repairs, and even prong checks if applicable. As with any other service there are common questions customers ask about our plan:

One of the most common questions customers have is what exactly the Jewelry Care Plan covers. It covers sizing, setting, cleaning and inspection services, repairs for all parts of the product and even ring re-tipping.

If a product has things such as stones or prongs that need re-tipping, then this also falls under the coverage of the plan. All repair services from our store are covered in full without requiring any extra charges or deductible costs from the customer.

Another thing people often wonder about when considering the Jewelry Care Plan is how long it lasts. The plan itself actually lasts forever on any jewels purchased from us–provided that nothing egregious occurs to cause damage outside of normal wear-and-tear like grinding down a diamond against a hard surface such as concrete or dropping it off a high place onto ground below.

With proper care on our part, rest assured we can keep your jewelry damaged free for many decades to come.

Finally, some customers wonder what type of jewelry is eligible to receive coverage under the Jewelry Care Plan; since we own and manufacture our own jewels at this shop, anything watermarked with “Warner Bros.”o” would be eligible for coverage if it was purchased here within 3 months prior to taking out this insurance policy.

Additionally any gems adhered on gold plated products would receive cover as long as they meet certain standards related to clarity, color grade and carat weight–as established by international gemological standards set forth by GIA(Gemological Institute Of America).

Anything outside these parameters may not be received for full coverage but rather might require an additional fee depending on stone size or complexity needed when repairing/restoring said items.

Pros and Cons of a Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan

Pros: The primary benefit of a Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan is that it provides coverage for almost any issue that could arise with your jewelry. This means that if you have an item of jewelry that has been damaged, lost or stolen, the company will cover the repair or replacement cost up to a certain amount.

This can provide valuable peace of mind to those who own items of great value and want them to be taken care of in case something unexpected happens. Additionally, many Lifetime Jewelry Care Plans come with other perks like complimentary cleaning and inspection services as well as discounts on repairs.

Cons: While the coverage offered by Lifetime Jewelry Care Plans can be invaluable for owners of expensive pieces, these plans also come with certain cons. One potential drawback is that some plans require customers to pay an annual fee which may be too much depending on their budget.

Additionally, there are often very specific stipulations regarding which types of jewelry and damages are covered under a particular plan in order to maintain its integrity so it’s important to read through all terms and conditions before signing up. Finally, while plans will typically cover repair or replacement costs up to a set amount, customers may still have to pay deductibles out of pocket depending on the size and type of damage incurred.

Overall, a Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan can provide invaluable protection for owners of valuable items provided they understand both the benefits and limitations offered by their chosen plan. By carefully researching available options and reading all associated fine print consumers can make sure they get access to the level of coverage that best meets their needs whilst avoiding any unpleasant surprises down the line from unexpected extra fees or coverage gaps.


The Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan offered by Reilly’s is an exceptional way to ensure your jewelry investment is protecting as best it can. This plan covers cleaning and inspection, preventive care, and repairs on almost any jewelry item in a convenient, economical, and hassle-free manner. Those who purchase the Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan enjoy peace of mind that their jewelry items are being properly cared for with no extra effort from them.

The cleaning and inspection service guarantees all stones are secure and that jewelry pieces look like new again. Any slight blemishes or dirt will be quickly removed from the piece, making sure each item is sparkling clean once again.

Further, preventive care such as replacement of prongs or tightening loose stones also adds value to the plan. Knowing that Reilly’s experts are regularly checking each item for wear and tear helps customers feel more secure about their possessions and ensures they always look perfect.

The most impressive aspect of this plan has to be its repair coverage. Even if repairs exceed the cost of the piece itself, Reilly’s warns customers not to despair because they will take care of the repairs while keeping costs to a bare minimum – even if a replacement stone is needed. Knowing that every little issue can be taken care of without adding a huge financial burden brings ultimate satisfaction to our customers.

Overall, this plan offers stellar benefits during virtually any scenario imaginable – thus it really pays off in the end. Customers may always contact our team with inquiries regarding our Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan or visit us in store where we can try on different pieces and provide more information about the plan. We look forward to helping you protect your cherished belongings.