Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry


Lesser of Two Evils Jewelry is a unique and stylish jewelry company based in Los Angeles, CA. The company was founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs Lisa and Nick Lipari, both of whom have a passion for fashion. The mission of TOD Eagles is to provide beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewelry that make a statement without breaking the bank.

The company has become well-known for their contemporary designs which are inspired by natural elements such as wood, crystals and precious stones. All their products are handmade with attention to detail and quality in mind. Each piece is designed with meaning backed behind it, making it a lasting work of art.

Many of the designs have been well-received by customers who have given glowing testimonials about the look, feel, and quality of their pieces. Furthermore, others praise Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry for their commitment to sustainability through their eco-friendly practices when producing their pieces such as recycled packaging materials that they source from suppliers abroad.

With its high-quality products at an affordable price along with its ethical philosophy at their core values, Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry easily stands out from the crowd as an up and coming brand specializing in unique statement jewelry pieces.

Showcase Styles

Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry is a luxury jewelry store that offers handmade pieces, designed to be affordable, ethical, luxurious and statement-making. Featuring designers from across the world, the collection is made of gold, sterling silver and vermeil with conflict free diamonds, lab grown stones and ethically sourced gems. With something for every occasion or wardrobe change, Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry has styles ranging from delicate everyday pieces to hard-hitting, statement cuffs.

The store showcases popular pieces such as bold earrings, classic necklaces and adorable rings in all shapes and sizes. Every piece is handmade with care to ensure it is unique and special to the wearer. From chains to chokers; charms to cuffs – there really is something for everyone! Furthermore, each design comes in many different colors and materials to suit individual taste and wardrobe choices. The possibilities are endless when it comes to styling the perfect look with Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry – no matter what your style may be! Whether you prefer minimalistic designs or maximalist combinations, there is sure to be something for you in this vast selection.

Focus on Sustainability

Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry has a commitment to sustainability and minimizing their environmental footprint. To acheive this, they have incorporated sustainable design and manufacturing processes, materials, and business practices into their operations.

In terms of design and manufacturing processes, Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry utilizes 3D printing technologies that require minimal energy consumption during the production process. They also use materials sourced from ethical suppliers who abide by industry codes of conduct which take into account environmental standards. This includes recycled metals and ethically-sourced gemstones.

When it comes to business practices, Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry has taken steps such as reducing packaging waste through the use of recyclable or reused paper bags for items purchased in store. They have also changed their product delivery methods so that quicker shipping means less time spent in transit thus reducing emissions associated with transportation. Additionally, they are sourcing jewellery products made with fair labor practices to ensure employees are treated fairly and compensated at a living wage.

Jewelry Box That Stands Up

Unique Materials Used

Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry offers a range of exquisite and timeless jewelry pieces that are designed using unique materials such as genuine gemstones, natural metals, and ethically-sourced diamonds. The stones featured in these finely crafted pieces include garnet, rose quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, turquoise, agate, onyx, and sunstone. Precious metals such as 14k gold fill and sterling silver are also used to craft the jewelry designs. To offer something more intricate than the pieces created from precious metals and genuine stones a selection of gold-plated brass is available in the collection. Finally, ethically sourced diamantes add an extra sparkle to some of the creations.

Creative Process

The careful craftsmanship that goes into each piece at Lesser of Two Evils Jewelry is unparalleled. Each piece is designed, fabricated, and hand-finished by our team of experienced jewelry artisans.

Our artisans take their time focusing on the smallest of details to make sure that the end result is nothing short of exceptional. We use a variety of materials sourced from around the world in our creations including 925 sterling silver, natural gemstones and diamonds, and various other precious metals and stones.

Once all the components are ready we’ll assemble them using traditional methods such as soldering, setting and polishing. Every piece created by us undergoes multiple quality and design checks before being sent out for customer approval. With this level of dedication to detail, our customers can be confident that they will receive a timeless masterpiece crafted with skill and precision.

Showcase Events

Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry participates in a variety of special events such as fashion shows, trunk shows, craft markets, vendor fairs, and art galleries. They are also seen across social media platforms attending a range of events that fit their brand. Their showroom space provides customers with an opportunity to experience their unique jewelry line up close and personal. Additionally, the company uses their website to promote its sales and special offers at various locations across the country such as online stores, department stores, boutiques and retail outlets. They also make appearances at corporate events such as industry showcases and corporate offices.

Share the Inspiration

Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry is a unique jewelry collection specially curated with symbolic, inspirational messages. Each piece of jewelry in this collection has its own powerful story and philosophy behind it. The designers pay close attention to detail and craftsmanship, as each piece is made to reflect the positive ideals of justice, truth, freedom, love, and knowledge.

The statements featured on many of these pieces challenge the idea of accepting life’s hardships and remind us to embrace our strengths and use them to respond positively. For example, one Necklace from the collection reads: “Choose what is true instead of what is easy.” Another bracelet reads “Fear less – Believe more.” These words symbolize an attitude of resilience in one’s decisions – an unwavering faith in our ability to make positive changes in our own lives by making wise decisions for ourselves and for those around us.

By wearing this meaningful jewelry we can easily spread the inspiring message behind it. With symbols like strength arrows, puzzle pieces depicting friendship or affectionate hearts, wearers are empowered with a reminder that they stand up against difficult times while persistently pushing towards the light and greater good that lies ahead. Regardless if you choose a simple Silver cuff or a colorful gemstone necklace, each handcrafted piece from Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry possess individual meaning and adds an element of class to any outfit!

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Community Involvement

Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry is dedicated to giving back to their local and global community. They are involved in a variety of charitable initiatives such as donating 10% of all sales to charities around the world and volunteering their time with organizations like Habitat for Humanity. Additionally, they host various fundraising events throughout the year including clothing drives, bake-sales, car washes and auctions that benefit underprivileged communities both locally and abroad. They partner with non-profits and other organizations who work for social justice initiatives and environmental causes. They also make use of their platform as a jewelry company by promoting positive body image and self-love through uplifting messages on their products.

Buying Options

Customers who shop at Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry have the following payment, delivery and return options. Customers can pay using major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) as well as PayPal. Delivery is available through USPS and takes 2-5 days for domestic orders, and 7-10 days for international orders. Returns can be made within 30 days of purchase, provided that items are not worn or damaged, and a full refund will be given in the original form of payment.

Promotional Offers

Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry offers a variety of promotional discounts and offers. They offer a ‘buy one, get one free’ deal when customers purchase two pieces from select collections. Additionally, they often offer 10-15% off coupons for purchases over a certain limit. Additionally, they have regular sales events where all items are discounted by up to 50%. Lastly, Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry also offers exclusive discounts to their loyalty program members.

Final Thoughts

The blog post about Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry was informative and inspiring. The company creates timeless pieces of jewelry that remind us of the struggles we have overcome, as well as our strength and resilience. Its goal to empower people through jewellery is admirable, not to mention its commitment to sustainability by using precious metals that have been recovered or recycled. As a result, each piece of jewelry is unique and special with a powerful message behind it. It is clear that Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry values quality over quantity, ensuring customers receive an empowering and meaningful experience every time they put on one of their pieces. All in all, Lesser Of Two Evils Jewelry offers beautiful jewelry with a story, making it an excellent choice for those who are looking for something special and meaningful for themselves or to give as a gift.