Latest Indian Jewelry Trends 2017

The latest Indian jewelry trends for 2017 are an exciting offering of bright and bold design elements. Featuring the traditional use of precious gems, stones and metals, but with a modern flair, Indian jewelry makes waves in the accessory world. Different regions of India are known for different styles that reflect the culture, age-old tradition and fashion sensibilities. This year’s collections balance classic designs with modern interpretations to create a look that is timeless yet current.

One of these trends seeks to freshen up traditional jewels with a highly contemporary vibe. An example is pairing dangling chandelier earrings with an off-shoulder top or bodysuit. This creates a fusion look mixing ethnic heritage with street style that is perfect for special occasions such as festivals or weddings.

Another trend currently popular in India is jadau – a form of jewelry usually made from gold and decorated with colored stones. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets featuring this type of craftmanship are much sought after items at the moment.

Another eye-catching design on offer this season features sparkling chaandbalis – crescent moon earrings crafted using precious stones like rubies and pearls complete with jhumkas (bell-shaped hangings) in complementary gemstones. This stunning combo can be styled with both ethnic wear as well as western outfits; making them the perfect bling accessory for any occasion.

More elaborate neckpiece designs have spawned experimenting with multiple types of chains – i.e., coins embedded on a collar necklace or layered neck pieces featuring coins alongwith delicate strands of gold or silver metalwork, adding extra charm to any outfit.

Conclusion: Classic Designs Meets Modern Trends

Overall, it seems Indian jewelry has something new and delightful to offer this season as classic designs meet modern trends. With so many options available in India right now there’s no excuse not to glitter up your wardrobe. Whether you go for contemporary styling or glamorous traditional jewels, make sure you flaunt your favorite bling accessories before summer fades into fall.

Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry majorly dominates the jewelry trends 2017 and there are several reasons behind it. The Indian culture has been fascinated with heavily embellished jewelry that gives grandeur to the attire worn by women. Statement pieces like chokers, heavy bracelet, layered necklaces, ornate earrings, adorned bangles and jhumkas reigns the skies of Indian Jewelry designs and trends.

Colorful beads and sparkling stones set in intricate motifs makes these pieces look exotic and extravagant. Choker necklaces are one of the most popular pieces which come in all shapes, sizes, colors and stones. These versatile pieces can be team up with almost any ethnic wear from sari to modern outfits.

Women have also started appreciating colorful gemstones for their exquisite beauty and for an array of meanings that these stones carry with them. Both precious and semi-precious gemstones add a sparkle of colors into the jewellery piece when mixed together or worn as a single stone on its own.

Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire are some of the popular precious gemstones which have been used for centuries to beautify the wearer’s outfit along with imparting them power according to its beliefs. Semi-precious gems such as Amethyst , Topaz , citrine ,Aquamarine are more affordable when compared to precious gems but just as elegant as they feature vivid colors that stand out in an elegant manner when paired with traditional gold or silver plated jewellery.

In India you get special occasions to dress up beautifully so why not take advantage of it? Buy great statement jewelry pieces like layered kundan necklace sets, polki jewels surrounded by small colored gems that adds a unique element to your fashion style statement? Follow these trending styles to make sure you stand apart from others.

Tribal Inspired Pieces

The latest trends in Indian jewelry have been heavily influenced by both traditional and modern designs. From intricate bangles and necklaces to sophisticated earrings, the trend this season has been all about tribal-inspired pieces.

The result of fusing together styles from across India, contemporary jewelry makers have crafted unique items with inspiration taken from places like Rajasthan, Nagaland, Manipur and more. These groundbreaking pieces not only look beautiful but offer a great opportunity to learn more about various cultural aspects of India in the process.

An example of one such trend that is emerging from the South of India is Temple Jewellery – so named due to its origin at ancient temple sites. This type of jewelry has caught on due to its ornate detail featuring intricate motives, flowers, leaves and geometric shapes as part of its design language.

Popular during many occasions such as festivals or weddings, this type of jewellery is usually made using traditional materials such as kundan stones and meenakari along with several other types of semi-precious stones which provide the entire piece with an eye-catching sparkle & shine that you simply cannot ignore.

On the other hand, ethnic silver jewellery remains popular among Indian women who like to dress up for various ceremonies such as Upanayanam or Puberty rituals in South India. Resembling old coins & metallic castings with oxidised finish; Silver jewels could easily be termed vintage given their classic looks & styling detail with intricate carvings around it boasting bold lines & curves.

Usually called “Kolusu Payal” or anklets – these fascinating pieces can be worn with any outfit no matter how tradition or western oriented it may be without compromising any style rules whatsoever. It goes without saying that men too want some love when it comes to trendy jewellery piece – lucky for them there are multiple options availble including chunky Jhooti (toe rings) or even stylish rings which they can wear on their hands or even feet if they please.

Trends In Crystal Jewelry

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for traditional designs or something more modern – India’s diverse jewel culture means you can find something specific only here. With varying levels flow intricacy found on each piece or accessory – there has been a plethora colors, sizes & motifs available to accessorizing your overall look just this summer season alone.

Heavy Weight Sets

2017 promises to be an exciting year for Indian jewelry trends. With bold designs and intricate craftsmanship, heavy weight sets provide the perfect elegant way to make a statement at special occasions. From elaborate necklaces to earrings and nose rings, these pieces truly make an impact with their beautiful details and intricate designs.

The traditional heavy weight set pieces include intricately crafted designs of several gold jewellery components – such as chokers, kadas, bangles or bracelets decorated with precious stones. These sets are often combined with dazzling necklace pieces made from polki diamonds and traditional gems including rubies, emeralds, or sapphire. Creativity is also added with work featuring pearl clusters along the edges.

A contemporary style is achieved through mixing three tones of gold – rose tones for a soft elegance; white gold for modern appeal; and yellow for a classic look – together in one set. Gold molds which combined motifs of flowers on one side along with broad branches on the other are popular in the new statement pieces because they create a gracious juxtaposition between symmetry and asymmetry.

Perfectly designed armlets known as bajubandh add flair to any look at big functions like weddings and mehandi ceremonies. One can find these bajubandhs ornamented in various forms such as kundan work, Mughal filigree work and colored stone inlay work giving them even more grandeur during special family gatherings such as sangeet nights or festivals like Diwali or Rakshabandhan.

Besides this nathni have gained popularity over the last few years leading to designers creating really trendy styles using beautiful coloured gemstones surrounded by zarovski white crystals or CZ stones that looks magnificent when worn.

These kinds of jewelry sets will comfortably allow you to manage all your needs for evening parties throughout the year without having to buy anything new but still looking different every time you step out because of being able to mix-match numerous components creatively each time.

Handcrafted Accessories

This year’s trend in Indian jewelry artfully combines a traditional yet modern aesthetic with functional elements that are as beautiful as they are practical. The focus on handcrafted details to add texture and contrast is obvious, whether it be adding intricate engravings or setting myriad stones of different shapes and sizes.

Drawing inspiration from the Jali latticework that is hallmark of South Asian architecture, artisans have used this unique framework as an avenue for exploration in crafts such as Delhi-style oxidized silver pieces; Calcutta-style enamelled jewelry; traditional Karnataka lamps; and even Kolhapuri racings for pendants and earrings. The use of bell motifs lends itself well to the trend, providing elements of exoticism when combined with precious or semi-precious stones from around the world.

Perhaps one of the most spectacular trends this season is the blending of contemporary dual tonal metals-gold, silver and dark rhodium-in individual jewellery designs. Popular among Indian brides, this approach not only gives balance to a piece but also involves minimalism for a modern look.

Immaculate detailing further enhances pieces by bringing out rootis (lattice work) style carving in rings, pendants and other such items. Handcrafted floral motifs are also leveraging patterns found among India’s many ongoing craft traditions.

A growing demand has increased access to affordable custom jewelry design services enabling people to purchase jewellery more suitable to their personalities-it’s quite exciting. There’s no indication of slowing down on creativity either: traditional Rajasthani embossed patterns have been steadily incorporated into designs through geometric cuts and stars-all combining together to give any ensemble a fine ethnic sophistication without overdoing it.

Many unconventional materials such as carved wooden earrings, biodegradable jewellery infused with gold powder and alternative use of coins, strands from silk cloth or floral beads all make quite dramatic statements – creating absolutely dreamy bridal looks.

Chalking up another Indian Jewelry Trend for 2017 is Kundan meena work having descended from Mughals’ Empire match the regal heritage part with celebrating stunning color themes where local artisans engrave fine detailed curves upon layers on glazes utilizing ancient etching techniques to create unmatched ethnic beauty upon each creation worn. With every creative turn handmade jewels come alive breathing new air into everything symbolic about royalty fashioning eternal legacy bonds passed through generations shining like tomorrow’s hued glory.

Simple, Chic Styles

The latest jewelry trends of 2017 have been all about simple, chic styling with effortless elegance and timeless appeal. For the fashion conscious Indian woman, statement pieces are now pared down – complementing their beauty instead of overwhelming it. Accessorizing can make all the difference to an outfit; with a few simple pieces that add just the right amount of bling you can look chic while staying within your comfort zone.

One key trend involves accessorizing with a hint of gemstones – beautiful pastel sparkles without drawing too much attention away from an ensemble’s overall look. Whether in necklace form or part of a designer set, these lightly hued jewels interject doses of subtle brilliance into any occasions’ ensembling options.

Fine Jewelry Trends Fall 2021

Jhumkis and kundan-style earrings continue their reign as well – combining modern styling elements with age-old traditional detailing for a delicate combination that is purely attractive. Multi-tiered designs play out in differing forms here too; mixing colored stones with white pearls or gold accents is a popular method to keep up with the latest fashions while ensuring that pieces remain classic staples for future use down the line.

Less can be more when it comes to bridal wear too; gone are the days when headpieces were weighted down by heavy ornamental stone work while long necklaces dangled further below the waistline. Bold accessories have been replaced by close-collared multiples, combination jewellery sets crafted around mixed metals and chains circling around wrists and necks alike – allowing you to shine on your special day without having to worry about there being too much enthusiasm.

On the whole, 2017 has showcased a premiere for understated but apt pieces both for daily delivery and festive occasion dressing.

The Versatility of Jewelry

From statement earrings to heavy neckpieces, jewelry is a timeless accessory that can add elegance and glamour to any outfit. This is especially true for Indian jewelry trends which continue to be versatile and stylish. The latest trends in 2017 focus on adding color and shine to everyday styles while staying within traditional contemporary norms.

Perhaps the hottest trend today is the incorporation of precious stones and colorful schemes in India jewelry accessories. Jewelers are using a variety of gemstones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds to create one-of-a-kind pieces that bring out the sparkle in any setting. Every stone has its own meaning and history making each piece all the more special.

For example, green emeralds symbolize loyalty, determination, faithfulness and success which make them popular as gifts or purchases for special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays. This adds an extra dimension to updated traditional designs.

In addition to stones, gold jewelry is still very popular but it has now been re-imagined with pops of color such as blues and reds being integrated into exisiting designs like jhumkas, bangles, mang tikka etc These vibrant shades add a refreshing burst of brightness to familiar pieces yet stay within traditional boundaries set by culture or religion.

To tie these elements together designers are relying heavily on enamel techniques for their creations for lasting effects that are gorgeous at both day or night events. Such techniques require elaborate handcrafted detailing making every piece unique – perfect for occasions where standing out from the crowd is paramount such as weddings, concerts or festivals.

Jewelry makers are also emphasizing texture with embellishments such as pearls and starbursts having made reappearances this season giving traditional designs some modern flair alongside livley colors and stones. All in all this revised approach allows customers may combine different pieces together to perk up their everyday style with an infusion of elegancy.


Shopping for jewelry has changed over the years as trends come and go, but when it comes to Indian Jewelry, 2017 has seen a surge in popularity. From traditional pieces to more contemporary looks that make a statement manufacturers are bringing a modern twist incorporating the old with the new. The idea is to celebrate your unique individuality.

If you’re looking to make a big jewelry statement this year forget going classic or vintage; start with understanding what makes you feel comfortable and confident, then go from there. Layering is huge in 2017; so don’t be afraid to add lots of necklaces with large earrings and mix different metals for dramatic effect.

Statement pieces such as chunky stone studded cuffs, statement pendants and intricate turquoise rings are happening this year too. But if subtlety is what appeals to you, opt for delicate gold filigree hoops that dangle in harmony from light chain necklaces imparted with precious stones and enameled details for instant luxury at any occasion.

If bohemian is your style then ethnic inspired jewelry is the way to go perfecting the boho look with intricate designs such as beadwork and feather necklaces. Be daring and try out bold colours like turquoise and turmeric set against wood or metal against oxidized silver bracelets garnished with Precious stones – an ancient yet modern look.

Polki jewels commemorate royal eleganceand embody neo-luxe beauty blending elegant sparkle with traditional Indian craftsmanship Our tip: Avoid going overboard by matching one oversized piece (such as a boxy stone studded cuff)with smaller minimalist accessories or vise versa.

The current trend bears witness to fashionista indulging their personal taste – be it classic, edgy or playful – allowing them to curate their ownunique sense of individual style. So dare try something new this season through pattern mixing, color blocking and texturing – let your creativity shine.

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