Latest Fashion Jewelry Trends 2020

The latest fashion jewelry trends of 2020 are a celebration of individuality and creativity, featuring new shapes, materials and colors. From handcrafted designs to modern statement pieces, it is clear that jewelry designers are leaning towards less-is-more approaches as we start off the new year. Materials such as silver, rose gold, and acrylic are being used to create delicate yet bold pieces.

Silver has emerged as one of the top favorite materials for creating items such as rings, earrings and necklaces. Many designer brands have put out collections with designs that showcase a modern take on classic vintage jewelry.

Rose gold has also been popular in 2020, often being combined with other textures such as crystals or pearls to give an item an extra touch of femininity. As for acrylic and resin jewelry, these two materials are now gaining traction in the market due to their versatility as they offer a greater range of color combinations than other metals or stones do.

Furthermore, they can be molded into different shapes for unique looks – this gives them the perfect balance between beauty and functionality that is attractive to many wearers.

Those who like to explore trends further can also experiment with mixed media charms that display Japanese sakura blossoms made from wood or clay for an unexpected twist on simple aesthetic. It’s no surprise then that this combination of styles suits everyone’s individual style – there’s something for everyone.

Inclusion of social media trends

The rise of social media has seen a marked increase in how people stay informed on the latest fashion trends. Whether it is outfits or jewelry, the latest styles are debated and discussed extensively over networks such as Instagram and Facebook. In 2020, there has been an exciting range of jewelry trends that have grown in popularity due to their appearance on various social media platforms. Some of these include:

  • Layering necklaces
  • Geometric shapes
  • Hoops with pearls
  • Thin gold chains

Layering necklaces is a popular trend where multiple pendants and charms are combined along different length necklaces to produce more intricate looks. This style dates back centuries and can be seen in many pieces from antiquity.

It enables styling lovers to mix bolder statement pieces with everyday items for a unique look that expresses individual personality and values. Increasingly, layered necklaces are being made from precious metals such as silver, gold or platinum as well as semi-precious stones such as jade, onyx or turquoise for an even more luxurious finish.

Another stand out trend this year includes geometric shapes. From chunky rings based on rectangular forms to interconnected circles set around a center stone, geometric shapes offer creative designs which make for pleasing eye-catching pieces that will add extra pizzazz to any outfit. Their clean line versions look great with all kinds of wardrobe choices ranging from casual street clothing to high end evening wear adding visual interest without overwhelming other garments.

Finally, Hoops with pearls have taken off in popularity this year after their debut on the Winter 2020 catwalks. These elegant earsring offer a simple but sophisticated addition to any ensemble making them ideal for formal events such day office wear as well as for special occasions like parties or dinner dates.

Additionally simply slipping in thin gold chains under clothes has become increasingly popular providing subtle profile additions for looks which require little additional adornment while still maintaining the level of glamor desired by styling enthusiasts everywhere.

Colour trends

When it comes to Jewelry trends for 2020, color is playing a bold role in fashion. Both semi-precious gems and artificial jewelry have been showing lots of personality with colors ranging from dark blues to bright reds, pinks and purples. Jewelry stores this season are dominated by chunky bold statement necklaces sparkling with sapphires and aquamarine stones and charm-heavy bracelets in golds, silvers and numerous shades of bronze, rose gold and copper tones.

Vintage Inspired Pieces

This season also sees classic styles that evoke the vibes of vintage decades such as the 50’s or the 70’s making an appearance. Art Deco motifs are getting quite popular : they lend a timeless appeal to any outfit when worn properly. Gold rings with large embellishments, big bezel-set gemstones or shapes inspired by antique earrings – you get the idea. Anything that hints at yesteryear is on-trend.

Bold And Geometric Forms

Modern abstract design in jewelry is all about boldly mixing right angles, curves and shapes into dramatic forms. Irregular hoop earrings crafted with different materials like geometric stones set into pieces have successfully managed to capture our imaginations this season like nothing else has – it’s hard not to be intrigued by the artfully crafted shapes made out of metal wires.

Other examples include simple yet elegant drops made out of curving bars or French hoops combined with flat linked circles that beautifully contrast one another creating a truly modern look.

Fashion Craft Jewelry

DIY projects

DIY projects have become the go-to source for creating fashion jewelry. The rise in popularity of crafting websites, YouTube channels, and blogs has made it easy to find step-by-step instructions for how to make eye-catching pieces. According to the trends, there are three main areas of focus when it comes to DIY projects for jewelry: reusing materials, incorporating non-traditional elements, and texture.

Reusing Materials

One favorite trend among those making jewelry at home is reusing materials that are lying around the house or can be salvaged from thrift stores or garage sales. This is a great way to add character and a personal touch to any handmade jewelry item. Popular items used for this purpose include beads or charms made of old buttons, wire hangers, paperclips, safety pins, fabric scraps, etc – anything with enough of an interesting shape or texture.

Incorporating Non-Traditional Elements

Another big trend when it comes to DIY jewelry is incorporating non-traditional elements such as feathers, stones, shells, metal findings or semi-precious stones like turquoise and jasper. These unique elements can give handmade accessories a standout look that can’t be copycatted. They also allow crafters to mix different textures together in one piece – think combining matte leather cord with hammered metal fastenings for a beautiful contrast that really stands out.


Textured pieces like pearls and seed beads are still popular in fashion jewelry this year. Craftsmen have been playing around with different types of textures – mixing rough with smooth surfaces; weaving narrow strips of leather into intricate patterns; looping tiny chain links into delicate pieces; etching complex designs onto flat pieces such as bangles and necklaces – all of which make for fascinating conversation starters when wearing them around town.

Unique pieces

2020 fashion jewelry trends are a combination of classic, bold and unique styles. Chokers and charm necklaces have made a comeback with an updated fresh look. Chokers have now become the main focus piece in many looks, while charms give your outfit that one-of-a-kind individual touch.

Charm necklaces are especially popular in 2020 as they allow you to make a statement with precious or semi precious stones, such as turquoise, amazonite or raldanite. Charms can be simple pendants shaped like animals or intricate designs crafted into tiny glass bottles filled with color and sparkle. The possibilities are practically endless if you’re looking for a unique fashion accessory to complete your look.

Other on trend pieces for 2020 include statement earrings which add volume to any style, layered necklaces can transform any ensemble with their layering techniques to create something eye catching and stylish ear cuffs have taken over from the traditional earring to make a strong impression amongst those who find themselves on the forefront of current trends in fashion jewelry.

  • Charm Necklaces
  • Statement Earrings
  • Layered Necklaces
  • Earrings Cuffs

Dangling earrings

Dangling, also known as drop earrings, have recently become a popular choice in jewelry for 2020. There are different types of dangling earrings one can choose from and it is up to the wearer to decide which style best suits their tastes.

From chandeliers with cascading beads to more simple studs with a single diamond attached at the bottom, drop earrings create an instant fashion statement that command attention. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion; longer styles may be more suited for an evening event while smaller studs work better during daytime.

What makes dangling earrings so appealing is they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors that mix well with many outfits. These earrings can range from classic designs such as pearls and crystals to edgier pieces with bolder textures like spikes or zig-zags. Some drops feature intricate floral decorations while others focus on geometric shapes in vibrant shades.

A great tip for making a statement is pairing two totally different styles together for a unique look. Whether you prefer understated or outlandish designs, drop earrings add extra elegance to any ensemble – they’re definitely must-have items this season.

Another plus of wearing these dangling earrings is that you get plenty of options when it comes to metals and materials used – from gold, silver, rose gold to stainless steel and even plastic. This means you can easily find something suitable for your needs regardless of budget size or preference.

The market right now is abundant with all sorts of fashionable models that will turn heads everywhere you go whether you choose traditional standards or cutting-edge contemporary designs; either way drop earrings are having a major moment right now.

Good to know tips

When shopping for jewelry, there are a few things you should keep in mind in order to be sure that you are getting the best quality item for the value. Firstly, always make sure you read the product description thoroughly and check what materials your jewelry is made from. It’s important to know if it is made of precious metals, high-quality gemstones, or vermeil, as this information will help determine the price and lasting power of each item.

Indian Wedding Fashion Jewelry

Secondly, it’s important to do research to ensure you are getting a good value for your money by comparing different stores and online suppliers. Lastly, always double-check return policies and warranties before making a purchase so that returning an item or having repairs done down the line isn’t a hassle.

2020 has been all about moving towards bold statement pieces with bigger statement earrings still taking center stage. Bright colors such as pinks and blues are popular as they bring an unexpected and fresh approach to daily style choices. Longer necklaces with personal names will also be in vogue this Season and wooden beads have made their way into fashion accessories.

The artistically crafted hand-painted ceramic jewelry has become quite popular amongst designers this year. Whether it’s designing something on your own or buying it readymade, there’s no denying how much these elements add character to any outfit.

Finally, semi-precious stones like jade also add a luxe touch which many can get behind in 2020 trends predictions for Fashion Jewelry pieces. Not only are they harder wearing than some softer gemstones but they come in unique shapes that guarantee no two items ever look exactly alike – ensuring an entirely unique look every time. With their ability to complement almost any ensemble with just enough sparkle, semi-precious stones quickly create confident statements certain to standout.

Hair accessories

Hair accessories in the form of clips, headbands and hair pins, are making a huge return in 2020. Clips are versatile and can be worn as both casual and formal hair pieces. Headbands have long been seen as an essential part of any stylish wardrobe and this season is no exception. Hair pins are also taking the fashion jewelry world by storm, with ornate designs evolving into modern styles.

These intricate details made from metals like brass have become staples in fashion jewelry trends, with many influencers showcasing the looks to their followers. Decorated with beads and crystals, they add instant glamour to any updo. The trend has been made even more popular by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner being spotted wearing bejeweled designer headbands on her travels around the world.

Clips come in all different sizes and shapes and can easily be used to dress up or down an outfit from basic barrette shapes for everyday looks to statement pieces that create an impactful evening look with ease. They come in styles ranging from classic pearls to statement stone shapes like turquoise stones or bold acrylics that reshape modern takes on barrettes from years past.

Trending Styles List

  • Statement headbands adorned with beads and crystals
  • Classic barrette shapes for daywear
  • Designer headband looks inspired by celebrities like Kendall Jenner
  • Bold turquoise stone clips
  • Statement stone shapes
  • Pearl clip styles
  • Acrylic shaped clips

Minimal jewellery

This season, minimal jewellery is the new fashion trend that is gaining traction around the world. People are becoming more aware of their clothes and accessories and want to create a style that speaks to both trends and timelessness. Minimal jewellery has become popular as it gives freedom of expression through its understated design, while being a subtle way of standing out from the crowd in terms of personal style.

A key feature of minimal jewellery is its clean lines and refined look that gives off an air of sophistication and elegance without overpowering the wearer’s outfit. Pieces such as metal necklaces, circle pendants, delicate bracelets, thin chain rings and feather earrings have become popular for their versatility; wearing them on their own or layering with other pieces depending on an individual’s desired look.

They are also incredibly lightweight, making them easy to wear day or night for an understatedly stylish vibe.

In addition to creating a sense of effortless sophistication, minimal jewellery pieces can be suitable for every occasion or style preference. Whether it be for a casual daytime look or evening glamour; with minimal jewellery you can enhance any outfit without detracting from the overall aesthetic. This means you don’t have to choose between accessories being too statement-making or too plain; there is room for experimentation here by selecting items that perfectly match your aesthetic needs and preferences.

Minimal jewellery is therefore both timeless yet trendy – giving wearers access to endless styling possibilities when they buy a single piece from this collection. If you are looking for something modern yet classic – then this trend is perfect for you.

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