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Kidcore jewelry is an emerging trend that takes its inspirations from the beloved days of childhood. It is a type of jewelry designed to capture the feeling and spirit of nostalgia while projecting a cool, modern aesthetic. By combining everyday objects from childhood with current design trends, Kidcore jewelry creates unique pieces that are as fun as they are stylish.

Kidcore jewelry includes items such as necklaces or earrings featuring colorful gumballs, cereal charms shaped like animals, happy face pins, and coins featuring cute cartoon characters. Created for ’90s kids by ’90s kids, Kidcore jewelry has become popular amongst millennials who want to express their childhood nostalgias in a fashionable way. Many magazines and websites have described the trend as “childlike chic” and it remains popular with those looking for something bright and whimsical to wear.

For those looking to get on board with the kidcore trend, Etsy sellers offer plenty of options such as nostalgic lunchbox necklaces with iconic cartoon characters or key chains made out of GAK (goo),both reminiscent of afterschool adventures in the late 90’s. Other popular items include VHS bracelets fashioned after classic movie classics such as The Goonies or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

History of Kidcore Jewelry

Kidcore jewelry debuted on the fashion scene in 2017 and quickly became popular with young adults, primarily Gen Z. The trend grew out of the colorful and kid-friendly aesthetics of design projects used in graphic design and the electronic music scene. It combines bright colours, nostalgic cartoons, and toy-like objects to create vibrant designs. Most pieces of kidcore jewelry come in a variety of materials including plastic, enamel pins, beaded necklaces or pendants, leather accessories, statement rings, polaroid photo chains, cookies or candy shaped earrings and more.

The movement was highly influenced by the intersectional themes of identity and expression – giving its wearers the opportunity to express themselves through these vivid designs similar to traditional fashion pieces. Kidcore items incorporate iconic childhood images like TV show characters and cartoon animals that bring these items into a realm where nostalgia meets modern fashion trends. As such Kidcore allows for a unique form of self-expression based on childhood memories and interests. Beyond becoming just another way for people to express themselves style-wise it has also been used to help normalize conversations surrounding mental health struggles, queerness, gender identification (as well as non-gendering) among other important topics affecting youth today.

Styles of Kidcore Jewelry

Kidcore jewelry is a fun, bright, and playful trend. It’s made to be enjoyed by all ages, from adults looking for an expressive statement piece to children looking for something light-hearted and fun. The styles range from upbeat and chic to low-key elegance.

Brightly colored necklaces featuring cartoonish components like candy canes, hearts, ice cream cones or stars are perfect for achieving a bubbly mood. Horn rimmed glasses earrings in different pastel hues evoke vintage vibes. Acrylic bangles sporting rainbow stripes and bold graphic designs add energy to any outfit. Bubblegum scented keychains in the shape of smiley faces and fruit slices are sure to bring joy wherever they go. Chunky acrylic rings with lollipops, rainbows, and starburst shapes offer a playful yet elegant look. If you prefer subtlety over loudness, delicate sterling silver lockets celebrating friendships with sparkly Swarovski crystals are quietly sophisticated. Baby blue studs with floral patterns make a sweet addition to anyone’s wardrobe while tiny golden chains featuring delicate teddy bears deliver youthfulness with their minimalistic look.

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Popular Kidcore Jewelry Pieces

Some popular Kidcore Jewelry pieces include colorful hair clips, hoop earrings, charm bracelets and necklaces, phone cases, friendship bracelets and embroidery patches. Hair clips come in a variety of shapes and colors, from neon stars to glitter animal designs. Hoop earrings are generally large and eye-catching with unique details to set them apart from traditional hoops. Charm bracelets consist of several links that can be personalized with small charms that reflect the wearer’s unique style. Necklaces often feature bright colors and have oversized pendant designs that stand out. Phone cases are typically covered in fun characters or art prints that give phones a playful look. Friendship bracelets often incorporate beads or gemstones to further customize the piece to the wearer’s tastes. Embroidery patches can range in designs from cute animals to characters from popular fantasy show series or video games. No matter which Kidcore jewelry piece you choose, it is sure to be a distinctive statement maker!

Inspirations Behind Kidcore Jewelry

Kidcore jewelry is a trend that emerged from the 90s and 2000s, characterized by bright colours, cute designs, and simple shapes like stars and hearts. Kidcore jewelry is all about getting back to an innocent and carefree time in life when primary colours and childhood symbols made up the majority of our wardrobe choices. Its core motivations come from nostalgia for carefree days, simplicity, playfulness, personal connection to pop culture icons, and the self-expression of those within the Tumblr generation.

The look of kidcore jewelry is typically bold and fun with plenty of variety to match any outfit. While some pieces may be small and minimalistic with chunky chains or adjustable straps; others are more intricate featuring intricate details like bows or cloud motifs. Those within this style often mix sleek metals like silver or gold with plastic components in order to achieve an effortless nostalgic aesthetic.

Beyond its visual elements, kidcore jewelry has become increasingly popular among millennials thanks to its cultural connections – invoking feelings of nostalgia around certain cartoons or TV shows they watched as young people which still resonate today. Additionally, many find comfort in the association many pieces have with childhood memories like collecting toys or playing video games””bringing with it a feeling of joy that sparks creativity and recalls some of our earliest expressions of freedom and experimentation. Ultimately, kidcore jewelry offers us an escape from day-to-day life where we can express our inner child through fashion statements inspired by past experiences.

Care Tips for Kidcore Jewelry

Kidcore jewelry is fun and stylish, but it also requires special care. To make sure your pieces look their best and last for years, follow these tips when cleaning and storing your jewelry:

1. Clean your jewelry gently, using a soft cloth and warm water or appropriate jewelry cleaner solution. Make sure to avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

2. Dry each piece thoroughly before storing it away. You can use a soft cloth to pat your pieces dry after cleaning, then let them finish drying in the air before putting them away.

3. Store your pieces in clean, air-tight containers separated from other materials that could cause damage such as fabric or paper. If possible, choose specialized storage containers meant for jewelry that include lined compartments to hold each piece individually so they don’t scratch against one another.

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4. Keep your jewelry out of direct sunlight as much as possible since too much exposure can cause fading and discoloration of certain surfaces or materials used in kidcore designs.

5 . Inspect your jewelry periodically so that you can identify any signs of damage early on and take action if necessary to repair or replace a piece before permanent damage occurs .

Where to Buy Kidcore Jewelry

Kidcore Jewelry is a trendy, vibrant style of jewelry popular amongst teenagers and young adults. It often features bold colors, cute cartoon motifs, and a fun aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching bracelet or stylish earrings, there are plenty of places to find some great pieces. To help you out, here are the top sources for purchasing Kidcore Jewelry:

1. Online Stores ” With today’s technology, many online stores now offer unique pieces of Kidcore Jewelry at competitive prices. From indie brands to global retailers, there’s sure to be something that catches your eye.

2. Craft Fairs & Markets ” Craft fairs and markets are a great way to find local artisans selling handmade items at a reasonable price. These events often have the most diverse selection of goods in terms of differing styles and colors!

3. Boutiques & Specialty Stores ” More local outlets such as boutique boutiques and specialty stores tend to carry much more limited selections than larger brands but can still be great places pick up one-of-a-kind pieces in every shade imaginable!

4. Secondhand Shops ” Don’t overlook thrift stores as sources for Kidcore Fashion goods; they’re often stocked with incredible finds! Whether vintage brooches or modern bracelets, these shops offer an untapped resource for anyone wanting to add items to their collection on the cheap.

Whether buying new from trusted online retailers or saving money with secondhand shopping from thrift stores, finding the perfect piece of Kidcore Jewelry gives you an opportunity to express yourself and get creative with your fashion look.


Kidcore jewelry is a trend that has popped up in recent years and shows no signs of going away. It brings back nostalgic symbols from our childhood which makes it both interesting and stylish to wear. With so many unique pieces to choose from, it’s easy to customize your wardrobe to fit any occasion. Not only does kidcore jewelry have aesthetic appeal, but it also has an empowering sense of self-expression as well. Many people enjoy wearing statement pieces like these because they can reflect their own personality, values or interests. Moving forward, this style of jewelry will certainly continue to be popular amongst millennial shoppers who enjoy looking fashionable while staying true to themselves.

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