Keyshot Jewelry Materials Pack

Keyshot Jewelry Materials Pack is a unique collection of beautiful materials specifically designed for 3D modeling and rendering of jewelry. This pack helps to create stunning visuals through its variety of textures, effects, and shaders that enable realistic-looking jewelry renders. It comes with more than 100 base materials that can be customized and even further layered with additional details and finishes. With these materials, users can create intricate designs to accurately showcase any type of jewelry.

The Keyshot Jewelry Materials Pack is an invaluable tool for those who are engaged in 3D jewelry designing. This resource is especially useful for gemologists as it has accurate material settings which bring out the authentic qualities of various gemstones used in jewelry.

In addition, the lighting systems provided in this pack help to showcase different shades of individual stones and make them shine brilliantly when rendered. By adjusting the scene’s lighting system settings, users can create photorealistic results without needing advanced graphical skills or software knowledge.

Overall, Keyshot Jewelry Materials Pack is a comprehensive solution catering to the needs of all levels of artists while making their work easier by providing high-quality renders quickly with accurate results each time they utilize this toolset.

The Essential Elements of the Pack

The Keyshot Jewelry Materials Pack is an essential tool for 3D designers and jewelry makers. It contains high-resolution textures, shaders, and materials for creating stunning and realistic jewelry models in high-detail. The pack includes a vast library of both traditional metal components like gold and silver, as well as exotics like titanium and stainless steel.

You’ll also find samples of popular precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and more. Each material type is provided in realistic color variations to give you great reference when choosing the right material for your piece.

The pack goes beyond just providing materials though; it includes preset lighting styles which will help to bring your models to life by providing the perfect setting for examining your renders. The included light styles are designed with proper proportions relative to each material type making sure that shadows are placed correctly on the model when rendered.

This feature will allow users to considerably reduce post-processing time since all of their components have been properly lit from within Keyshot itself; saving time on post-work of editing shadows or contours into their models.

Lastly, users have access to individually adjustable procedural textures that have been designed by experienced jewelers who understand how metals move with different surface facets and can better simulate luster or effectivity caused by repolishing techniques known historically in the jewelry craft industry. This feature also adds value because it adds another layer of control not available on regular generic texture files found online.

With this level of realism on top of the other features provided in this Pack you should be able to produce professional renderings with highly detailed results even if you lack any experience modelling either actual or digital jewelry pieces before. The Essential Elements Pack is an incredibly comprehensive set of resources for realizing crystal clear images that look just like real pieces.

What You Can Create With The Pack

The Keyshot Jewelry Materials Pack for KeyShot 6,7 and 8 contains 128 pre-made materials specifically catered to creating detailed and realistic jewelry visuals. This is the perfect pack for designers, animators, photographers and more who wish to digitally create beautiful pieces of jewelry. With a bit of imagination, those who download this material pack can be realistically conveying their message without having an actual physical product made.

Among the included materials are metallic materials such as gold and silver, mattes such as solid colors, chrome and brushed finishes, gemstone materials and also a selection of special effect materials inspired by popular fashion trends that give additional life to visuals. Additionally there are vibrant transparent simulated enamels which make the visual feel real enough to mistakingly pick it up off the screen.

The amazing capabilities of this material pack have allowed many creatives to make great use of their imaginative skills to visualize high quality jewels with relative ease.

Having the ability to present your ideas in realistic 3D outputs gives you a great chance of catching the attention of potential clients or investors before committing resources into its manufacture. Digital models created by using this material pack can be come in handy when creating customer presentations so they can appreciate how the piece will look from all angles before approving them for production.

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Without this material pack you’d have limited options when it comes to creating real-looking digital jewelry designs from scratch but now with it you can bring your visions to life quickly with just a few clicks.

Unique Textures and Materials in Keyshot

The Keyshot Jewelry Materials Pack is a great way to add unique textures and materials to your Keyshot projects. With an extensive range of reflective metals, natural elements, glossy plastics, and much more, the materials pack offers something for every needs. Whether you’re looking to make themed jewelry, decorative accents, fashion statement or something shiny and beautiful, you can easily create it using this versatile material library.

The variety of materials in the pack allows users to craft luxurious items with realistic detailing. From precious metals like gold and silver to vivid gemstones like diamonds and rubies, the materials available will bring your creations to life. The reflectivity of these metals brings a shine that complements any design regardless of color or complexity. Similarly, polishing comes alive as surrounding objects are automatically visually simulated when lit with different lighting scenarios – perfect for imitating professional jewelry making settings.

The versatility also extends beyond just creating jewelry designs since the options within the material library can be utilized across multiple industries from architecture to product design. For example, high gloss acrylics are perfect for adding realism to 3D models used in product visualizations while the measured transparency control lets users accurately represent liquids used in water features – all without having to rebuild those parts from scratch.

Similarly specialty fabrics such as velvet and pleated silk replicate your desired look so you won’t have to manually try out different effects for hours on end trying find the right fit.

Whether it’s decorating props on movies or designing beautiful engagement rings, imagine what creative possibilities can be accomplished with this wonderful material library.

Professional Grade Materials For Jewelry Designers

The Keyshot Jewelry Materials Pack gives jewelry designers the professional grade materials they need to create stunning pieces of jewelry. Featuring a selection of luxury metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and titanium, as well as high-quality gemstones such as diamonds and sapphires, this package provides designers with an array of options to bring their vision to life.

This innovative package also includes tools for detailing and finishing like engraving and polishing that give designs unique characteristics and make them stand out from the crowd. By providing pre-made textures and finishes, this package makes it easy for designers to quickly create beautiful pieces that look perfect straight from the package.

But it doesn’t just stop there. Using this pack, you can also create realistic renders of your designs using ray tracing technology so you can preview what the finished design will look like before committing time and money to its creation. Plus, with a variety of high-resolution images included in the package you can use these to share your work with clients or on social media before product launch.

For serious jewelry designers looking for top quality materials without breaking the bank then the Keyshot Jewelry Materials Pack is definitely worth considering. Its selection of materials contains all the essentials for creating incredible jewellery plus extras like tools for detailing that aren’t always found together in one comprehensive package – making it ideal for those who want everything they need all in one place.

Furthermore its rendering capabilities also allows users to produce accurate mock-ups so they can gauge potential success or failure before even starting production – and just wait until people see their creations.

Streamlining Jewelry Design Workflows

The Keyshot Jewelry Materials Pack is a comprehensive collection of materials, textures and presets to help streamline jewelry design workflows. With over 500 unique materials, the pack contains all the necessary tools for jewelry designers looking to quickly create beautiful renders of their works.

The package includes a broad selection of metal texture types – including stainless steel, silver and gold – along with an abundance of realistic stone textures featuring diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Pre-polished materials can also be found in the library, cutting down rendering times considerably.

In addition to the wealth of material options, users are treated to HDRI settings and templates that provide professional lighting results at the click of a button. Keyshot’s intuitive user interface allows these HDRI images to be easily applied and adjusted within seconds.

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For those looking for more detailed light settings, Keyshot also offers a plethora of adjustable settings within each preset image – from changing light color temperature to altering directional lighting levels – giving designers complete control over how their settings look.

Finally, the Keyshot software suite allows for an easy post-render workflow where users can tweak finished results with Photoshop or other additional programs if need be before exporting out the render into various file formats such as.jpg or.png. With such powerful post-render options available, designers looking to customize each and every detail will find themselves instantly immersed in a world of creative possibilities when using KeyShots Jewelry Materials Pack.

A Gallery of Finished Keyshot Jewelry Designs

The Keyshot Jewelry Materials Pack has made designing jewelry easier than ever before. The package contains a wealth of material maps and surfaces that make it easy for jewelers to create amazing designs. It also includes a Database, so users can accurately compare different materials with each other and find the exact look they are looking for. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional jeweler, this package is sure to help you make beautiful pieces.

In addition to the material database, the pack also includes hundreds of beautiful finishes and colors suitable for use in jewellery design. There are a range of custom alloy options as well, giving customers the opportunity to select the best metal finish for their design. With these features and many more available at your fingertips, there’s no limit to what you can create with Keyshot Jewelry Materials Pack.

Finally, users have access to an ever-growing gallery of finished Keyshot jewelry designs they can explore and be inspired by each time they prepare to create something new. In addition to providing stunning visuals that display different materials in action, this gallery also serves as a great informational resource – showcasing which colour combinations work best together, or how different textures affect light reflection in jewellery pieces.

By having access to the numerous examples provided in this gallery, wearers are sure to both be inspired by some truly unique creations and help them make informed decisions about their own jewellery piece choices.


The Keyshot Jewelry Materials Pack is a must-have tool for any jewelry designer wanting to make their design truly come alive. With textures, materials and lighting options all specifically designed to bring out the most detail in your product, the Pack offers the perfect opportunity to really showcase your work.

The range of presets available allows you to experiment with different effects and combinations until you find the one that’s just right for your product. Plus, with advanced 3D technology, you won’t have to worry about too much post-editing or finessing – simply tweak as needed or leave it as is and enjoy the result.

The Keyshot Jewelry Materials Pack also makes it easy to coordinate elements of your project together using its intuitive color palette. This comprehensive palette gives you access to hundreds of colors, allowing you to create a scheme that complements each facet of your product without having to mix colors yourself.

Furthermore, with its ability to generate realistic animations and reflections quickly and easily, this pack can give your product an eye-catching edge in no time at all – perfect for showcasing at events or in promotional material.

Finally, this Pack also offers plenty of technical support from both Keyshot’s online community and their dedicated experts who are always on hand should guidance be needed during any stage of development. Whether you’re a beginner slowly starting out or a veteran seeking an inspiring change, there’s something useful for everybody here. So unlock the benefits of the Keyshot Jewellery Materials Pack today and create some truly breath-taking jewelry pieces that stand out from the rest.

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