Kaplans Fine Jewelry

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Kaplan’s Fine Jewelry has been providing its customers with beautiful pieces of jewelry for over 30 years. Located in the heart of a cosmopolitan city, Kaplan’s has offered its loyal customers unique designs and exceptional craftsmanship since its founding. Through their collection, people have found a way to express themselves in an elegant and meaningful way.

Each piece at the store is chosen with care and crafted with love, allowing their customers to truly enjoy the beauty of jewelry from Kaplan’s Fine Jewelry. Over the years, dozens of couples have celebrated anniversaries and engagements with bespoke pieces from the store that reflect their commitment to one another, while others have recognized friendships with special pendants or rings. Every piece crafted at Kaplan’s is special, as it helps tell the story of those who wear it.

As a family-run business since 1985, the staff at Kaplan’s take great pride in being part of something bigger than just craftsmanship: they are helping to create memories that will last forever. By listening carefully to each customer’s individual needs and offering personal attention when selecting pieces, they make sure each experience is memorable. With expert advice on style choices as well as caring after-care maintenance tips throughout ownership, no detail is overlooked at Kaplan’s Fine Jewelry – ensuring that customers are happy and proud to be part of this timeless tradition!

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Kaplans Fine Jewelry has been in business for over 40 years, providing high-quality jewelry to customers throughout the world. To showcase the store and its commitment to customer satisfaction, we’ve created this video tour of Kaplans Fine Jewelry.

The video begins with customer testimonials, highlighting their experiences with the store and emphasizing the importance they place on quality and customer service. We then move to a focus on the shop itself, showcasing its wide range of jewelry offerings spanning all price points, styles, and occasions. From classic solitaire diamond rings to statement necklaces perfect for any event or special moment, our knowledgeable staff are eager to assist customers in finding just what they’re looking for.

Throughout the video we feature some of our most popular jewelry designs—including earrings, bracelets and more—all crafted from premium materials for beauty that will last for generations. Our experienced team is available in-store to answer questions about each piece of jewelry we feature as well as offer advice on how best to care for it so it won’t lose its brilliance.

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At Kaplans Fine Jewelry, you can be assured you’re getting quality pieces expertly crafted with passion at prices that won’t break the bank. We want all customers to feel special when shopping with us and appreciate their loyalty over the years.

Have an Interview

Q: Could you tell us a bit about the history of Kaplan’s Fine Jewelry?

A: Sure! Our story dates back to 1920 when Joseph Kaplan first opened his jewelry store in downtown Manhattan. For nearly a century, we have remained true to the same core principles that have allowed us to thrive through the decades – providing quality jewelry at reasonable prices and outstanding customer service. Since then, our business scope has grown significantly with current locations across the Northeast United States. Over the years, we’ve become well-known for our selection of fine diamonds and gemstones including sapphires, rubies and emeralds – as well as fine watches and custom designs tailored specifically to our customers’ desires.

Q: What makes your product selection unique?

A: We are renowned for offering only hand-selected, conflict-free diamonds – upholding our reputation as one of the most trusted diamond sources in the country. In addition, our selectable inventory consists of both classic staples such as wedding bands and engagement rings along with more modern statement pieces from some of today’s hottest designers like Tacori and Royal Chain. Moreover, we not only provide an array of already created items but also work with clients on designing unique personalized pieces for them based on their own personal style or vision.

Q: How does Kaplan’s ensure an excellent customer service experience?

A: Customer satisfaction is paramount for us here at Kaplan’s. To support this goal, we provide free consultations with experienced representatives who can help make informed decisions regarding jewelry purchases or restorations. Furthermore, all repairs conducted in house come with a lifetime warranty ensuring peace of mind long after the transaction is complete. Finally, we understand how important these sentimental items are to families so we always strive to provide courteous care throughout each step of your customer journey every time you shop with us.

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Kaplans Fine Jewelry offers a wide selection of beautiful, handcrafted jewelry pieces that make excellent gifts or keepsakes. The attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is evident in each piece. To showcase the beauty of their jewelry, it is important to include professional photos of the pieces featuring bright lighting and, if appropriate, models wearing the jewelry so potential customers can get an idea of how it looks when worn. Additionally, photos should be taken from several angles so that customers can appreciate the intricate details and unique craftsmanship in each one-of-a-kind piece. Professional photos that truly capture the splendor of Kaplans Fine Jewelry will incentivize potential customers.

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Incorporate Quotes

“Kaplans Fine Jewelry is the perfect place to find that special piece for someone you care about. They have a wide selection of jewelry, from modern and chic designs to something classic. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and help make the shopping experience stress-free.” – Jane Doe

“For anyone looking for gorgeous jewelry, I highly recommend Kaplans Fine Jewelry! Their team is amazing and the pieces are just beautiful. You won’t be disappointed!” – John Smith

“I stopped by Kaplans Fine Jewelry looking for a unique birthday gift for my sister. They had such a great range of jewelry styles and prices that I couldn’t resist buying room something special! It made her so happy!” -Emily Jones

Promotions and Discounts

Kaplans Fine Jewelry is currently offering a referral program where customers can earn 20% off any purchase when they refer a friend. Additionally, Kaplans is offering two seasonal specials—30% off all diamond engagement rings on Valentine’s Day, and 15% off all pearl pieces during the month of June. Furthermore, Kaplans provides special discounts to veterans of the military and first responders. If you fall into either of these categories, you can receive an additional 15% off any purchase.