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Social Impact

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Jewelry has taken steps to make an impact and give back to society. For every piece of jewelry sold, a portion of the proceeds goes to charity, benefiting a variety of causes such as human rights and tackling climate change. Additionally, they believe in the importance and have partnered with GlobalGiving, a platform enabling people to securely donate online to charities worldwide. Through this channel, they are also able to provide support for local communities through disaster recovery and enabled safety nets in times of crisis. Moreover, Julia’s jewelry is committed to ethical production practices. They use certified gemstones sourced from conflict-free mines only, paying attention to certification markers such as the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). Finally, all pieces are made from sustainable materials such as recycled gold and silver. To ensure this commitment is implemented throughout their production process, the brand makes sure fair labour standards are respected by conducting factory visits for oversight purposes during production cycles.


Julia Louis-dreyfus Jewelry has collaborated with many high-profile individuals, fashion designers, and companies throughout its long history. The brand recently teamed up with celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe to curate a capsule collection of modern and classic pieces in support of breast cancer awareness. In addition, they collaborated with notable designer Kenneth Cole to create a line inspired by his tailor-made fashions. They have also partnered with the iconic fashion house Louis Vuitton on multiple occasions to showcase their timeless designs. Julia Louis-dreyfus Jewelry most recently unveiled a collection in collaboration with special edition Barbie dolls, reimagining jewelry styles from the classic doll series.


Julia Louis-dreyfus Jewelry is inspired by her personal tastes, interests, and beliefs. Her designs are based on an appreciation of texture, color, and symbolism. Julia’s pieces experiment with unexpected materials to create items that exude warmth, individuality, thoughtfulness and beauty. Whether it is a special occasion or everyday life her pieces are designed to embody feeling and bring joy.

Her jewelry designs reflect her strong personal values as well as her commitment to sustainability. Pieces use responsibly sourced materials such as recycled silver or gold alloys, fair-trade gemstones, ethically-sourced diamonds, conflict free diamonds, Forest Stewardship Council Wood and salvaged woods from responsible sources. Julia strives toward creating minimalist designs which emphasize the positive qualities of each material’s inherent properties – making connections to emotions and memories both past and present. With Julia’s signature style her pieces feature diverse forms such as angular geometric shapes framed with sensual curves plus they contain elements of surprise with delicate accents that come together in a beautiful harmony using natural textures and subtle color variations. Her pieces become meaningful gifts for yourself and those you love – reflecting beauty through sustainable choices.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Jewelry is a small, women-owned business founded in 2021 by Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her longtime friend, Karen Manning. Driven by their shared love for fashion, jewelry and sophistication, Julia and Karen wanted to create beautiful jewelry pieces inspired by their favorite luxury trends. With a modern aesthetic that merges classic elegance with edgy refinement, the duo creates timeless pieces that are designed to look great at any event or occasion.

Originally selling only locally at trade shows and private jewelry gatherings, the demand for Julia Louis-dreyfus Jewelry quickly grew. To meet this demand, the duo began showcasing their collections online and developed strategic partnerships with various fashion boutiques around the country. By 2022, the pair’s collections had expanded exponentially; featuring delicate pendants encrusted with diamonds, stunning cuffs featuring semi-precious stones and even precious homeware pieces crafted from the finest metals & stones.

Through word of mouth referrals and engaging media campaigns, Julie Louis-Dreyfus has quickly become one of the top go-to jewelers in the US. Today they continue to create beautiful accessories without compromising on quality or craftsmanship as well as champion socially responsible sourcing practices within their supply chain. As a testament to their success, Julia Louis Dreyfus Jewelry was recently featured in some of the most prominent fashion magazines & blogs around the world – further expanding their reach & creating a positive impact in our global community!


The promotion of Julia Louis-Dreyfus Jewelry by influencers and bloggers has had a major impact on the brand’s success. In particular, some of the most noteworthy influencers who have worked with the company include Hollywood actress Molly Sims, fashion blogger Brookelyn Styles, and award-winning actor Janelle Monáe. Their endorsements have helped to spread word of mouth about the brand, increase social media engagement, and attract new customers.

In addition to major celebrities and industry professionals, many smaller influencers such as YouTubers, Instagrammers, and bloggers have also documented their experience with Julia Louis-Dreyfus Jewelry pieces. Through these individuals showcasing their customized jewelry looks or pictures of them wearing a piece from the collections online, they have been able to create an organic reach that has helped to bring more public attention towards the company’s products. This additional exposure for the company has no doubt made a significant contribution to its success in today’s competitive market place.

Behind the Scenes

Julia Louis-dreyfus Jewelry is a line of stunning and intricate designs by celebrity impersonator Julia Louis-dreyfus. In creating her jewelry, she draws inspiration from the natural world, art, and her own unique vision to craft pieces that are luxurious and eye-catching.

To bring her designs to life, Julia works closely with master jewelers who incorporate precious gems and metals into the pieces. During the creative process, she tells stories that capture the essence of each piece – from its origin to its eventual form – so customers can explore the craftsman’s journey as they admire its beauty.

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As an added bonus, Julia makes behind-the-scenes videos available for viewers to get an up close and personal look at the designing process. From sketches on paper to photographs of finished jewelry laid out for inspection, viewers will be able to witness every step involved in crafting these exquisite pieces. Every video comes complete with Julia’s charming anecdotes about each project, giving customers a peek into her unique creative mindset!

Reviews & Testimonials

People who have purchased Julia Louis-dreyfus Jewelry have nothing but good things to say about the quality, beauty, and unique design of her pieces. Customers love the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship in each piece of jewelry, as well as how easy it is to find something that suits their style. “I bought a necklace for my daughter’s birthday and it was absolutely stunning! The intricate details and quality of the piece were beyond my expectations.” said one satisfied customer. Another raved “The designs are so elegant, modern and timelessly beautiful! I never go anywhere without my Julia Louis-dreyfus jewelry on anymore!” Her customers love finding accessories that fit all occasions, be it an evening gala or a casual day spent with friends. One person said “This jewelry is perfect for every occasion; I am always getting compliments when I wear mine out!.

Awards & Recognitions

Julia Louis-dreyfus Jewelry has received numerous awards and accolades for its unique designs. In 2021, the design house won the prestigious Couture Design Award in the ‘Fine Feminine Jewellery’ category. In 2020, they were named one of the Top 50 Jewelry Designers by Vogue Magazine, and their creations have been featured in numerous publications including Elle, Marie Claire, and Harper’s Bazaar. The jewelry house is also a proud recipient of three Accessories Council ACCESS Awards—the 2018 Best Celebrity Collection Award, 2019 Global Design Talent Award, and 2020 Humanitarian Empowerment Honor —for creating sustainable pieces that give back to local communities. In addition, Julia Louis-dreyfus’ designs have been included in multiple luxury campaigns for international brands such as Bulgari and Michael Kors.

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